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Be careful

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

Make sure you write down the date, the time and the person you spoke to. Otherwise they just ignore any of your requests and even though they say all conversations are recorded they are not interested in helping you.
I rang and cancelled because I realised the terms were not suitable for us. They still took money from our account and pretended they never got the cancel call. You may be saving some money but there is no ambulance cover.

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Frank Health Insurance Official

Hi Iris, I'm sorry to hear that you've had this experience with Frank. We'd like to look into this further for you - could you please email your details and member number to management@frankhealth... read more »

Thankyou for your kind response. I can say we were pleased with the insurance price we were quoted but the staff we spoke to did not give us the correct information regarding ambulance cover. The... read more »

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Customer service is shocking

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2016

This is my first health insurer , TBH it was easy to join and i claim with no issues so can not complain there.
BUT customer service and member portal is dreadful.
I changed my direct debit when i joined via member portal from monthly to fortnightly to reflect my budgeting.
A month later when my next payment was due i raised a ticket via member portal to inquire on my next direct answer for days actually still no answer, direct debit came out they still charged the monthly amount.
Phoned in and call wait was over 30mins
Tried o
nline help, 15 mins to chat with someone then another 15 mins for them to ask my date of birth and address to confirm who i was, i responded straight away then the system crashed.(i work in IT it wasn't our end)
3 days after request through member portal i still have no correspondence.
It wouldn't be an issue with full amount but its xmas and holidays coming up so every cent counts.esp when you change details a month ago to budget for Xmas.

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Verified Purchase Insurance claim made

Misleading advertising, Frank 457 overseas cover provides almost no coverage

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2016

The costs for nearly nothing are high. The only thing that Frank will cover is when you are actually admitted to a hospital, for more than one day. They do NOT COVER emergency services at all! It if quite ridiculous actually, they will cover the ambulance to the emergency room, but not the emergency service itself.

Nowhere in any of the documents and the contract that I had with Frank did it state this important condition, that emergency services are not covered.


After going to the health ombudsman, Frank paid my claim, which
I appreciate, since they were not legally required to do so. However, until they include the specific clause that emergency services are not covered in their PDS, I'll leave this review at 2 stars.

I really wish that Australia would just allow temporary residents to buy into the public healthcare system, even at double the cost, instead of forcing us into the terrible private health market, which essentially covers nothing anybody needs most of the time.

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Bad experience changing funds

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2015

When Frank was supposed to arrange cancellation of my existing fund I was still debited by them putting my bank account into red so no money for food over Easter!

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Not wot u get

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 19, 2013

3 weeks ago got a quote and joined as thought WOW very nice . Today got an update $50 above first month payment ( which had been paid but only went for 2 weeks ). It would seem their simple way of doing things ..AINT .So I cancelled today filled out paperwork , scanned , emailed ..2 sorry 3hrs later was ask to fill in the paperwork
I now have to apologise to my previous insurer who was willing to beat Frank .
Plus they said if I come back things maybe dearer

+ Simple

- Simple

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Questions & Answers

I just enter emergency services in Bunbury hospital due to trip and fall onto broken glass. What are the cover do I get please? I on a OVHC cover.

Clyde asked on Jun 27, 2017

Answer this

Hi Clyde,
Frank OVHC cover will only provide benefits if the patient is admitted to hospital as an in patient for procedures included in the cover and subject to the member serving their waiting periods (it does not cover any charges associated with emergency attendance). Before we can confirm cover or benefits, we will require specific information from you. If you can submit an online enquiry here, we can check your cover and get back to you with further information.

I am on a 457 in Australia (since January 2017) and am covered by Medicare. The OVHC looks fine, but do I need that specifically? Or can I buy a "normal" insurance and extras such as optical and dental? Thanks! Saskia

Saskia asked on Jun 22, 2017

Answer this

Hi Saskia,
If you're on a 457 Visa, Medicare will only cover you in the Public Hospital system. A “normal” or domestic insurance would not cover you if you go in to hospital.
You would need to take out a specific OVHC Cover to be covered as a Private Patient for any in-patient medical treatment. Check out Frank's cover here
When it comes to extras, you can buy any separate extras cover - Frank has two different types; Some Extras and Lots Extras where you can choose either 50% or 80% back on treatments (up to annual limits).
If you take out Frank OVHC and Frank Extras you will have two separate covers with Frank - OVHC for hospital admissions and Extras cover for things like dental and optical.
If you have any further questions, send them through to Team Frank here

I've a specific colorectal health concern. I would like to know if your Better Hospital (no Co-Payment) product covers Medicare item numbers from 32000 to 32221? Thanks.

Peter P asked on May 28, 2017

Answer this

Hi Peter,
Thanks for getting in touch with Frank.
I can confirm that 'Better Hospital (no-Co-payment)' does not exclude the items you've referenced.
As always, standard waiting periods ( ) and pre-existing condition rules ( ) would apply.
If you want to find out more about the cover or waiting periods, jump on a web chat with one of our team and they'll be able to give you all the details.
Christina - Team Frank

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