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Sneaky though, alright

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

Bought items and the company I bought the items from used fastway couriers.they placed a card just for the fun of it and it said pick up the product from the depo but, never knocked which led me to believe they never got the package until the next day . I finally got the package 3 days later which I was happy with

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Fastway Official

Hi Brian, thank you for getting in touch. I sincerely apologise for the initial complications you experienced with your initial delivery. However, I am glad that you did receive your parcel. Thank ... read more »

Mngt need to improve but redeemed by nice courier person

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2017

Tracking messages were good, till 'out for delivery' but ...I had to be out for 2 hrs around that time so went on-line to specify 'If no response please leave at xxxx'. When I got back I could not change that back to 'require signature' as there was not that choice.
I waited and waited and waited -as I had needed the bicycle part in order to use the bike. No delivery. Next day the tracking message showed 'Failed delivery' just before midnight that first day.

I was then concerned whether they went to a wrong place, so I was trying to inform the company on both counts ie to change to 'signature' too but no contactable means. And the supplier had auto 'help info' only. No service providers want to serve customers any more!!!
Eventually I found the local courier person's number (for Carrum/Seaford/Frankston Vic) so texted him. It was good of him to reply even with a blank text, so I knew that he got the message.

I reorganised my life and waited there and waited and waited. No delivery still till past the hours scheduled for the area. I saw this productreview and thought there was a chance I'd never see the thing. But I gave it time.
By evening the person delivered. He was very nice, very courteous! and said he had so many parcels to deliver he could not keep up!

SLOWway please do not overload your workers who start work some 7 am in the morning. Be fair.

I was going to give a lower mark but i understand the person-on-the-ground working long days. So I upped the score.

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Fastway Official

Hi Helping2Improve, Unfortunately, our whole network is inundated with freight where our couriers are struggling to keep up. We'll be trying to deliver freight on time, however, we'll be very busy ... read more »


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"Drive-By" delivery is the FastWay

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2017

Keep an eye on your Tracking info because that

[ ] authority to leave parcel at door, unattended

even though you DID NOT tick it, doesn't guarantee they won't drop it and run, without ringing the door bell / intercom.

In our case, someone was home all day and when the door bell is pressed, there is a chorus of bells ringing on 4 intercom enabled phones until the answer button is pressed. We are linked with the front door by intercom so we can advise that we are coming to the door.

The door bell was not pressed. Later that day we were reversing out of our driveway and noticed kids in our street. We uncharacteristically decided to drive the other way and happened to sense something not right in our peripheral vision near our front door.

Fastway had delivered. Someone had a similar experience and if we hadn't driven past our house, no doubt my next words would be the same so I just quoted them below.

"So, tracking number states my parcel was delivered. Somebody was home all day and nothing ever arrived.
Emailed Enquiries team at Fastway, no response except their automated email saying they'll be investigate and be in touch within three business days"

Right now I am waiting for Fastway to deliver again. See what happens.

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Fastway Official

Hi QLDZDR, Even if you don't provide authority, the sender may have that option. I'm not saying they did, but it could also be the case. In saying that a courier should make every attempt to ring t... read more »

No, I have asked the sender.

In the checkout process did you select the box to authorise the courier to leave? This may have been why
Can you please let me know what happens and email me directly txxxxx.xxxxx@vpaaustralia.com

Ok Ben
Transit from Brisbane to Brisbane
1 day


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Communication is key

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2017

Ive used fastway before for smaller packages but recently had a larger package delivered. Fastway couriers are great if everyone is on the same page and the communication is flowing. I recently used a third party booking service to contract fastway to deliver an electric guitar from interstate. The booking agent was terrible and would never use again however the fast way franchisee who looks after postcode 2567 was absolutely amazing. He went out of his way to accommodate my pickup and I would like to pass on a positive experience with this particular franchise owner. He gets a 5 star review but unfortunately overall I would rate Fastwy a 3 out of 5 starts.

Will use again if needed



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Fastway Official

Hi Luke, Thank you for your feedback and review. Our courier John Daniel in postcode 2567 is excellent, and one of the bright stars our of Courier Franchisee network. - Luke

I hope that his hard work and professional service will be acknowledged.


Fastway Official

Hi Luke, I can confirm that the feedback was passed on to his area Manager. - Luke

Difficult to communicate with - eventually got through

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 13, 2017

The calling card has a phone number on it to ring, when you ring this number, nobody answers and the voicemailbox is full. The Calling card number of the card is not found on their search engine. No other way of contacting them. What do you do?
Edit - when I did get through to them they located the package and delivered on the day they said they would.

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Fastway Official

Hi Alan, Looks like scanning was incorrectly done here, apologies for this. If you haven't received your parcel, please PM us with your tracking number. - Luke

Parcel stuck in transit for 2 weeks, no update whatsoever

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

My first parcel arrived on time and i was quite happy with it. However, my second parcel has been stuck in transit between the sydney and sydney depot for over 11 working days, and when i contacted fastway, they said that they would send an urgent request for my parcel deliver, nowever nothing has happened. All the other parcels took less than one day between the transit and ready for delivery and my parcel is still in transit even after almost 2 working weeks. Very dissapointed, if you could please look into this, id be happy. My label number is BD0003099932

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Fastway Official

Hi Rebecca, I've just checked your case and it seems an update was sent to your email address. - Luke

Verified Customer

Package took two weeks

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2017

Took two weeks to arrive. Their tracking webpage never updated after the original pickup event. I assumed the package had been lost but it finally turned up just as I was about to start whinging.

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Fastway Official

Hi nozzk, A pity it took 2 weeks for your package to arrive. Very odd that there were no updates for you to view (scanning events). If you'd like to provide further feedback however, please PM me, thanks. - Luke

Valley Heights, NSW

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Parcel found

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2017

Wrote a bad review because I thought my parcel was missing. It just turned up, so I am changing my review to okay. I hope everyone else who gave a bad review gets their missing packages.

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Could be worse

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 17, 2017

I receive their packages from Brisbane (I am Sydney) in less than a day almost every time for a very low price. Their track record is far better than StarTrack has been (by a long shot!)
Not perfect and tough to call, but better than most of the other large courier services...and my local driver always goes the extra mile.

Edit: They have begun to go downhill of late...3 of the last 3 deliveries were 2-3 days late.

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Its ok

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

I have since used fastway a few times since my last review. I thought I'd share the positives, I ordered something from Melbourne received it the next day, wow really fast. A few of my orders have been delivered by fastway and had no problems , if I could fault 1 thing it would be the tracking service its not updated as often as I would like. Great improvement.

I ordered an item online. the locations of the online store is in sevenhills the fastway depo is in homebush my home is 5 minutes away from the fastway depo in homebush So I thought 2 days max for a priority express delivery. I'm still waiting after 4 days but the problem is they cant locate my parcel a blu courier has it took it on a friday for delivery never delivered it and they can't contact him i have no idea why a courier company would allow packages to be taken home by couriers and he's uncontactable.

When I finally received my parcel I asked the courier why he had my parcel for so long he was so apologetic about the situation and told me that he only received it today for delivery, which makes me so angry to know that I tried to collect it on two occasions but was assured its on board with driver. They really need to work on their communication with customers.
This is not the first bad experience with this company I can't believe they're still operating many times they don't knock on your door and they don't even leave a calling cards.

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It is what it is

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2016

I understand that everyone's had some rotten luck with this service. My local courier tried delivering yesterday but I was at work. I texted him in the evening to leave the parcel the following day (being today) somewhere else around my house and he did. All I can say is it is what is - not the best, not the worst - I've definitely had worse.

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Verified Customer


3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2016

My package is worth alot of money and I was freaked out when the tracking info stated delivered. A better website should be set up and provided to couriers so clients and customers can track the parcel to delivery point! Now a very happy customer :)

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Slow way

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2016

Tracking showed parcel on board for local delivery on Thursday 2 am. Puchased from business one hour away who pomised courier. By Friday afternoon and no delivery I contacted fastway who told me my parcel was sent to a depot two hours away and I would receive it the following Tuesday as the Monday was a public holiday. Supervisor told me tracking was incorrect and she didn't know why my parcel was taken from the business one hour away and taken past me to a depot two hours away and that it can take up to 7 days. So picked up by fastway on Wednesday and will be delivered next Tuesday. Very poor service.

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not a bad company, shame about some drivers

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2016

fastway itself isn't a bad company, have had less issues with them than I have with other companies, local driver is creepy though and at times inappropriate

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Don't send to Perth

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2016

Mostly am very happy using Fastway but recently sent 2 parcels to Perth. They sat in the Perth depot for 1 week with the promise of next available delivery and the recipient had to collect the parcels herself. Even putting a red alert on them they were still not delivered.Not good enough Fastway !!!

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Too fast

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2016

Delivery came a day earlier than communicated, so of course there was 'no one home'.
Now waiting for the re-delivery but success is in the lap of the Gods.

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Pleased to report that the re-delivery did happen on the right day, so I am correcting my rating to 5 stars.

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Poor system and follow through

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2016

Items are delivered lightning fast however it does take 3 or 4 days past the actual agreed pick up date for Fastway to turn up..

Has the makings to really give Australia Post a run for its money but need to fix issues with pick ups and communication with customers.

Never had anything damaged by Fastway and once they do pick up, delivery is quick.

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It really depends on local franchisee

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2015

The company I used to work for is a regular customer of Fastway. Our local driver is very friendly but the depot staff is whole another story. Lost and delay parcels happen occasionally. Personally I am happy with my local driver because he delivers early on Saturday morning.

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They really need to fix their depot problem. Ordered some wines online, it has been transfered between their Sydney depot and Sydney depot for 9 whole days. How large is the state of NSW.

Not speedy,but got parcel,happy

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 24, 2015

I have found living in WA no freight is faster than 7-10 days ( I sent one parcel to Sydney with Australia Post that bounced backwards and forwards for six weeks). The Parcel I received from Victoria was large and heavy and arrived in good condition in 10 days as I said not quick compared to other companies like Australia Post who have damaged 50% of the parcels I have received,I am happy.

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Mosman, NSW

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Neither terrible nor great

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2015

I have used these guys several times through work without a problem, however I have had customer service issues but no delivery issues. Their contact centre is terrible and sounds like 'Shift and Swift Couriers' from ABC comedy show.

Problem with courier company like this who franchise you may have a great driver for one area and absolutely appalling for another so you will never have consistent service. But I think people have an issue with understanding a courier will deliver whenever it suits his run and that if you're not able to accept delivery you will receive a calling card unless you give authority to them to leave the package for you.

I wouldn't recommend nor not recommend fastway.

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I have ordered a package online from Sydney on the 18th December. It was dispatched he following day, the 19 DEC. I was given a tracking number with fastways to follow, now it's the 5th and I still haven't received anything at all and my tracking status is delivered and signed for by OHF in Geelong. When my order was supposed to be shipped to GRANTVILLE Victoria. I have no idea what is going on and have left several messages and emails. Still nothing back what do uni do from here ?

Crystal asked on Jan 02, 2018

Answer this

Hi Crystal, thank you for getting in touch. I am very sorry to hear of the delay in your delivery, the poor service and lack of communication you have received is not acceptable. I would like to resolve this for you as soon as possible, can you please provide your tracking number and if you haven't already please complete our online form to expedite your inquiry within our system https://www.fastway.com.au/tools/track/online-enquiry - Emma

Thankyou so much for the quick response.
My tracking number is WZ0000256102. I look forward to receiving my package A.S.A.P, and having a great review for your team at fastways yet again and not be left in this predicament.
Kind regards

Hi Crystal, I hope they can help you. I left messages and no one returned my call, I ended up just going to the depot. The lady was nice once I arrived.

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Hi i received an email this morning saying that my parcel will be delivered today. I waited until 5.30 pm then tried contacting the courier my call was rejected so i left a 10 second message, still have no package or even an explanation. Do fastway even deliver on weekends? Has the driver taken my package home?. I wasted my day sitting around for you guys to not bother showing up when you said you would.

Pissedoffatfastway asked on Dec 15, 2017

WHY is it Fastway won't supply local phone numbers and have ALL local numbers to speak to someone LOCAL instead redirected through the Philippines. Who in turn won't give you AUSTRALIAN contact or supervisor contact???

prsav asked on Sep 29, 2017

Answer this

I have had another bad experience today from this company and you are correct the call centre is in the Philippines and you have no hope in getting any satisfaction from this company, both occasions the parcel had to be signed for. One parcel thrown over a 2 metre high fence contents damaged the second just left in our drive way in a storm content completely destroyed. I managed to get a Fast way drivers card while in town one day. Tried calling the landline no# on the card but again goes to Philippines. Tell your suppliers not to use this company as you will never get any recourse from this dodgy company. No# on card 07 3868 1144

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