Can't get a hold of anyone...

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2018

I am still waiting on an order from a couple of weeks ago. I have tried to email the company with no reply. They have no contact details other than an online form. I have emailed again and put in another online query - still no answer. I have gone in to my account and my purchase still sits in my 'cart' despite having been charged to paypal (and a confirmation email sent), I have a clear receipt and evidence of the purchase. This has now been escalated to Paypal to follow up. Be warned. Lovely looking products - if they turn up!

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Perth, Western Australia

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Decals don't stick to walls and glow in the dark stars don't glow!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2018

My wall decals started to peel off a few hours after applying them and i have to keep pressing them back on...this is not good enough, i expect a product that works as I have paid good money to this business! also I ordered some glow in the dark stars that don't work at all - they do not glow even in the slightest. Very disappointing and do not recommend anyone buy through them, I wish I had reviewed them before making my purchase.

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Gold Coast

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Very disappointed.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2018

Firstly, my order did not arrive for over three weeks abd I had to contact to find out where it was. That’s when I realized this is not and Australian company in Sydney, very misleading.
I ordered several different quotes and discover they had printed two quotes on the same stencil and I had to cut the stencil before installation as it would be difficult to install. Found that annoying as there was not a lot of space between the lines so cut was uneven. Followed the instructions to install. My first one was thicker text so was able to instal with minimal fuss. When it came to installing the second one, the print was finer and the sticker was virtually impossible to remove. Letters were stretching and pieces being left behind. Part of the italics ended up breaking. Contacted them to be told a) I should try again - not sure how I can when it’s ruined. b) then I got told they had installed the exact some one on their house no problem... oh and did I want another one.... you pay...!
Very disappointed as the fine details were lost and two decals ruined. Had the stencil been provided in tact and not on a shared template it would have made it easier to place using the dimensions and guide lines.
Response to complaint fell on deaf ears.

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Product ok but......

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 31, 2017

Delivery took 20 days and when asked about the wrong tracking number I was told it was the right one.
Site claims to be Australian, it is not!
1 product wasn't as ordered and customer service could have been better.

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