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Port Macquarie

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Model: 9.22

Beware of the Grillo. !!!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2015

Thinking of buying a Grillo to tackle steep, rough terrain? Read the brochure and website and see how they describe the mower as able to cut tall grass, handle rough ground and go places even a tractor can't go? Looked at the specs and believed what you read?
Well I did all this and went ahead and purchased a Grillo 9.22. Am I happy with the mower? Definitely not .
I can't comment on the lasting qualities of the mower, as after 10 minutes of use I could tell it was totally unsuitable for my property as it simply did not have a high enough maximum cut. All the advertised specifications showed a cutting range from 30mm to 90mm, but on the machine that was delivered to me, the maximum cutting height was just 63mm! For a supposed all terrain mower, that is pathetic. My old Toro wheelhorse has a maximum cut height of 90mm so an all terrain mower should at worst be the same. The Grilllo will scalp your ground, hit obstacles and mow your lawn to within an inch of its life, and that's using the highest setting.
And yes I have complained to the dealer and distributor, and both could not have been more unhelpful. Neither have offered any assistance although the distributor was very quick to change the website specifications from a cutting range of 30-90mm to 30-70mm within hours of my complaint.
So beware of the Grillo, and the distributor Agrigardens.

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I used to operate a garden and lifestyle block maintenance business for a number of years (now retired) but I still have an interest in the industry and the machinery being used. One of my customer... read more »

It is just not that easy to fix the cutting height and neither the retailer or the distributor were prepared to offer any help or solutions, most likely because they didn't have a solution. The on... read more »

Swansea, Tasmania

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Second to None

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2013

Does everything and more for us in a rough terrain environment. It eats gorse stems to 20mm diameter. Rocks are a part of life in our area and they don't seem to trouble it when we hit the odd one. The working parts seem to take it in their stride. All this and mowing up steep slopes at the same time. The diff lock is also brilliant to help get out of sticky spots.

+ You can't kill it, it just goes everywhere

- We added a spring loaded seat which topped it off

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Waikanae, Wellington

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Excellent.. You will never need another mower

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 22, 2012

I have owned 5 different mowers, and the Grillo 9.21 is easily the best. They are contractor grade machine and built like a truck. The Vangard Vee twins are beautiful smooth running powerful engine with legendary reliability and my favourite mower engine.

As other users have described these mowers will take down waist high grass with ease and also do a nice job of your front lawn. They will also mow on side slopes other mowers would tip over on. The relatively narrow deck width means that it doesn't scalp the grass easily on rolling terrain, and can slip down into narrow spaces and between shrubs with ease. The diff lock is magic for getting out of slippery spots.

Put Grillo 9.21 into Google and watch the videos on Youtube to see them in action.

+ Heavy duty construction, excellent smooth motor, low roll centre means you can take on side slopes, good turning circle, great multi purpose mower

- It doesn't quite mow right up to fences and walls, but Ive found if you pull the side cover up (say with a bungee cord) you get the tip of the blade that bit closer but still limited by the rear wheel width.

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Hi, I have recently become a dealer for these mowers and i can only say that they are excellent! If you are impressed with the youtube videos you will twice as impressed with the real thing, if y... read more »

Hi All. I have owned Grillo climber for nearly three years and can only say it does as advertised. But what a heap of crap. By three hours of operation it had been returned for repairs 5 times incl... read more »

Thanks for your honest appraisal. It is very helpful to hear a 'real' users review.

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Unbelievable - Never seen a mower tackle the slopes this does

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2012

In all the times we have shown to our friends with similiar properties and how effective they are on steep terrain it's jaw dropping. Easily cut accross 20 degree slopes and up and down 30 degree plus. a must for steep slopes

+ Neat and compact and easy to service as it has a Briggs & Stratton motor.

Purchased at: Stihl Dealer

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 02, 2012

If you have a steep, rough, bumpy block and need to mow when it's wet, then this is the mower for you. It is a scrub mower which cuts through the thickest of grass, but easily and nicely mows 'normal' lawn too. They are a little expensive and I was hesitant at first, but they are worth every dollar. I got a good deal from Sunshine State Mowers in Noosaville for the Climber 9.21 and they gave me 4ltrs of oil, a 10ltr jerry can, a tow bar attachment and a spare fuel cap for free. They were also great to deal with. If you want a quality mower and don't mind spending the money, then I would definitely recommend a Grillo.

+ This mower cuts through all grass, small saplings and lantana etc with absolute ease and does not push grass over. It's easy to steer with the steering wheel knob, the front brakes are excellent, diff lock is great and the tractor tyres give excellent traction in the wet, it's very quiet, adjustable steering wheel, handles hills with ease either sideways or up and down them, they are built very solidly and have no plastic parts which could fall off, good turning circle. I like the fact that the fuel tank has lines at the front and the back of the tank so it still runs whether you're going up or down hill.

- The seat is a little uncomfortable because of the backrest being low and a little 'sharp' on the edges, but it's not too bad. Most ride-ons I've seen have one side of the deck protrude further than the wheels so you can mow under and along wire fencing etc, but the widest part on this mower is the rear wheels which stops you from doing so which is a little frustrating and means more snipping. The left hand side hinged deck shute occasionally digs into the ground a little, but it's not a big concern. The fact that the speed control is done with your right hand and steering done with the left is a little odd at first, this isn't a 'con' as such, it just takes some getting used to.

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I have one of these mowers and some of the Engineering needs to be re-visited: We have a steep block about 28deg and the load put on the diff lock system (via dog-clutch & chain and lay shaft mech... read more »

I have owned a 9.21 and they are tough mowers but I live on very steep land and I broke 1 rear axial, the previous owner broke 1 and the new owner (my neighbour) has now broken 2 rear axels. So th... read more »

Questions & Answers


I'm having trouble changing my front wheel, when i tighten the wheel nuts the wheel don't turn, any help?

Phil asked on Jul 02, 2018

Answer this

Back off the large axle nut until it is loose. Retighten gently by hand until when you rock the wheel from the top and bottom all the slop is gone. Check the wheel spins freely . Install the locking split pin, tightening the nut slightly more till the pin will go through. Bend the pin legs over to lock it in place and gently tap the dust cap back on.

How much are they?

Adam asked on Apr 30, 2016

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The prices for the Climber series range between $8000.00 and $14,000.00 US dollars

I paid 12,500 for the 9.22. Aus $$

How much does this lawn mower cost brand new? . Need to know asap.

Rosemarie asked on Dec 22, 2014

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In NZ they are over $10,000. Use Google to find yr nearest dealer and get a price

You are looking around 13
thousand but for what we have put it through it has been worth it.

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9.22 9.18
Horsepower 22hp 21hp
Cutting Width 914mm 914mm
Minimum Cutting Height 25mm 25mm
Maximum Cutting Height 75mm 75mm

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