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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Very good experience, great finish to a great build

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2017

We had an overly lengthy contract period due to land subdivision (nothing to do with Fowler, we purchased land separately but council took forever). Fowler were very accommodating and understanding through this time and allowed us to get the plans drawn up and everything like that.
The selections process was excellent, their studio had a really good setup (a shame it was so far away, we were building in the Hunter Valley so it was a bit of organizing to get down there). All the girls in the selections were extremely helpful.
Our build had a
few hiccups along the way, a few things put in different to the plan/contract, but everything was sorted and rectified along the way which made for a much easier hand over.
We were given a 3 month maintenance period to look for any issues to be rectified and we are honestly struggling to find much at all, a few cornices have moved slightly causing some cracking but really not much else.
It really was an easy mostly painfree experience building with Fowler, especially compared to other experiences you read about.
The handover was great, the Construction Manager came all the way up from Sydney to meet us with the Site Coord and walk us through and do the inspection, we were also having trouble getting the bank inspection done in time to get the cheque cleared, it came through really late in the evening and the manager came all the way back out to give us the keys, it was a really great day and we really appreciated him doing that for us.

Put it this way, if we came into money and wanted to move or anything, I would go straight to Fowler.

I have been a bit lazy/busy since we moved in, but eventually i hope to put final photos up.

This has a few more finished product photos..

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jul 2016

We love our home - and so do our friends and family

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2016

The workmanship and build quality is good - we love the extras that were given to us as part of the package, that we didn't have to pay to upgrade-such as Slimline power points and Blanco Kitchen appliances.
our Build supervisor Steve worked very closely with our family and communicated with us promptly and worked around our schedule to organise meetings and planning for weeks ahead. His motto is that if the build was not of quality and good enough for himself and his own family to move and live in-he won't hand it over to you-he's genuine lik
e that.
The customer service was also very prompt and clear-make sure you give enough information and clarity, this will enable the team to assist you the best they can, remember that they are servicing other families too and not just yours ( I forgot along the way).
My dad now loves drinking a VB on the balcony and watching people play soccer and cricket at the park across our house. Thank you Steve and the Fowler Homes Team. We love our home.

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Oct 2016

great house, great building

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 29, 2016

the workmanship and build quality for our new home is unbelievable. we are so happy with how quick the construction stage of the build has gone.
Tony is the best supervisor you could ever hope to get, if there ever comes a day when he wants to leave and you guys let him, you're nuts.
nothing was an issue for him (even some of our weird phone calls), advice or to tell us when the tradies where on site.
even down to the PCI, he was professional and happy to go the extra mile.

thanks tony and fowler homes, cant wait to move in.

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Sep 2016

Knock Down Rebuild, Ahead of Time

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2016

Well to start with my wife and I, Linda and Andrew Carroll would like to thank some people in the office for there help and support throughout the building process. Hannah for her commitment to making sure our colours selected etc were correct and for following up with anything we didn't agree with or were unsure of to sort out over a few phone calls.
And we would also like to thank Simone for sorting out all financial dealings with our lender as they require everything down to the last cent.
Finally we would like to thank our building superv
isor Tony, wow what an amazing job to have our house completed and handover in approx 3 months, about 3 months ahead of schedule. We couldn't of asked for a better supervisor,his planning and knowledge of the whole building process was excellent. From day 1 he had a hand written schedule of when he wanted things to be done and completed.
During the building process we were renting a property around the corner and from just driving past to have a look we could see the job just flowing from one trade to the next. Also during the build we had a couple of scheduled visits with Tony which was very informative, and he would often just send a simple text message to say for example, the plumber will be onsite tomorrow and the electrician the day after just to keep us informed which was excellent.
Also Tony was always looking out for our best interest and would help and advise on moving a couple of things cause we might put furniture there, and an example of this, was he once rang to say the eaves carpenter was onsite and if I would like, the carpenter could put some studs in the walls from the left over framing if we were looking to mount any TV's on the wall, which showed to us he was always thinking ahead for his clients
So to conclude, a big thanks to Hannah, Simone, and Tony, to have our house in 3 months was just exceptional, we are very happy with our new Fowler Home.

Andrew and Linda Carroll..

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Verified Purchase

A very slow process but well worth the wait

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

From initial tender quest to final hand over has taken 2 year to the day. There were a few issues along the way but nothing that couldn't be sorted out quickly all thanks to our site supervisor Tony K. Any questions we had was always answered promptly. Nothing seemed to faze him. He went fair and beyond what he needed to do to accommodate our needs. Our only biggest disappointment is the workmanship of the bricklayer. The brick work could have been better but as for all the other trades, they were excellent. The girls in the office were always very helpful.

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Verified Purchase

Absolute Zero For Fowler Homes

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

Poor Quality, 4 Supervisors, countless structural errors, including a slab that floated in the air, scratched, dented, acid washed Trend Windows bi-fold doors that cost over $10,000 that they are refusing to fix. All other 'Trend Windows' items also scratched or dented.

Very Slow build, very slow maintenance, repainting with painters finger marks on door handles.
Refuses to return calls or emails, very poor communication by [name removed], the maintenance manager
No Support, once they have your money that's it.
The repairs to fix their mi
stakes were done as cheaply as possibly and in many cases had to be redone multiple times.

Would never recommend even to build a barbecue.
After trying to get them to fix maintenance issues for three years they refuse.
Not honest and not at all trustworthy. My next step is Fair Trading.

Refer also to www.ourbuild.com.au where I will be expanding on Fowler Homes Foul Ups

Some of the items on our Building Problems List were:

• The floor of the alfresco should have been a 170 step down with a 1° slope outwards. It was poured with an 85mm step down with no slope. The tender specifies 170mm.
• The edge of the alfresco slab is also badly finished at the edge where there is a gap between the slab and the bricks. There is also no slope outwards. Indeed the water pools in the centre. It would have been preferable for the slab to be continuous and continue over the bricks when they first poured it.
• The cement screed used on the floor as a cheap fix to allow water to flow away as per the point above, has been damaged by excess use of acid by the brick cleaner.
• The down pipe draining the balcony floor above the alfresco was built coming out of the Alfresco ceiling instead of passing thru the wall inside the ceiling space so that is not to be seen from below. To correct this the tradesmen started breaking the bricks for a new pass out. I had to step in and tell them to drill a neat hole instead.
Bathroom - Main:
• Free Standing Bath tap – Tap seal on shaft under handle is leaking and getting worse.
• Ceilings and cornices not straight
• Timber trim under ceiling – timber stains and rusty nails show through paintwork.
• There is a join on the overhead panel held together with plastic joiner that can be clearly seen from the balcony. Please make this seamless as per the ceiling
• Window sill to be a tile finish as per the tiled floor not brick showing the holes
Bedroom - Master:
• The A/C duct was placed adjacent to the walk in robe sliding door. The flexible tubing inside kept bowing out and rubbing against the door. If I hadn’t seen this before the gyprock was set the door would have damaged the A/C tube, causing a leak.
Bedroom 4:
• The floor sheeting above the garage steel beam has been fitted around the beam but there is still a substantial gap in the floor so that I can see into the garage below.
• Broken Window
• Wardrobe door – glass cracked (Just as well I had photos of this before we moved in as Fowler said no to replacing the door, blaming us for the damage)
Dining Room:
• The window has a split side reveal and a gouge in the bottom reveal.
Front Porch:
• The down pipe has been placed in front of the entranceway instead of off to the side out of the way.
• Left side of porch roof – the flashing was not installed all the way down the roof which means that water can run down the wall and into the roof cavity.
• End Braces between ceiling beams. Numerous end braces and cross supports that were made by the frame builders were not fitted by the carpenters. More obvious in the garage but the same applies throughout the house.
• There is no fall in the garage floor as per tender item 43, which means that any water entering the garage will flow to the back and into the house. The timbers at the bottom on the stud wall on the left side may also rot out as the water pools in this area
• (Item 43 in our contract - Provide an 80mm step down to garage in lieu of a 170mm as requested by owner with 1% fall from rear to front)
• The kitchen window is not in the centre of the kitchen space as per the plan. This means that the kitchen cupboards will not fit and will appear off centre.
• Benchtop joints are cracked - needs scraping out and refilling
• Polyurethane Panel above rangehood – dark line showing through polyurethane.
• Drawer front has hairline crack.
• Chips on inside of doors
• Settlement cracks in recess area over the cupboard above the refrigerator space.
• Rusty nail in laundry doorframe even though we paid $8000 for marine grade upgrade
• Bottoms of the door frames set below tile level, should be cut and painted on the ends, allowing the tiles to go under and preventing timber rot.
• Bottom of the door scrapes on the tiles – occurred after the previous repair settled.
Roof Beams:
• Worried about the strength of some of the roof beams that stretch across the first floor hallway in front of the stairs.
• The ceiling in the front of the upstairs hallway has an upward bend.
Fowler stated that the slope is within tolerance and once the cornice and ceiling plaster board goes up it will not be noticed
Trend Aluminium Doors and Windows:
• The Trend Windows representative came out to fix the windows and doors however there was too much damage to fix with a can of paint. A report has been sent from Trend to Fowler homes and is still awaiting action.
• Alfresco Bi-folds – multiple scratches, gouges and dents in the frames
• Alfresco Bi-folds – the bottom of the doors scrape when opening and closing
• Trim above both bi-fold doors – paint has been sprayed on the trim but this is peeling on the edge.
• All windows have scratches with paint missing
• Balcony sliding stacker door - the outside base of the door frame is bowed down in the middle. When Trend installed flyscreens to this door they discovered that the base was bowed. This will need to be packed and filled to level the sliding tracks so that the doors close correctly.
• Balcony sliding stacker door – The Trend representative stated that the middle door has been installed backwards.
• A piece of angle (80mm x 20mm x 3015mm woodland grey colour) that was covering the header space above the door has fallen out and now needs replacing
• The mortar joints have been severely damaged by the brick cleaner, who used too much and too strong an acid mixture combined with a water blaster to either wash away the mortar or weaken it by removing the cement within the mix.
• Fowler’s answer to fix this was to offer to bag the entire house. After lengthy discussions they agreed to cut out all the mortar joints and re-point the entire house. I am still waiting for a guarantee that this is guaranteed not to fail.
• Main Bathroom. Move the power point to the right. It has been fixed 600mm away from the vanity.
• First floor, hallway adjacent stairwell. The temporary safety rail adjacent to the stairwell has been wired up with light switches. Do they not realise this is a temporary railing.
• First floor, bedroom 2, western wall. Bedside light switch not in correct position, supposed to be as per plan
• Telephone and electrical cables are touching bath control cocks under the main bathroom floor. These can be viewed from the office
• Vaccaro Electrical have only installed two zones. Our contract specifically requests 4 zones.
• The zones installed don’t even work and the wiring in the roof space is a mess.
• Downlights not fitted in a straight line
• Downlights not fitted evenly or centred in the rooms
• Downlight holes damaged or cut too large
• External power points badly wired causing arcing and wires buring out
• Some of the light switches were fitted upside down.
• The floor sheets have swollen up after being left wet for some time. The joins are not flush and the floor sheets are not evenly level.
• The 100mm stormwater pipe, on the rear eastern side of the house is sitting above ground
• The floor drains are all full of grout and cement and the sewer pipes are blocked
Lounge room – ground floor:
• The reveal above the smaller of the bi-fold doors is bowed upwards.
• Two of the timber roof trusses above are barely nailed in.
• The paint used by the painters was extremely thin and I am unable to verify if it was originally Taubmans Endure. Taubmans Support Centre recommends no more than a maximum of 10% only be used if it is necessary to thin the paint. The maximum 10% includes any dry time extenders etc. If the paint is thinned more than this it can craze as it dries and its lifespan of 15 years can be reduced. Please check this and repaint as I can see the wall board and dirty marks through the paintRoof Tiles:
• Eastern side towards the front several tiles are sitting up.
• Western side at the rear two tiles are sitting up
• Broken tile over front porch
• Ridge pointing appears broken in an area
• When the slab was first poured the entire rear section sat up in the air. It did not sit on the piers or on anything solid. This was because the formwork was sloppy and the actual ground levels were not checked. Because of the adjacent location of the swimming pool a concrete and steel L Beam will have to be engineered to support this section. Fowler had to be pushed to re-engineer this section to comply.
• The slab showing under the line of bricks was very visible, bulged out or was just a visible mess. Eventually after a lot of pushing They agreed to cut off the excess and render the sides of the slab to repair the broken or missing sections.
Water Tank Slab:
• The water tank slab is below the natural ground level.
Rear Corrugated Iron Sub Roof:
• Flashing on Eastern side is missing. The actual piece has been left in room below but has been bent. It was in perfect condition when delivered.
• Flashing on the western side badly finished.
• Numerous dents scrapes and scratches on the roof.

Additional list after handover

Bottom section of all door frames:
• Poor silicone coverage or no silicone in joints between door frame and floor
• Upstairs sitting room – pull in carpet near balcony wall
• Doorways – puckering in the carpet
• Cracks in skirting joins and spaces between skirting and walls
• Gaps between architrave and skirting
• Cracks in joints between cornice and walls near eastern corners
Powder Room:
• Hinge Side – edge of the door under the bottom hinge touches the rebate
• Latch Side – bottom side of the door touches the rebate.
• Both these mean that the door has to be pulled tight to close
• Top left architrave – crack at join with rebate
• Tile repair – a hole has been drilled in the tile above the WC and plugged with a red plug
• Tile expansion joint – has blue showing inside the joint
• Small section of wall tile grout missing from tiles on left of toilet
• Silicone in join between floor and wall behind toilet – needs more silicone
• Vanity - redo silicone joins between wall and vanity
• Silicone missing from under benchtop
Family Room:
• Wall badly bowed – western wall left lower side adjacent to nib wall
• Plaster on nib wall – small holes need patching and re-painting on upper section adjacent to wall
• Windows – cracks in joins between architraves and upper rebates
• Bi-fold door – crack in join between top left architrave and wall
- crack in top right mitre joint
Dining Room:
• Bi-fold doors – damaged
• Bi-fold door architraves – crack in top left mitre joint
• Bi-fold door architraves - crack in joint between upper right architrave and wall
• Window - crack in joint between lower left architrave and rebate as well as the mitre joint
• Window - crack in joint between lower right architrave and rebate as well as the mitre joint
• Hoses to mixer tap under kitchen bench – metal covers frayed
• Inset area above refrigerator cupboard – crack in right side corner
• Silicone is needed in joints around kitchen bench where the cabinets join the walls and skirtings
• Benchtop joint – rear joint cracked, needs scraping out and refilling
• Polyurethane Panel above range-hood – dark line showing through polyurethane
Pantry Door:
• Hinge Side – this side has a much larger gap when viewed from the outside than the latch side
• Latch Side – top of the door touches the rebate due to it protruding more than the side
• Grout missing from edge of floor tile next to skirting behind door
• Silicone required where all skirtings join floor tiles
• Architrave upper left side of doorway – chipped paint
Under Stair Storage:
• Bottom of door scrapes on floor
• Tile floor grout missing - Left side of doorway behind door
• Floor waste in shower does not drain
• External door hardware (both locks and some screws) are corroded from excess acid used by the brick cleaner.
• Outside door – touches frame on left side under bottom hinge while there is a large gap higher up
• Shower – water outlet cover plate not large enough to cover hole in tiles
- cover plate behind cock loose and it will not sit flush to wall
• First timber step – poor finish on both sides where timber stairs join the adjacent wall and stringers
• Join in timber trim on left stringer cracked
• Window - multiple minor scratches
• seals not correctly in place
• small scratch bottom right of frame
• Architrave above window – paint scratched showing dark marks
• Balustrade brackets loose where they join the walls
• Cracks in wall corner joints on both sides of windows near horizontal expansion joint
Main Bathroom:
• Floor waste in shower does not drain
• Cornice joints with walls – all cracked
• Shower –poor silicone joints in the corner
• Poor silicone joints on both sides of shower screens where frame and floor are joined
• Bath tap – leak from the top seal
• Cornice above right side of toilet – needs painting
• Silicone the gap between wall cabinets and the tiled wall
Main Bathroom Door:
• Latch Side – top of the door touches the rebate first meaning that the door has to be pulled tight to latch
• Tile above niche is chipped and has been filled with grout
• Tile above and rear of the right side power outlet is chipped
• Floor waste in shower does not drain
• Cornices cracking - on joins between cornice and walls as well as corners
• Shower screen silicone – covering dirt in rear right hand corner
• Silicone missing – tiled corner on left side of mirror cupboard
• Silicone the gap between wall cabinets and wall
• Gaps in the joint between the lower window architrave and tiles
Bedroom Master Door:
• Hinge Side – rebate timber creaks
• Latch Side – top of the door touches the rebate first and has to be pulled tight to close
Bedroom 2 Door:
• The whole of the top hinge seems to move as the rebate timber creaks
Bedroom 3 Door:
• The whole of the bottom hinge seems to move as the rebate timber creaks
Bedroom 4:
• Wardrobe door cracked – Right door, lower right hand corner. Photos were taken prior to moving in of entire wall which shows the actual crack when zoomed in.
Ensuite Door:
• Hinge Side – top hinge rebate timber creaks and the bottom hinge seems to crunch and prevent the door from closing properly
• Latch Side – rebate seems to bow in
• Cement screed on floor of alfresco has been damaged by excess use of acid by the brick cleaner
Colourbond Roof above rear lounge Room:
• Dents from timber placed on roof while the brick cleaner walked over the roof
• Timber trim under ceiling – timber shows through paintwork
• Sliding door - scratches
• Floor tiles – grout missing left side of first floor waste
• Support area under sliding stacker door is badly bowed
Expansion joints:
• Polymer fill expansion joints where they were previously missed
Front Porch:
• Hole in the mortar above door right side
• Gutter leaks – the western side end sitting against the wall is not sealed. Need to raise the end to give better run off and seal the end.
• Cement in ridge capping above porch cracked and patchy in places
• Right side of the porch roof has a visible opening into the porch ceiling space, underneath the lead flashing. The fascia has also been bent to the right
Water Tank:
• Unable to access both drain valves as they are facing the wall of the house. Need to fit elbows with valves to ensure these are accessible
Hot Water Tank:
• The tank has been placed in such a position that access to the element service hatch is extremely difficult. Tank needs to be rotated and re-plumbed.
Other External:
• Garage roof – ridge capping cracked and bits missing
• Downpipe rear of garage – the pipe has slipped down, needs to be raised and riveted to gutter outlet
• Family room windows at rear – multiple scratches on both frames and gouges in right window frame
• Alfresco Bi-folds – multiple scratches in frames
• Trim above main bi-fold – paint has been sprayed on the trim but this is peeling on the edge
• Two chipped bricks on window sill outside eastern wall of media room.
• Right side of the sub roof above the garage has poorly fitting lead flashing and the hole leading into the ceiling space of the garage
• Eaves below the solar panel has a hole knocked out of the soffit/cement fibre sheet
• In the ceiling space above bedroom 4 the sewer ventilation pipe has been cut to allow for the overhead positioning of the solar panel. The vent pipe needs to be fitted with bends to allow it to vent to the roof. The tile and flashing for this has been left in the garage.
• In the ceiling space above bedroom 4, the green water pipe has been fitted with a kink and the neoprene rubber covered water pipe has not been securely strapped down.

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2016

Sooo SLOW! But got a beautiful house in the end.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2016

We got our new house and right on time.
Even though fowler homes did not meet contract terms for finishtime we got a beautiful home in the end.
On a positive note gave me time to save more and the liquidated damages payout helped purchase furniture
All in all very happy newly weds with a new home...
Thanks Fowler Homes :)

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Verified Purchase

Although timely a more than beautiful home was made

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2016

Our beautiful home. I am more than impressed with Fowler homes, although we got off to a SLOW start the finishes and service that my wife and I received was second to none. We built a Monaco home with Fowler and as my wife is EXTREMELY particular we upgraded “a few things” (according to my wife). The supervisor Damian Smith and customer service person Cathie Armstrong were a god send, despite trades giving him and I the run around he managed to deliver on every promise and even go the extra mile by having things done that I over looked. At hand over there was an issue with a particular entitlement, although we worked out that I actual was not entitled to it the general manager stepped in and said “keep the client happy give it to him” If I were to ever build again although they were a little slow (due to sub-contractor issues) I would most defiantly choose Fowler homes, the finishes, willingness to help and easy to deal with staff make them a winner in my eyes. I hear the nightmares that some of my friends had building and I’m glad I chose Fowler. And just incase you think this is a fake review drive past the house 32 Boydhart St Riverstone (Job number 3743)

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Verified Purchase

***UPDATE*** Pre-build – experience VERY slow, negative. Now building – experience VERY slow and sti

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2016

UPDATE 6 September, 2016
We signed our first tender 3 years ago!
I am extremely doubtful that Fowler will achieve practical completion by this Christmas.
Unfortunately, despite all of the rhetoric from the site and senior managers, Fowler simply can’t deliver on their commitments.
Building work has stalled for more than 3 months because Fowler has chosen to wait for their concreting contractor to complete the patio stairs which has held up the completion of brick works on the house and the roofing works rather than signing up a new concret
er to keep the building work progressing. They have yet to do the front fence footings too, and I suspect Fowler has no idea when this will be completed.
The lengthy delays continue to cost us money, lost rent and paying the mortgage for the construction.

***If you can’t afford these types of costly delays, stay away from Fowler holmes!!!***

We signed a new home tender for our custom design home based on the Villa Rosa 32 (about $320k) with Fowler Homes in February 2014. The building contract was signed in June 2015 due to delays in processing our custom variations; fowler administration staff was not easily contactable and we could not meet with the architect to discuss options, so miscommunication was common which caused further delays. We requested the house be built as high as possible to avoid the need for a 2 metre retaining wall due to our land sloping down towards the front boundary. The architect (Marretta designs) assured me over the phone that this was the case. Excavation work began in September-2015; we discovered the proposed bench was too low (at least 1 metre). We decided to submit a new DA to raise the bench; it was approved (contrary to what the architect said to me over the phone) and the variation will cost up to $83k. Construction commenced again in February 2016. I asked the construction manager to instruct [name removed] (the excavators) to excavate the existing soil from our land to raise (fill up to) the new bench, about 1.5 metre above natural ground level. Our neighbours witnessed about 6 trucks dumping soil on our land to raise the bench; we do not know the quality of the fill or whether it was free from contaminants ([name removed] has denied these witnessed accounts). The slab is partially completed (missing front patio stairs). The frame is only partially completed; apparently the custom design variations were not updated centrally by fowler staff which resulted in mistakes in frame/door sizes, window selections. We have been waiting for brickwork and roof tiling for over 2 weeks; apparently Fowler doesn't have enough teams of tradesmen to manage their current projects. Alas, despite the lengthy delays we’ve experienced (not to mention the additional rent we’ve had to pay) and the relatively expensive building contract (now about $560k), our project is not being prioritised; I doubt we will be in our home before this Christmas.
So far....a terrible experience...I will update this review after handover. We remain hopeful that in the end we will be happy with our new home, perhaps naively so.


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Verified Purchase

Fantastic Fowler

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2015

My wife and I are so happy with the build quality and professionalism that was shown through all stages of the build by the office staff and construction crew. Preliminary design changes were openly accommodated by Fowler, making the design and home feel like our very own. Site supervisor could not help us enough it seemed at times. A minor comment that the colour selection appointment felt rushed and difficult as there were so many decisions to be made in one single appointment.

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Verified Purchase

Very impressed!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2015

From our initial discussion with thommy and frank (who were extremely helpful and accomodating) to completion, it was a rather smooth process with ever only minor issues that arose and were rectified pretty much immediately.
The staff in the office, Lisa, Sarah,Amber, Christie, Natasha, were so very helpful. Nothing was ever a problem for them... They made us feel confident and we can't thank them enough for all there assistance.
Our building supervisor Tony, was nothing short of legendary. He was always willing to answer any queries and the
re was a few ,(though maybe sometimes I'm sure he cringed when he saw that I was calling). He actually took time to explain things to my wife and I and if anything needed attention, Tony never wasted any time to have it rectified.. No building process is ever perfect , but we can honestly say from the time building commenced it was overall smooth sailing. The house itself is beautiful, we are very happy with the final product and can honestly say it has an air of quality we expected from fowler.
We have had a number of visitors since we moved in and all have commented on what a beautiful, smart floor plan and quality home it is..
thank you Fowler homes, we ll be calling on your services again in the near future .

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Verified Purchase

Paramount Quality & Highly Experienced Team With A Good Leadership Team Work, Customer Service & Pro

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2015

Paramount quality & highly experienced team with a good leadership team work, customer service & professionalism with workmanship, very honest, pro-active, cooperative & indispensable supervisor Steve, very good advice from time to time, Cathie Armstrong is highly experienced & a rationale person, made everything clear & understandable so there were no discrepancies. Sarah/Jenny were very very helpful on all color selections & choices of appliances & Georgia Barlow was very understanding & helpful.

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Questions & Answers

Those building with Fowler Home recently, can you please share images of your kitchens, bathroom , laundry what you get out of delux when it comes to selections... Tiles etc the size of tiles in bathrooms and laundry... And do they have a lot of tiles to choose from for wet areas? I understand it's 400x400 as standard but can we upgrade this size at selections for wet areas.. Do they tile the whole laundry and bathroom or leave walls ?

Marina asked on Jun 14, 2017

Answer this

They had minimal options, I don't recall the details as I did my slecetion in 2015, but I upgraded as there was nothing nice enough. And they do half walls you have to pay extra if you want full walls.

Thank you, i will def upgrade to full walls

What company does Fowler homes use for collections? Anyone building hemisphere 35, or has all ready built? Please share images..

Marina asked on May 22, 2017

Answer this

What do you mean by collections?
I built Santorini 35 last year

We are just browsing for bow and came accross this company Reviews look below average So if you are building with them in nsw or hv built: -why is the process long, if not 2 years to finish product? -what is the real story? Do they pick up their phones and get back to emails promtly? - what is their standard eahe of things like? -what are the finishes like? Our first experience building was a horrible 1 with a super slow builder who never respinded to any complaint calls or emails and everyone has lodged formal complaint with fair trading and whatnot, dont want us to get in same position. ALSO, do they cater for 10% deposit until settlement of home? Dont want to do progressive payments Thank you so much

Josie asked on Mar 04, 2017

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Please please do not build with them if you do not want to go through what you went through last time. They are very slow to build and have bad communication during build. From what I have heard from trades at our build they are terrible to work for and struggle to find trades which reflects in their build. We are 10 months into our double story 34 square build which is pretty much straight off the plan with no variations. I am struggling to see the end in sight and am heartbroken over my experience with them. I am even resenting moving into what is supposed to be our first home.Their admin team are great though and great during pre construction and sales. Sales pitch and free tender offer is appealing but I highly doubt that they have trades and site supervisors to handle the load as from all accounts I have heard and experienced they are struggling now!

I honestly don't recommend Fowler to anyone, they are the worst, my first house is still under construction and I already hate it. Headoffice staff are rude, they have a new employee all the time, they make mistakes and blame it on ex employee. Most of my upgrades were forgotten about and I had to personally remind them. The building contract ended last month but they still have over a month to go. I'm paying rent and it's just too much to pay for the mortgage too, they don't care. Too many mistakes and most of my selections were out of stock or discontinued and I had to change so many times. Already had a case with fair trade and they offered me a thousand in compensation, it's really nothing when I'm paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and still don't get what I want. It's the worst experience and I will write a full review once the house is for, that's if it does.

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