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Date Purchased: Oct 2018


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2018

I suffer for Hayfever for the last 10 years.. Every spring my face and my eye swell.. Its terrible..

Recently, someone recommended me to try air purifier.. After some research I found innovaair. Its just like magic, after a few days I bought the innovaair I let it runs for 24hours.. My Hayfever symptom all gone..

This air purifier is my savior. I have 2 units now 1 is the E8 for my room another e20 for living room.

I highly recommend this unit for Hayfever sufferer.

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Date Purchased: Aug 2012

E20 AirClean the best air cleaner but!!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2018

No doubt this air purifier does as it is intended. After six years of using the E20 it is has been excellent. The only down side is the cost of the pre filter at $50 a pop they only last 3 months in my case. I would suggest that this is their life in any situation an air purifier is deemed necessary in spite of the manufactures claim of 6 months. I am looking for an alternative pre filter material to make my own as their is a limited market for a third party to manufacturer to make and market as such.

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InovaAir Official

Hi Garry, Thank you for your review and glad the E20 has served you well over the last 6 years. We have a database of thousands of customers and on average the majority replace the pre-filter ... read more »

It runs 24/7 when dust is noticed settled surfaces I inspect the filter which has a build up of dust and dirt 3-4mm thick. Replace the filter and all is well for the next 2-3 months. I don't have a... read more »


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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Nov 2017

Fantastic filter

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2018

Purchased the E20 and absolutely love it. Great quality unit, all steel construction and long life filters. The air smells really clean and I am definitely sneezing much less. At first I found it a little loud at night but I got used to it after only a couple of nights and now hardly notice it. It actually makes my tinnitus less bothersome as it is a really gentle ‘white noise’. Am going to move this unit into the living room and buy two smaller E7 units for the bedroom.

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Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Life changing purchase. This review is for the DE20 plus, same machine as E20, just electronic cont

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 27, 2017

After developing respiratory problems that were worsening but for which no cause could be determined by my doctors eg. no allergies detected,I decided to investigate the usefulness of air filters in helping to at least halt the deterioration of my health.
i looked into various options at department stores but found little evidence of efficacy, also the high cost of consumables and concerns regarding availability parts and service in the future put me off making an impulsive decision.
A quick google led me to Inova Air, an Aussie owned company that manufactures in Australia. Upon calling the customer service number I spoke at length to an extremely knowledgeable and helpful young man who after determining my family's needs (large home, major highway nearby, dust and asthma symptoms) recommended the DE20 Plus.
The price was a little more than I anticipated spending but the facts seemed to stack up, coupled with excellent reviews so I made the purchase over the phone, this was late in the day so my unit was despatched next day and delivered to Melbourne from Sydney the day after with no hassles.
The machine itself is very well made and unobtrusive in design, I simply had to lift it out of the box, fit the hepa filter then plug it in.
The customer service person recommended we leave it running 24/7, on full speed during the day then turned down at night for maximum effectiveness, we use the "express clean" function during and after vacuuming and on days of poor air quality. It is quite noisy on maximum, level 20 but around level 12 is quite tolerable and the night time function level 5 is whisper quiet.
My health has improved dramatically, my partner snores less, we both sleep better and wake up refreshed and clear headed, I no longer use asthma medication, I have not had a cold or cough since purchasing the unit, I am keen to see if this continues through winter, as I normally catch everything and end up bedridden for a month or so each year, if things continue to improve i doubt this will happen again. I have the unit blowing toward the bed at night and I find I no longer wake with a dry sore throat.
The air in our whole house is fresh and noticeably easier to breathe than other places now. Mystery smells, dog odour and cooking smells are no longer an issue and dusting is easier as less dust settles with ongoing use, extra vacuuming and dusting has helped to speed the air cleaning process up,I feel sure.
My son unplugged the unit overnight without my knowledge, I found my throat sore and felt fuzzy headed upon waking but all symptoms cleared up once the unit was running again.
We have decided to purchase another unit for downstairs and will buy smaller machines for each of the kids rooms as the budget permits, meanwhile, we simply move the unit around to where it is needed most at the time and . this works very well, one machine could easily suffice for our 35 square home.
I will replace the Hepa filter sooner than the recommended 6 months as it is very grimy and yukky after approx. 8 weeks use, the main filter lasts up to 5 years, so the ongoing cost of running is quite reasonable.
Life just keeps getting better now my health is improving again thanks to Inova Air, I fee less anxious about living in close proximity to a large highway and my family seems happier and healthier, which i attribute to breathing clean air in our home at last.
I can highly recommend this company and their product, my DE20 Plus has been life changing and it has done exactly what I hoped it would. Thank you Inova Air.

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Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Perfect air

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2017

I dont have allergies but certainly a dusty house and have bought a couple of air purifiers that were highly recommend from store and they did very little.
I stumbled upon inova air purifiers and purchased one recently and it actually works.
Early days but impressed with how effective it is.
Certainly not cheap but i think well worth it.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Best air purifier on the market

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2017

After doing very thorough research and getting a recommendation from a healthcare professional I trust I was led to the InovaAir AirClean E20. I am so pleased I took the time to do the research as the product that was recommended to me at a leading household whitegoods store doesn't even do the job that it is supposed to as an air purifier. The InovaAirClean E20 is without doubt the best product on the market. Within an hour of setting it up in my room I could notice what a difference it had made to the air quality and noticed a significant reduction in symptoms overnight.

The team at InovaAir are clearly the experts when it comes to air purifiers, their passion and knowledge when it comes to improving indoor air quality is second to none, and they have thought of absolutely everything to develop a product that is non-toxic and low EMF. I can't recommend the InovaAirClean E20 highly enough

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Dec 2013

A great solid and efficient unit

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 16, 2017

An excellent and well built unit. Has made a big difference to my home in a coal city. Now it's nearly 4 years old, the only thing I've done is to replace the pre-filters each 6 months as recommended and with an occasional vacuum of the exterior. It is clearly working efficiently as you can see the dust the filters have collected. The unit runs all the time on a medium speed - in my living area it is mostly not noticeable. A solid unit that works efficiently. My hay-fever has improved and the house smells fresh. Excellent!

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Sydney, Australia

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2017

Life changing product!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 15, 2017

Was a bit of skeptic when it came to air purifiers but decided to give it a go on recommendation from a friend who already owns one. I initially purchased the E8 system for my daughter’s bedroom as she is asthmatic and we live close to Sydney CBD so the air quality isn’t great. The difference it made was incredible, her reliance on medication has reduced significantly. A month later we purchased the E20 Plus and this system is now covering the rest of our apartment. We can also see less dust on our furnishings, the air has a noticeable fresher smell, it’s hard to explain but our apartment doesn’t feel as stuffy and has lost that "Urban, city smell". Overall a great Aussie company to deal with, couldn’t be happier!

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Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Grateful these are available !!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 14, 2017

Excellent product I have had mine for over 1 year now and run 24/7. With a serious respiratory condition this system has improved my quality of life significantly. I operate in my living room during the day and move into the bedroom at night. The quality is second to none, being fully Australian made and from all safe materials which was important for me, as they don’t use plastics or foams in the construction -filters are also all steel. The pre-filter results in the main filters life lasting up to 5 years - I change mine every 5 months and they are quick and easy to access as the system has latches on either side.

The reality is you get what you pay for, while these systems are more expensive than cheaper imports they live up to their promise to filter the air to medical-grade HEPA standards.

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i have no facebook account

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Date Purchased: Apr 2017

Disappointing to say the least.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2017

I purchased two of these (E20 Plus) for a small three bedroom home.
After six weeks the air flow reduced quite a lot, so I checked the pre filter
and it had about two centimetres thick of dirt on them. I replaced the pre-filters and six to seven weeks later the same thing happened. I was told by the company to look at six months before changing them before I purchased the units. This has proven to be incorrect in my case. At $50+ a pre-filter this works out to be $800 a year to change the pre-filters, this is ridicules. In the same week as I purchased these units I also purchased a SEBO X4 vacuum cleaner to assist in keeping the house cleaner so the Inovaair E20’s did not have to work so hard.
This is the cruncher, I also purchased a laser particle meters from the USA for measuring air quality. These two Inovaair E20’s fail miserably in areas with traffic to keep the inside of the house particle count down to an acceptable level. I then made a home made unit, I purchased a fantech commercial fan, and made a housing for it, and placed some fantech filter material in front of the fan, my home made unit supplies me with an acceptable level of clean air according to the particle meter – so the verdict is, they do not move enough air to filter efficiently in my home, my home made unit was one third of the price and gives me cleaner air, go figure. So any one else saying that these units are good, I must ask, did they use a laser particle meter in their house to actually provided facts! Over priced for what the do. They need double the air movement, and to me, what a waste of money, they are not cheap. Also one unit when I unpacked it, the four wheels were falling off, so much for quality control. My time over again, I would never have purchased these. My home made unit gives me much cleaner, so why is this, well I put a decent fan in it, so it moves plenty of air.

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InovaAir Official

Hi chip, I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy with your purchase. I’m not sure how the dust levels in your home are so excessively high as to result in a buildup of 2cm or 20mm over a 6 week period. G... read more »

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Date Purchased: Nov 2016

InovaAir E20 Plus (with 6kg carbon)

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 01, 2017

I bought the unit (E20 Plus with 6kg of activated carbon) hoping it will get rid of smoke from incense and cigarette (coming from the neighbour) but it’s not quick enough to clear the air and get rid of smell. For a 20sqm room, it takes about 1hr (running on full speed) to notice the difference. By that time, we already have inhaled a lot of the smoke. Although still better than nothing.
I don’t mind the noise but for some, it can be noisy on full speed.

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InovaAir Official

Thanks for your feedback. What you need to keep in mind in an apartment situation is there is usually an exhaust fan in the bathroom which is creating negative pressure so you find that air is bein... read more »

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Be assured, these are great

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2016

It's that time of year. Out of hibernation comes our InovaAir E20 air purifier. We have had this unit for at least five years now and it has provided us terrific service. The previous owners of our home had gas bayonets (LPG) installed so we naturally purchased a gas heater. Never having had a gas appliance before we naively purchased an unflued unit. Every winter time I would suffer a persistent dry cough and I just wrote it off as living in a different climate and being around sickly people. Somewhere along the line we learnt of the harmful effects of these heaters and began to research our options. Although the unit was around the $1500 mark it was the most economical option for us at the time, even if we were gambling on it achieving a satisfactory outcome. We not only have the Hepa filters but the optional Carbon filter which is the key to removing the toxic pollutants created by the burnt gas. A quick light Dyson of the pre filter a few times a season is the only maintenance I perform and the main filters are still fine to the best of my knowledge. The control knob failed within the warranty period and the factory were helpful and the machine was returned and repaired satisfactorily. I cannot speak highly enough of this machine. Its the real deal.

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Every Home Should Have One

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2014

This air purifier is worth it's weight in gold. I have had the E20 for almost 4 years now. I live in the country but for most of my life have suffered from airborne allergies including chemicals.
This is even effective when there is background smoke in the air from forestry burn offs.
No more coughing and wheezing, gasping for breath or blocked sinuses. It has changed my
Quality of life.......it's now breathe easy and I seem much less vulnerable wherever I go.
When I am able to I am going to buy an E7 for hotel rooms when I do trips to the city so I can
Breathe in comfort while I'm away.
Next home I move to will have an innovair ducted system installed.

+ Effective within minutes of turning it on, solid construction with no out gassing required, reliable, value for money, energy efficient

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the best thing we ever purchased

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 25, 2014

we have a E20 and an E7- absolutely brilliant- we can smell and feel the difference. When we are out- it goes on full bore. When home- down. We have less dust in the house and no more pet odour Expensive but well worth it for the great health benefits

+ everything

- can be noisy- but who cares- leave it on at night in the lounge room full bore. Half on in the bedrooms

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Excellent product - I could not be happier with the results

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2014

InovaAir came recommended to me by a doctor familiar with my allergies and chemical sensitivities. On moving into a brand new home, the off-gassing caused considerable problems. It is located in the inner city, therefore near main roads and building sites adding to the pollution. I deliberated as the cost needed to be taken seriously. I looked at other brands available locally to become familiar with these machines. In the end, I decided to trust the doctor's opinion and I also liked what I read of the E20, and the information from InovaAir was very helpful.

As it turned out, the InovaAir cost less than what seemed to me to be less well-made units of inferior quality.

The proof really was in the pudding. Within a couple of hours of putting it on, the air quality was markedly better and lighter. I felt much better inside.

After leaving it on for a day, there was no rush of chemical smells when you open the front door. That smell was so strong and has all but disappeared.

It is a great product which delivers on the claims made. I only regret not going ahead sooner. It is also very easy to set up, arriving almost ready to switch on.

Some final points, the metal case and appearance are streets ahead of the others that I saw, and it is Australian made. It is also very economical to run. There is a great deal to be happy about!

+ Excellent air quality results; great customer service; economical to run; solid, attractive unit; well worth the cost

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Very Impressed

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 31, 2013

I actually bought the e7 but i don't see an option for that one so i thought i'd comment in the e20 section. I'm sensitive to dust, chemicals etc and noticed that when i went to bed at night and turned the light on, i could see lots of dust in the light beam. I figured it was coming from my bedding and maybe the floor carpet. And i thought - that's not good to be breathing that in all night and i did wake up feeling choked up in the mornings (the bedding materials are natural fibres but they still release alot of small particals). So after looking around, i found the e7. I like the fact that the company (inovaair) uses metals and paper as the materials they use to build their unit (and filters) instead of plastics and other toxic materials which have the potential to leach. I was wondering how effective it would be because of the size of the unit (it says it covers an area 20 m2). But it's all i could afford because i'm sick and not working. I have to say that i am very impressed with the effectiveness of the unit. My puppy sleeps with me in bed every night so there is dust from her coat as well. I put it onto setting 1 from about 6pm until i wake up in the morning. I have found that over a couple of months, generally i don't feel like my breathing is as laboured during the day and i my lungs are more tolerate to pollutants i may be exposed to during the day. I figure that my overall lung loading of small particals has reduced because of the e7. When i go back to work or can afford to, i'm going to buy a bigger unit and probably the duct system. I think it was excellent value for money and excellent quality (it's made in australia). I also like the fact that when i firsted opened the box it came in, the unit didn't have any strong chemical smell that you often get with new appliances and the likes these days. On setting 1 the e7 uses about the same energy as an energy efficient light bulb which is ok, and the noise of the unit is low.

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I bought one of these a couple of years ago. I have a single storey home in a National Park so sometimes the air is full of pollen. I am also asthmatic I cannot recommend this product highly ... read more »

there was some confusion with my updated review. i did an update since i have been using hte E7 for nearly a year now, and productreview.vom.su deleted my original reivew. then i asked them to put ... read more »

Like you Leesa my E7 is fantastic. Ive been using it for a few months and swear by it. I actually bought my daughter one last month too as she wakes up every morning all stuffed up and sneezing. Af... read more »

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 25, 2012

Great product. Expensive but worth the money. I bought it to reduce the pet smell from ferrets in the house and it has eliminated all smells and more !

+ Ultra quiet, not a toy. Good range of setting and large space coverage.

- Pricey.

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I suffer from extremely bad seasonal hay fever. Every year around end of November to early December I become extremely sick. I was so bad that I used to leave Melbourne Victoria for four weeks to e... read more »

Questions & Answers

are these air purifiers easy to clean? what's involved?

Giselle asked on Jan 10, 2018

Answer this

So simple. There are 3 airlets that in my case build up bit of dog hair thats to big to pass thru which i brush off with my hand or vacuum every now and then.
In terms of filters themselves all you gotta do is undo 2 latches, lift up casing from base and replace outer prefilter ( velcro) which from memory is around every six months. Filters themselves just lift out. So easy

Very easy, unclip cover and replace pre-filter, cuts down on dusting elsewhere too as it's all trapped, not recirculating.

Besides the obvious health benefits of the air purification, does the e20 make a noticble difference in reducing cleaning/dusting?

Kyle asked on Apr 18, 2014

Answer this

I can't answer this with certainty and scientific precision, only my own impressions. I am quite allergic to common allergens like dust mites, mould, chemicals, emissions and so on and there is no doubt about a big difference in breathability when it is left on.

As for the cleaning factor, I can only say I think so. I hadn't thought of it before but there is little dust in this apartment. As we are in the inner city with building sites on all sides, this is remarkable. It is also very different to the situation in the serviced apartment we stayed in for a couple of months before moving here. It was about two suburbs away, further out from central Melbourne where the air should have been cleaner, yet it had a strong, visible daily dust build up. That building was only 18 months old, this one is 6 months old.

All up, my hunch is that it keeps the dust levels right down. I hope that is helpful.

Our house has always been fairly dusty. It's not so now. There's still dust deposits on shelves etc but not so much now and we don't clean / dust as much. Also, I can see it deposited on the carbon filter which needs to be cleaned regularly. Breathability wise- it's wonderful!!

How much is the E20? Are they available in Perth? And if not,how can I get one?

Janie asked on Aug 25, 2011

Answer this

Hi Janine, mine was posted out to Melbourne by courier. It was circa 1500$. There is one on eBay for 500$.....if you get them to post it or arrange your own courier....http://www.ebay.com.au:80/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160642417584&clk_rvr_id=259561794456&item=160642417584&lgeo=1&vectorid=229515

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