Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2018

Great Service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 06, 2018

Our over all experiencing with EBH was great. Very happy with Corina (CSO). There are some initial challenges, but staff is very helpful. The quality used is up to standards and we recommend few friends. They are not cheap but you get what you pay for. The only downside is too much paper work with PCV. If this can be automated it is fantastic!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018

Another Perfect Home Delivered by Eden Brae Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 19, 2018

Perfect from start to finish, i'll give EB homes a 12 star rating, highly recommended. I have build 5 more houses with other builders which was full of dramas but my experience with EB was totally different, these people a very professional and honest. Great customer service and well informed at every stage. Thank you Eden Brae for delivering our dream home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2019

Excellent home designs and quality service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2018

We fell in love with an Eden Brae display home near to us, and every experience we have had with Eden Brae staff since then has been positive. As we delved deeper into the process of purchasing our lot and working through the tender finalisation process with Eden Brae, we spent a bit of time reading other people's blog posts and conversations on the HomeOne website to familiarise ourselves with what to expect moving forward. Building your dream home is not a quick process, and if it was easy, well, everyone would be doing it! So it's important to set your expectations at the right level, in that there will always be minor frustrations and red-tape delays. However, Eden Brae staff have been a pleasure to deal with. They have helped to mitigate delays with the Council approvals process as best as they can. They have also been easy to contact and quick to respond to any queries or concerns. The colour and finishes selections were enjoyable, and staff had good product knowledge to assist with those final selections. The final cost was in line with what we expected after researching other people's experiences with Eden Brae. We are very much looking forward to seeing our dream home in the flesh. In the meantime, we would highly recommend Eden Brae to anyone who is interested in building a quality home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018

Eden Brae Homes - Amazing experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 06, 2018

I am a first home owner & was told that building a new home can be extremely stressful & a roller coaster ride of emotions at times but from the time I met the team at the sales office, through to the settlement I was impressed by Eden Brae's professional approach & dedication to making this a positive experience for myself. I was kept informed throughout the process by the customer service lady & the site supervisor.

I checked their reviews at the beginning when looking for a builder & found predominantly positive reviews, which gave me confidence in my choice.

I can honestly say that I have had no issues at all & fully recommend the team at Eden Brae Homes.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

Up until build the service has been perfect. Jess has been supportive and responsive. She has guided us well and made the process painless. She has kept us up to date and details on all progress. She has always returned my calls and briefed us on progress. Everything she has asked for has made sense and made sure all was in order

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Would recommend Eden Brae to anyone!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

When we first decided to build a home we were warned by many before us that the process would be extremely frustrating and we would likely have a nightmarish experience. From the get go we were very skeptical and prepared for the worst.

We knew that Eden Brae had an excellent reputation and they did not let us down one bit.

Our first experience was with John at the Oran Park estate. As we had purchased an unusually shaped block of land, he was able to provide some solutions and ultimately pieced together a home that included all of our wants and needs. He made sure to explain the whole process from the beginning to end and happily answered all of our questions.

Our next experience was signing a tender with Charles at head office. Charles was extremely accommodating and supported us with any questions that we may have or adjustments that needed to be made. He ensured to explain the whole process to us and was very generous with his time.

Amy was our customer service administrator and was so supportive and prompt with her communication. It was so lovely to work with someone who cared about us and our decisions and invested so much time to ensuring we received the best possible outcome.

We then proceeded to our colour selections where we had an excellent experience. Even though we were very indecisive, all of the Home Option Gallery staff that supported us were highly supportive and allowed us to make changes and explore a range of options.

It was then time for our build where we had Ryan as our site supervisor. He was extremely helpful and talked us through all of our inspections with professionalism. He answered all of our questions and was very accommodating for us to be able to visit the site when required.

All in all, we had an extremely positive experience with Eden Brae and would recommend them to anyone. :)

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018

Excellent Builder - Highly recommended

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2018

Build my house with Eden Brae, highly recommended excellent organization. very professional.My CSR - Daniella Rigas easy to contact and very fast response in any matter. My house was built before the due date thanks to Mark Vaughan and Stuart Gordan (Supervisors) I was able to contact them any time and discuss anything I had doubts or inspect with short notice.
Excellent build quality in all stages. No additional cost from the builder except I added extra features. -:)

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2019

First time home builders

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 21, 2018

We are building our first home with Eden Brae. We have gone with the Drysdale 23 and made a few adjustments to fit our needs. There was no issue with us changing the floor plan and didn't cost us too much extra to do so, we have removed the media room to make the garage bigger and extended what was the media room out. Nick from Eden Brae display homes at Calderwood Valley was wonderful he answered all our questions we had and came back to us with a estimated tender that same day [which was very much accurate to the one we received once they had been out to survey our block], he also rang us up straight away after we had left to check if we were First Home buyers as at the time Eden Brae had a promotion going on that he forgot to mention to us when we were talking to him at the Display home office. We have only just finished the administration side of things and the construction is to commence within the next 6-7 days. Our administration adviser Debbie went above and beyond with any question we had [and I had a few] as well as our tender presenter Kate who answered as best she could regarding the steel frame, we chose to use timber frame instead as we would have preferred to use Blue Scope TruCore steel and not the steel frame that the company who supplies to Eden Brae use. We did have a couple of minor set backs regarding the administration being complete due to issues with our land developer and council but we were able to extend our build date at no extra cost and Debbie went above and beyond to get our file into construction stage within 8 days instead of the standard 20 day period. The team at Home Option Gallery and Di Lorenzo tiles were amazing, made our selections easy, it helped that we had gone up before our appointment to check out the options. They don't pressure you into upgrading and if you do chose to they get back with a quote within a few days of your appointment for you to accept. Fingers crossed our construction goes as smoothly as possible.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2019

Great experience to date!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 18, 2018

I was referred to Eden Brae Holdings by a friend who was happy with their progress to date and I was certainly not disappointed. From the very first meeting dealing with Bede and through the inital pre-building phases with Brittany Mullins it was a seamless experience. It was released into construction about a month ago and the slab has already been poured. I'm looking forward to the finished product and would highly recommend Eden Brae to family and friends.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2019

Really happy with our journey so far.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 13, 2018

We have just had our slab poured and I could not be happier with the process thus far. Our Customer Service Administrator Justine has been helpful and kept us informed all the way. Once you choose a design and sign a contract, the process can feel very fast - despite taking a few months to actually go from choosing a design to starting to build. Justine was great at letting us know what was happening and when we had a few hiccups with our design and our local council, Justine ensured that we knew what was going on and how it was being resolved. We were included in the decision making at all times and really felt like our needs in a house have been heard and implemented in our design. The electrical designer Craig was so helpful in assisting us with power point location and suggestions surrounding data points.

Our only real negative experience was with Kitchen Culture. They were very quick to demand we sign off on a kitchen that had a few mistakes then very slow to implement any changes we requested.

So far out site manager is lovely. He has made contact at each stage of the development to let us know how things are going. I am really looking forward to the rest of the build.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2019

Excellent -5 stars

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2018

Good organise , very professional , easy to contact and fast update. I’m so happy with your product and your service. And the final cost a bit high from the estimated cost but I’m still ok with that price.
I had an amazing and enjoyable building experience with Eden Brae homes.
Every single word is true! We have nothing but to praise the great team at EB homes .

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Great Customer Experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 09, 2018

As first home buyers, we understand that it’s a bit overwhelming to go through the whole process of buying a property. Fortunately, we came across the House and Land packages offered by Connect Homes (Eden Brae) and this really made a difference. The house design, style and layout was well thought out and the details properly considered (ours was Bermuda 22). Through out the journey, from the very start, with our initial contact at Sales – Johnny Cefai, to the Customer Service Administrator – Lisa Veale, and to the Construction Supervisor – Andrew Murray, we are really happy with how Eden Brae guided us along the journey, with timely update and replies to emails/calls, consultations and patience to our questions and follow ups. We are satisfied and happy with the workmanship and build quality of the house, and we still get the level of comfort knowing that there is a Warranty Inspection 13 weeks after construction. And it was completed on time too! Our customer experience as a first home buyer with Connect Homes/Eden Brae is really amazing and the product itself - the house - is also great, which made this a wonderful journey.

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Marsden Park

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Best Site Supervisor & Customer Service Admin

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2018

Overall the build was good, happy with the overall workmanship but can be improved further. The whole process of being first time home buyer were made smooth and very happy experience with the extensive help from our site supervisor. He was always there to help and walk us through all fine details. All the fine details during the PCI were picked up already which shows the dedication of the site supervisor in terms of giving the best possible and spotless product to his customer. The Admin co-ordinator was very efficient, all our written queries were solved the same day. All our issues were addressed properly and were always resolved. Long story short " Best Site Supervisor & Customer Service Admin"

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Sydney, Australia

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2018

The Eden Brae Home complete review from contract to finish

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2018



Eden Brae Homes are taking usually longer than expected time in selection and documentation process during preparation of contract.
Kitchen culture took 8-9 weeks’ time in preparing their design. The workmanship was so average and dissatisfactory that even don’t think to give them any work again.

We were offer to change some PC items during documentation process even after final documentation was signed off.

2. Commencement


Eden Brae customer service is so poor that our site commencement started one month later than commencement date mentioned in our contract. There was no temporary fence constructed in time. We were asked to clean-up site few days after builder commencement date due to rubbish dropped by people.

I complained about the delay building work commencement to the management few times but it was overlooked and tried to finish job which did not meet our expectation.


Once work started Eden Brae took care to follow Australian standard safety and building code.
3. Progress


The Building construction progress was very professional and smooth with build watch camera view for day-to-day progress.

4. Handover


Although Australian standard building construction code was followed some quality of work was so poor such as brick cleaning, site cleaning etc. The wet area tile drain was also inferior quality and need to bring attention during warranty maintenance liabilities.

5. Warranty and maintenance Liabilities:


The standard maintenance liabilities of 90 days follow up was so poor that once report of items to be corrected sent did not process until another 2 months.

Their sub-contractor MJH is unprofessional. Their communication was poor, not replying emails and very unprofessional booking trades in time and giving confirmation to the client. I had to complain about their poor communication to the Eden Brae Homes maintenance manager.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018

bad experience throughout the process

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2018

changes were made to the final plan without notifying us.
House was not cleaned properly on settlement date.
Colour consultant [Name Removed] in Bualkham hills office was irresponsible.
Their partner cooks and plumbing lost our signed document and was really rude.
The service was not good either. The manager was really impatient and aggressive.
The whole process has been horrible and will not recommend them at all.

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Eden Brae Homes Official

Thank you for taking the time in providing your review. As you can see from our other reviews your feedback is certainly not in line with our Foundations and I apologize for that. Please contact us... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2019

Smooth process

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2018

Customer service was fabulous. Our emails were always responded to promptly and Justine was always happy to answer whatever question we had (and there were a lot!) everyone we have come across through the administration prowess have been professional and friendly.
The administration process was much slower than we thought it would be but we are now confident that our house has been planned right and expect the construction phase to be pretty smooth. We can’t wait to be in our new Eden Brae home!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Eden Brae - Amazing building experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2018

Hi Eden Brae Team ,
I had an amazing & enjoyable building experience with Eden Brae homes , starting from deposit to final completion .
Justine & Jon , you have been very helpful throughout the process ,
My experience exceeded all my expectations by providing the best service, advice, patience and quality home.
Every single word is true! We have nothing but to praise the great team at EB homes .
Jon , you have been great and a good asset to your organization .
Once again - Job well done team !!
Maneesh & Ranita

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Eden brae - leading the way in the home building journey

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2018

Entire process and service from Eden Brae and its staff- especially Emily Waters and our site supervisor Paul Davies was exceptional. These two mentioned staff were not only extremely professional but meticulous in their work and the service that they provided. Their communication skills are excellent and they were always willing to listen to and assist in any queries or issues that we had. They made us feel like more than just a job number!!!
Furthermore the quality of the finished final product we are ecstatic with. We are really glad that we listened to Jeremy Foxe from Kitchen Culture as he advised us and strongly recommended that we build with Eden Brae rather than any other builders due to their reputation for quality service and work. He vouched that we would be hard pressed to find a more reputable building company with a proven track record. Looking back now he was correct about everything that he said.
We were really impressed with the suppliers -the products offered and their process systems. However the staff at Kitchen Culture namely Lauren Marinovic went above and beyond. Her professional approach and expertise along with her genuine care and attention to our needs and concerns was exceptional. Her patience with our indecision at times was and is greatly appreciated.
If we were to build again then we would definitely build with Eden Brae....if anyone asks about our building experience and finished product than we tell them with Eden will not be disappointed.
Thank you once again Eden Brae for building our dream home...thank you for a positive and relatively hassle free building journey.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2019

Perfect Start

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2018

We have seen every display home in Newcastle and get quotes from many builders. But once started to talk with sales person (Frank) we forget all other builders. Frank was really helpful and understanding and did all his best in price negotiations process and gave us best deal which even we were not expecting. Frank was very prompt in replying emails even after business hours.
After getting tender presentation we received same high standard service from Trudi, and color selection process was made so wonderful by Anita she gave us very valuable suggestions and advise us if we were doing wrong selections.
Currently we are administration phase and Justine has prove herself with same high standard of service as at the start.
I would highly recommend Eden Brae homes to everyone in Newcastle area. Please consider to attend their free information session which is very valuable.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2019

A smooth and professional process - highly recommended.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

Although we are still in the building stage, we cannot speak more highly of the customer service we have received. From making selections to arranging documents, the process was so clear and smooth. Our customer service administrator, Samantha, was so helpful and was happy to answer any questions we had. Everyone we had to speak with at Eden Brae made sure that everything was explained in ways we could understand, and gave practical advice and guidance. We could not be more pleased, and can’t wait to move into our dream home thanks to Eden Brae.

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Questions & Answers

Simple question: I am in the process of looking for a reputable builder to build my home around the southwest area. Eden Brae seems to fit all criteria. Eden Brae advised me the site cost and contract price are fixed? Is that really true?

Sam asked on Nov 04, 2018

Answer this

Yes, Also if they hit rock they wont charge you, its on them. Saved us a fortune when they calculated our cut/fill wrong and hit some HUGE rocks.

Great! Thanks for sharing. Did you have a good experience during the build phase with Eden Brae?

On average how long it took to build a 4 bedroom house single floor?

Macca asked on Sep 19, 2018

Answer this

We're building the Kent 25 - our slab went down late April and we're still in the construction process. Site Supervisor said approx 6 weeks to go so we're guessing late Nov if we're lucky.. so to answer your Q - it's would be around 7 months for our single level 4 bedroom house.

Can anyone recommend a good and trustworthy sales person in Eden Brae in Sydney South West? Thanks

Shahla asked on Aug 03, 2018

Answer this

I found Donovan was very helpful. He is at Oran park office.


I can recommend Johnny Cefai @ Jordan Springs, very very helpful during the sales process and during the paperwork time

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