Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Perfect bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2018

I bought a used scooter, 2013. making 35km/L, with just $5 you fill the tank. Incredible! Best scooter ever!! Don't make that crazy noise because it's 4 strokes! I'm very have with this scooter. And Honda is Honda, easy to find parts if you need... If you are thinking to buy one, Do it!

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Date Purchased: Mar 2005

Brilliant machine.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 16, 2017

My Scoot is the other love of my life. Scoot starts first go every time I need to start her, even if she hasn't been started in 3 months. Scoot is a great to ride when you are just learning to ride, my youngest son learnt how to ride on her at the age of 16 and he is now he rides a larger motorcycle, he still loves scoot. Scoot is a great run around vehicle, I use her to pop to the shop, she holds a lot of shopping. I just love my Scoot. I also drive a Alfa Romeo Spider, I love her too.

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Hervey Bay

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Date Purchased: Jan 2010

Long lasting economical masterpiece

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2017

I bought one of these brand new for my wife back in 2010 as it was a cheaper option than a second car, it is still going for her to this day and clicked over around 14,000kms as she rides it everyday to and from work and yes I have even snuck out on it on occasions for a bit of fun.
It does around the 60kmh but does struggle up hill a bit especially from a standing start but for her 14km round trip to and from work everyday it is a perfect option. It costs us around $7 a fortnight at most for fuel, we have had to replace one tyre and a bulb on the headlight and that is all we have spent on it. Rego is so cheap so taking that and fuel costs into account we run it for around $400 a year. The battery after 7 years is probably due for a change now as it is getting harder to start but with the kickstart option it isn't a necessity.
If you are in an area where 60kmh is the speed limit then by all means look into one of these type of scooters and if you are in a state where you can ride one of these on a car license then even better.
My wife had never ridden a motorbike/.scooter before we purchased this and I would say it took her about 10 to 15 minutes to get accustomed to it and to this day she still loves riding it.
I am actually surprised that there are not more of these around when you consider the running costs.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Lightest scooter you can buy. Honda quality.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

Smallest and lightest of the 50cc scooters. Light weight = performance and fuel economy. It's about 75kg
However its very limited in standard form.
It is a 4 stroke so it can't compete with a 2 stroke for performance, but it is a lot quieter, more refined, more reliable and long lasting and doesn't smell.
In standard form it wouldn't go above 57kph downhill.
Changing the variator and roller weights is simple and it will go 70kph downhill and it also launches a lot harder.
I am running 4g weights.
There is more power to be had with de-restricting the airbox and exhaust but this requires a re-jet of the carb so I didn't bother although these parts are easy to purchase online.
The CDI or engine computer is complicated and not easily replaced, this limits the engine rpm and thus the top speed.

It should be noted that most Chinese scooters use a copy of this Honda engine (GY6) , so a lot of parts are interchangeable.

Brakes are drum front and rear, and fairly poor. But adequate for the speeds this scooter is capable of.
They are linked which is nice.

Controls and ergonomics are all good. Mirrors are useful.

Rear rack is great for another storage box. That and the under seat storage is a lot of space for bags or shopping. I keep my helmet and jacket in there.

I'd recommend this scooter for the city or 50kph roads but it struggles around hills.
Parts are easy to get, and Honda dealers are everywhere.
very simple but very reliable scooter. I ride mine to Uni and its perfect.
It gave 2.1 Litres per 100km standard and 2.5 with the modifications.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2006

Not a racer but great value for money.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2017

I had a bright yellow one for around 12 months and it used up two tanks of fuel during that time as I only bought it as a backup plan for when my car was off the road plus a few Sunday rides out to cafes. I was told it may have had the 'restrictor' removed, and so it had a snazzy top speed of 57km/h on flat road. Even at that speed though, it feels quite fast as it is a tiny scooter with tiny wheels.

The only thing I can really fault with this scooter is that the auto transmission would clunk a bit when you first start moving, but I assume it was given a hard time before I bought it.

In response to some of the more negative comments though, the reason that this scooter isn't made like a Ducati or BMW is because it's designed to be extremely cheap. There is a lot of plastic, but when you're paying around $2000-$3000 for a brand-new scooter or motorcycle, you should be grateful to have plastic.
I sold mine in 2007 and I still miss it. If I were to get another one, I would think about getting a performance / gearing kit for it.

If you want cheap transport in the city, get one. If you want something to tease the Highway Patrol with, you may prefer a Ducati.

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Bullet proof

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2015

I got one one of these little rippers while living in north Qld it got me from A to B and the fuel economy was amazing not to mention the tough little 50cc motor, I kicked the guts out of this little unit by riding it in all sorts of conditions and regularly rode between country towns for work and it never failed all I did was hit it with the hose once a fortnight and as always with small plant I kept an eye on the oil, I looked like a circus Bear on a dinky riding it with my 120kg frame and wore the odd bit of fruit chucked at me from passing hooligans but it never let me down , its now being ridden by a sweet young thing in the Whitsundays with over 10000 on the clock wish they still made them

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Very poor quality junk scooter.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 14, 2014

we bought a honda nvs 50 scooter...utter junk,plastics are cheap and shoddy,small underseat storage compartment,low quality drum brakes, only 2.5 hp engine,very low top speed,as it winds out to 45 kph.max! and up hill it slows down to 28 kph.very disappointed in this junk scooter.all poor quality workmanship .i would not recommend this scooter!avoid it like a plague .as its the slowest 50cc scooter out their.

very disopointed in this scooter..... ya pay pea nutz ya getz monkeyz!!! as this is one cheapo scooter.$1999.ya! the writing is on the wall. i saw my uncle last week,he has a grey import honda nvs50 today,MMM! its even worse then the one i reviewed last has noname brand Chinese grade material .the tyres are poor rubber ,the horn barely works,the indicators have the wrong connectors,the suspension is like a pogo stick,the brakes barely work,very squeaky,the seat hinges are of plastic quality,the plastic casing is inferior junk,worst mistake that uncle phil made.and the kick starter is the only way to start this pippy scooter.and not to mention its lack of grunt and very poor performance .wrong choice phil

we hate this little scooter.way to small.tiny,puny,low end power,lack of grunt,cheap plastics,frame flexes and twist if ridden at 50kph. lack of up hill grunt,no passenger room,puny under seat storage ,a very basic scooter,could,nt be any more basic ,bare minimum ,drum brakes,built to a price!

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It ticks all boxes

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2014

Bought this bike as a bullet proof run around to take on my outback adventures. Of course I needed something to to fit on the back of my small 4x4 which meant either a honda today or postie bike. Most postie bikes are thrashed and as they cannot be bought new I started to look at scooters as another option. The nvs is one of the only scooters made with a back up kick start, has a huge comfy seat, lotsa storage and forced air cooled engine for cool running in an outback summer. All I needed was a good set of all terrain tires and better ground clearance for a winner. After a 4 inch lift and the addition of a snorkel (river crossings) this little beauty coupled with it's smooth auto trans will go anywhere a 4x4 will and places one won't. Can't make it up that steep ledge? Water too deep to drive across? Pick the featherweight up and carry it across and then hop back on your couch to keep cruising.

+ Classic honda reliabilty, kickstart, forced aircooled, great fuel economy, super comortable bucket seat, so much fun to ride

- Nothing at all for it's intended use. It didn't have enough ground clearance for my intended use and the airbox needs a snorkel to keep dust out but that's a personal issue

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Cheap plastic!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 17, 2013

Very cheap made scooter,for the $1900 pice tag you could get something alot better.Dont waste your money broke within a 2 months and bought brand new.Repair costs are around the same mark as scooter price.Also does not have a fuel gauge just a light.takes a while to reach max speed.

+ easy to ride

- no passenger room,55km max,small storage,very cheap build and breaks very easily

Purchased at: Honda Dealers

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 02, 2012

as a original scooter 8 out of 10 , as a modified scooter 9.5 out of 10 , and its clean 4stroke, is quieter than all other 2stroke 50cc, (even when its 90cc) :)

+ I reckon the today is a great little scooter easy to ride and you can get two on it if you arent fattys , :), You can get a aftermarket 90cc kit and 10klm performace pully, A differential gear set for another 10klm on top end, then its more ecconomical I get 70klms per litre now, although as oem 48klm per litre was good too.

- yeah indicator rear ext arms com loose, a pain haveing to take exaust off and new gasket every time to replace the rear tyre,

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If we upgrade it to a 90cc, do we need to get a bike license?

Hi all, just seen the thread. My partner has a scoopy which runs okay with the air filter off. when we put it back on the revs die considerably. any thoughts on whatbcould be wrong.

My first Scooter "Ruby" getting her off a friend this week-I expect adventures! TT

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2012

Thus far I have had four separate rides to 'start her up as Co-owner is out of town' rides and all fun.
They don't like steep hills. She is such fun tho and new job is a lovely 50km area 12km (one way) run so Ruby will be perfect. But can I fit in my assessment equipment to be a Nurse on the run? Will do an update posting in a months time.

+ Zippy, reliable and Fun.

- I will have to tame the ride to stay in the 55 km max output, Pollyanna it.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2012

It great Honda . i like all the honda products. it use less gas and strong and reason price. Honda today

+ I just got one in Cambodia it only $500 and the seller said it second hand use export from Japan. And i drive it in the city it move really great specially on the busy traffic it small and fast easy in traffic Jam ! Can any one tell me how many Km per lite of gas it use ?

- It don't have the stain side like when u need to park it short time u have to get off first to park .

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Up to now, how is the honda today? Give us a review , what year model is the your honda today? How many kilometer was it done when you bought it?

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2012

a very good reliable scooter in small towns where the speed is limited to there a alterative belt for this scooter.i have had a really good run with mine but it needs a new belt

+ cheap reliable transport

- nothing as yet

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2011

This was my first scooter & I loved it dearly. I rode it everywhere, even on 60k/hr roads in peek-hour traffic. It was a bit scary with it having a top speed of 55km/hr, but I did it anyway & loved it. You don't know you're alive until you've ridden a scooter in heavy traffic - if you survive the experience. Honestly this scooter is perfect for the beginner or those who just want to travel down to the local shops or in 50km/hr zones. If you want a scoot for anymore look at a 2 stroke which has more oomph.

+ Small size, perfect for shorter people, nice look, very reliable

- The 50cc 4 stroke is not made for anything more than back streets. There's no point getting it de-restricted it doesn't feel like it's got any power to spare

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2011

i usually ride a cbr600rr but got this bike to just get me to work in the city everyday. in comparison the today 50 is nothing like a real bike but value for money and lots of fun to ride, I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for easy and cheap comuting over short distances

+ Good acceleration, handles and stops well, quiet and very economical, lots of room under the seat, fun to ride, looks good and is cheap to buy.

- top speed of 55km, no passenger, suspension not very tough, no fuel gauge just a light when you're low.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2010

For the price, these things are awesome. I only bought it a few days ago, but am extremely happy. Can do 150km on 5 litres of fuel. With fuel prices the way they are, this is fantastic. Throw away the car!!

+ Easy and reliable to start. Helmet compartment under the seat is awesome. Good security with the handle bar lock and lock protection. Pretty good acceleration.

- Really should have made it capable of 60 rather than 55.

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Questions & Answers

where is the VIN number located?

danigalofre asked on Nov 07, 2018

Where is the battery situated please?

Shanti asked on Sep 13, 2018

Answer this

Under the floor panel, one screw holds it in, so once undone the battery will be evident as well as the fuses

What type of gasoline should i put in?

Lego123 asked on Aug 11, 2018

Answer this

I use unleaded 95 normally but have used 95 and 91 without any problems

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Engine Capacity 50cc