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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2016

Final product with a great finish!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2018

After closely working with Englehart for two years, we moved into our beautiful contemporary style home last year. We are so glad that we went with Englehart, the overall experience has been very pleasant.

Early in the process, we sat with Englehart's architect to design the home that meets our requirements. We were fascinated with the way all of our requirements were met and the usage of spaces are optimised.

The management team advised us with the design choices and options that are suitable for the overall style of the home while considering our budget requirements. The building industry experience that the management team brings to the table is exceptional and provided a solution for every challenge.

The selections consultant helped us with choosing appropriate fittings and colour scheme at various stages of construction. Englehart is very flexible and allows variations to contract.

During construction, the management team was always accessible and informed us with the progress at every stage and on a weekly basis. They made us feel comfortable throughout the construction.

Englehart management team is passionate and take pride in delivering premium products for their customers. My wife and I were overwhelmed with their commitment to deliver the promised product. The suppliers they engage are best in industry and are very professional.

Prior to the handover process, the construction manager and the project manager together spent a significant amount of time working on minor items. My wife and I were really impressed with the way the final inspection was conducted and defects were rectified.

After the handover, the Maintenance Supervisor organized trades people to attend to a few pending items including tuning the sensors, changing the globes, etc.

In summary, Ron Englehart and his team delivered a premium product that our whole family loves dearly. We have experienced their great professionalism, passion, and expertise and customer service first hand - we know where to go for building our next house.

We highly recommend Englehart to anyone that is considering to build a lovely home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2010

Simply A Beautiful Home.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 03, 2018

We purchased our sloping block over 10 years ago and found most builders were reluctant to take on the challenge. However, we looked into Englehart Homes, who have a sound reputation for building on sloping blocks and thankfully, they were more than happy to take on the project. Our house was an architecturally designed, “turn-key” project, with some of the interior design based on Englehart’s “City House” display home. We loved the airy, contemporary design that the team at Englehart Homes came up with. Our project team was extremely knowledgeable and very accessible throughout the process. In particular, we were so pleased to have Jim & Dave Cooper working on our build. Ron Englehart was also happy to personally take our calls to discuss any queries or matters that arose. Once building began, we were constantly updated regarding its progress, and when any difficulties were encountered (as was to be expected with a sloping block), we were immediately notified and the issue resolved with minimal fuss.

Eight years later, we still love the house as much now, as we did when we first moved in. The quality of the work carried out is absolute top shelf. From the huge retaining walls, to the swimming pool, the landscaping, and to the interior design and internal finishes....everything is amazing. We’ve lost count of the number of times visitors, or various tradesmen have walked in for the first time and said; “wow...beautiful house”.

Even though it’s been eight years, we still remain in close contact with Ron and his team (notably Dave & Craig) at Englehart Homes. They are always on hand to consult on maintenance issues & recommend trades should problems arise. It's very apparent that Ron takes great pride in every home that has the Englehart name attached to it.

We confidently recommend Englehart Homes to anyone considering building a house, because for us; not only did they build a beautiful house...they built a beautiful home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Just what the doctor ordered

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2017

We chose Englehart home builders because we has seen a number of their homes when driving around our area. We inspected the Saville in North Balwyn and it had the detail, quality and size that we were looking for.
We came to the meeting with the architect with a few ideas and an open mind. The initial drawings gave us a good starting point but over the next 12 months we adjusted and honed them into the home that we wanted. We were greatly helped by the Englehart team throughout this process.
Once the build began we were projected managed by Mark Mancuso from start to the finish. He provided at least weekly feedback and always answered our calls and emails. It could have been a stressful experience but in hindsight it was a smooth experience and the attention to detail at all stages was as we expected.
The building, from foundations up was well constructed and has a solid feel often missing from new homes these days.
There was no compromise to quality and this must be attributed to the experienced tradesmen employed to do the work.

Through our project manager we were able to pass on all our queries, thoughts and ideas to the team of experienced experts at the head office. Sage advice was often given by the onsite tradesmen when small changes needed to be done.
We have been in our new home for about five weeks and we are very happy with the outcome. Every day I marvel at some new observation and we are extremely satisfied with the end result.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2016

To share our experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2016

I'd like to share my experience of working with Lucas Morris Homes in building our family house in Melbourne for people looking for a good builder. Lucas Morris is best known for quality but working with any builder over 12-14 months is a long journey and better prepared people can expect the right outcome. First, Lucas Morris is part of the Englehart Group, a high quality boutique builder in the eastern Melbourne area. Its reputation is built over the years and is a symbol of trust. This gives some comfort and insurance for people like me who have never built a house before. If people make a difference, I'd like to confirm in this case that the Lucas Morris Homes people meet their commitments. Ron Englehart is the owner of the company and he is always willing to meet you and discuss how he can help you. Ron's lovely wife is an interior designer whom we also sought advice on colours, type of material, even furniture. For instance, tile selection is something critical for the home as once decided it will be there for many years. We brought marble samples for her advice and we are very happy with the choice. Jim is the operations head, a shrewd and decisive leader who helps to address difficult situations. He is reliable and pragmatic. Warren and Lyall are the construction and project focal point and they have been friendly while working with us throughout the project and meeting on a weekly basis. Very good people to work with. Second, Quality. The builder has a collection of carefully selected contractors who have worked for years with Englehart resulting in standout quality and detailing that met my expectations. Costs is another important topic. Cost does not come cheap. My only advice is to invest on the key items. Way of working. When the home was finished I could reflect on things that I may approach differently which is only normal. So it is helpful to talk to people who have built houses before. Finally, a piece of information and advice for overseas/Chinese speaking families who are mostly successful businessmen in China. The way they operate is 70% familiar and 30% new or different from what we used to. Ask enough questions so you understand how to achieve the best result. Ron has hired a couple of Chinese speaking technical staff to support their Chinese clients which is of great assistance. They have operated this way for many years and has been successful, their business is booming... Bottomline is, moving into my new home 3 weeks ago, I think all the hard work and money is worth it. With this experience and knowledge, I am happy to share with those who are starting a new home and have no hesitation in recommending Lucas Morris Homes to you.

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Selected review Verified Customer

No Regrets.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2016

TO ENGLEHART OFFICE: Please do not remove any NAMES or SECTIONS of our review.

Would we build with Englehart again? Were there problems? Did it take longer than expected? Was it expensive? Was it worth it?

The one word answer to all the questions above is ‘DEFINITELY’. It has been just over 12 months since we’ve moved into our newly built home, and we are absolutely loving the finished product. We are so glad we went with Englehart as the whole process for us was considered to be relatively stressed free (and we’re considered by our friends to be stressed out people!). Don’t get us wrong though, there were things that went wrong!

Our block of land is on a slope that is more than 2 metres hence we had to find a customised builder. After meeting with a few builders, we settled on Englehart as they were the only ones who asked specific questions about our design/house requirements. Never once did they asked what we do as a living to estimate what we can afford. We are very private people hence never liked questions that were not related to the build.

The first issue we had was the design that was presented to us. It did not meet our requirements and the architect they had did not to contribute much to our needs and wants. Hence we hired our own architect who came up with the foot print and design of our house that we were happy with. We then brought the foot print to Englehart for the build quotation. The Operation Manager, Jim Cooper and Construction Manager, Warren Cockshutt, who are both extremely experienced (more so than the design team), then build upon our architect’s design from the beginning AND during the whole process to give us our home.

The contract was very detailed. It contained all the specs, drawings and items that we had selected. It also had all the costings and they were set out clearly. We tried to ‘fix’ as many costings as possible (aka Firm Price) so that we wouldn’t be surprised at the end. There were obviously certain items that could not be determined such as excavation, stormwater drains etc and these had Provisional Sum allowances. With these Provisional Sums, Englehart credited back the amount that was not used in the final bill.

As our home was considered to be a complicated build, 455 days were given for them to start and finish the build. Englehart took much longer and we believe it’s because we had 5 different Project Managers on our job. With the number of personnel changes, information had to be relayed multiple times and there were times that information given was not passed on (from one Project Manager to the next). This contributed to extra time required to have things rectified. The only consistent personnel on our project was Warren and Jim. If there was another Warren and Jim, our house would have been build much faster. Nevertheless, Warren took over our project and became our final Project Manager. Both Jim and Warren made suggestions about certain changes/improvements during the build to ensure our home has a much better feel and look. All their suggestions were at our best interest, and not considered to be ‘money making’ suggestions.
Even when the 455 days were up, Warren did not push the project to a faster pace. Instead, he ensured that the right tradesmen were used and that the work done were up to his standard (or Englehart’s standard). On the occasions when we inspected the home, we can see that the Englehart tradesmen take great pride in their work. We would considered them to be extremely meticulous eg. painter, tiler.
We were informed that there would be weekly updates but due to the number of Project Managers we had, there were times we didn’t hear about the build for about 3-4 weeks. When this occurred, we contacted the Project Manager and when the Project Manager did not respond, Jim/Warren would respond and address to our issues personally quickly and promptly.

In addition, everything that was to be done/changed, was documented and had to have our approval prior the work being carried out.

For peace of mind, we also had our own independent building inspector to inspect the build whenever a stage was completed. Englehart had no issues in accommodating our inspector and requested that the inspector sent them his report so that they can address any items immediately. Warren even marked out all the tiny imperfections that needed attention when our inspector came for the final time. This made our building inspector’s job much easier. With the final report from the inspector, Warren ensured that all items were addressed promptly before hand over. All items noted were quite minor.

An invoice would be issue at the completion of a build stage. This caused some stress for us as the first invoice sent, was just before Christmas and we had to pay it within 7 days. To add to this, we received the invoice via postal mail, it was a day before Christmas. As we did not want to be up for any penalties, we contacted Englehart immediately but their main office was closed. We were able to get in touch with Vince (Sales Manager) who then assured us that no penalties would be applied especially being the Christmas/New Year’s period. From then onwards, we requested that invoices be emailed rather than sent via postal mail to ensure it is received promptly. Englehart complied. They emailed AND postal mailed all documents to us.
Inevitably, we also wanted some additions/changes (VARIATIONS) during the build. Please note that whenever a ‘Variation’ is raised by us, a fee is applied to each of these. This fee we were told during the contract signing, is ‘more for those’ who keep changing their minds. With the limited number of variations we had, the total Variations’ ‘fee’ was noted on our final bill but considered waived if we were to provide a product review. This is an area that we believe should be more clear cut during contract signing and not be contradicted verbally by senior management.

On a positive note, Englehart did not treat us as an ‘open cheque book’ once the contract was signed. Never once did they ask us for more money. Any additional amount paid was due to the ‘Variations’ we had requested ie. extra oven, extra sink.

Englehart also paid us the penalty for the extra time taken to build our home. There were no arguments or confrontations when we met with the Finance Manager. This was due to the detailed documentation process they had.

In the past 12 months, as the house settled, there were minor issues that needed fixing. Eventhough we have paid for everything, Warren and the Maintenance Manager, Craig Cummings, have always attended to the issues promptly. When a tradesman/contractor is involved, we have always received calls from Englehart to ensure that they have contacted us and that the issue have been addressed. Unfortunately though the tradies are not as prompt to respond as they were prior to hand-over. This is an area that could be improved to continue the excellent service Englehart is known for.

In conclusion, despite all the issues we’ve experienced, we would build with Englehart again. We would definitely want Jim and Warren to be on our project for their experience and honesty. We absolutely love the quality of our home and we don’t feel like we need to go away as our home feels like a holiday home too. It was one of our biggest investment but definitely money well spent.

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Victoria, Australia

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Verified Customer

Exceeded our expectations

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2016

After our extensive research and visiting other luxury custom display homes, family and friends strongly recommended Ron Englehart and his company. When we walked through the Saville display home in North Balwyn we saw the quality and design format of our dream home. No pressure, good honest advice, Englehart Homes was the clear stand out!

The sales team knew their product having building and interior design backgrounds which helped us through what could have been a very daunting process. The Operations Manager with his personable manner, extensive experience and broad knowledge listened carefully to our ideas. With his technical knowledge he guided us appropriately incorporating our concept to create our high quality custom built home. Our Project Manager could not be faulted, communicating honestly and happy to take our calls or returning them promptly. They have highly skilled tradesmen which was reflected in the finished product. The well organised administration staff were a pleasure to deal with and always courteous.

A united team focused on producing the best product for their clients. They guided us through to the end result, explaining the process and allaying any anxiety. We have absolutely no reservations in recommending Englehart Homes. They made us feel like we were their only customers!

This was our first building project. People say, “you have to have built 3 times before you get it right." That wasn’t our experience, we have no regrets because with their guidance Englehart Homes built our perfect dream home.

Project completed late 2015.
Margaret and Redmond

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Verified Customer

We made a good choice.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2016

Bill and Romona

We were already living in Balwyn North and decided to replace our old house for a new more functional home that would be age friendly into our retirement years. In 2011 we started looking at the many builders and their display homes on Belmore Road. One home that stood out for us was the Englehart Saville display home. It was evident that quality, practicality and attention to detail were a feature of the Saville.

We approached a number of people who had homes built by Englehart, the main comments were: Englehart, a good local builder with their main office in Kew East, known for quality builds, and most importantly, good after sales service. On that basis we decided on Englehart as our builder.

The Saville model had to be adapted to work in with the slope of our land; it became a double story front and single story back of the house, with a triple car port and granny flat under the house and driveway up the side to the back of the house.

Due to the changes required to accommodate the sloping land and our specific age friendly design changes, there were many meetings during the planning stage with the architect, sales staff and contract administration, all went well with no problems. Ron Englehart sat in on some of the meetings, providing his advice and expertise which was thoughtful based on the needs we had expressed for our particular build. Much of his advice was adopted and proved worthwhile. For us, Ron’s personal interest in our project gave us confidence and reassurance that our expectations of a trouble free build would be met. That certainly proved to be the case.

It’s been two and one half years since moving into our new home, and we have not been disappointed. Indeed, the Englehart reputation must be getting known, as presently there are two Englehart houses being built in our street. Suffice to say, after the excitement of moving in, and the shininess of it all wears off, the true test of a superior build is in how it looks today, two and a half years on. Good quality workmanship and quality materials have proven their worth as the property still looks as good as the day we moved in, and bodes well for the years ahead. In the few instances where we needed some after sales assistance, true to form, this was duly met no fuss or bother. We now have a comfortable, functional and beautiful home that will last and suit us for years to come, and we thank the team at Englehart for making this happen.

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Verified Customer

Highly Recommended for Quality, Professionalism and Integrity

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 22, 2015

Following the completion of two custom built homes in Camberwell, Englehart Homes have my highest commendation, praise and recommendation. The finished product is so much more than what we expected or hoped for, and was delivered on time.

Having interviewed a number of builders over a lengthy period of time and not feeling entirely comfortable or at peace with those interviewed, it was recommended that we see Englehart Homes, noting that our objective was dealing with a builder who is honest, professional and reliable to produce a premium product without taking shortcuts.

From the outset, the sales manager was honest and transparent. I asked several questions which was answered with clarity and if he didn’t feel an issue could be addressed to my satisfaction immediately, he would say so, and work to find a solution, including liaising and working with council and town planners. There were also several meetings prior to signing the contract, where my wife and I would meet with the operations team to discuss details surrounding any potential construction – he would always attend these meetings. He would pick up his phone when I called, or if he was unavailable, he would get back to me within the same day…note, this also included AFTER the contract was signed and deposit paid.

Prior to construction commencing, Ron Englehart (together with the sales manager) met with us personally, to provide his assurance that a premium product will be delivered on time. Ron dealt with any final questions we had and provided us with his personal contact details to call at any time if there were any issues. This meeting prior to construction commencing, provided us with that final, additional reassurance that we had indeed chosen a group who valued their clients, and placed a strong emphasis on professionalism and delivering a quality product on time.

Throughout construction, the project manager ensured he would meet with us on site on a weekly to fortnightly basis to ensure that we were comfortable with progress, and discuss items worthy for discussion. These were the formal scheduled meetings yet, as with the sales manager, the project manager would pick up his phone when called, or call back within a timely manner if he wasn’t available. I would also speak with the engineering/ operations manager regularly. Together, these guys were brilliant. They always found solutions to any issues which presented along the way and demonstrated patience and composure, with a superb level of expertise. This expertise is why the project was delivered on time.

Finally, the focus Englehart has on delivering a premium product is evidenced by the extent of the final inspection/review conducted by the operations team before handover. Small alterations which I would not have been concerned with are identified as being less than perfect and rectified immediately before handover. My wife and I were surprised, yet extremely impressed, as to the level of detail that is applied by the operations team when performing this final inspection.

In summary, Englehart Homes have demonstrated the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and expertise in delivering a premium home on time. Englehart homes was recommended to me for this reason, and I am extremely grateful for that recommendation. Our next build, which we are already discussing, will be through Englehart Homes - we feel we have found our builder for life.

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Highly recommend Englehart Homes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2014

We have now been living in our new Englehart Home for 10 months and thought it would now be appropriate to comment on our experience from the initial consultation to after care service since handover. Our first interaction with Englehart homes was at their 'Saville' display home in Belmore road, North Balwyn. After inspecting several other display homes in the area, we were immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. We engaged Englehart homes as we wanted a quality built home.

The design process commenced and we were impressed with our interactions with the Englehart team. They considered all of our needs and encouraged us to provide them with as many design details as we could about what we considered to be important to us. Admittedly, the whole design process took quite a long time but in the end it was worth it because there were minimal design alterations and variations hence saving us some money. In the end, Englehart produced a design within our budget and that met our design brief.

The building process was generally very smooth. Apart from some initial unforeseen site costs due to a very challenging block, the build was completed on time and on budget. The tradesmen employed were professionals and experienced. It was clearly evident that Englehart homes has access to quality trades and don't cut corners by employing persons that cannot met their quality assurance processes. The site supervisor was pleasant to deal with and kept us informed of the progress of the build, inviting our feedback as required. The supervisor always answered any questions or concerns that we had and encouraged several on site meeting with various trades including tilers, electricians and cabinet makers to discuss various options available.

Two weeks prior to handover, I met with the construction manager and supervisor to inspect the home. As we walked through the home, I was impressed at the tiny details that the construction manager was picking up on including minor paint imperfections and surface scratches. Every detail and item identified was documented and rectified prior to handover. Credits were provided for works that came in under budget and only a couple of items incurred a variation cost even though we ended up with about 150 (which I am rod is quite low).

Upon moving into our home, we have had a couple of minor issues. All of these were addressed immediately, with no fuss and no charge. The construction manager was outstanding in his service and attitude. I would have absolutely have no hesitation in recommending Englehart Homes to my family and friends.

+ Quality finishes, excellent trades, open and transparent interactions, attention to detail. Excellent after care service.

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We love our new home!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2014

We built a custom home with Englehart Homes and we are delighted with the results. The process from design to build was relatively hassle-free. Englehart addressed any issues that did arise in a prompt and professional manner.

Any changes we requested throughout the build were accommodated and contract revisions were issued to ensure clarity. There were no additional or hidden costs that took us by surprise, and in fact we were given a number of credits if they had over estimated the cost of particular jobs

We have been living in our new Englehart home for nearly three months. We do have a few minor things that need to be fixed and we have complete confidence that they will be addressed when we notify them.

Our overall impression of Englehart Homes is they are client focused, taking pride in their product and reputation. They are a luxury homebuilder therefore they are not cheap but you get what you pay for. The construction quality of our house is excellent.

We would recommend Englehart Homes to anyone looking at building.

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Our Englehart Home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 23, 2014

In April 2001 our new home was handed over to us by Mr. Ron Englehart.
Our project was handed over very professionally by Ron and his team and we found at all times there was Staff available to assist with our questions and variations etc.

We have now lived in our home for 13 years and have never required maintenance of any kind due to faulty workmanship or poor quality materials.

We sincerely thank Englehart Team for our beautiful home.

Clarrie & Pam Pryor

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Quality New Home Construction

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2014

We employed Englehart Homes to assist us in the design, selection of materials and provide all the necessary construction of our new family home located in Doncaster.

We found Englehart Homes particularly diligent and exceptional in the production of a high quality home with exceptional finishes.

We can certify that Englehart Homes only uses high quality materials and exceptionally qualified, experienced and highly skilled tradespeople. We believe that the trades used by Englehart Homes are of such a high standard that we believe they are more like artisans in their field of expertise.

We found their management to be highly skilled and experienced. In all our dealings, they provided sound and prudent advice at all times, were approachable, courteous and always eager to assist.

We commend Englehart Homes to any prospective person contemplating the construction of a truly high quality home with exceptional finishes.

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Confident and so far so good

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 15, 2014

Having recently relocated from China to Melbourne and purchased a block of land in Balwyn we investigated the various options for our new home. We finally selected Englehart Homes as their design and build services met the needs of our Family’s new home requirements.

Our research found that Englehart Homes reputation for building luxury individually designed homes and meeting commitments gave us the confidence to employ them. The Architect design concept, continual updating of cost outcomes and considering every detail carefully was very professional.

Based on the dealings with the Sales Staff, Architect, Contract Administration staff and Ron Englehart’s involvement at critical stages resulted in being very confident that our expectations will be met at handover.

We look forward to the construction stage where we have the confidence of being assured that the quality and attention to detail displayed in their La Provence Display Home will be the guaranteed outcome at handover.

+ Well-organized, meticulous, attention to details

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A long but very worthwhile process

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2013

We built a home with Englehart homes and have been quite pleased overall with their service, attention to detail and the final product. It was a long journey but we felt supported by Englehart throughout the process, especially the long planning process.
We were especially happy with our project manager [name removed] whose attention to detail was exceptional. He was well organised and always communicated with us. It also meant we could go about our daily business without having to be on site everyday as we had confidence in the project manager being on site and sorting things out.

We are glad the house has finally been built and it was well worth the wait.
We highly recommend Englehart as their quality is definitely superior. This shows in all the fittings and is evident through the house.
Englehart were also able to provide solutions for the drainage problems we encountered.
Their aftercare service has been good so far.

+ Professional, with good warranty service

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A well built Home with attention to detail

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2012

We engaged Englehart homes to design and build for us a substantially sized house on a sloped block. We had several meetings with Englehart technical representatives during the design period whilst we moulded the house design to suit our preferences. During this period Englehart staff were very helpful in providing lots of ideas, detailed costings, and amended drawings. Once the building contract was signed, Englehart were quickly on our site to commence building excavations. As the house building progressed there were those unforseen amendments that needed to be done, and again we had the support of the Englehart team to make these changes happen without a lot of fuss.
We found Englehart to be cooperative, and highly professional in their attitude and dealing with us, and if we had a problem we were always able to get onto the building supervisor, or someone higher up to get a quick satisfactory resolution. The house is now completed and we are the proud owners of a house which stands out due to its high standard of finish and appearance. We would certainly recommend Englehart homes to anyone wanting a reliable builder, who provides value for your house dollar.

+ They delivered on their promises.

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Could not have been happier....

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2012

Dealing with the Englehart people in the planning, construction and post construction phases has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. They were able to convert our vision into a high quality house which perfectly accommodates our needs and at the same time minimized the inherent problems and maximized the inherent advantages of a steeply sloping site. The workmanship and finishes are first class and we could not be happier with the result. The tradesmen used were excellent.

+ Attention to detail and preparedness to have us involved closely in the process. Also getting everything specified at the start meant that we knew what we would be paying subject to variations which, in the main, we initiated.

- Nothing so far as we were concerned; the planning process was lengthy but that was the natural result of our involvement.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I have a land in Clyde North, Melbourne measuring 620sqmt and looking to custom build a home of 40 squares with good quality finishes. First time home builder. what would be an approx cost for this to build with Englehart?

Rachel asked on Apr 20, 2018

Hi, I have a land in Point Cook VIC and my own plan of the house. Is it possible to build the house in your company from steel frames? Best regards

Sergio Melbourne asked on Dec 11, 2017

Answer this

You need to contact Englehart Homes.

On an average what is the Cost per square with Englehart?

KennyG asked on Apr 08, 2017

Answer this

The base model costs about $1,200 per square meter but normally you would expect $2,000 - 3,000.