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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Dec 2019

Don't Do It!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 27, 2017

Don't do it.

I started this process 17months ago with South Morang. Their service was all over the place from day 1. Only there estimator [name removed] knew how to speak to a customer and actually did what he said he would.

The rest of them have been feeding me stories and lies ever since.

This build it taking forever. Months to get permits, months for frame, over 3 months to get the bricks done. The contract time is just about up and there isn't any sign if them getting on with the job.

So i go directly to Hotondo head office and they don't care and have done nothing to resolve the problems.

All i wanted was a schedule of what they expect to do when so i can have an idea of when they might get this place done. What i get back is "i will do it when I feel like it"

Then there's the quality. The builder cuts corners. Cuts corners on the engineering. Doesn't build it to the drawings and then hates it when i pressure it to be done correctly. Windows in the wrong spot...

Look at these reviews. This franchise has only been going about 2 years and it already has so many poor reviews.

So Hotondo Homes, don't bother giving me the same line that you do others on here about contacting customer support, iv tried that. Try putting up, for everyone to see, what your builder is going to do and when. That way everyone can see if you even care and that i might get this house built in a reasonable time frame.

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Stressedout,
Both the Support Office and South Morang team will continue to work with you as per correspondence prior to Christmas.
Kind regards,
Hotondo Homes

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Jul 2017

South Morang; South of the truth.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 05, 2017

After explaining our crappy start with another volume builder we were super excited and felt reassured that handing our deposit over to [name removed] was going to be a great move for our future. He assured us that we could supply our own appliances and use our family’s connection for Hydronic Heating and, verbatim, 'we won’t let you use a mate that's an electrician or plumber, but anything else won’t be a problem!' We briefly met the builder, [name removed], who seemed like a good guy. Prior to this initial meeting I had spoken with [name removed] at length and provided everything from the site survey and soil test to the dial before you dig report and the Yarra Valley Water service plan to ensure he would be well equipped for our meeting. He explained that site costs would be around $25K, no more than $30K and gave me a price on the house we were after. [name removed] went on leave and I was left dealing with a very curt and abrupt [name removed] who I'd speak to one day regarding something and then she'd call me the next to ask questions she'd received answers to the day prior. I'd then get emails requesting info she’d been given weeks ago. At one point I received an email intended for another client and it just felt like they couldn’t get themselves together and that they were very disorganised.

Whilst on the phone with [name removed] one day I explained that I would send over the specs for the appliances I was using and she said that they had their own providers and that I couldn’t supply my own. When I explained that [name removed] had said it would be okay she then told me that [name removed] was no longer with the company. Alarm bells starting ringing and I requested a meeting with [name removed], the owner of the company. I was fairly emotional during this meeting as [name removed] said the [name removed] was fired for lying to clients and that he was never going to work in this industry again as he had done this to two other volume builders. He said that I couldn’t use my own appliances because he had installed another clients pre-purchased appliances and they were pursuing him for warranty claims. He then said I could but he would charge me hefty legal fees for it. When I told him what [name removed] had promised he was very aggravated towards me, to the point where I was uncomfortable, and said ‘I can’t verify that he said that to you’. …Excuse me, but you’re now getting angry with me because you didn’t vet your staff member that you just confirmed was lying to all of your clients and you’re calling me a liar?! This is something I should have said to him and at this point I should have left but being there by myself, feeling slightly intimidated and having already paid the deposit I simply confirmed with him that we would still be able to start building by the end of the year, to which he said ‘absolutely’ and I got up and left.

Hubby and I decided that we would simply install our appliances after handover and see what kind of quote they got for the hydronic heating. This had already been a two month process and we had paid the deposit so let’s see what it comes back to us at. We finalised the floor plan and met with [name removed] for the colour consultation. [name removed] was lovely! We went through everything with her and we left only having to confirm some bathroom tiles, taps and sinks. It took us two weeks to get this information to her but she had the completed colour selection by mid-September. We were told from this point that it would be two to three weeks to get our tender back and we were back to being excited and started to slowly pack up our house. At the start of October [name removed] emailed asking when we would be demolishing the house so that they could do the final soil test. I said it was coming down the first week of November. By mid-October we had moved out of our house, and the abolishment of the Electricity and Gas were going to happen anytime within the next 14 days. I know [name removed] had confirmed that we would definitely start building before the end of the year, but nothing with this builder had gone true to plan so I emailed [name removed] explaining I didn’t really want to pull my house down without the tender and she said that it should be ready next week but that they had pushed my build back to the end of January 2017. I was gobsmacked! You spoke to me a week ago and you didn’t think to tell me this then knowing I was moving 50 minutes away??!! I emailed seeking confirmation and was told that they had prioritised other builds to go to site before ours and that our tender would be ready next week.

At this point I called head office to ask if this was normal; was it normal to wait so long for a colour selection? [name removed] listen to my whole story and asked me if I would like her to get the build date back to pre-Christmas and enquire as to why the tender was taking so long… I was worried that this would triple the cost of my house as they would be annoyed with me for going to head office with this enquiry so instead we moved essential items back into our house and cancelled the abolishment of gas and electricity. Lucky too as we didn’t get our tender back until mid-November!! We finally met face to face with [name removed], who turned out to be very, very lovely in person. Unfortunately that’s where the loveliness ended. We were shown an up to date version of our house plans - which neither of us had seen - showing changes that were required for things we had queried but assured were okay, incorrect cabinetry layout, different ceiling heights... What the hell had just happened here?! Add to that the fact that our tender came in $150k over budget and we were beyond annoyed. I swore at this point and was told 'That's okay, I've seen much worse!' ...Great, so you do this a lot to your clients do you?!

We had a contingency plan as we knew there were a lot of variations but it certainly didn’t stretch that far. What killed us the most was the fact that base price of the house had risen $25,000.00, in addition to the extra sq we added on and our site costs were now miraculously $50,000.00! In the two months it took to get our tender back they had also fired [name removed], our colour consultant… The benchtops that were meant to be standard were a cat 2, the wall colour we picked ‘Yes, we can do that colour but we can’t guarantee it will be the same shade’ and there was something like an extra $40,000.00 in cabinetry costs because the style of cabinets we chose had to be vinyl wrapped, all unbeknown to us. The clincher; while doing our colour consultation we asked [name removed] the owner, personally, how many bathrooms were included in the promotion and he, himself, said two - but guess what... Only one was included! So basically the whole six months was a huge waste of time having been misled or lied to at every stage. I deserve and should pursue a refund for the initial deposit but I just don't feel like I have it in me to fight them for it...

Reading this back, we look like fools – we should have opted out long before we did but building for the first time is definitely a learning curve and we have both learnt very valuable construction and life lessons from this. I suppose that’s one thing to be grateful for?! I wouldn’t suggest building with these guys, increasing site costs to increase profit is disgraceful; though apparently the norm from what I’ve read. All I can say is be wary and trust your gut. Good luck with your build!

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi NatB, We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your Hotondo Homes experience. We always aim to deliver the best possible building experience for our customers and take this kind of feedb... read more »

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Aug 2017

And this is why one should rethink 'Building'!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 28, 2016

(We chose our Builder using this Site, so its only right that we give our Feedback now that we are done with them). So we get told by HOTONDO SOUTH MORANG that the Hillgrove Design Home with 'mid to high end everything' will see us get change out of $350k (and that included Demolition costs). So we bulldoze our House and get Soil Tests and pay the $2.5k Deposit and then get totally stuffed around for so long that the Lease we took out on our Rental would have long expired had we proceeded, and when we eventually get the Contract ...... Shock Horror its an extra $150k+ (so $500k+ including the Demo). Suffice to say we bailed, lost money, lost our House and lost all respect for them in there aside from the two girls that did the Drawings and the Interior Designs who we really good. Never again - lesson learned, don't trust them, and if you catch them out they'll blame others and you the client (like they did with us)!!!!

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Gary, Thanks for getting in contact with Hotondo Homes. We take negative feedback very seriously and are sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. We have looked into the reco... read more »

Hi Hotondo Homes. Thanks for your selective recall on WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Most variations were known prior to the initial estimate, subsequent variations would have seen the 'change out of $350... read more »


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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Oct 2016

Hotondo sales team were fantastic but do not build with Hotondo (Cardinia Homes) Pakenham Vic

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2016

We found the Hotondo sales team terrific at the display home in our local area and we were happy to contract with them, but when we signed our contract and started to deal with the local builder in Pakenham was when our nightmare began. There were excuses for late starts like the drafting had to be outsourced to other companies, then the draftsman was on leave, then holidays were upon them blah blah, finally got our drawings and began excavation but the house build was too close to the easement which influenced the angle of repose, more delays and more costs more excuses for something that was foreseeable.
Then they took so long that the Colorbond colour was no longer available so we had to re-do the whole external colour scheme. Then even more time went by and they went through three different tile suppliers so we had to re-do our entire internal colour scheme again (three separate times). Some tradesmen took up to 5 attempts to fix their mistakes and dodgy workmanship. Missing paint work, then walls and skirts were so far out of whack it was embarrassing to look at and yet they said it was within standard and I had to argue to get it straightened. Bricks along the strip footing were laid on edge facing out and more than a few without mortar so that surface rain water would flow straight through the three holes in the bricks and the gaps without mortar and then directly under the house where my garage, workshop and poolroom were. This was industry standards by their reckoning and again I had to argue to have it sorted, what a joke these people are to have such disregard for the customer and their standards of workmanship. As far as I am concerned they could no manage simple chook raffle let alone $500000.00 home build. Trades were promised to turn up and weeks and sometimes months would go by without anyone striking a blow or finishing the job. The list of dramas, incompetence and dismal workmanship go on and on. They tried on more than one occasion to have large invoices paid before the jobs were completed, in fact they were not even started! Review your variations carefully and insist on checking quotes with your variations to show they only apply the correct builders margin.
Stay away from this Pakenham builder and get someone that is competent to build your dream home.

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Brett, Thanks for getting in contact with Hotondo Homes. We take negative feedback very seriously and we're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. We'd like to discuss this... read more »

Hi Hotondo, there is not much else to do as we have the house now and I do not have a complaint against yourselves but it is exclusively for Cardinia Homes. I thank your wonderful sales team though and would recommend you again but not the builder.

Just had a call from the builder complaining that I complained, ironic really.

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Construction End Date: Aug 2017

Too expensive and unprofessional

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2016

Paid $4400 for a tender from Hotondo Homes in Nowra only to come up with a ball point figure of well above what my expectations were. I had asked for an itemised tender when the manager said that they never give itemised tenders and that it will take too long. Well I did wait up to 5 months for this and they came up with a ball point figure?????. Something which I find odd as every builder
the years do itemise their tender and so it should be if in case you feel it can be reduced at certain point to suit your budget.
I find this to be unprofessional. And to tell me at my last meeting with the Manager that I will make a lot of money on this, is really none of his damn dam business whether I sell now or in the future!
Well, at the end of the day none of us are going to "make a lot of money on this" as my bank wouldn't lend me their construction cost. So who is the smart one on this one ???

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Michele, Thanks for getting in contact with us. Our records show the builder discussed the project with you in regards to your specifications in detail. The team offered alternative solutions ... read more »

That is incorrect. I wanted remove from the tender cost was the landscaping and the driveway and the reduction cost given to me was a figure of only $11,000 when the driveway itself would have be... read more »

Hunter Valley

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Construction End Date: Oct 2015

Terrible, terrible, terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2016

Very dissapointing experience. All potential customers should be aware that your contract is with the franchise builder for the area not Hotondo. Our builder, left the area mid way through our build and did not renew franchise. We contacted Hotondo and while they did try and contact the builder they had no effect and that was all they did, no other assitance was provided. Would recommend going with a large builder eg Mac Jones, Metricon etc. One name to be protected and contract directly with the company.

Fair Trading unable to assist - builder licence not renewed so cannot under take work now anyway.

90% of our defect items remain incomplete - despite many of these being included on 2 independent reports from [name removed].

Workman ship build quality - structure ok - finishing poor

Build management - very poor. Builder dis organised tried to blame sub contractors/others. Very poor communications and dishonest not/up front

Service and support - virtually non existent.

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Geoff, We're sorry to hear about your experience. This builder is no longer part of Hotondo Homes and as the company has been deregistered, you can now make a claim against home warranty insura... read more »

We have spoken with hotondo on two separate occasions already regarding this and no help can be provided. We have already prepared and submitted our claim with home warranty insurance some time ago... read more »

Harrington Park

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales

Hotondo MacArthur Disgraceful

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2016

We have just finished a build with Hotondo homes in the Harrington Park area, although the build did start well the lack of communication from supervisor to client was non existent, I found myself calling the supervisor weekly asking for updates.
Mid way through the build is where the majority of the issues happened. We were continuously delayed by waterproofers and tilers only to be advised by the supervisor weekly that the trades were booked in and than to be let down was quiet frustrating. After raising concerns continuously with the supervisor with no result I seek further assurances that my issues will be raised and atleast considered with the owner of the MacArthur franchise, his dealings with myself onsite I found him to be quiet arrogant, dismissive and down right disrespectful to his clients needs and at one stage telling myself to grab a paint brush and paint the downpipes in which I was not happy with the quality of only being only half painted, again the communication from the owner was disgraceful and to go with it a bad attitude.
Here is a list of just a few issues we have with our Hotondo home:
-Quality of brickwork and compliance issues
-round downpipes being painted as close as possible to brick work leaving white unfinished pvc pipe visible.
-Bedroom doors and robes binding on carpet
-internal garage door still not installed.
-broken electrical box lid.
-defective painting throughout home inclusive of plasterboard patching and joints in ceiling.
-Discontinued stone in kitchen. Having to downgrade, I spent endless weeks searching for stone without the help of the supervisor at all.
- kitchen bench has been built to high. Our freestanding oven is to low and sits lower than stone.
- kick boards to kitchen not cut to size for installation.
- scratches/chips to aluminum Windows
- Cleansliness of home, final clean was messy at best. Instead of cleaners returning to site the supervisor and owner returned to clean the home to leave just as bad.

In conclusion I would not recommend Hotondo homes to anybody, in our dealings we have found them to be disgraceful with the lack of communication, empathy, attitude towards myself and wife, the lack of finishing details provided to us with certain things within the home and the fact it took 9.5 months to build a single story home with no landscape, driveway or finished floors within the home showed Hotondos lack of time management and unprofessionalism.



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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Daniel, We're sorry to hear about your negative experience with the team from Macarthur. We do take this kind of feedback very seriously and would like to discuss this further. Please contact o... read more »

I have contacted head office approx 1 month ago. I did not recieve one return phone call from you guys.

Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Daniel, We’ve looked into this matter and our records show the builder contacted you on the day you raised a concern with the Support Office. Our builder has met with you on several occasions i... read more »

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Sunshine coast

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland

Dodgy builder and poor franchise management

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2016

Build workmanship and quality was terrible, in fact deemed defective by QBCC with 24 separate repairs required. Franchisee builder went broke as Hotondo did no checks prior to allocating franchise and builder had licensed cancelled 8 times previously. Hotondo wiped everyone that was building with them and provided no support or customer service when they were fully involved with the franchised builder. A terrible experience building with a franchise that offers no certainty or security purchasing through them.

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Pcow, We're sorry to hear about your negative experience with a previous franchisee. We take negative feedback very seriously, so if you would like to discuss this further please email customer... read more »

2 years later I am still trying to get my house certified through Council. Hotondo kindly phoned me after this review to provide fruitless advice about ringing the statebuilding commission and they... read more »

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria

Real world experince building with Hotondo

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2016

I would have liked to write a review with the heading "well done guys, love your work, thanks for building my home, stress free" like the other reviewers. Unfortunately, my experiences tell a different story, subsequently resulting in trust in the Hotondo brand being non existent.
How many times have you heard the phrase "the dog has eaten my homework"- welcome to the world dealing with Melton Hotondo. I think I have heard every single excuse in the builders handbook, I've even had personal assurances and 100% guarantees. I am 8 months into a 9 month contract and I'm still waiting for the 'lock up' to be completed. Enough said!
Be warned- tread warily.

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Hotondo Homes Official

Dear Test321, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with Hotondo Homes in Melton. We have contacted our Melton franchisee regarding your experience to dat... read more »

Hungry dog update. Thinking that a company which invests in marketing their brand could provide 'assistance & support', I took up Hotondo` offer and made contact. The 'dog has eaten my homework, a... read more »

Hotondo Homes Official

Dear Test321, We've reviewed your file in accordance with your comment. Our records show Customer Care has assisted in resolving the issue, you met with one of our managers and have been communica... read more »

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Build Location: South Australia

Hidden costs but no refund

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2012

After getting what I thought was as acurate a price as possible prior to visiting the site, I signed a preliminary agreement with Hotondo Homes in Port Lincoln and paid $1500. They then informed me of
another charge of several Thousand dollars for Tradesmen accomodation and meals. When I stopped the project, I received only $1100 refund. If all the charges were revealed up front as was supposed to be the case, I would not have signed the agreemnet or made the payment. Neither Hotondo Port Lincoln or the head office will resolve this issue. I say, "Why take the risk, there are plenty more builders around."

- Not wiling to take responsibilty for a misleading quote

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Build Location: New South Wales

Hotondo Homes

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2012

We have had an absolute nighmare building with Hotondo on the Central Coast NSW. It took us ages to get the design of the house right due to poor communication between the sales lady and the drafts person. Once this was finally sorted out it was another 4 or 5 months to get through council.

When construction finally started the slab was poured incorrectly and then a section of the slab was required to be jack hammered out and then was left exposed for over 2 months before it was fixed.

The frames for our 2nd floor were ordered incorrectly. When the frames finally arrived 4 months after we started and were erected, it was noticed that the frames for the 2nd floor were wrong and didnt allow for the correct exterior cladding. Due to extensive delays to fix this problem we had to change the entire exterior look of the house.

The problems just went on and on, pipes not placed correctly by the plumber, so not consealed in wall cavity and false walls were needed to be built to cover these, toilet plumbing not it the right place, warped walls, gutters not level so dont drain properly, and the list keeps going.

Very poor communication between us and the office. We usually only heard from the office when there was a problem, or if they were chasing their next payment before the due dates.

Very minimal supervisor contact and in the early stages it appeared very little supervision or very poor supervison due to the amount of problems and avoidable errors that occurred.

We still have not got our keys yet, but already have a large list of things that we know will need fixing due to mistakes and also poor workmanship.

We definantly would not reccommend them to anyone. We expected paying top price for a house such as ours that it would meet the promises made by Hotondo of excellent quality and finishes, and value for money but it is very far from it.

The nightmare continues..........

+ Design

- bad workmanship, bad service, poor communication

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15/5/12 - We finally got our keys 2 months after the origional promised handover date due to a dispute of variations they wanted us to pay and we did not agree with. We ended up paying the money un... read more »

The house is sorted now. only good thing about them going bust was the builders warranty insurance kicked in so we did not need to deal with them anymore. Head office was useless. They did not want... read more »

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Very dissapointing building experience

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 09, 2012

Received flash brochures about how professional Hotondo Homes builders are, no hidden costs and what great service they offer.
Unfortunately, hardly any of the promoted items on the brochure were delivered.
I was not advised that all household items (kitchen, lights, carpet etc.) was costed on lowest possible price. I would call this a hidden cost.
I felt that my satisfaction and expectations came in last while the priority was always the convenience of the builder.

- Hidden costs and poor warranty service

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Verified Customer Build Location: Queensland Construction End Date: Aug 2017

A disappointing and frustrating building ex perience

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2018

NB: the comments below are specific to Hotondo Homes Sunshine Coast (Matira Dev.) and should not be generalised to other Hotondo Home franchise holders. They have been crafted in good faith to enable prospective clients to perform their own due diligence in relation to the construction of their new home.

How was the workmanship and build quality of your property?
• Mixed, some parts were excellent such as most of the painting, tiling, flooring and carpentry.
• Other aspects were poor such as an uneven floor resulting in crooked window/sliding door, gaps under door (where there should be none), blocked sink, crooked and chipped tiles. These 'defects' along with the poor presentation at handover, gave an otherwise good job a sloppy, un-professional feel. This also fueled anxieties about what other aspects of the build might not have been done properly (for which we might become liable) or nasty surprises that might greet us at a later date i.e. when selling the house!
• Design decisions were difficult due to the lack of transparency around pricing/tendering process (design decisions are financial decisions and visa versa). Initial design/specification session was chaotic and disorganised leading to issues later on in the project as per below (see comment below re: kitchen cabinets).
• Design decisions were reinterpreted or misinterpreted due to lack of process around these. E.g. kitchen cabinets finished in black instead of white because our preferences had not been properly documented.
• Internal steps are unsafe despite being built to code and will have to be replaced/revised by ourselves because the contractor says “they are to code”.
• Have spent 100s $ post-build re-configuring site to ensure that when it rained, water flowed away from house rather than toward it as per care instructions for waffle-pad constructions.

How well managed was your build?
• The build ran over time by 2 months.
• Above quality issues reflect poor project oversight. Never sure who had oversight? The contractor or Site Manager?
• Our project was put on the back-burner while the contractor focused attention on the new show home in Pelican Waters - questionable task prioritisation and time management?
• Communication (esp. by way of email) deteriorated as build progressed - become more confused and disrupted e.g. contractor spent most of time on mobile phone during site visits rather than discussing the build with us the clients who had driven two hours to attend the meeting.
• Site visits were poorly planned and unfocused (as per above) e.g. not structured purposefully as an opportunity authenticate of stage completions prior to payment and discuss outstanding construction issues.
• Poor documentation of variations and inattentiveness lead to errors.
• Deceptive, sloppy paper work/invoicing/tendering practices. E.g. Initially, supplier quotes and contractor’s mark-up were seldom included in final quotes - were often well-above the market price e.g $11k for a driveway which we had re-quoted and installed for $5k. Correct invoicing and quoting provided eventually but only after these were actively sought by us. Not billed for some items (after we asked to see the invoice), were incorrectly billed or not refunded for others e.g. cavity slider and door payed for but not included in final build.
• Contractor adopted an adversarial approach during times of conflict as per below.
• Completion and handover was mismanaged and became adversarial due time over-run and contractors unwillingness to commit to completion date (while still demanding final payment). Forced to seek advice from QBCC and requested that Hotondo head office intervene to enable us to take possession of an (incomplete) build due to our having to move out of existing home (despite having organised 90 day settlement to accommodate time over-run . NB: Hotondo head office were very professional but ultimately sided with the builder saying that people sometimes take possession then default on the final payment. Although sympathetic to this scenario - we felt a bit insulted by the implication that we were being cast as one of 'those people' esp. when it was the contractor who had failed repeatedly to meet their obligations and in accordance with Queensland's Code of Ethics for the Building and Construction Industry (2000).

How was customer service and support?
• Contractor appeared unaware of obligations under the terms of Queensland's Code of Ethics for the Building and Construction Industry (2000) which emphasises the importance of ‘trust’, ‘cooperation’, ‘equity’ and ‘honesty’.
• Started out good but deteriorated as build progressed consistent with a business model that privileges 'sales' over 'service'.
• Notable Imbalance between ‘sales and service’, ‘strategy and operations’ in favour of sales and strategy. E.g. construction of the show home was bumped ahead of ours, which was already underway and paid for, Hence, the show home, although started after ours was completed sooner and completed too a much higher standard.
• Trust in the relationship was compromised by the contractor telling mis-truths, sloppy business practices and over-quoting (? to re-coup losses associated with mistakes made during the build .g. wrong frames ordered, damage to termite barrier, wrong window installed). Trust was completely destroyed when the contractor went behind our backs to contact our mortgage broker seeking information about our financial situation after we refused to pay for unfinished work (on the recommendation of the QBCC and HIA contract). Up until that time, we had always paid promptly except for work that had not been done.
• As above - aggressive in pursuing payment for incomplete work.
• Seemed inadequately informed of some common building products e.g termite protection, the terms of HIA contract and National Construction Code (2006) relevant to the build e.g. the need to provide variation orders, correct tendering processes, retaining walls and storm water management, respectively.
• Because of the domineering stance taken by the builder on occasion, we felt at times, that it was not our home but someone else that we had funded!

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Hotondo Homes Official

Hi Carole34, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. We take this kind of feedback very seriously and are concerned with your review. The Sunshine Coast team are one of our award-w... read more »

Chirnside Park

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Dec 2016

I wouldn't build another house with Hotondo Lilydale Vic

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2017

We had built a house by Metricon before and this one with Hotondo has not been a pleasant experience.
Quality of the building awful. They forgot the gas point, TV point, Toilet fan. They forgot to put a two way switch for the stair light. They had admin issues and could not finish the house on time and kept blaming the weather.
When they came for fixing issues they left a mess on walls that needs fixing. They have not come back to finish. The manager is a complete disorganisation. Can write even more...
To be fair they were flexible with changes at the beginning and they offered changes for good without extra charge.
After build care? There were some holes near the cabinet that allowed a mouse to commute in the house. I did not bother calling them as hopeless and fixed it by a handyman.

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Hi Rez, We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your experience. It is very rare that we receive negative feedback and take this very seriously. We would like to discuss this further with ... read more »

As you see here the issue for now is pending maintenance issues that I have to chase the manager for with no answers. If you message them about this that would be enough for now.

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Hi Rez,
Not a problem, a member of the Lilydale team has contacted you and will be able to assist.
Kind regards,
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ocean grove

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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Dec 2016

Substandard tradesmen

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

Plumbing in wrong places in the slab (e.g.toilet and shower plumbing in hallway), brickwork not to Aus Building Standards (should have been replaced but we agreed to partial replacement and cement rendering of the front), concrete floor in garage delaminating (after 12 months it has now been repaired and coated but this now seems to be coming off). There were many other smaller faults which were fixed before or after handover.

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Hi Geof, We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your Hotondo experience. We take this kind of feedback very seriously and would like to assist where we can. Could you please contact our C... read more »

When we were having the problems while building the house I contacted Hotondo Head Office and was told Hotondo have no control over their builders as they operate franchises - and I should take the... read more »

It seems the Hotondo PR man agrees that Hotondo have no control over their builders - not much point in referring all the people with complaints to the customer care dept I would think.


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Verified Customer Build Location: Victoria Construction End Date: Oct 2016


2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2016

Hotondo Ocean Grove trading as Geelong Building Solutions. Workmanship on our house was very poor. Build was badly managed. Customer support ? What customer support. Just a nightmare. Take my advice. Do not build with Hotondo Ocean Grove. Get in touch with customer care at Hotondo Head Office and ask about the Director at Geelong Building Solutions. Franchisee at Ocean Grove. You will soon realize that Customer Care is no help. They will speak with you, send emails etc, but do absolutely nothing. If in reading this review you want more details on how badly Hotondo managed our build please contact me by sending private message. And if you have unfortunately signed up employ an independent building inspector. For a very small cost the inspector will make 3 visits. At frame stage, lock up and final handover. And speaking of handover, do not handover any money as progress payment until that stage is completed to your satisfaction. We have paid in full and have the keys and are finding defects every day. I will update this review if rectifications are done, however, do not build with Geelong Building Solutions or Hotondo Ocean Grove.

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Hi Jim, Our customer care team has, and continues to work with you throughout the process of your build. As you’re currently in your maintenance period now is the time to make note of any issues ... read more »

We do not appreciate the fact that when the supervisor visited on Monday to inspect the problems with the skirting boards which have to be rectified prior to carpet installation, he agreed that som... read more »

Customer care team has done nothing except a few emails stating that they have been away all week at meetings and attending a conference. It's all about excuses. Hotondo is a very damaged brand now... read more »


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Build Location: Victoria

Perfect until the move in and maintenance

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2014

We built with hotondo ocean grove in 2013. We decided to build with them as they were so prompt in getting back to us with prices and the amendments we had made. Meetings were always scheduled around our work hours which was fantastic. Constantly updated through out the whole build process which was great. The big problem we had was with our site manager. Unfortunately this ruined the whole process for us and very little care factor after receiving our final payment cheque. Still chasing up maintenance after a year of living in the house which is still constant phone calls with no response- this was all meant to be done within the first 3 months of moving in. I wouldn't recommend hotondo ocean grove as I now don't see any difference in customer service or maintenance to your general companies like metricon or Burbank. Also after a year of making weekly phone calls it gets far beyond a joke!

+ Great process right through the design and build period

- Site manager, very little care factor after keys handed over, so many phone calls with no call backs, to much time has been spent trying to track down people to get things fixed.

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Hi SAP1988, We’re extremely disappointed to hear about your negative building experience, especially after such a great start. It is rare that we hear these types of comments as we know the quality... read more »

All problems now rectified and people came out to finish the last of our maintenance - only 9 months over due but better late than never. It was amazing at how quick things moved along once we ment... read more »

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Build Location: New South Wales

Hotondo - Blue Mountains, Your Local Bodgy Builder

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 04, 2012

In the beginning we got the smoke and mirrors, the fake smiles and all the assurances in the world that our experiance with this so called local builder with a great reputation in the local community will be pleasant, professional and easy, Nothing was too hard for them! However this is only untill you are commited financially then this behaviour changes, We made our first set of payments and got our DA out of Council and then started having (initially small) problems and then finally when our builder had most of our money at the lock up stage of the build that's when the "we don't give a [censored word removed]" about what sort of work our tradies are doing in your house" attitude started!
We ended up waiting almost 12 months for our house to be built on a so called 190 day Building Contract and after months of arguments with the Three Stooges being (our site Supervisor, Construction Manager and our friendly local Builder himself) We come to the conclusion that Our friendly local builder and his sidekick ex wife are one of the best artists we have met in our life, They employ bodgy,substandard tradies who for obviouse reasons arn't employed by any of the major home builders in NSW. The end resoult is a very long list of things that we paid good money for that are not done at all or half done or are sub standard in anyone's terms or have simply been damaged during construction and not rectified. All the promises by our Supervisor and Construction Manager during construction that all issues will be rectified ASAP very quickly turned into excuses and half assed attempts to justify poor and substandard workmanship when our friendly local builder himself got involved. Oh and he does not give a about what the two other (before mentioned) Stooges have been promissing to rectify for the past 12 months. Overall this has been a very unpleasent experiance that I would not recommend to anyone.
I have build two other houses in the past 12 months with a larger Sydney project home builder (who is not without faults and shortcomings) however compared to this so called home builder it was a pleasant walk in the park !!.

+ My experience with this builder was reasonable only up to the point of the first deposit paid by me and Council DA approval, from there on it was downhill !!

- Dishonest, Manipulative, No pride in what they build, No Customer care and above all no quality in their workmanship or end resoult !!

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Hi Lechsince1689, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with Hotondo Homes in the Blue Mountains. We currently have no record of these concerns, and we wo... read more »

Oh, Look at this... 15 months later and they finally care about what their franchise's are doing !! How about you contact your friendly local Hotondo franchise in teh mountains and get my detail fr... read more »


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Builders are not builders just head contractors!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2012

We contracted to build our prestige dream home under the Hotondo barrier. We did not realise this meant locking oursleves into Hotondo's cheap and nasty components. Everything from cheap bricks to cheap kitchen. Poor quality paint. Droopy door handles, plastic cisterns the list goes on. We have been 'renovating our new home at the builders expense for the last six years. To be fair the builder has attended our home on many occassions but his fixes are mostly bodges. Buyers need to be aware that builders these days are merely head contractors. They employ whatever so-called tradies are available at the time you are intending to build. There is no loyalty shown by tradies to their head contractor who may be unemplyed again after their current job.

+ We thought we would have the protection of a large company.

- Read the above comments.

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Verified Customer Build Location: New South Wales Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Investment Home

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2017

I have built many homes but this has been the best experience I have had. The whole process from start to finish was handled by efficient, friendly and quality conscious professionals. Everything ran to plan and the home was finished on time and with no alterations needed. Well done to the team at Hotondo Kempsey. I will certainly be using you on my next build.

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Hi Collin, Thanks for taking the time to review Hotondo Homes. We're glad to hear you were so pleased with your experience with our Kempsey team. Thank you for your great recommendation. We're loo... read more »

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Hi. Has anyone built with Hotondo Homes Sunshine Coast? Any feedback would be appreciated, good or bad. Thanks BJH

BJH asked on Jan 10, 2018

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We built with Hotondo Homes Sunshine Coast (Matira Dev.) in 2017. I am about to post a full-review so watch this space!

We have just moved into our new home that was built with Hotondo... I cannot say a bad word about them! We made the move from Sydney to Sunshine Coast & Alyssa & the team at Hotondo made the whole experience very easy! For such a huge move & also building a new home we didn’t feel any stress at all, they helped us make decisions with ease & were always quick to answer any questions we had...
Now that we have moved in we are also very happy with the finished product & love our new home!
It was also a very quick build which helped us get here before Xmas & settle in

We are currently completing our build with Hotondo Homes (Matira Developments). We are extremely pleased with our choice of builder. The entire process from design to build has been seamless. Alyssa is very knowledgable and consistently goes over and above. We are interstate also and Alyssa has always kept us updated. The quality of the workmanship and fittings is excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, and will definitely be building with them in the future.

Has anyone built with Hotondo Homes Melton ( Darvale Homes Pty Ltd)? Please share your experiences.

Hafiz asked on Oct 17, 2017

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I built with Darvale Homes (Hotondo) 3 years ago.
The process was one of the easiest to go through. Darren and Vesna run the business flawlessly. From the initial consultation with Darren, he stepped us through all aspects of the build and also linked us to a mortgage broker. The build itself was extremely smooth with only 1 minor issue that was corrected early on. Darren ensured that all the products used were of a very high standard and overall, we were ecstatic with the result. During the build at frame stage, I requested a change, which was readily accepted and I was able to add my own details as applicable with no issue from Darren. Any and all communication initiated by me was promptly answered to my satisfaction.

I then returned to Darvale 5 months ago to have an addition/modification completed as their quote came under an initial quote from another company. Once again, Darren excelled in delivering a fabulous product.

I have recommended Darvale to a number of colleagues and friends, and will continue to do so. I don't intend on moving any time soon, but if I was, I would definitely be choosing Darvale to build with again. And again!

I moved in to my new Hotondo home built by Darvale Homes in July 2017 ( 3 months ago) I have included my initial review completed after handover. Since moving in I have no reason to change my anything in the review but would like to add that the "after sales service" is also excellent. I did not put an Exhaust Fan in the Butlers Pantry, first time I burnt the toast off goes the smoke detector. Contacted Rob who put me in touch with the Electrician who wired the house, job complete and matched to the existing exhaust fans in the house.

I have never written a review before but believe poor service should be condemned, good service expected and excellent service praised.
The people at Darvale Homes may believe they are in the house building business but in reality, they are in the customer service business and in this instance the service has been second to none.,
I have just moved into my new Hotondo home built by Darvale Homes Melton and the journey through the process from pre contract negotiation to completion has been great.
Anna Maria who understood what I was looking for, found a plan to suit my needs and the block of land to suit the plan. She then put up with me as I altered bits and pieces here and there, offering her suggestions along the way, many thanks Anna Maria.
Darren who is straight up and easy to work with, offering professional advice along the way on many things and going beyond the call of duty to in helping to sort out items I had not considered at contract stage. But most remembered fort the following (Ron if you mix this you will not like the result, referring to my initial plan for the butler’s pantry and he was right the finished product is excellent)
Vesna, quietly in the background, getting progress payments squared away and always willing to take a call when others were not available.
Then these was Rob, Rob the building Supervisor, always willing to take my calls, meet me on site, explain the progress or answer my concerns (I resided 1.2 k from the construction site so was on site just about every week.)
Rob picked up on things I did not see, explained them and had them rectified, I would not like to be the Tradie who tried to short change Rob. How good was Rob, on day of handover at 5pm he would not sign off until the muddy footprints had been cleaned off the driveway so went and got a pressure washer and at 6pm was cleaning my driveway. Thank You Rob!!

Hey Fon,

Really appreciate your time in writing some details.

I have made up mind to go with them. See I go with them and will share my experience later.


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Hi what's the lowest price house you can offer in blue mountains area ie how much to build basic house ?

Fiona J asked on Oct 12, 2017

Answer this

Hi Fiona,
Thanks for getting in contact with us. Because we are a national building franchise you will need to speak to the local builder directly. You can contact Colin Duncan and his team by visiting
Thanks - Rose

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