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Hydroxatone Declatone and Bellaplex scams

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2017

Ad popped up while I was on Facebook. I filled in my details and cc details, but decided not to go ahead with it, but couldn't delete my details. Next morning anews aggressive saleswoman phoned me and kept on about the free trial, so I secumbed to the deal of 2 products. I was also offered a free product. She said it could take a few weeks for them to arrive, so after I received them I had 30 days to trial them. Then she pushed for me to agree to trialling more products and I said NO. Soon after I researched them on the net and found the neg ative comments, I sent them an email saying I had read the terrible reviews and they were not to take money out ofor my account without my authority. I received an email soon after that the products had been shipped. The day after I ordered the products I received an email from them stating cancellation of my orders and that I still had a remaining balance due of $139.90 x 2 which would be billedl to my credit card on file. I had already put a stop on international payments (I had been scammed by a Chinescapable company recently). I phoned my bank and I was told they had tried a number of times to take different amounts out of my account. I was also advised to cancel my card as the next step for them would be to take money from my account via Australia, so I cancelled my card. Shortly after I received a call from there and I told hem I was very angry that they tried to take money from my account 1 day after I ordered and I hung up the phone. I received the products 2 x 2 full sized. I was going to return them to a place in Melbourne and then I decided that I wouldn't and I sent them an email saying if they wanted their products they would have to send me the postage, because I only ordered the trials. I have a landlines that I don't use much as I prefer using my mobile, but I have seen many missed calls from overseas. They acted very deceitful trying to steal money from my credit card the day after I accepted a trial. I also never received the free product. They definitely will not receive a dollar from me.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 21, 2016

MORE unscrupulous marketing tactics....the offer begins with a FREE trial just give us yr credit card for the $1.99 postage charge but well before the trial is over u will receive yet another delivery. Yr credit card will be charged for full price & if u attempt to return the packs it will cost dearly back to the States, they then offer various discounts to appease but I threatened them with our Aust. Fair Trading laws which quickly turned to an apology with no charges. U will need to stand yr ground & not compromise as they r well aware of the consequences. Good luck!

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Wonderful product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 17, 2014

Have been using Luminique for just over a month and can't believe how the quality And pores of my skin is so fine ,have used so many other creams in the past but this is the best by far so my indulgence now will be Luminique cream and toner. And will certainly spread the word

+ The way it made my skin so much finer

- Nothing really Only wish I could buy it more often

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