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4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2017

My 50cc Tanaka backpack brush cutter sees regular use in the growing seasons and runs really well with little or no maintenance from one year to the next. It runs for so long on one fill of fuel that I get "blue-finger" from the vibration. Out of curiosity I pulled the original (2004) spark plug out this week and it didn't even require cleaning though I did adjust the gap. I cannot prove how it might have been without a tin pellet device shaking about in the fuel tank but I have never had a 2-stroke motor run so consistently well and without touching the plug for 13 years.
I have now put a tin device in my big Husqvarna tree saw but it is hard to make objective comments re any improvements as yet.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2009

Ford Transit 2.4 diesel averaged 8.7kpl over 6 months prior to fitting Fuelstar which is essentially the same as Fuelmate. In the six months after, it averaged 9.2kpl. Same work run, no other changes. Has better low rev torque in all gears which makes this rather under powered ute easier to drive. 5% better fuel economy is well worth the $330 investment for the number of miles I do.
Tanaka backpack brush cutter seems to be more economical now tho this is impossible to quantify. Has run for five years without the (original) spark plug being cleaned. Always starts easily. Perhaps Tanaka have got it worked out but I've never had such performance from a two-stroke engine. I do use only the best petrol and oil and this could have a bearing on the excellent performance.

+ Simple to fit. Can be transfered to other cars easily.

- Seems expensive for the materials involved.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2009

This is a quality made unit that really does what it claims to. I got a 12% drop in fuel consumption ( that equals 20.2 c/litre off on premium at $1.69). My motor now has much more toruqe. I use it in a Holden with an older style leaded motor. Fuelmate provides the lead replacement I need - no more lead replacement fuel additives at $14 litre. Yes, I am very happy with it.

+ This one works. Very easy installation.

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How would I go if I decided to fit a fuelmate system on my new Nissan navara ute , would I have to ask or tell Nissan first , would this item void my warranty and if not do I have to get it fitted by Nissan?

Dave asked on Jun 23, 2017

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