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Not what I was sold on.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2015

Have been meaning to write a review of my experiences for some time now.

Firstly the lady that I spoke to [name removed] at the Brisbane office was awesome. Really made me feel at ease with the questions and trying to get a feel for what I was after. Unfortunately we had a miscommunication about one issue which didn't help.

My biggest problem was the time frame and lack of communication. Took about 4 to 5? weeks after paying the first part of my fee to go on my first date. Unfortunately because of the miscommunication we were not ideally matched and my date said right from the get go I was totally outside her age bracket.

Then i waited for two months without communication from Ideal, other than a phone call to get the second half of my fee.

I rang up to find out what was going on and they told me it was difficult to match me because I don't want children.

While I understand that, If I had been told of this originally instead of being told to expect 1 or possibly 2 dates a month I wouldn't have signed up.

Long story short, Great people to deal with, but for me unable to deliver on their promises ,and when they have your money, they have your money with no hope of refund.



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Ideal Introductions & Match Makers Official

I have left a message for Adam to phone me directly to discuss his situation. I am waiting for a reply.
Sincerely, Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

Ideal Introductions & Match Makers Official

Whilst Adam did receive service, we have now processed a refund in good faith as we felt looking at his updated criteria it was extremely hard for him to have service of the standard we like to pro... read more »


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Expensive and disappointing

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2015

I am finding the process demeaning, the communication lacking. I spoke with one of the ladies last week who told me I need to be more realistic, then came up with a match who was 9 (!!) years my senior. I was told that men in my age group were really looking to date a woman a decade less.
I have now spoken with others that have had a very similar experience. This is not a rout that I would recommend!

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Ideal Introductions & Match Makers Official

I have contacted this client personally, briefly chatted over the phone in reference to her first date concerns within the agency. We have a scheduled appointment for next week for a face to face ... read more »

Ideal Introductions & Match Makers Official

Well our meeting happened as planned which is great. After speaking in depth I discovered the following feedback from her first introduction. A nice date spending 2 1/2 hours together having dinner... read more »

Questions & Answers

What is involved signing up with your service ?

Tuesday asked on Nov 07, 2018

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Hello, Please phone our office 32200171 and we can have a 10 minute call with you and explain briefly our process. Kindest regards, Linda Prescott.

Hi there, can you recommend an agency in Sydney who provides the great professional service you do? Wonderful reviews.

Sam C asked on Aug 06, 2018

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We had a gentleman from Sydney inquire a while back who asked the same question as yourself.
At the time I phoned a few different agencies and the stand out was “Rose” at “Your Perfect Partner” (
I asked her some key questions and she seemed genuine and she truly cares for her clients.
I hope this helps you.
All the best!
Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

How much are your fees fir women to join?

Sandra P asked on Jun 02, 2018

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Hi Sandra,
Thanks for your question.
Our fees vary depending on several different aspects.
You are best to phone us directly, have a quick 10 minute call so we can understand your personal situation and give you a more accurate indication.
To give you a bit of idea right now, the following plays a big role in the Level of Service that will be best suited to yourself.

Criteria - How easy you are to introduce to our current database and what type of person you are looking to meet or is best suited to yourself. For example the stricter you are with criteria or if you are in a demographic where there are more women than men, or you have certain criteria that makes you a little harder to match that will play a big part in what service is going to work better for you. IE the more selective you are, the more matching time required as the Dating Pool is smaller, so generally higher level or Personalised services are required.

Support - Are you going to prefer to have a Personal Consultant, working one on one with you. They will give you Feedback and Evaluation prior and after your introductions to ensure you are really comfortable and knowledgable in the Dating process and putting your best foot forward...
Perhaps you have that aspect completely covered, and simply want to be put in contact with like-minded people. Some clients are happy to work with a Team of Matchmakers as their criteria is broad and quite flexible, relying on our suggestions.
Time Frames - The length of Membership and time frames between introductions differ from each service.
Hope this helps somewhat.
Kindest regards,
Linda Prescott. Director Ideal Introductions.

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