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3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 13, 2010

The model I purchased was the s3480a for $1300 AUD in June 2008. It was to be for my wife as she liked watching HD TV without the ads and she loved it. Very stylish, cordless keyboard, mouse and remote. Uses it almost every day and it did the job with enough grunt to play some games at low to medium setings. Sadly the tuner card one day decided to refuse to display digital tv and the graphics card fan decided to make itself noticed. I have owned several PCs and notebooks and none have such as a high failure rate than HP. (the other HP I owned was the TX1001au tablet notebook - now a brick)

+ Looks very stylish. Excellent media centre PC for our theatre room - wife loves the remote.

- Hardware failure rate. TV Tuner gone after 16 months, Video card fan gone after 22 months - only 1 year warranty.

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