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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Very good experience, great finish to a great build

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2017

We had an overly lengthy contract period due to land subdivision (nothing to do with Fowler, we purchased land separately but council took forever). Fowler were very accommodating and understanding through this time and allowed us to get the plans drawn up and everything like that.
The selections process was excellent, their studio had a really good setup (a shame it was so far away, we were building in the Hunter Valley so it was a bit of organizing to get down there). All the girls in the selections were extremely helpful.
Our build had a few hiccups along the way, a few things put in different to the plan/contract, but everything was sorted and rectified along the way which made for a much easier hand over.
We were given a 3 month maintenance period to look for any issues to be rectified and we are honestly struggling to find much at all, a few cornices have moved slightly causing some cracking but really not much else.
It really was an easy mostly painfree experience building with Fowler, especially compared to other experiences you read about.
The handover was great, the Construction Manager came all the way up from Sydney to meet us with the Site Coord and walk us through and do the inspection, we were also having trouble getting the bank inspection done in time to get the cheque cleared, it came through really late in the evening and the manager came all the way back out to give us the keys, it was a really great day and we really appreciated him doing that for us.

Put it this way, if we came into money and wanted to move or anything, I would go straight to Fowler.

I have been a bit lazy/busy since we moved in, but eventually i hope to put final photos up.

This has a few more finished product photos..

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2016

We love our home - and so do our friends and family

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2016

The workmanship and build quality is good - we love the extras that were given to us as part of the package, that we didn't have to pay to upgrade-such as Slimline power points and Blanco Kitchen appliances.
our Build supervisor Steve worked very closely with our family and communicated with us promptly and worked around our schedule to organise meetings and planning for weeks ahead. His motto is that if the build was not of quality and good enough for himself and his own family to move and live in-he won't hand it over to you-he's genuine like that.
The customer service was also very prompt and clear-make sure you give enough information and clarity, this will enable the team to assist you the best they can, remember that they are servicing other families too and not just yours ( I forgot along the way).
My dad now loves drinking a VB on the balcony and watching people play soccer and cricket at the park across our house. Thank you Steve and the Fowler Homes Team. We love our home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2016

great house, great building

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 29, 2016

the workmanship and build quality for our new home is unbelievable. we are so happy with how quick the construction stage of the build has gone.
Tony is the best supervisor you could ever hope to get, if there ever comes a day when he wants to leave and you guys let him, you're nuts.
nothing was an issue for him (even some of our weird phone calls), advice or to tell us when the tradies where on site.
even down to the PCI, he was professional and happy to go the extra mile.

thanks tony and fowler homes, cant wait to move in.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2016

Knock Down Rebuild, Ahead of Time

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2016

Well to start with my wife and I, Linda and Andrew Carroll would like to thank some people in the office for there help and support throughout the building process. Hannah for her commitment to making sure our colours selected etc were correct and for following up with anything we didn't agree with or were unsure of to sort out over a few phone calls.
And we would also like to thank Simone for sorting out all financial dealings with our lender as they require everything down to the last cent.
Finally we would like to thank our building supervisor Tony, wow what an amazing job to have our house completed and handover in approx 3 months, about 3 months ahead of schedule. We couldn't of asked for a better supervisor,his planning and knowledge of the whole building process was excellent. From day 1 he had a hand written schedule of when he wanted things to be done and completed.
During the building process we were renting a property around the corner and from just driving past to have a look we could see the job just flowing from one trade to the next. Also during the build we had a couple of scheduled visits with Tony which was very informative, and he would often just send a simple text message to say for example, the plumber will be onsite tomorrow and the electrician the day after just to keep us informed which was excellent.
Also Tony was always looking out for our best interest and would help and advise on moving a couple of things cause we might put furniture there, and an example of this, was he once rang to say the eaves carpenter was onsite and if I would like, the carpenter could put some studs in the walls from the left over framing if we were looking to mount any TV's on the wall, which showed to us he was always thinking ahead for his clients
So to conclude, a big thanks to Hannah, Simone, and Tony, to have our house in 3 months was just exceptional, we are very happy with our new Fowler Home.

Andrew and Linda Carroll..

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Verified Customer

A very slow process but well worth the wait

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

From initial tender quest to final hand over has taken 2 year to the day. There were a few issues along the way but nothing that couldn't be sorted out quickly all thanks to our site supervisor Tony K. Any questions we had was always answered promptly. Nothing seemed to faze him. He went fair and beyond what he needed to do to accommodate our needs. Our only biggest disappointment is the workmanship of the bricklayer. The brick work could have been better but as for all the other trades, they were excellent. The girls in the office were always very helpful.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Sooo SLOW! But got a beautiful house in the end.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2016

We got our new house and right on time.
Even though fowler homes did not meet contract terms for finishtime we got a beautiful home in the end.
On a positive note gave me time to save more and the liquidated damages payout helped purchase furniture
All in all very happy newly weds with a new home...
Thanks Fowler Homes :)

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Verified Customer

Although timely a more than beautiful home was made

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2016

Our beautiful home. I am more than impressed with Fowler homes, although we got off to a SLOW start the finishes and service that my wife and I received was second to none. We built a Monaco home with Fowler and as my wife is EXTREMELY particular we upgraded “a few things” (according to my wife). The supervisor Damian Smith and customer service person Cathie Armstrong were a god send, despite trades giving him and I the run around he managed to deliver on every promise and even go the extra mile by having things done that I over looked. At handover there was an issue with a particular entitlement, although we worked out that I actual was not entitled to it the general manager stepped in and said “keep the client happy give it to him” If I were to ever build again although they were a little slow (due to sub-contractor issues) I would most defiantly choose Fowler homes, the finishes, willingness to help and easy to deal with staff make them a winner in my eyes. I hear the nightmares that some of my friends had building and I’m glad I chose Fowler. And just incase you think this is a fake review drive past the house 32 Boydhart St Riverstone (Job number 3743)

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Verified Customer

***UPDATE*** Pre-build – experience VERY slow, negative. Now building – experience VERY slow and sti

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2016

UPDATE 6 September, 2016
We signed our first tender 3 years ago!
I am extremely doubtful that Fowler will achieve practical completion by this Christmas.
Unfortunately, despite all of the rhetoric from the site and senior managers, Fowler simply can’t deliver on their commitments.
Building work has stalled for more than 3 months because Fowler has chosen to wait for their concreting contractor to complete the patio stairs which has held up the completion of brick works on the house and the roofing works rather than signing up a new concreter to keep the building work progressing. They have yet to do the front fence footings too, and I suspect Fowler has no idea when this will be completed.
The lengthy delays continue to cost us money, lost rent and paying the mortgage for the construction.

***If you can’t afford these types of costly delays, stay away from Fowler holmes!!!***

We signed a new home tender for our custom design home based on the Villa Rosa 32 (about $320k) with Fowler Homes in February 2014. The building contract was signed in June 2015 due to delays in processing our custom variations; fowler administration staff was not easily contactable and we could not meet with the architect to discuss options, so miscommunication was common which caused further delays. We requested the house be built as high as possible to avoid the need for a 2 metre retaining wall due to our land sloping down towards the front boundary. The architect (Marretta designs) assured me over the phone that this was the case. Excavation work began in September-2015; we discovered the proposed bench was too low (at least 1 metre). We decided to submit a new DA to raise the bench; it was approved (contrary to what the architect said to me over the phone) and the variation will cost up to $83k. Construction commenced again in February 2016. I asked the construction manager to instruct [name removed] (the excavators) to excavate the existing soil from our land to raise (fill up to) the new bench, about 1.5 metre above natural ground level. Our neighbours witnessed about 6 trucks dumping soil on our land to raise the bench; we do not know the quality of the fill or whether it was free from contaminants ([name removed] has denied these witnessed accounts). The slab is partially completed (missing front patio stairs). The frame is only partially completed; apparently the custom design variations were not updated centrally by fowler staff which resulted in mistakes in frame/door sizes, window selections. We have been waiting for brickwork and roof tiling for over 2 weeks; apparently Fowler doesn't have enough teams of tradesmen to manage their current projects. Alas, despite the lengthy delays we’ve experienced (not to mention the additional rent we’ve had to pay) and the relatively expensive building contract (now about $560k), our project is not being prioritised; I doubt we will be in our home before this Christmas.
So far....a terrible experience...I will update this review after handover. We remain hopeful that in the end we will be happy with our new home, perhaps naively so.


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Verified Customer

Fantastic Fowler

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2015

My wife and I are so happy with the build quality and professionalism that was shown through all stages of the build by the office staff and construction crew. Preliminary design changes were openly accommodated by Fowler, making the design and home feel like our very own. Site supervisor could not help us enough it seemed at times. A minor comment that the colour selection appointment felt rushed and difficult as there were so many decisions to be made in one single appointment.

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Verified Customer

Very impressed!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2015

From our initial discussion with thommy and frank (who were extremely helpful and accomodating) to completion, it was a rather smooth process with ever only minor issues that arose and were rectified pretty much immediately.
The staff in the office, Lisa, Sarah,Amber, Christie, Natasha, were so very helpful. Nothing was ever a problem for them... They made us feel confident and we can't thank them enough for all there assistance.
Our building supervisor Tony, was nothing short of legendary. He was always willing to answer any queries and there was a few ,(though maybe sometimes I'm sure he cringed when he saw that I was calling). He actually took time to explain things to my wife and I and if anything needed attention, Tony never wasted any time to have it rectified.. No building process is ever perfect , but we can honestly say from the time building commenced it was overall smooth sailing. The house itself is beautiful, we are very happy with the final product and can honestly say it has an air of quality we expected from fowler.
We have had a number of visitors since we moved in and all have commented on what a beautiful, smart floor plan and quality home it is..
thank you Fowler homes, we ll be calling on your services again in the near future .

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Verified Customer

Paramount Quality & Highly Experienced Team With A Good Leadership Team Work, Customer Service & Pro

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2015

Paramount quality & highly experienced team with a good leadership team work, customer service & professionalism with workmanship, very honest, pro-active, cooperative & indispensable supervisor Steve, very good advice from time to time, Cathie Armstrong is highly experienced & a rationale person, made everything clear & understandable so there were no discrepancies. Sarah/Jenny were very very helpful on all color selections & choices of appliances & Georgia Barlow was very understanding & helpful.

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Harrington Park

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Verified Customer

Beautiful Homes, Disappointing Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2015

At the start of the tender process with Fowler Home we found the customer service to be outstanding, it was only once we had paid our $990 tender fee and $3000 for the preliminary plans we noticed a difference in service from them not returning calls or emails. We also started to receive some ridiculous tender variations for example $3500 for Fowlers just to install our own Kitchen Appliances, we were also advised that we should receive our preliminary plans within 4 weeks as per our tender agreement.

After 6 weeks had passed with no update or return emails from our consultant and still no preliminary plans, we decided to let them know that we had decided to look for another builder. The next day we received a call and an email from the Sales Manager to advise that the consultant that was looking after us was on Holidays and apologised for the lack of communication. We also advised the Sales Manager we were getting concerned with regards to the variations costs being a bit ridiculous for example $3500 to install our Kitchen Appliances, and if we wanted to request another further variations we may have to pay a $500 admin fee. We were then advised that this was a mistake and was updated to a Note Only, and that he would chase up our preliminary plans.

When we did received the plans by email almost 8 weeks after the request was made and after reviewing them we noticed that all the requested changes we had asked for and that were detailed in our Tender were not completed, being disappointed I decided to call and discuss our concerns with the Sales Manager and was advised that they forgot to advise us that the requested changes could not be completed and unfortunately that they had decided to go ahead anyway with designing our plans for us.

After looking at the incorrect plans the required tender changes were not possible due to them making a mistake by reducing the Study by 850mm instead of the agreed 85mm. After discussion all our issues to date and concerns the Sales Manager again apologised and approved our $3000 to be refunded due to the service we had received and the mistake with our plans. When two weeks had passed I decided to follow up with regards to the refund to be advised that the Managing Director had decided that he should not be out of pocket for the errors that Fowler Homes had made and referred us to page 17 of our Tender Contract which stated non refundable. It seems they are unaware that on Page 15 stated that preliminary plans would be received no later than 4 weeks.

In a way Fowler Homes has done us a favour as we have now found a Quality Builder that's Customer Service and attention to detail is outstanding. Our advice to anyone looking to build is to trust your instincts as we were concerned before deciding to build with Fowler Homes due to all the comments from previous customers experiences on the Product Review site which we were assured were resolved. Fowler Homes do have beautiful display homes, however with the amount of money you spend you expect the basic levels of customer service and trust.

We fully understand that mistakes can happen and believe it is how they are handled that makes the difference. In this occasion Fowler Homes has lost our business as well as family and friends.

If you are considering to build with Fowler Homes we hope that you have a better overall experience than what we did, on this occasion Fowler Homes have fell short of their own Service Promise commitment to ensure every client is provided the highest level of customer service so that all expectations are met as well as their peace of mind promise that Fowler Homes are serious about turnaround times.

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Verified Customer

Fowler lived up to my expectations and I am very happy.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2015

I hope this good news travels far and wide.

My project homes have been completed with attention to detail and quality finishes just as expected.
I can look at these homes and admire there presence.

Presales customer service, Greg was a man of integrity and Very honest and guiding in a constructive manner.

Quality options such as brick grade/cornice/3 coat paint/appliances/air con./tiles/cupboards,too many to mention but the concreter for my driveway, Enzo is a Fantastic tradesman. Very busy man.

Tony my supervisor is a man of few words and all action.He gets the job done despite the huge current demand and difficulty with finding reliable tradesmen such as carpenters/brick layers. He has delivered a high standard finish from the brick work to the tiling/painting/cabinetry /gutters/roof/carpet laying. Anything that was not done to contract or standard was swiftly delt with and rectified. No major issues arose. Minor issues were embarrasing to mention.Tony Cares and has a big will to get the job done to satistfaction. I look forward to engaging with Tony in the near future for another project as I wish our next home to be a long standing investment home and I recommend him and the company to my friends.Tony is a gentleman and I thank him for all the hard work that he puts in as I know his job is very demanding . I felt confident in his ability to deliver and as a result I didn't have to worry about things,they just got done. This is why you have someone build for you.

Customer relations ,Lisa along with Natasha and others such as Ambruzzo tiles/color coordinator,Sarah
WERE VERY POLITE AND PROFFESIONAL. I thank them with all my heart.

People complain about duration of built but I say we all have to be considerate as everyone in Sydney is pushed and we are all human. We should respect each other more and not treat others less than human.
When dealing with Fowler ,I have respected the people as wonderful human beings working hard. I don't believe in treating people less because of minor issues. In the grand sceam as a GP I will say this ,
be patient and just ask ,as they will deliver . Be kind and honest.

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Verified Customer

Not trustworthy. Highly NOT recommended

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2015

I had pre approval from Comm bank and was looking for a house and land package.I paid initial deposit of $3000 for a house and land package with Fowler Homes. Later my solicitor said the land was not settled by Fowler Homes and I need to check with the bank for approval. Commbank rejected the loan and the reason was there is a double transfer in the land registration. I went to Fowler Homes and asked for a full refund but they said it is non refundable. How is it non refundable when I have loan approval based on my financial position and it got rejected because of issue with the land? This double transfer was not disclosed to me by Fowler Homes and caused unwanted stress.

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Verified Customer

We could not be happier with our home- Job 3136 Tennyson Point

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2015

I purposely waited 6 months to write this review after hand over and want to be as honest and truthful as possible ..I have to say we were more than impressed with Fowler Homes and all their staff.. including the after handover service we received from Colin.

We have received our final Occupancy Certificate.

Before I start my review I have to say I have been around doing this sort of stuff for a while.. I have developed blocks of town houses and have owner built a home in the inner west, i do have some previous experience , although i am always learning ( fowler Homes would not be aware of this).

What I can tell you building is very stressful for you and your family .. this time my wife and I agreed to go through the project home process.. without being disrespectful to other reviewers try and organise the paper work with government bodies , and a builder or the dramas that goes with tradesmen.. trust me this is a walk in the park.

Who ever tells you building is easy .. their not telling you the truth, when your dealing with your life savings it is always going to be stressful and if you cant handle stress don't build.... its not for everyone.

We really done our homework and we knew exactly what we were getting and had lots of photo's of other fowler homes so we could show Christie , Marco , Nino and any other trade what we wanted.

My journey with Fowler

Sales Person Elena- she gained my trust.. not an easy thing to do .. and offered advice and help even after the sale was completed and through construction .. I rate her very highly.. she's a quality person.

Contract process .. DA .. CC .. was slow .. Most of the problem was council .. However in my opinion it depends how many jobs Fowler has going into production and things may& could slow down...

Site Supervisor- Marco .. Was the best- Nothing more to say.. we were very lucky to have him .. top shelf tradesman... Top bloke

Nino- Prefab kitchen- good man very precise and wants to do the right thing.. I liked him... happy with the kitchen and the vanities..

Colour Consultant- Kristie a person who prides her self in her work, genuine person.. always try's to help

Costa Electrical- had some issues, however we overcame those issues.. and his advice of not living in a perfect world is pretty well correct .. and I still use that line in general conversations I have with other people.

Abbruzzi Tiles.. love our tiles, tiler was great.. but how can I put it ...they know how to charge.

Fowler Management - I didn't have a lot to do with them .. which is a good thing.. change of construction manager.. from Richard to the new person. I can tell you Richard was a good operator... not sure about the new bloke.

If I was to offer an opinion to prospective Fowler customers.. do your homework .. know what your getting.. understand the process.. most of the problem is a mis-understanding.. which blows up being a storm in a tea cup.

Get on with your site supervisor. and we don't live in a perfect world .. something's may not turn exactly how you pictured it...

We are extremely happy with our home and we have received a number of complements from neighbours and people driving past.. Also, I have recommend a friend to Fowler homes and they have just completed the CC and signed of on the building contract... hopefully they have a smooth build as well .. fingers crossed.

Our Build came in $4-5 K over the contract price.. however I did remove some things and add others... pretty happy with that.

A couple of suggestion to Fowler for possible improvement..

The colour selection schedule which itemizes everything should have a pictures of the stock item and a model number.. Similar to Clipsal selection sheet. this would help owners ..as by the time the items are installed in the house .. owners would have forgotten what they ordered.. I had down load each item from the net so i could remember what we selected which is a pain.

Clipsal Electrical plan is a great idea.. However .. perhaps the owner the SS and the electrical contractor can meet on site to mark out were down lights and power points should go.. This may be time consuming but will save time and arguments later on.

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Verified Customer

Hopeless and pathetic company

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 05, 2015

This builder took 14 months to build a house of 47 square. Quality of the construction is extremely poor. Lot of pain in dealing with these guys at all stages and levels. From site manager to general manager everyone is liar and can not be trusted. I would suggest no one should engage this builder.

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Verified Customer


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2014

Fowler homes, my wife and I defiantly made the right choice to choose fowler homes to built our first family home. The staff at fowler are the most enthusiast and most defiantly the most helpful when it comes to choosing the things your home needs. The quality of the workman ship that was put into the home is just right. Thanks to the fowler team for building us a home

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Electrical & phone installation

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2014

Really pathetic. It's been a month since we moved in and we only now have telephone, internet and cable TV cabling - no actual service or connections yet. And Fowler installed Telstra cabling without informing us that Optus (who is our service provider) demands different cabling. So Fowler now want to charge us $500 extra to put in cabling for Optus - just for a phone line! You'd think in the 21st century that part of delivering a completed new home includes fully serviceable phone and internet connections for the major providers. Not with Fowler.

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Best experience we could ask for

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2014

My husband and I are 1st home buyers and builders. We looked at ALOT of builders and houses.
We were so serious about one builder that we flew from sydney to brisbane to look at this display home.
However, I never thought to read reviews online when picking a builder.

My husband first went and looked at the Kellyville Display Village Fowler Homes whilst looking at every other display home in the Kellyville area and he met [name removed]. She was without a doub the most helpful sales consultant. A lot of other builders weren't even happy to help us because we hadn't purchased land. I guess they thought of us as a waste of time. The thing was we wanted to work out our floor plan and then buy a block of land to suit that. Our block of land was advertised with another builder as a home and land package. We ended up buying the block and chose to build with Fowler.

We couldn't find a floor plan which had everything we wanted. The usual 4 bedroom, media room, study, 2 car garage with storage and two seperate walk in wardrobes in the master room. We were so lucky to meet [name removed] that she pretty much put 3 floor plans together of a fowler home and created the floor plan of our dream home! We got everything we wanted and the price compared to every other builder we had seen was great.

I was amazed at how much time and effort she had put in with us without us even putting down the $500-$550 deposit. She was honestly the reason why we chose to build with Fowler Homes. I started freaking out the moment we put down the deposit, because I started looking online at all the reviews. I let this go on for a few months and even until the form work started happening I was a little sceptical due to the harsh reviews. Problem is a lot of people don't write about their good experiences, while those with negative experiences will shout it from the rooftops. Its sad. My husband just reminded me that it goes off your experience with the builder. Every person we had dealt with from Fowler was so helpful and went above and beyond to help us. Of course there are always issues and as humans we all make mistakes, but what defines a company is how they handle those mistakes and fowler certainly never once disapointed us.

We built in gregory hills and had [name removed] as our supervisor. This man is without a doubt amazing! He is so helpful, never complains. You message him or ring him after hours and he is always happy to help. He even picked up on things we missed, and whilst we were on our honeymoon he was inspecting and getting things touched up we hadn't even really noticed. [name removed] from head office was also amazing. We had never built before and she helped us with everything. All the staff were so helpful - we had never built before or bought a house and she would spend an hour or more on the phone to me explaining things again and again just so I would understand and I appreciated every minute of it.

Even when we had problems with our Bank due to a land titles name error, I rang her freaking out about the first progress payment being late and she ended up handling everything. I was away for the weekend stressing like crazy, and I rang her and she really saved the day on more than one occassion.

We had a few surprises while building, we hit 60 tonne of rock, and had to do extra piering. Best thing is they actually take you out on site and you measure the piers. Each and everyone! and you sign off the total amount. The Provisional Allowance fowler put in for us initially was more than enough and we actually ended up getting money back from it. At first we were wondering what all these Provisional Allowances were - but it really allowed us to be prepared and budget.

Even with the 60 tonne of rock. We had a provisional allowance to remove rock, however Not that much rock was estimated. Fowler even suggested we arrange to move the rock as we had a friend in the industry, credited back the provisional allowance and we saved at least $2000 - $3000. That honesty, from the staff truly sets them apart. The people we dealt with were genuine, and they truly want the best for you.

Of course you spend money on upgrades - we spent a fair bit. However saving money in situations like that, evey bit helps. The only downfalls we had were - the standard toilets included were discontinued. We ended up picking a model from Harvy Norman and paid the difference. Approx $300 extra per toilet. In the end these too were out of stock and we were going to have to wait, Fowler allowed us to have an additional upgrade and then reinbuired the additional $300 per toilet we were expecting to pay.

The only other dissapointments were:
- Maretta Design: these guys kept making mistake after mistake on drawing our floor plan to meet coucil requirments. I ended up having to site online and go through the council requirments and modify the drawings and keep resending it to them directly to fix up. It got to the point where my husband went down and sat with the architect to make sure everything was fixed the way we wanted. One minute the water tank could go down the side of the house. The next it was too big, however it was still drawn down the side of the house. Little frustrating mistakes like this happened. This was probably the most frustrating thing about the entire build.

- Prefab: These guys did our kitchen. Which did turn out beautiful, however the also did mirror wardrobes for us and mirror doors and yes everyone makes mistakes but these guys were useless helping and wouldn't accept any blame to redo things. For example, the colour of our bar back for uor kitchen was Formica Black. It turned out grey and we were worried it wouldn't match our black splashback, and they kept saying it was formica black and thats what we signed for, We ended up getting a colour sample done with another joinery and it wasn't the colour we signed for. Obviously it wasn't mixed up correctly which is understandable, however to get someone to actually come out was impossible. They just brushed us off and in the end we went down there and got someone to come out and check it that day. Which the man we spoke to was lovely and seemed more than happy to deal with and fix the issue. This was then fixed in a little over a week.

We didn't get fowler to do our tiling throughout our house, they only did the wet areas. We found it overpriced completely. However when talking to the tiler they go through Abbruzzo tiles in wetherill park, we got another quote from them and it wasn't too shy off what fowler had quoted us which surprised me.
Really glad we didn't go ahead with Abruzzo, as they had to redo some tiling in the bathroom that was a little sloppy and they didn't seem too happy to help. Even though the lady in the shop was absolutely lovely and really assisted us well in selecting our bathroom tiles.

Another issue which I wasn't happy with but can't do too much about it. The electricians from costa electrical. They send 4-5 electricians to do a job. A job with young guys mucking around, resulting in a guy cracking my ceiling by falling on it and scratching and chipping the bar back in my kitchen and my brand new porcelian tiles and saying absolutely nothing. To find that they tried to cover up a scratch in the black polyurethane with permanent black marker really annoyed me. But you can't blame anyone for that but the careless electrician.

Overall I just want it to be known for those people reading that this is a real review!
We chose Fowler Homes based on how they treated us from day one, and maybe we got lucky but we were really just involved. I dealt mainly with lisa in headoffice and my parter spoke directly to Tony our supervisor and they were both so helpful. Really cannot fault the experience at all and we are absolutely blown away with the result. To be honest there is nothing at all wrong with fowler homes, its the contractors that work for them. Those companies are the ones who slacken off and who people should blame for having issues with their house.
How many times will people have times where they pay for something and someone does a dodgy job? Thats what happens and fowler will only learn from feedback off clients on which companies put in the extra effort and which dont. Ive never wrote a review before so if you don't believe me I'll post photos- once I work out how to, but thehse guys really need a REAL review which is postive and shows how fowler is as a company.

So the big question? Would i reccomend fowler? YES!
The staff are amazing and make the company and experience enjoying even when it comes to stressful times.
We were involved in everything though and my advise, get out on site and watch the guys work. It helps out heaps, and saves from things being redone and wasting time. For example, the carpenters didn't nail all of our frame properly together. And some of the wood was bowed. Luckily my dad is a carpenter and fixed it up before they started gyprocking.But the main thing is to be involved. Let the workers see you and make yourself available to check on things daily while they are working on it. Believe me it saves so much time later on. It took us 6 months to build or a little under, and the house was finished just after our wedding, We were expecting it to be at least 2-3 months after. But finally, to [names removed] - you guys are amazing and helped us so much and we will always be so greatful the the great customer service and support from you. Thank you!

+ The Staff! So helpful, caring and genuine! Definately made the whole experience.

- The contracters - you just need to be on the ball and on top of things

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Fowler Homes Official

Hi Alison, Thank you for your honest review of your experience of building with Fowler Homes. It is good to see all aspects, both positive and negative, and we are very glad to hear that overall ... read more »

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Emotionally drained...

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2013

So like every disgruntled fowler customer...its the same theme ongoing with every build.

1) S L O WWWW....you hear of slow and steady wins the race? Well i don't think fowler are winning any prizes for this! When the build goes over contract i will be requesting payment from them just like how the only communication you receive from fowler is when they want their money.
2) Incompetent and lack of quality. The sub contractors really don’t care and the quality to totally lacking. Things don’t get done properly because they can't read instructions. The business model of project homes is totally flawed. You pay top dollar but the work gets contracted out to the cheapest person. We have had so many issues with poor quality, even resorting to fair trading as a mediator because fowler reckons the work is ‘standard’. Yeh sure, that's why the fair trading building inspector said its got defects, fix it.
Their website says 35 years experience...building what sand castles?
"you deserve the best"...can i get at least standard workmanship?
3) Lack of communication. So how are we meant to get things fixed or sorted if they never reply?
manage peoples expectations better and you wouldn't have so many darn upset cranky and angry customers. You are building peoples dreams, not ruining them.
I am now onto my 3rd CSO and 2nd superviser. The employees must of gotten sick of the upset and angry customers?
4) Defects. The home is full of them! Such a long list i couldn’t be bothered to list them, but our most recent one...when it rains, guess what? My roof leaks and its ruined the gyprock and timber frames. I just can't believe it, i really can't. Its getting ‘fixed’ apparently. Still yet to see any changes....

To summarise, it's been a painful and emotional experience. I totally regret using these guys to build my home. For anyone out there wishing to build with fowler homes don’t doit. I am a REAL CUSTOMER. I am happy to show you my home and endless pictures too!

April 5th, 2017 Update: Issues issues issues

Hopless is the only word i can think of.

4 years on after moving into our house, things are falling apart.
Getting fowler to come out and do maintenance just takes forever.

7 year builders warranty? yeh if they DO decide to come out and rectify our issue.
It's been 5 months now and still no rectifications works have been done.

Pathetic, just take our money and don't give a rats about its customers.
Stay away!

+ design

- bad quality, no communication

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I hear u. I am a real customer and us real customers really know what's going on.
Those fake 5 star reviews are such a joke.

I paid my tender back In June 2011

They lie about everything. Utterly hopeless.

Guys, you should post pictures and reports here


fowler needs to clean up their act or they will be cleaned up!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, has anyone built with Fowler in the Hunter valley or Central Coast area?

Marty Cummins asked on Nov 17, 2017

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Anyone building with Fowler in Ryde area ?

redsox asked on Oct 08, 2017

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Yes, but we have horrible experience with fowler. They've been constructing my home for more than 15 months now and still not finish yet. Please stay away from them while you can.

hi Linda, sorry to hear ... I'm in same boat and i don't think we are alone

Hi Linda and Redsox. We are around that area. Heading towards 18 months since building started. Have either of you had your driveway laid yet? Some owners have complained to Fair Trading, either of you? If so, did it help?

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Those building with Fowler Home recently, can you please share images of your kitchens, bathroom , laundry what you get out of delux when it comes to selections... Tiles etc the size of tiles in bathrooms and laundry... And do they have a lot of tiles to choose from for wet areas? I understand it's 400x400 as standard but can we upgrade this size at selections for wet areas.. Do they tile the whole laundry and bathroom or leave walls ?

Marina asked on Jun 14, 2017

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They had minimal options, I don't recall the details as I did my slecetion in 2015, but I upgraded as there was nothing nice enough. And they do half walls you have to pay extra if you want full walls.

Thank you, i will def upgrade to full walls

I am currently building with Fowler Homes, our contract included floor to ceiling tiles in 2 bathrooms (we have 2 bathrooms and 1 powder room) We selected our tiles from a tile company called Abruzzo Ceramics in Wetherill Park, the included tiles are a dollar per square meter which apparently is different to most builders and the Abruzzo staff just couldn't get that into their head and forced us to pick from the horrible 'builders range', we upgraded the main floor tiles and received a $9k variation for them!! So we secret shopped them for the same tile to be laid by them and it came in at $5k!! We argued this with Fowler Homes who referred us to Abruzzo only to be told it was more expensive because we were building with a project home builder and Fowler Homes have the biggest mark up of 30%!!
I relation to the other tiles, we ended up after about 12 months (yes 12 months later and we still weren't at tiling stage!), changing our tiles and that was only because a friends daughter started working as a consultant at the tile shop and she was able to get us what we were entitled to which was much better choices.
I have to warn you though, building with Fowler Homes has been a big mistake, I wouldn't recommend them at all, but if you do chose to use them I strongly recommend you do the following:-
1) Change your contract, make them pay more then $1 a day if they go over time, because they will, our build is currently 22 weeks over time and due to no fault of our own and we have had no notification of any delays and no explanation as to why even though we have asked time and time again, they just don't care.
2) Change the clause for weather days, asked that you are notified of this, then they have 10 days to notify you in writing of any inclement weather days they wish to claim. Its in the HIA contract but the Fowler Homes contract has an amending clause.
3) Be prepared to stay on top of them every week, be demanding. We were the most relaxed customer they would even of had, issue after issue we gave them the benefit of the doubt and it bit us on the back side.
4) Inspect your final plan thoroughly, and if somethings wrong no matter was rubbish they feed you make them fix it . We went over it and pointed out the single garage door we paid for was shown as two doors, the guy told us that's how they do the plans, we accepted that until they started to brick for 2 garage doors! to fix it they had to install a steel beam which caused the site to sit untouched for 18 weeks!! (we received no explanation)
5) Refuse to have [Name Removed] as your administrator, she is so rude and has no compassion.
The house is looking great but it has been a nightmare dealing with Fowler Homes, they don't return calls or emails, don't care about legal threats, they just don't care but if you are aware of this going into the build you may be able to avoid such issues. I wish you luck with you build whoever you go with.
I'm not sure how to post images, happy to share them with you another way if possible.

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