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Unhappy with the service but I dont know who to blame

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2012

I am building with Homebuyers in WA. In our pre-start packet is all the vendors and options for making the detailed selection for our house. The problem is that we only had one choice for window treatments: Wanneroo Blinds. As our olny option we had to go with them however they are only open 9am to 4.30pm and never on the weekend. They don't even have a website so we could browse in order to make better decisions. Instead we were rushed to made out decision during pre-start (along with a hundred other things) and I just dont feel confident abou t how it will turn out. We cannot leave the windows without blinds etc because apparently the house must be finished before it is handed over for security etc acording to the bank. Catch 22 says that we cannot have outside vendors/traders inside the house until handover. This also screws us as we cannot put our skirting before the carpets are done

I am just irritated that Homebuyers would force us to use Wanneroo blinds and if Wanneroo blinds is getting such good buisness from the Homebuyers deal the least they could do was be open on a Saturday.

On a positive note the employees at Wanneroo blinds were pleasant and helpful at least over the phone.

- poor customer service

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fool me once shame on you.. Fool me twice shame on me.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2012

many of the reviews here reinstate the way my partner and I feel about our home. We built our home with homebuyers late 2008-early 2009 and i have to say not overly impressed. At the time homebuyers were the only company offering shared equity. From the start of construction we were told we would not be allowed on site untill final inspection (Fat chance). Don't rely on them to tell you updates, they are always late.. No less than 6 months from being completed when we started painting, chunks of plaster were coming off the walls in various loca tions (still happening). The traffic corners are hollow and they refused to fix them. The top half of the driveway that homebuyers did is sinking (the crossover I did has not moved). The brick mortar just like the plaster is blatently crap I'd be surprised if it survives the 20 years that they garentee their construction. The lack of mortar between the internal wall bricks was questionable at best. Put it this way.. I wouldn't risk mounting any tv to any wall.

+ I learned not to build through this company again.

- I used this company to build.

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 03, 2012

+ plenty of good plans to choose with good pricing to start with. mostly nice sales reps although some of them are quite new and not knowledgeable. Display homes finish looks quite good for the money.

- Beware of the salesman attitudes that may be put forward to you, to get you hook on signing the paper in a hurry ( sounds like some salesman in car yards). Heard some critics about the building process that takes longer than promised ( need to be proven, if you darem :)) I met with one salesman (initial N) that was very nice at the beginning, but when we were at the 2nd meeting and start talking about what i wanted and what price i would pay for, then the truth started to show, the true nature of salesman, who sat me there for at least 30 minutes with his "lectures" about how great the company is comparing to others, money is nothing when it comes to the value provided by the company products ( which are the same anyway - cheap stuff!!! with big margin on his pocket, fool!! ) and some lectures on customer profiles ( again, something to make you feel stupid about having to tell him what you wanted out of your MONEY!!! Who is the boss here? ) i wonder.

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Questions & Answers

Looking at the homebuyers centre for our home.. can anyone tell me what is not included in the price? Naturally we will ask this at the meeting but want other peoples experiences too :)

Ps76 asked on Jul 07, 2017

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Hi, they are very open as to what is and what isn't included and you can select extras/upgrades at pre-selection (at a cost), something to think about is extra electric sockets, we had extras in all rooms and I believe it was far cheaper getting it done at that stage versus later on.
Also, the show home will not be standard, it will have the higher ceiling more likely, we never went for it, the height of the standard is sufficient. We did go for the extra coursework in the garage though.
One thing we did miss on the plan was the family bathroom not vented, would have payed extra at the time if we realised. You also get one nbn connection, we had it in the living, a bit pricey from what I can remember to get it in the theatre room.. When the Foxtel guy came we got him to put another line in and cost 150.
Also think about upgrading to a slightly wider front door, not much bigger but makes the difference for getting furniture in.
What's included: electrical points ( certain amount), air con, all flooring, all blinds, cooker/hob and hood ( we payed extra for more tiled splash back). Stone bench tops. Garage front roller door ( no back roller door). Doors/frames,ceilings and cornices painted. Paved driveway/path to crossover and front landscaping package. Alfresco paved ( we left this off and got a deduction as we wanted to put deck down).
Think bout the cost of the additional work/costs required, paving down both sides, crossover completed and back landscaped. Painting, if you don't mind painting, do it yourself and save quite a bit.
Hope this helps.

Hello, I am just at the start of my build,plumbing and electrical is just about done then the roof will be put on..i am having a massive freak out about my kitchen colours,i chose a stone grey for the cupboards and wish that i just gone with plain white.. i called HBC before the slab had even gone down and asked if i could change it but was informed that the build contract had already been sent to the contractors. Has this happened to anyone else?. It's the only issue i have with the house and it's making me feel uneasy about the build.

Hendrix asked on May 10, 2017

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Hi Hendrix

We had a few changes too but they were not cupboards. I would just ring HBC and request your home building supervisor's assistance to ask if approaching the contractor yourself is an option? I was nervous about my bathroom tile colours as well but after everything was finished the colours came together very beautifully. We accept compliments coming and I don't even hint I had doubts along the way. What you are feeling is normal but it won't be as bad as you are thinking if you fail to make the changes. Good luck!

Hello Casta,
Thankyou for your response,that is good to know that you also made minor changes. I will email HBC tomorrow and fingers crossed will be all good!

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had included in their house package with HBC the upgrade to 900mm kitchen appliances? And did this include the range hood? We were told if we signed up by a certain time we could get the upgrade to 900mm appliances so we did and were then told we had to purchase the range hood (which you require for the appliances to operate safely..?). Would love to know if this is standard or if it should have been included. Thanks!

amfWA asked on Dec 20, 2016

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The rage hood should come with he upgraded oven. Free. Ask for ceased stone benches too if it's the kitchen upgrade for signing up. Ask for as much as you can as builind seems to have died down a bit


We would like to look into this further for you - If you could please email through your contact details (full name and best contact phone number) to [email protected], we will have someone give you a call to discuss.

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