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Insurance claim made

Good Insurance Provider, in my experience.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 21, 2017

This review is my honest opinion. I felt that the service was good value for money. I am glad that I went with them, as an insurance company. I made a hospital claim, and it went through successfully . My parents employed them for my dental health, with great satisfaction, for extras dental when I was a child. I have received excellent customer service on the phone and excellent customer service in person at the office, so far. I have been with them for roughly twenty four years.

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A little dubious - were quick to send out direct debit rejections

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2017

I joined GMHBA via Members' Own aggregator and was told by Members' Own that I would be billed two weeks or so after joining up which was on a Saturday. Anyway, Monday came and I didn't have enough in my credit card but GMHBA already tried to deduct my membership payments. The date my first payment would be taken which I advised of by Members' Own probably isn't GMHBA's fault but sure enough, I got a direct debit rejection letter. That rejection letter arrived quicker than my welcome letter or card. You know where their priorities lie.

I'll wait to see what happens when I actually need to claim something.

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Hope Island

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Insurance claim made

Regional insurer no gap agreements with pathology in QLD

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2017

Seem to be very much a Victorian Regional society only, not a supplier nationally, was out of pocket by $600 on a stay in private ( amongst other oop's) when I confronted the pathology company they advised they had no agreement with GMHBA, which GMHBA later confirmed in writing, pathologist's advised a number of providers where if I were with them I would have had no out of pocket. Cannot move to a new provider as I have pre existing and would need to serve 12 months with anyone, nice one GMHBA. Defiantly not a friendly society, read the wage costs in the annual reports someone is doing well.

Poor form suggest to do your homework well!

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Dont Go Here

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2017

Promptly takes your money
Impossible to contact by phone or text

Customer Support ................ WHERE ??????????????????

Waited 15 + minutes on the phone
Waited 20+ minutes on text
without response

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INITIAL experience is OK but yet to claim

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2017

I maybe a little disappointed at the moment as the transfer from old to new Insurer, the payments are still wrong as my old health Insurer are taking payments and GMBHA are not yet collecting the payments so the transfer process is failed, the terms look to be better than my previous but cost roughly the same so the claiming will be the deciding factor.

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Disappointing start

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

Good value but very difficult to set up . We set the change over date a week ahead but a further month down the track we have not received our cards yet.
Also we should not have any waiting periods but it took 3 phone calls to sort out.
Customer support support so far were polite but didn't always do what promised. Hence 5 phone calls and still no cards

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Insurance claim made

Worst Health Care Provider

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2016

Horrible Horrible Horrible.. Impossible to lodge a claim with them. Worst cover on extras. As I joined a new employer I had to change my health cover from CBHS to GMHBA (as employer was providing it), all my healthcare experience turned nightmarish.
I sent them a claim through post but it never made it to their claims team. Online claims through their website is worst. Try reaching on call centre, it is easier to reach Medicare customer support.
Stay away unless you are forced to stay with them like me.

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Terrible! Buyer beware!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2016

This company is a law on themselves! As a result of one dishonor they suspend services without any notification to me. They then tried to tell me they sent a letter when they hadn't and tried fudging the dates on the letter of notification to me! How they could tell me they sent a letter on 27th sep when the date on the letter showed 28th is a blatant lie! Dont even try and send a formal complaint to their Complaints manager as my experience was that there is a collusion with their Customer Service Dept staff! So much for their Putting members first before profits motto!

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Insurance claim made

Very comprehensive extras for a great price - suits my needs

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2016

Great communication, claiming online so far has been a breeze (claimed twice, received both amounts back in my bank account). Have a fantastic level of cover - I'm a runner and they have 80% back on things like remedial massage, physio and podiatry which I use regularly. Also 80% up to $480 back on orthotics which I need.
Already had a bonus back for referring a friend. Also had a no waiting limit period special when I signed up for extras, plus second month free.
No hassles so far.
Even had a really nice welcome call to explain my cover etc.
Really please with this health fund so far.

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Don't fall into trap

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 10, 2016

When they want you to sign up they promise you everything under the sun until you want to get to the knitty,gritty they don't want to know you,when switched over from my previous health fund they told they will honor the waiting time I had with my previous health fund,when my wife wanted to operation we were. Told they don't us having the operation in a rprivate hospital with a choice of specialist we can only have the operation in public hospital .so I gave them the flick,joined with reputable health fund.take it from me don't fall into their promises.

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Budget Direct Health Insurance - which is GMHBA

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 15, 2016

So from the beginning:
Signed up in August 2014 when there was a 2 month free campagin. No surprise but they charged me straight away. Had the wrong level of cover. They had assured me that my cover was the same. They just failed to tell me they had cut off the hospital cover. I already knew I needed that again as my daughter had grommets and needed more. Then they make claiming impossible like right now when I am claiming the most pitiful amount of money again about $100 it has taken me about 30 minutes - system keeps timing out. The reason I am claiming online is they cancelled my card with no consulation and claim the sent me a new one which is rot. I know most of these companies are sharks but seriously!!!!!

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Watch the fees

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2016

Watch the credit card fees. They are over the top 2%. What a rip off. Should have the guts to include in Quote.

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Questions & Answers

I currently have Silver hospital LVL1 and Silver extras 65% with GMGBA and was wondering when dental implants disappeared from being covered? Bronze hospital still has it covered in a public hospital but not Silver - very odd!

Milsome asked on Jul 02, 2017

With knee replacement in Sydney St Vincent's Hospital, how much gap do I have to pay if I join Gmhba with $500 excess and what is your feedback regarding this type of surgery?

Anita asked on Jul 28, 2016

Answer this

Your doctor is the one who will be charging for the surgery so ask them how much the gap fee will be. Ask them for separate quotes for the surgeon, assistant surgeon, and the anaesthetist.

Are you accepted in every hosp Australia wide?

Delma asked on Feb 10, 2016

Answer this

They cover 87 hospitals out of 90

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