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Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Great System but doesn’t cope without adding chlorine.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2018

We do actually love the concept of the Enviroswim, but the truth is it just will not work the way it is supposed to in our environment. At the height of summer we have to add 2.5L of chlorine every 5 days to keep it clear. In winter it is perfect - crystal clear with almost zero maintenance but too cold to swim in. As soon as the weather warms up the cloudy cycle starts. The water chemistry is always perfect so no one has ever been able to help us with it. The staff at enviroswim tried to help us for the first two years and we tried all sorts of different things, but nothing worked. We run the pump for 5 hours overnight in winter and 10-12 hours per day in summer (overnight if it hasn’t been used in the day). We bought a second set of filter cartridges so we a quick and easy swap sometimes 2 weekly because we live under gum trees. We wash the cover as it rolls off and keep the pool clean with a robotic cleaner. It is the cleanest pool I have ever been in. It has never been green, the walls have never felt slimy - I don’t think we have ever had an algae problem. It just becomes increasingly cloudy in warm weather. If we don’t add the chlorine, it just progressively becomes more cloudy until it is like milk! It’s like the oxidiser just can’t keep up. Despite this major problem, it requires far less chlorine than a chlorine pool so we think it is still a better choice. Just disappointed that it is not exactly what we expected.

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Enviroswim Official

Thank you for your valued review.
Sorry to hear you are are needing to add chlorine to your pool. Please contact us or 1300 888 457 so we can assist as you shouldn't have to add chlorine.

I have contacted Enviroswim this morning - just waiting for them to reply to me.

Enviroswim Official

Thank you for your comments and it was nice chatting with you on the phone.
Kind regards

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False advertising- but works ok

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2016

Short version: The unit is falsely advertised as "no chlorine sanitising system" But, it works reasonably well as the "low salt/chlorine sanitising system"that it actually is.

I've worked in the swimming pool service industry for almost 10 years, my company services three pools with the Enviroswim, and I would like to shed a little bit of light on this product.
Firstly, the unit does produce chlorine, that is the function of it's ORP/Redox cell. It is a low salt, low output chlorinator cell. So while the unit requires less salt than a standard salt cell, and produces smaller amounts of chlorine, it still functions as a "salt water pool"

Secondly, just to address two points of the last reviewer- the acid you are adding is to counteract the cell's chlorine production. While concrete pools do require large amounts of acid during curing, the regular acid dosing is required if the cell produces chlorine (as salt water pool owners will all testify to) And also- the run times for any filtration system should be the same- regardless of the sanitiser type- as it is more to do with water turnover and filtration.

Finally, i would like to add that i do not intend this to be a bad review- the unit works fine as a low salt chlorinator combined with an ionizer- my only concern is that people are being misled by the marketing around this product. It is relatively straight forward to use, and it does it's job. 3/5- for being adequate, even if falsely advertised.

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Enviroswim Official

Dear Mick the Poolguy, Whilst we appreciate all feedback both positive and negative we should set the record straight for readers. Enviroswim is not simply a salt-water chlorinator/ioniser c... read more »

Dear Envioswim; From my point of view, I personally believe your product to be quite misleading to anyone with little-to-no experience with pools and water chemistry. I quote from p16 of your... read more »

Enviroswim Official

Dear Mick the Poolguy In regards to your last comment Mick, Quote “Yet you do not tell anyone that the aforementioned "öxidiser" is chlorine” Absolutely, the oxidiser is not just chlor... read more »

Questions & Answers

Can the pool be heated?

expensivelesson asked on Aug 23, 2018

Answer this

Thank you for your question. Yes, the system manages heat very well partly due to the copper and silver ion part of the process not been affected by evaporation, heat or UV whereas with chlorine, salt or mineral pools the heat puts a higher demand on the system as chlorine gases evaporate from the pool. Industry guidelines recommend a higher chlorine residual in heated pools.

Hi, The grout on my fully tiled pool which is white has turned a patchy green colour since I installed the enviroswim. Have I got my setting wrong... and how can I fix it?

Mike asked on Aug 02, 2018

Answer this

What is your copper level
And your ph they should be as recommended in your handbook or you will get growth

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your question.

If the grout is getting patches of turquoise appearing it could possibly be high copper &/or operating prolonged high ph levels. The recommended copper level is between 0.2 & 0.4 parts per million. This is a very low level and will not cause staining. To put this in context municipal drinking water can have up to 1.2 parts per million, up to five times more than our recommended level. If the ioniser production knob is set to high for your pool eventually it will overdose if not checked and adjusted with the supplied test kit. Copper stains are easily removed if treated early with the use of a citric acid based stain remover available from most pool shops.

Please contact us so we can assist more and identify if the staining is related to something other than copper.



I am looking at installing an Enviroswim in a new concrete tiled pool. I live in Alice Springs. Will the hot weather affect the enviroswim?

Honda450 asked on Jul 24, 2018

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