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Cheapest but only to avoid levy surcharge

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2017

Don't feel it is a good value as I never used it since I joined them 4 years ago, the only reason I keep it is because it is the cheapest one to avoid a levy surcharge.
Policy is relatively easy to set up, everything was done online so I don't experience any hustle.
No comments to the customer support as I never used it, the only thing delights me is that I can get a discount for the Mt Buller SKI day pass when I'm a Frank Health member.

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Frank Health Insurance Official

HI Shinshin,
Thanks for taking the time to add a Frank review.
That's the thing about hospital insurance, you hope you never have to use it, but in the event you do it's nice to know you have it.
Here's to ongoing great health!
Christina - Team Frank

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Quick to take your money, but not so quick to send out your insurance card

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2017

Quick to sign you up and quick to deduct your money, but not so quick in sending out your card. Its been more than two weeks. I had to call them up and issue a new card. Apparently they wrote down my address wrong inspite of spelling it out to the representative. (They forgot to put in a whole line of the address.) Now I have to wait another 2 weeks to see whether it arrives or not. They are happy to charge you a very high premium, but when requested for the card to be sent using a quicker, they flatly refused. I guess spending $10 to send out the card quickly by registered post to an user in need is gonna cut into their profit margins.

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Beware, it looks good THIS year, but it wont last.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 29, 2017

Please beware. I changed over to Frank as the cost was so much more affordable. Well, now I am paying for it well and truly with my premiums now going up from $72.75 to $80.45. HOW does that compare with the "average cost rise of 4.8%"?? I am so disappointed in Frank. That is a huge cost increase. More than 10%! I have gone online to query this and whilst the customer service officer was great this is the reasoning I got - "I am very sorry, it really comes down to what policy you are on and what states people are claiming the most. As you are on a popular level of cover and happens to be high claimers on this policy it pushes the prices up.As Frank is a not for profit insurer, Frank only increases premiums to cover the costs of projected claims in the upcoming year and also to cover the cost of running the business." No true explanation, just company jargon. I was also asked if I would like to decrease some of my cover to save on cost. Why should I have to? If it had gone up 5, 6, or even 7% I can deal with that, but to go up THAT much is shameful. I will certainly be looking around once again. Shame that as their customer service is pretty good.

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Questions & Answers

I am new to this but I've just been diagnosed with a heart condition that will in future require surgery and hospital stay in ICU for approx 3 nights and than a further 7-9 days in hospital with follow ups with a cardiologist. Could you tell me what would be the best option for me. I'm a single female aged 41yrs living in Eastern Melbourne. I understand there are wait times, that is fine. I have no interest in pregnancy or anything relating too but I also will need to have a tummy tuck and breast lift due to excessive weight loss which is causing me great discomfort and pain. Do you have a policy that will also benefit me for those procedures? I am interested in hospital and extra cover. Thank you.

Natures G asked on Sep 22, 2017

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I am sorry to hear that you have recently found out about your heart condition, at least now that you have a diagnosis you will be able to receive the treatment that you need.
None of Frank's products exclude cardiac related treatment. However, these types of procedures are usually performed in a Private Hospital so it is best for you to steer clear of our Basic hospital products. In terms of your tummy tuck and breast lift, we could only cover those procedures if they are being performed for a medical reason (cosmetic surgery is not included on any of our covers). As long as the procedures are medically necessary they would not be excluded on any of our covers, basically that means you would be able to take out any level of cover and it will include both of the treatments that you have mentioned (again steer clear of the Basic Products as both procedures are most likely performed in a Private Hospital).
As you are already aware of the condition you have, it is classes as a 'pre-existing condition' which would be subject to a 12 month waiting period.
To help us assist you in choosing the right level of cover to suit your needs, we would need some more information about what extras services you would use. If you would like further assistance in choosing a cover please don't hesitate to contact the team on 1300 437 265 between 8a.m. and 6p.m. Monday to Friday.

I just enter emergency services in Bunbury hospital due to trip and fall onto broken glass. What are the cover do I get please? I on a OVHC cover.

Clyde asked on Jun 27, 2017

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Hi Clyde,
Frank OVHC cover will only provide benefits if the patient is admitted to hospital as an in patient for procedures included in the cover and subject to the member serving their waiting periods (it does not cover any charges associated with emergency attendance). Before we can confirm cover or benefits, we will require specific information from you. If you can submit an online enquiry here, we can check your cover and get back to you with further information.

I am on a 457 in Australia (since January 2017) and am covered by Medicare. The OVHC looks fine, but do I need that specifically? Or can I buy a "normal" insurance and extras such as optical and dental? Thanks! Saskia

Saskia asked on Jun 22, 2017

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Hi Saskia,
If you're on a 457 Visa, Medicare will only cover you in the Public Hospital system. A “normal” or domestic insurance would not cover you if you go in to hospital.
You would need to take out a specific OVHC Cover to be covered as a Private Patient for any in-patient medical treatment. Check out Frank's cover here
When it comes to extras, you can buy any separate extras cover - Frank has two different types; Some Extras and Lots Extras where you can choose either 50% or 80% back on treatments (up to annual limits).
If you take out Frank OVHC and Frank Extras you will have two separate covers with Frank - OVHC for hospital admissions and Extras cover for things like dental and optical.
If you have any further questions, send them through to Team Frank here

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