eBay are irresponsible criminals

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2018

Do not buy from eBay. They knowingly allow false advertising and allow scams to continue running even after admitting that it is a scam and advertising is false. 90 % of Chinese sellers false advertise and when you receive your product if you receive it and express your disappointment they avoid you trying to return it and eBay intentionally have procedures to delay the whole process and pretend to care but when you follow it up they act dumb or are. Their customer service is pathetic and staff are ignorant and lack knowledge. Avoid at all cost. They have no integrity and assume no accountability as they are receiving proceeds from these crimes. How they are allowed to operate in a 1st world country is a crime in itself

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Perfect all rounder shop

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2018

Perfect place to buy a big variety of goods. You get what you pay for. Shopping made easy with deliveries to your door

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Buyer is Not Protected

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 17, 2018

I bought a hydrogen rich water bottle with SPE technology from a U.S. seller in Septermber 2017. It costed me close to USD$300. Two months later it stopped working. I spent another AUD$43 or so to post it back for repairment. Then I was told by the seller to pay another USD$21 of postage to get it back. The seller ignored eBay's policy of sellers pay shipping cost for replacement and repairment. As eBay has only 30 days money back guarantee, they informed me that there's nothing they could do about it. As to the quality of the item sold online, it's not worth USD$300 at all. eBay failed to protect buyers when the electronic products broke after 30 days of purchase.

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Vindictive eBay.com.au management

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2018

eBay decided that Branched Chain Amino Acids are a medication, and deleted my listings. Last time I checked, Leucine Isovaline and Valine are natural amino acids.

I forwarded over a dozen links from other sellers on eBay.com.au with the same item and warned them that I would delete my account if I found evidence of double standards.

Challenging them with that ultimatum resulted in activation of PayPal account limiting despite having a 100% seller rating, this was put in place by eBay.com.au as PayPal received the request from them.

I immediately cancelled all orders and closed my eBay.com.au account.

Closing my account was NOT easy, they make it incredibly difficult to close an eBay account even when following the process to the letter, they employ "stall tactics" on there end through out the close process.

One stall tactic is them NOT debiting all the credit in your eBay account to your nominated bank account, as there must be a $0.00 balance in your eBay account for account closure.

Relaying dissatifaction in stall tactics to eBay.com.au resulted in a non-requested closure of my Gumtree.com.au account, as eBay owns Gumtree. LOL.

eBay's selling fees are very high and then there are PayPal fee's on top of that, they treat you unprofessionally and are extremely vindictive. I have told everyone I know and posted my experience on Facebook. Surprisingly, there were similar scenarios posted by other Facebook users.

Hope they enjoy the publicity!

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Never received purchased item

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2018

I purchased an item on EBAY and never received it. EBAY only asked me to wait and didn't accept my refund request. The performance is disappointing. I would never try shopping at EBAY again and don't recommend it to anyone.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2018

Disappointing, even though they make a big cut out of sellers items. My listing was removed due to trademark violation although I've genuinely purchased the item from the flagship store (with receipt) and am selling my second hand item. They say they will not accept receipt as proof, then what else can be assessed then to prove that the item is genuine.

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No star at all - bad customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2018

Bought an expensive and faulty product on eBay from Grays online (the seller). eBay asked me to send it back at my cost and they would reimburse the costs. Three months later after product return the customer service is passing the case from one person to another asking for proof of product delivered? Proof provided, next person asks a stupid question. Question answered no the less, reply from another asking for the same thing differently. This continues on and on - morons of a customer service. There does not appear to by anyone to escalate this issue to within eBay. A total cluster fk of an experience with eBay!

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Charged twice final value fee!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 14, 2018

Gave a person my address to inspect an item, never showed up ebay blocked account charged final fee for unsold item then again when sold on ebay! Said nothing they could do, out of pocket $200, very poor service and a ripoff! Disgusting!

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if you are looking for professionalism & educated answers - look elsewhere!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 13, 2018

Contacted eBay to gather information re. shipping courier to be used for product US > Australia. Customer Service in the Philippines is unprofessional and uneducated. Seems like eBay chose a call-center based on low-cost and not quality professionals. Do not recommend.

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Only good for cheap rubbish

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 13, 2018

Frankly, eBay is only good for low priced items that are completely homogenous and available elsewhere. Otherwise, it is a site filled with dodgy seller listings.

For anything else, Amazon.com is more reliable with better regulation of listings.

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Deceptive Promotions

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 12, 2018

Took advantage of a no FVF promotion for 5 items, and listed an item as a Good til Cancelled. The item barely got any views at all, and I reduced the price over time. Yesterday it sold, but I was charged a FVF on the item cost + postage. The item was already reduced heavily, and I only did so because I did not think that fees would be charged. They were, and to make matters worse eBay now charge FVF on POSTAGE as well. Add on PayPal fees and you can see that it's barely worth the hassle. eBay support were no help at all. I think these promotions are deceitful and they bury information within the terms and conditions. Be very careful. I will not be using ebay for selling items anymore, I have just as much (if not more) success on free platforms.

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Product do not arrive

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2018

eBay does not resolve the problem and jumped to conclude that the case is closed and told us that the seller has provided proof the item has been delivered.
We purchased the Product fromSeller ID : k-beautyandcosmetics
we send Ebay the message below:
"We don’t know about what is in the security footage showed you but We are home 24/7 (there is always someone at home) but we have not received the item from the driver on the 20th Dec. We checked the door bell is working perfectly, we don’t think the driver was at our door. We don’t think it is fair to say that it has been delivered and ask us to contact and dispute with the delivery people who you are dealing with . We are dealing with you the seller and you are responsible for the item to arrive in our hand. Regards,"
and they just ignored it and sent us the message below:
"We kept the original outcome because we received valid proof that the item was delivered."
That is it we lost our money.....
We warned people who have not been through this problem beware of eBay. We buy a lots from eBay until now when the problem occurred we lost our money we learn the hard lesson.
We will not trust eBay anymore and will avoid buying from eBay when we can.

We hope this review help other people.....

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A service that is taking advantage of a captive user

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2018

I have used ebay for years ,ive never had a bad issue that wasnt resolved .
1 ....some of the hong kong sellers are claiming goods are in australia "clearly not"as they take 2-3weeks to get here and the postmarks give them away.
2......the fees were jacked up a year or so ago and 10%is a bit stiff even a%on the post fees also paypal get their cut.
3 .......the bombardment of bidding ending soon pop ups and consider lowering your price a bit to much,ebay consider lowering your fees.
4 .......there are i think a lot of can kickers /dealers / you can have 250 watchers??means Nothing.

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The ebay sell for a $1 on sundays are they true or fine print swamp?

Seller Fees

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2018

Seller Fees are ridiculous. It is very easy to run a platform like Ebay and the fee is simply not justifiable. I will never sell with Ebay or use it again.

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Wodonga West

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No Support

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2018

Bought 2 items from an Australian Seller - paid for them immediately
Rcvd 1 of the items within 2 days BUT it was not what I had ordered.
Package was damaged item was damaged Contact seller who offered a Refund
Then when 2nd item arrived 18days later from Hong Kong it was incomplete
Tried contacting seller again asking for refund of both items as they were no use at this
late stage.Attempted to contact Ebay but no help at all. Seller then withdrew offer of refund as in
frustration I left negative feedback.Now 6 weeks later Ebay has removed my feedback closed the case
and say I am not entitled to refund as I got DAMAGED GOODS and that the seller is entitled to their money.
Phoned Ebay who then decided to look at the problem again to find out that the "Australian Seller" is infact based in UK. Ebay will only help if I return both items to seller !!! where to we don't know and then wait for a POSSIBLE refund in 30days so much for the Ebay Guarantee to what NO Help - guarantee to remove your feedback when they like.

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eBay Australia is relatively terrible!!!!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 05, 2018

To buy items, it’s often ok. To sell stuff however, it’s a whole different story. It’s more expensive to list and the final value and shipping fees can take a huge chunk of your sale value, IF you do sell! Worst of all, the so-called customer service centre lack on every single level, from English language comprehension skills to business communication skills. Speaking to them over the Boxing Day period was utterly appalling and shocking. They don’t even realise they are representing eBay. They sound like a bunch of people just chilling at a bar/pub. Yeah, I don’t use eBay as often as I used to before.

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Need to wait 30 days to close account after payment made

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 04, 2018

Just want to get it over and done with. I don't use it anymore so would want to clear all outstanding payments and close account.

Somehow I need to wait 30 days to close account. Customer service person I had to chat with felt like speaking to a robot saying "Cannot compute, please follow instructions and close your account"

I can't. I have to wait 30 days.

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Buyer is one annoying person.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2018

Buyer said that I did this and that, that she respects my decision but then she says she is disappointed. It is upsetting to hear. I can choose not to proceed ahead for apparent reasons but if you say that you respect my choice and then say that you are disappointed, then it becomes contradictory. It is annoying.

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sellers have no hope

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 30, 2017

I sold seasons 1,2,3,4,5 on ebay,22 days after being delivered to the buyers,and watching 4 seasons ,he asked for a full refund because he said season 5 wouldn't work on his dvd player.I offered $20 for him to send season 5 back but he said he wanted to send them all back.He got to watch them all and I have to give a full refund plus postage.Also ,sellers are not allowed to leave negative feedback to scam artist buyers and non payers..So BEWARE selling on ebay as sellers have no rights what so ever.

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Products at great prices!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 28, 2017

Usually, it's a hit or miss with buying things from ebay, however, most often its hits for me. Always make sure the seller has a great rating and look through the product details before purchasing things off from ebay. I bought a micro sd card for my phone can not be any happier. I was a bit skeptical at first as the language the product came in was not english, however it works perfectly without any problems. -1 star for shipping time/tracking, but overall is a great place to buy things at competitive prices.

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Questions & Answers

This is 2017. I recently used the service from ebay and right after my purchase, my account got blocked. I was busy and waited for awhile but after 2 months, my parcel never arrived. And when I contacted ebay, the seller posted the postage on their own ebay website and when I tried to verify this with the Royal Mail, the item was posted 1 week before my account was even created. I tried reasoning with ebay customer service, but they were still "unwilling" to reinstall my account and gave some vague reasons that my details need verifications. Without pointing to me what information needs to be verified and without trying to guide me on how to accomplish this. Personally, I think this company must be debt-ridden and unwilling to get rid of the scammers as long as they are able to get their commission and bottom line despite knowing that some buyers are being cheated.

Yongjia W asked on Oct 10, 2017

Answer this

Hey YongJia, yeh ebay has lost the plot-they are killing their own business and their reputation is in the gutter and been there for a while now. I am in the process of transitioning all of my worldy goods for sale to:- " ebid.com.au "'- so check it out- small in comparison but you can transfer all of your feedback scores and for a $50 initial lifetime member fee+ 2% upon sale it is a heap better, plus you can elect to sell only in Australia. Currently on ebay I pay 9.5% comission on sales+ 9.5% on the cost of postage as well!!! Who does that??? Greedy ebay does! So forget about ebay and do yourself a favour- go the- ebid.com.au- and spread the word!!!!
Best Wishes-The Bonsai Lady.

Ebay unfortunately does have allot of dishonest sellers and buyers. Trying to tell good from bad is difficult. To sell is not so cheap, to buy is easier and mostly cheaper but don't expect a warranty on items. Your experience explanation is a bit confusing. it seems you bought items which resulted in the seller laying a complaint of money not paid to him which resulted in a strike to you and banning of your account and therefore item not sent or your method of payment was not accepted or got cancelled or bounced. If this is so then I suggest you phone them again and try explaining. If one person is not helpful ask for a supervisor or email support. It is better to first have a verified account before trading but they do have guest features. Before you contact them read up on all policies so you know how to explain the problem in their terms.

Paypal give you 6 months to dispute purchases and the opportunity to provide evidence that something is not right. You can still dispute if 6 moths is not up, providing you used Paypal. You will find instructions on the net on how to dispute, as well as Paypal website, and probably a youtube video. Good luck!

any purchase 1080p high definition security camera system on ebay? i found all it is 720P if the seller is registered from CHINA. i report the issue to ebay, they don't care about this. anyone know who regulate ebay in australia. this company only want get their commission and doesn't care anything else now.

eva asked on Apr 13, 2017

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Id recommend using PayPal if you're using eBay as they hold the funds for 21 days and if you don't receive your ordered item you have more chance to get your money back and if you're still concerned then you're better not to take the risk

Forget ebay and start selling and buying at:- "ebid.com.au". For a $50 initial lifetime fee+2% commission on sales it is peanuts in comparison, with 'HONEST sellers, not as big but getting bigger every day-So spread the word....
The Bonsai Lady

Paypal only hold for 21 days if you are new to Paypal and ebay. Otherwise funds are immediate

Just sold a few things on Ebay. Has anyone experienced the 21 days hold of funds? Ebay expects us to send the items to the buyer but do they realize that the postage payment is being with held? Has anyone got around this issue?

sgamble1989 asked on Jan 09, 2017

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Had this happened with one buyer.
Think it is to do with the buyer personally; they probably have an option to confirm payment after the item(s) have arrived.
Sadly that sale ended up as a refund so couldn't provided further info.
Could be to do with the payment methods as well but not sure.

Yes, if you have sold under 25 items they will hold the money for 21 days. So if you need to pay postage or pay for your stock forget about doing it during that period. Once you hit the 25 sales new payment clear straight away. I am now past the 25 but still waiting for the cleared payments of the initial sales. Not to mentioned there fees are highway robbery! good luck to Aussie sellers, terrible platform to sell on but if your happy making a few dollars (literarily) on items around $100 go for it oh and if you don't mind waiting a month for money to come through, because the sellers don't have bills to pay apparently (or postage to send the product)

Yes i know of the 21 days and it's a precautionary measure to protect the buyer and seller as the product may take some time to get delivered in snail mail courier services or the item may be faulty - i usually use PayPal account - it's way better at least in my opinion

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