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False advertising- but works ok

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2016

Short version: The unit is falsely advertised as "no chlorine sanitising system" But, it works reasonably well as the "low salt/chlorine sanitising system"that it actually is.

I've worked in the swimming pool service industry for almost 10 years, my company services three pools with the Enviroswim, and I would like to shed a little bit of light on this product.
Firstly, the unit does produce chlorine, that is the function of it's ORP/Redox cell. It is a low salt, low output chlorinator cell. So while the unit requires less salt than a standard salt cell, and produces smaller amounts of chlorine, it still functions as a "salt water pool"

Secondly, just to address two points of the last reviewer- the acid you are adding is to counteract the cell's chlorine production. While concrete pools do require large amounts of acid during curing, the regular acid dosing is required if the cell produces chlorine (as salt water pool owners will all testify to) And also- the run times for any filtration system should be the same- regardless of the sanitiser type- as it is more to do with water turnover and filtration.

Finally, i would like to add that i do not intend this to be a bad review- the unit works fine as a low salt chlorinator combined with an ionizer- my only concern is that people are being misled by the marketing around this product. It is relatively straight forward to use, and it does it's job. 3/5- for being adequate, even if falsely advertised.

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Enviroswim ES3 Official

Dear Mick the Poolguy, Whilst we appreciate all feedback both positive and negative we should set the record straight for readers. Enviroswim is not simply a salt-water chlorinator/ioniser c... read more »

Dear Envioswim; From my point of view, I personally believe your product to be quite misleading to anyone with little-to-no experience with pools and water chemistry. I quote from p16 of your... read more »

Enviroswim ES3 Official

Dear Mick the Poolguy In regards to your last comment Mick, Quote “Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine” Absolutely, the oxidiser is not just chlor... read more »

Questions & Answers

I'm in the process of getting quotes for an in ground fibre glass pool, and obviously looking at systems including frehwater. Reading through the reviews I am see the words 'copper' and 'silver'. The idea of the pool, and freshwater, is that I want my two dogs to use the pool as well as me, but I am now a tad concerned about them ingesting any copper. I assume the quantity is minimal, but it can amass over time. Is this likely to be a problem long term?

New Pool asked on Feb 09, 2018

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Thank you for your enquiry. Our recommended copper levels are 0.2 - 0.4 parts per million (ppm). Municipal drinking water supplies in Australia are allowed to include copper levels of 1.2 ppm, with some states as high as 2.0 ppm. At 0.2 ppm Enviroswim levels are 10% - 20% of drinking water maximum guideline levels and about a third of the level traditional pool ionisers use. A chemist suggested that an average adult would need to swallow 12 - 15 litres of our pool water daily to get the rdi of copper. Likewise the silver level is parts per billion and well below drinking water standards. Hope this helps. Please contact us on 1300888457 if you would like more details of our product testing conducted by a Government laboratory to the Health Departments protocol for the introduction of a new pool/spa sanitiser.

How much does it cost to convert a salt water pool to fresh water pool?

Jitendra Prasad asked on Jan 08, 2018

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Hi Jitendra, Thank you for your valued enquiry. The Enviroswim system cost is $3875 incl GST & delivery Australia wide. Installation cost is typically $100 - $200 depending on location and equipment accessibility, alternatively many clients install it themselves if they have basic handyman skills. video link here:
In order to get the freshwater experience from the start we recommend diluting the salt water with 70-80% freshwater, if this is a problem and the salt levels are not too high you can dilute over time.

Thanks Enviroswim

Hello. Am considering a bestaway, plastic pool 4 x 2 meters with 8k litre capacity. I realise the pool only has a finite life, but it’s a cheap option to plunge and cool to see if a ‘proper pool’ will be worth the expense. I don’t want to use chlorine ie synthetically produced product or alternative that produces high level chlorine. Am on rural property and water source is (reeds and water chestnuts) dam water, or filtered rain water tank from concrete or food grade lined steel tanks, and sometimes heavy downpours. Could one of your systems work within these parameters? Any idea of ballpark costs? Thank you. Ane

Ane asked on Jan 07, 2018

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Hi Ane. I have one of these systems as a customer. Phil from Enviroswim, I am sure, will be pleased to answer your question. What I can tell you is what happened this past Christmas. I am in Queensland and the family likes WARM pool water. I mean 33 degree water so it is also heated (yes, I know, a 60,000 litre spa...). Then the family from overseas arrived as a surprise, so instead of the expected 6 people in the pool, we had 16 including 6 children who never left the pool and 2 dogs (usually after walking on the beach - so full of sand and salt). After a week, the water was looking slightly milky (as you would expect) and we all went down to Brisbane for New Year. Needless to say, the day we left, there was a terrific storm and a power outage which tripped the pump timer and so there was no filtration or sanitation for 5 days in a pool filled with leaves, palm fronds and grass. It looked horrendous when I returned. Fished out the solid materials, vacuumed the bottom and turned the Enviroswim system on and went to bed. The following morning the pool looked brand new, as if the day before, the water was crystal clear. The funny part was that the neighbours came over that next morning and said that they had spent $200 on chemicals to stabilise, buffer and sanitise the pool after the storm and the pool was now so full of chemicals that they did not want to swim so could they use our pool. Hope this helps you.

hi ane
i am the same as above only a happy customer im sure the enviroswim rep will be here to awnser your questions it sounds like you live in a tough enviorment tho water wise ...
all i can say i have sensitive skin due to some skingrafts that salt and chloring pools really make it itch no such probs with the enviro swim unit tho . maybe give them a quick call there super friendly over the phn .

cheers dean

Thank you for posting MM and Dean. I probably need to speak with Enviroswim directly, given the uniqueness of my set up.

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