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Looks aren't everything.

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 13, 2014

Purchased this combination microwave convection along with the other three items in the Fisher & Paykel "Companion" series (steam oven, compact oven & coffee machine). The microwave/convection oven failed from new in that; on the Microwave use it stops continually, for no apparent reason, maybe every two or three seconds or two or three minutes, it has a mind of its own. Fisher & Paykel were great, "No worries sir, we will replace it as we do not repair microwaves". Great!! ........Not really. That was February, 2014. Then I was contacted a few days later and informed they were on back order until April. Now mid May I called and they are on back order until at least late October!! Or I can have a refund. Refund? What do I do with the hole in the wall of my brand new kitchen? In our brand new house? Answer, "Not their problem". So it is until October we wait. In hindsight which is always 20/20 we should have gone with a competitor.

+ Not much it doesn't work

- Can't be replaced

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OK. So after being replaced by F&P with a brand new oven "way too long after the event". ( I had actually fixed the fault PRIOR, a faulty micro switch on the door)! But they do NOT fix Microwaves ... read more »

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Worst Product I have ever bought

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2015

I bought this beautiful looking Microwave to match my oven in a new kitchen install. I have to admit I didn't research as much as I should as I usually love F&P appliances. The oven that matches it is wonderful ... love it ... but this microwave is the worst designed product I have ever used for some of the reasons below:

- The display is ridiculously dim (even after correction from F&P),
- To turn it on requires 4 steps just to microwave something for 30 seconds
- The seconds go up in increments of 5 so to do a minute requires multiple presses or, if you hold it it whizzes up to 6+ minutes way too fast
- If you pause to think for 5 secs the whole thing clears and resets
- The fan goes all the time if you don't go for the full amount set ... bizarre as it turns off instantly if you set for 1 min and then use for 1 min, but if you set for 1 min and use for 30 secs it will not turn off ever ... until you open and close the door repeatedly and then turn power on and off (F&P brushed this off as no big deal and never got back to me with a solution)
- No one .. and I mean no one ... would be able to figure out how to use it without reading the instructions ... which are extremely poor
- My family hates it and can't believe I bought such a piece of garbage !!!

On the upside .. it looks really lovely sitting above my oven !!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2014

After eight months of persevering with this oven, I have run out of patience, and with the benefit of hindsight, wished that I had purchased a separate oven and microwave. I have found this oven slow, difficult to use, and frankly not up to the usual standard of the brand and I am seriously considering replacing my F&P kitchen.

+ It looks good.

- Slow, difficult to use due to inadequate instructions, and temperamental

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I am about to purchase the built incombination oven and the matching built in oven 11 function..I was literally going to place my order today but feel very unsure now after reading these reviews what are your views?

Leanne simmons asked on Aug 11, 2017

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Leanne, We have had ours for around three years now and it works faultlessly (as a Microwave). However, I will be honest here and state that we have never used it as a Convection Oven, only because we have two others and haven't found the need. I will still say, "It is not very user friendly". It does require five steps just to microwave an item. Then it has several programs for 'defrosting' etc. I can never remember what the codes e.g.. P1, P2, P3 etc mean, but I just keep pushing enter buttons until the weight of the defrosted item is required and then go for it and it does the job. I guess if you used these functions regularly you would remember? If the power goes off same thing resetting requires grabbing the Instruction Book and following instructions, they are not hard as much as they involve too many steps. Regarding another reviewer here I agree with the timer setting you can set for 30 secs or so easily then the timer goes into 'warp' speed and next thing you have 6 - 7 mins. displayed and then you go back down and similar. The fact that the fan continues after use is to clear the internal unit of moisture etc. so as the sensors will function correctly for the next use, the fan will sometimes run for a good 5 or so mins. following cooking, I don't see this as a problem. Just close the door it's quieter. Similarly when the cooking cycle finishes it 'Beeps' and 'Beeps' and 'Beeps' for bloody ever, so if your busy with something else you have the oven continuously beeping, ... Grrrr. Overall it looks sleek and modern, it is not a noisy oven and works well as a Microwave. It just could be a lot more user friendly. Hope this helps.

Hi Leanne, I'm the original poster of this review and I still believe, after 2-3 yrs ownership and use, that this is not a product up to the usual F&P standard. I agree totally with everything said by TC55 above. It works fine ... definitely not a problem ... and looks good. But it is a non-intuitive process to do anything. We all know how to use it now so do it without thinking but there is no way a visitor would ever be able to figure it out ! My fan was/is an issue not because of the obvious functionality of cooling down after use but because ...sometimes ... it just decided to go on forever until I open the door, turn it on and off again, etc. This may just be mine. I stated that it was the worst product I'd ever bought because it is such a convoluted process to use basic functions .. and it's a microwave for goodness sake ;-) I am highly technically competent so this is just a poorly designed user interface. If you are after a certain look in your kitchen (like I was) definitely go ahead and purchase but just be aware that it will be annoying until you get used to it! Hope that helps. :-) PS. On the other hand, the matching oven is beautiful and simple to use !

Does the companion microwave om36ndxb have a 15amp plug or is it hardwired? I can't see anything about electrical connections.

Robert Coony asked on Jul 30, 2015

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Hi Robert, I am pretty sure my electrician hard wired it. Was done during a kitchen renovation, but it is completely fitted in so you can not pull out to unplug. Hope that helps.

No mate, just normal 10amp plug. And by undoing a screw on each side it comes out. Takes about 30 seconds.

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Price (RRP) $2299
Capacity 29L
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Width 595mm
Depth 570mm
Type Single