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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Perfect sales and pre-start experience. Downhill from there.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2017

The pre-sales and the pre-start periods were great, the respective reps were really good at their job. Endeavoured to answer every question, came up with some brilliant suggestions, and had some great feedback during the process.

However, once the build began there was a sudden shutdown in communications from the builder. Not once did I get to meet the supervisor, no inspections before signing off each progress payment.

The build progressed fairly quickly, very few issues at the time except for some very average plumbing. Most issues I sa
w while visiting the site were resolved eventually. Shortly after lock up, the build halted for about a month, I later found out the supervisor had taken leave and the person left to cover it didn't progress anything at all.

It's now been 4 months since handover, I've had to argue with the builder every step to get items such as leaking roofs addressed. The roof still shakes in the wind, and when I called the builder with issues with the back door and the drainage to soakwells, they insisted I had to call the tradespeople myself. Very rudely stating that if it's deemed to not be their fault, then I have to wear the costs.

I even found out that exposed wooden beams have not been primed, and that this is standard. If I had been informed of this before the build, I would have gladly paid the extra $20 it costs to prime them properly. Now I've got splitting timbers and been told this is "normal".

The site prep, slab, brickwork and roof framework are grade A.
The plumbing (including drainage to soakwells, and running gas on the internal walls), external painting and plastering are bottom of the barrel.

To be honest, if I had to build again, I'd go with a higher end builder that is far more honest and straightforward. Whose tradespeople don't leave 'number twos' up against the outside of my house.
Of the low end builders though, you're probably not going to find anyone better, which is a bit sad, if I was building my first home again, I'd probably still use Homebuyers, but there's a lot of lessons from this build that no buyer should have to learn.

A tradie. Defecated. On my house.

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Homebuyers Centre Western Australia Official

Hi Robert, Thank you for taking the time to provide this detailed review on our company and our tradespeople. As we would like to look into some of your comments further, it would be much appre... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2016

Building is not fun !

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 04, 2016

I built with HBC WA, they seemed amazing initially. But this was all talk. Everything that was promised initially was a fight too the end. As for the building aspect. They have built a beautiful home and workmanship seems to be good. However still trying to get things fixed after handover has been an issue. As a company the phone service team are lovely. Had a great site manger but would have been nice to have acccess to him throughout the build (you could only speak with the call center girls who usually didn't have much of an idea about what was happening as often the system was not updated). And as for handover well this company needs to reevaluate this. No token gift/pant/bottle of wine or hamper is given. After spending so much money on this house you would think they could pull something together. Overall not the best experience when compared to friend who have started building and built through other companies. Make sure you do your research before signing up with his company. I will ever build again after this experience.

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Homebuyers Centre Western Australia Official

Hi Ann, Thank you for taking the time to leave this detailed feedback for our team. We are happy to hear you are impressed with the quality and build of your home, but are sorry to read your con... read more »


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Verified Customer

Cookie Cutter approaches don't work.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2016

Workmanship is sloppy, so many little things. By the end of it I couldn't be bothered arguing for them to clean the walls with all the remaining grout from the tiles and their pencil marks from where they were going to put the towel rail, etc. It wasn't worth the delay in handover. Probably only a couple of good trades... many mistakes and rather than the tradies calling the supervisor to suggest waiting they just installed and made it worse. Our Supervisor was fantastic though, every problem I had was dealt with in good time... you need more o f them! The Customer Support Team are not educated in the field, leaving all of our questions and queries with them with a 2 weeks turn around is unacceptable. We need access to the Supervisor otherwise things don't happen. Also... tell your sales reps to keep an eye on what they're including and not including in our contracts. I had to remind twice to put the Caesarstone in and it never was. PS an upgraded cost of a different selection of stone benchtop (also caesarstone just a higher grade) of $7k on top of what is already built into my contract (standard was included) is just basically thievery... hiking up the price because you don't want to order in something different is not justified and will lose you business. In hard times you would think that wouldn't be your end goal. Happy with the end result... but won't be coming back again.

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Verified Customer

Great Service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 07, 2016

Homebuyers were good from the beginning, from finance to handover. The only fault I have is that after settlement Homebuyers called us to go in to the office to tell us that we owe an extra $5000 because the build price had gone up after waiting so long for settlement to go through, they would accept $1500 though, wasn't happy about this and thought it was not very professional. They said they would not start the build until we agreed to sign the papers.

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Hi Erica Thanks for reviewing us on Product Review. When you signed up for your home, the price was set for a 6 month period, however, the titles on your block took more than 12 months to come thro... read more »


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Good with flaws though...

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2014

I built my first home with homebuyers. I must admit I did next to NO shopping around deciding on them as the rep was a really hot bloke! I pretty much changed the entire standard design and trust me I certainly paid for it. I'm not blaming them for that BUT there were obvious flaws in my design that they should've picked up on-1)the ceiling power point for a future projector screen in the theatre was placed on the complete wrong side of the room 2) 2 hard wired smoke detectors pretty much within 1m of each other not spread across the home 3) do or from garage to house opens the wrong way and is impossible to move your fridge into kitchen (door had to be removed first) 4)they installed the wrong alfresco sliding door and took months to replace it. What I can say is the site manager was great on key handover made sure little things were fixed there and then. Overall unless you are completely budget bound look elsewhere, house designs are so basic you need to change them.

+ Salesman very helpful

- Prestart lady was a cow and didn't care about much at all!

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overall quiet happy with Homebuyers

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2012

We have found Homebuyers to be quiet good through-out the whole process. Our sales guy was good, listened to what we wanted and provided 2 options on how we could change the original plans to meet our needs and then tweeked those plans to suit us. He was great in returning calls, until we signed the contract. After signing up contract dropped off a bit and he took longer to reply to calls/emails but did always get back to us, we just sometime had to follow up a few times.

Once we were happy with the plan he sat with us and went through exac
tly what was included and what wasn't, we said what our 'must haves' were and wrote many of the upgrades into the contract so that they were incorporated into the mortgage. He was very clear on what was standard and what would cost extra, and at one stage told us not to make a certain upgrade through them as it is much cheaper done after hand-over. We got all the contract and plans prior to signing everything. We took them home to read over them, although they were not really happy that we wouldn't sign then and there - he did spend about an hour going through the plans and contract.

We used their inhouse finance Resolve and our guy was excellent. I can not speak highly enough of him. He kept in contact with us, let us know where things were at, what the process was made that side of thing so easy. Our pre-start lady was great and the one thing we did question, because we were told it was included and apparently wasn't, she called the sales guy then and there and he said to put it in at no charge as he had said it was covered. I also questioned one other thing that she said couldn't be done, even though I had an email from the sales guy saying it could be so that was also included - again shows the importance of having everythingin writing.

Flooring was upgraded directly with the suppliers (we were told this would be the case as standard is vinyl and carpet with no underlay) and that was easy to arrange. Resolve guy also made it clear we would have to make progress payments and supplied us with what the monthly payments would be (I did ask for this) so I don't feel like we had any real surprises with that aspect of things.
In terms of the build there were a few things that could have been improved. The CLO would sometimes take a while to respond to questions.

We had some concerns with the roof framing and it took a long time to find out what the resolution was dispite requesting it on numerous occassions, and there was a point where no work was done for 6 weeks and that was extremely frustrating and no real reason given as to why. But we are really happy with our home - we love it. The quality is good, we had a external inspector go through it and he only found very minor things to fix at PCI.

There are areas that could have been improved. Particularly in terms of communication - but it wasn't too bad and we were provided with fortnightly updates once the build started. I also think they could have given a bit more input into things that would have worked a bit better (location of light switches, hieght of powerpoints - so they are just above tiles instead of tiles being out out).
Overall I would recommend my sales guy and finance guy and Homebuyers but would say to get everything in writing, ask lots of questions so you know exactly what is included in the package and what they mean by standard and how much upgrades will cost and do all this before you sign anything or handover any money.

+ design

- communication could be improved

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Questions & Answers

Looking at the homebuyers centre for our home.. can anyone tell me what is not included in the price? Naturally we will ask this at the meeting but want other peoples experiences too :)

Ps76 asked on Jul 07, 2017

Answer this

Hi, they are very open as to what is and what isn't included and you can select extras/upgrades at pre-selection (at a cost), something to think about is extra electric sockets, we had extras in all rooms and I believe it was far cheaper getting it done at that stage versus later on.
Also, the show home will not be standard, it will have the higher ceiling more likely, we never went for it, the height of the standard is sufficient. We did go for the extra coursework in the garage though.
One thing we did miss on the plan was the family bathroom not vented, would have payed extra at the time if we realised. You also get one nbn connection, we had it in the living, a bit pricey from what I can remember to get it in the theatre room.. When the Foxtel guy came we got him to put another line in and cost 150.
Also think about upgrading to a slightly wider front door, not much bigger but makes the difference for getting furniture in.
What's included: electrical points ( certain amount), air con, all flooring, all blinds, cooker/hob and hood ( we payed extra for more tiled splash back). Stone bench tops. Garage front roller door ( no back roller door). Doors/frames,ceilings and cornices painted. Paved driveway/path to crossover and front landscaping package. Alfresco paved ( we left this off and got a deduction as we wanted to put deck down).
Think bout the cost of the additional work/costs required, paving down both sides, crossover completed and back landscaped. Painting, if you don't mind painting, do it yourself and save quite a bit.
Hope this helps.

Hello, I am just at the start of my build,plumbing and electrical is just about done then the roof will be put on..i am having a massive freak out about my kitchen colours,i chose a stone grey for the cupboards and wish that i just gone with plain white.. i called HBC before the slab had even gone down and asked if i could change it but was informed that the build contract had already been sent to the contractors. Has this happened to anyone else?. It's the only issue i have with the house and it's making me feel uneasy about the build.

Hendrix asked on May 10, 2017

Answer this

Hi Hendrix

We had a few changes too but they were not cupboards. I would just ring HBC and request your home building supervisor's assistance to ask if approaching the contractor yourself is an option? I was nervous about my bathroom tile colours as well but after everything was finished the colours came together very beautifully. We accept compliments coming and I don't even hint I had doubts along the way. What you are feeling is normal but it won't be as bad as you are thinking if you fail to make the changes. Good luck!

Hello Casta,
Thankyou for your response,that is good to know that you also made minor changes. I will email HBC tomorrow and fingers crossed will be all good!

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone had included in their house package with HBC the upgrade to 900mm kitchen appliances? And did this include the range hood? We were told if we signed up by a certain time we could get the upgrade to 900mm appliances so we did and were then told we had to purchase the range hood (which you require for the appliances to operate safely..?). Would love to know if this is standard or if it should have been included. Thanks!

amfWA asked on Dec 20, 2016

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The rage hood should come with he upgraded oven. Free. Ask for ceased stone benches too if it's the kitchen upgrade for signing up. Ask for as much as you can as builind seems to have died down a bit


We would like to look into this further for you - If you could please email through your contact details (full name and best contact phone number) to [email protected], we will have someone give you a call to discuss.

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