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Gemini Geebung - It doesn't get better than this!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2018

Simply stunning workmanship & customer service. Super friendly, nothing is a problem attitude & the best workmanship I have seen period. Our repairs were superior to the original pre-crash condition. New/Repaired panels align perfectly and existing rattles which we had learned to live with are now gone.. The attention to detail & pride in their workmanship defies belief. The car was also returned to us spotlessly cleaned inside & out.

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Great Service @Burleigh

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2018

Recently had warranty repairs completed efficiently and with a minimum of fuss!
Lucas and Erin were professional and engaging and we were made to feel valued clients.
Communication was excellent.
Would not hesitate in using Gemini again.

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Terrible Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2018

Gemini Aspley were terrible at communicating and updating my vehicle status which they had promised. I had to constantly chase them to find out what was happening. The date of return, for the vehicle was constantly delayed and push back without proper explanation. You were quick to ask for the money but slow to deliver what you promised and quick to make excuses each time you were contacted for updates. Promised to keep me in the loop (Failed at this miserably). Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Totally unprofessional in how they deal with customers. I would say avoid them. The problem was that Gemini were recommended By RACQ, and I thought you could be trusted with motoring repair advice!!!! (Wrong!!!!!). A terrible experience made worse by having to deal with an unprofessional company. The sad thing is nothing is likely to change!!!!

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Shocking customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2018

Gemini accident and repair in Worcester seriously needs to work on communication and knowing how long and professional a job takes! Lack of updates, when I first got my car back from then approx 3 weeks I thought oh great work done quick compared to damage. Oh yeah now I realise the work carried out was to a very very poor standard, scratches and damaged missed and the paintwork dried with a lip of paint on the bonnet. Talk about should have gone to spec savers dent in door frame still there so obvious!

They took the car back in for rectifying the repair work which should have been and was told a simple straightforward amendment.Over a week later I’m chasing them up to be told on two occasions it’s virtually done just making sure it’s all right. Fair enough but good customer service would be to inform the customer how the work is going???. Told on the Friday it will be ready Monday, still waiting at 350 for a phone call so I call them to be told just doing a final wax and polish and a bit extra which was due to them receiving car back -Then asked do I want my car back in the morning or the afternoon. Well really I wanted it back the Monday you promised it. So much for simple amendments.very disappointing service from Gemini accident repair in Worcester!!

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Gemini Geebung- Perfect outcome

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2018

Was a little disappointed at the beginning as it took almost 6 weeks to get my car back.
The date was pushed back three times but since collecting my car I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome it looks brand new again and was worth the wait.

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Gemini Enoggera - Brisbane, Queensland - Perfect

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2018

Perfect! My 22 year old Mazda 323 was backed into in a car park with repair covered by the damager's RACQ insurance. I wondered if it would be written off, but it's in great shape with only 74,000k on the clock. Gemini Enoggera sourced, painted and fitted a replacement door. The paint colour matches perfectly, even though the original has faded. The panel fit is perfect. Staff were most helpful and the job was completed in good time, And what a pleasant surprise ...the car was vacuumed, windows cleaned and all the exterior polished and gleaming like new when I picked it up. It stands outside in all weathers and has never looked so good for years. (And the free taxi to and from home was much appreciated). I wish I had asked and paid for Gemini to repaint the bonnet and roof at the same time. Thank you Gemini and RACQ! Excellent.

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Slow service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2018

Bathurst Branch. Too long to do a simple job. 8 days too long to replace a bumper bar and a very small paint job.

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Gemini accident repair center Osbourne Park

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2018

I had my Maloo taken to Gemini in the middle of April’s and just got it back this week . I am absolutely disgusted with the workmanship done by this so called panel shop . There was just over $19000 damage done to my car . It’s gonna cost another $20000 to fix everything they have done what will probably rite the car off cos it’s getting up to what it cost to buy . There are so many paint runs it’s a joke over spray everywhere. there is even sand in the paint work and tape marks left from the tape . Looks like they have used liquid paper as a paint on bolts . Old bolts with rust were used . My drivers car door is even a different colour to the car we’re the invoice says they have replaced parts have had the broken ones put bk on . nothing lines up or in place properly. My car had close to a thousand k’s put on clock when u would think a company wouldn’t take joy rides in your car . My bumper had been cracked with massive scrapes on it . My car is running rough as guts and when I picked it up the radiator was empty witch made it over heat straight away . It took 6 weeks to make it worse then it was when it had been crashed . Badges misaligned and split or damaged . If I had any ideas about these Cowboys that fix cars I would of made them fix it somewhere else . I can’t believe that people like this can even keep there doors open after destroying my HSV . Whatever you do DON'T use these people to do any thing to u or a friend car cos you will regret it . My rating is

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Bad communication

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2018

Gemini - Joondalup - very bad communication - I was told the job would take a month to 6 weeks - but I waited 5 months! I was never kept informed and I was always having to call for updates. Front office lady was abrupt. I would never use this centre again.

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Please Avoid for sure

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 25, 2018

They give you last minute surprises that your car not ready to pick will take another week.
And don’t care about customer.
Please avoid them they are terrible

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Avoid if possible

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2018

Had a minor dent on the bumper after an accident. Took it to Gemini in Mitchell ACT as per insurer (Budget direct). They did a good job on the bumper. But later on noticed that they have accidentally sprayed some kind of chemical on to the front bonnet which was hardly noticeable in the beginning. Then slowly started getting worse and when I took it to them they wouldn't admit it was their mistake. Very irresponsible and unprofessional work. Try to avoid them if possible, they don't give a damn about customer satisfaction.

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Extremely poor service

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 11, 2018

My partner and I booked in for his car to get fixed through his insurance company NRMA, and we dropped it off. Told us we could leave the keys in the mailbox and the car in the carpark and go to work as usual, nothing else needs to be done. They then call us during the day to tell us that they can't fix the car until we sign papers.
Also told us it would be done by tuesday, which was 3 days after we dropped it off (only a small dent in the back of the car) and we were ok with that. However they then call us saying it will take until the end of the week. Then on the Friday call us and say it will take them until the next Friday to fix it. This is 2 weeks now that they havent been able to fix it. Then we get a call to say they dont think it will be finished by then either. It is absolutely a joke.
AND THEN on top of that, we made a booking for one of our other cars, through NRMA again, and called to confirm the appointment and low and behold, they have no record of an appointment.
Absolutely a joke and will not be coming back here ever again. We are looking at changing insurers as well because we refuse to be sent here by NRMA as well.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2018

I usually judge a business on the quality of the service, but these guys blew me away with their outstanding service, and fantastic results with the repair. Nobody else comes close.

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Don’t go here!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2018

AAMI preferred repairer... What a joke, can’t believe they use this company. Come here for a shoddy repair that will undoubtedly leave your car in a worse shape than what it was when it first rolled into store. And as for AAMI lifetime warranty on repairs, this is even a bigger joke. After three days on the road suffered serious mechanical issues (because of Gemini Thomastown taking shortcuts and being callous) which when I had inspected by my mechanic we also were shocked to discover multiple problems with the panel beating, car wasn’t even in RWC unsafe to drive as bonnet safety catch wasn’t working, this amongst over several other significant defects with the job. AAMI have absolutely no interest in trying to help out or wanting to understand that I Refuse to use there approved repair centres after this experience. All I suggest if you have problems with your car get it independently assessed so you don’t get ripped off, would never have known how bad this job was until I had a professional look over it.

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Poor quality and rude

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 17, 2018

Service was rude, poor quality workmanship. Simply an assembly line focused on volume and low cost quotations to insurance companies which results in shoddy workmanship.

Unhappy with the quality of a simple bumper bar repair, thank goodness I didn't need further work done. Rather than take it back I'll take to another repairer and have repaired correctly at my own cost.

Shame on RACV insurance for directing me to use them. They've lost total credibility with me and I won't be using them anymore either.

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Try again, and again and again etc

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 10, 2018

Car was hit over a year ago. Took them 2 weeks to repair minor damage. Got it back and within a day the panel feel off, i picked it up off the ground. Went back at least 4 times over the next few weeks trying to get issues sorted and still wasn't fixed so I gave up.

Fast forward to this week and I have been hit again. Was told its a write off, taken to gemini and nope its not (umm yeahh). Told it will be over a month to fix and they had already ordered the parts (i had not agreed).

Took them 1 week to assess my car.

Find any other repairer. I mean ANY other repairer.

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Rubbish business rubbish job and dodgy , the McDonald's of car repairs .

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2018

I have used Gemini repairs twice , twice to many , their workmanship is terrible my first car had rear damage , I insisted on a new boot lid and 3 months later it's rusting out through the paint . Made up some rubbish excuse and did the job again , orange peel paint job . Not impressed .
Thought I'd give them one more chance on my sons car which had bonnet damage and bumper / headlight damage . Ist guy assessed car and said no problem we will replace the hood , the bumper and headlights with new parts , after I pushed for new parts . On the return of the vehicle for the repair I had another guy come out and do the "quick go over " and say we can fix the bumper and repair the headlights , the only thing they replaced was the bonnet and plastic grill , after picking up the car I questioned them about the headlight being in worse conditition than when we dropped to the car off . They agreed to replace one headlight and I had to foot the bill and source the other headlight myself ... Great . Then their was the paint job , omg if you want the orange peel look these guys are the best . They told me to bring the car back in a week and they would buff it down and detail the car for good measure . No no detail and they buffed the bumper down so far that the paint went flat . I said to the guy on pick up mate what's with the flat paint , he said oh yeah that can happen when bla bla bla , bring it back next week and I'll get this buff it out . No more Gemini repairs , you won't see me again and I wonder how well the jobs have been done under the covers . Consumer beware and RACQ hang your heads in shame for using this sort of company as your recommended repairer .

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Still trying to resolve workmanship issues

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 26, 2018

Following my car being in an accident and my insurer putting me forward to this guys (even though it was initially deemed a write off by insurer) I was instantly sceptical they accepted the work and could fix the car less then the value but I went in with a positive attitude as I loved my car. Received car back after a month or so, Car went back a few times concerning a few areas they missed from scratches (debri) which was ok... but i started to question the workmanship. Boot starting leaking, exhaust rattles, odd noises from the rear directly after accident... something didnt look quiet right on the exterior, tried to address with the original repairer (thomastown) but felt fobbed off... I later learnt after taking it somewhere else for review they bogged some of the panels, ( i wasnt aware that was a thing anymore) and this repairer said it should have been written off, i was advised there was no way any reasonable repairer could repair my car with a quality repair less then the value of the car.. it was apparent most of the parts if not all were second hand, even the globes for brake and indicator were old as they blew shortly after.. These guys do cheap repairs in short.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

Apparently it takes them 5 days to polish a car??? Called in a few times to check on the progress and same excuse. Sat at reception when they finally delivered my car and give everyone the same excuse. I was shocked!!!

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Total ripoff!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

Total ripoff)! And rude staff. When you give feedback complain about something they say it's ok, whatever we are fine and they laugh.

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