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warragul, vic

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Dec 2015 Drive: 4WD

Isuzu canopy

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2019

the Isuzu canopy is no good , after 3 years the side glass on the r h side of lift up window started to come out of holder, Isuzu would not fix it as canopy is warranted for 3 years or 100,000 km, the repairer told me the frame is buckled and needed a new one. so I will have to keep window closed.not good enough when vehicle is 5 years warranty ,I had it back to Isuzu a few times to stop it leaking .

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Aug 2009 Drive: 4WD


5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 11, 2018

Without doubt the most genuine workhorse out there , if you want refinement get an Amarock , if you want reliability and an engine capable of 600k , D Max all the way , I had the first one 240k still on original clutch , rotors and only replaced pads once towing 3 ton regularly.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2017 Drive: 4WD

Great Outback vehicle, simply great.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2018

We use the Dmax as our only car. We have altered it slightly by adding a canopy and a few extras for outback travelling. But we also use it for normal driving as it is a four door and it is quite comfortable. It is economical on fuel, even when towing a Caravan offroad. It is a great workhorse and will go where many other trucks breakdown. The price is better than a few other vehicles in the same range and it also has a capped service for 5 years. We have had no problems with it and although large it is a dream to drive.

Purchased at: Isuzu Dealers

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-M Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Feb 2018

Quite simply a great ute...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 04, 2018

Bought mine at 60 000ks old. From original owner in absolute immaculate condition.

It's now done 104 000ks. I do about 1000 ks a week, with approx a 600kgs load, and absolutely 0 major issues to report. Which was my main reason for picking the dmax. Reliability.

I will now list some of the annoying relatively small faults with it:

Suspension is crap with a load. It's obviously built for comfort. But by 100 000ks mine were truly sagged (inverted) and even before that it was "floaty". Recently had that replaced with aftermarket and it's now awesome.

The Bluetooth handsfree is terrible. Other people struggle to hear you. Oneday, I may look at an aftermarket headunit.

And thats about it really. Interior is holding up really well, looks brand new really, when I clean it. No unusual noises/rattles or anything starting to appear. Very happy.

I'll be sure to keep servicing it regularly and from what I've experienced so far, and seen from others with higher K utes, I expect to get at least 400 000ks of relatively trouble free motoring out of this ute.

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Newcastle, NSW

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: SX Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Apr 2018

Love it! Great ute for this price range

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 06, 2018

My D-Max ute is the 2018 space cab 4x4 auto tray back – the one with rear wing doors for the back. It’s my new work truck. For a work truck, I think it’s a beauty! It has a solid feel to it on the road, goes and stops well, and is nice to drive for a ute. The power is fine, and being auto it’s easy to drive and better suited to the diesel than a manual gearbox in my opinion. I’m averaging 8.3 litres per 100kms and that includes commuting in heavy traffic, and then general driving, but no towing or loads. It’s easy to see out of, and my truck has a rear camera (essential) and a rear window demister. Some spec sheets say these are not fitted to the base model so check this out when you buy one. The stereo is fairly basic, and there is no GPS or Apple connectivity other than Bluetooth. Cruise is fine, as are the other controls. Disappointingly, it doesn’t show the outside temperature, minor I know but I miss that. The front seats have come in for some criticism and although I find it comfortable to sit in, I do find it uncomfortable after an hour of driving. The back seats, or jump seats, would suit people who you don’t want to talk to again! But, they’re legal for adults to sit in so compared to walking they’re still handy. Best thing is that’s where all your gear goes. One thing though, you have to close the front doors pretty firmly due to the movement in the rear opening doors – there’s no pillar of course. If I were in the market for a dual cab 4x4 then this would take some beating for the price.

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Wando Bridge

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Jun 2016 Drive: 4WD

Best truck on the market

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 10, 2018

These vehicles are built to last,I know of allot of farmers who had Rodeos and ran them around for 10-20 years in the paddock so to speak, with minimal problems.
The D Max is basically the same thing.I regularly tow 3 tonne trailer and its still good on fuel.
currently at 60000km after 2years .

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Ute Cab: Space Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2017

The Hardware is Great, Software Needs Work

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 07, 2018

I'll say from the outset that my 4 previous cars were new 4wd's (2 Hiluxes followed by 2 Tritons) and this 2017 D-max is easily the best of the bunch. But that's not to say there weren't issues, both initially and one current....

My previous 2013 Triton had the so-called "hi-power" 2.5L diesel but that engine was hopeless under 2000 rpm - turbo lag and virtually no torque to get you moving etc. So when D-max shopping, I first test drove a manual version to see how the engine pulled, esp at low revs. And it was wonderful in comparison. Its new 6 speed transmission easily pulled off the mark in 2nd gear and the clutch pedal was half the weight of my previous Triton. It's heavy clutch and lack of low speed engine torque meant you were constantly using the gear lever to "row" it along like a boat and it was killing my left knee in particular.

I'd always been a bit of a "die-hard" for manuals but I've conceded they don't work so well with "short-breathed" diesels and determined to go with an auto this time. When first considering buying a D-max, I was frustrated at how much the 2 different dealers and sales staff I consulted didn't know about the car. Since the D-max had a new 6 spd transmission in both manual and auto, my first question of the manual transmission in particular was, "Why?" I found the engine to be especially torquey so I then asked if it was because it had 2 overdrive gears (the "holy grail" of transmissions). All replied in the negative. A week or two later when I finally received my brochure in the post and was reading the specs, there it was - 4th gear was 1:1 ratio. That meant 5th & 6th were both overdrive, in manual and auto.

My real dealership frustrations concerned genuine Isuzu accessories. They couldn't actually show me a vehicle fitted with any. When I asked detailed questions about the hard tonneau cover (2 different locking systems) and the sports bar (was it a single welded unit or less desirable bolt together job), no-one knew and they had no close-up photos available. As it turned out, I ordered the wrong locking system for the tonneau, which should've been a moot point because they also didn't know at the time that the hard tonneau cover wasn't available in the Spacecab version I'd ordered. Since the contract was signed, without checking with me, they sourced an after-market version but with the same locking system that I specifically didn't want. And since I was no longer getting a factory hard tonneau, I could've then sourced an aftermarket custom sports bar in the welded style that I wanted, IF I'd have known. So yeah, some heated words were exchanged with the sales manager.

Anyway, I've had it nearly a year now and it's generally great but I've had an issue with the new 6 speed auto transmission. I should say an issue in conjunction with the cruise control. I read reviews before I bought the car and knew there were criticisms that the new auto had a habit of hunting for gears, esp around 70-80kph.

A few months back, I was driving unfamiliar country roads in the foothills around Dungog, NSW. Despite the winding and undulating roads generally being a tad narrow and sometimes rough, the speed limit was 100k's but I was more comfortable setting the cruise control at 90. The issue was when I hit some hills. I don't mean overly steep or anything, in fact, I'm confident my old manual Triton would've handled them with minimal speed loss at best and without a downshift. But ok, this is an auto. It rarely selects 6th gear anywhere below 90kph so I'm driving predominantly in 5th or less. So I hit a hill steep enough to drop a few k's on the speedo, and the cruise control isn't having any of that. But instead of shifting down one gear (4th), it makes with its most annoying habit of shifting down 2 gears.

So there I am on an unfamiliar road, approaching the top of a steepish hill and not knowing what the road's like over the crest and doing some 87kph when this insane car selects 3rd and applies full acceleration to get back to the set cruise control speed. The engine's roaring at over 3000 rpm and my heart's pounding as I'm stabbing madly for the brakes. It had done this before when I was cruise controlling around town at around 70 kph. Of course the engine (3rd gear) wasn't spinning nearly as fast and I shrugged it off as 70 probably being on the low side for a 2 tonne car in cruise control. But this...? I pulled over to catch my breath. It happened a few more times during the trip before I decided to dispense with the cruise control and just drive it.

Frankly, I think the issue is more to do with the engine management system (computer) than the gearbox. The reviews I read pre-purchase said the new manual gearbox is made by Isuzu but the auto is from an outside supplier (name long since forgotten). I can understand what's happened.... Isuzu were about to release a new model and, to meet that deadline, they've rushed the new auto into production before it was fully sorted. Every manufacturer has been guilty of that before.

It's now nearly a year later and I'd like to think the issue has been resolved. It's first yearly service is coming up, and since I do think it's to do with engine management, I'll inquire about any software updates or fixes. Or whether it's just my particular vehicle. But the engine itself is just superb after the Triton. As an adapted light truck engine, it's not quite as refined as some other makes. Idling, it sounds a little bit like an old farm tractor compared to some others but the thing I love most, especially with my full tandem trailer on the back, is that it *pulls* like a farm tractor.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: May 2016

A good ute

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2018

Ive read the reviews here. Interesting. Such diversity.
I've owned 4 x 4wd's (Hilux's and now Dmax) and grew up with Toyotas including Troopy's, 80 series wagons, 3 x Hilux's between 2001 and 2015, 75 series utes and 100 series Wagons in my family. My last 4bie before the Dmaz was a 2004 SR5 TD Hilux. I loved it. We did trips to Simoson, Cape York and other outback areas and Fraser, Moreton nad Bribie regularly.
I like the Dmaz best.....not because its the latest.
Ive had it now 2.5 years and 40,000k's and have used it towing and offroading. It is my first auto and I wont go back to a manual.
Its been ultra reliable. It uses way less fact it uses less fully loaded and towing our camper compared to the old Hilux. Not a single reliability or warranty issue. WAY cheaper than the competition and really.....has everything we could want while appreciating what gets us home....reliability.
I dont understand many of the negative reviews other than to suggest there are many happy owners who dont post.
I included my history to show what my experience is and what I expect.
I recommend a Dmax.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-T Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jul 2018 Drive: 4WD

Before 1000km fantastic - after 1000km terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 27, 2018

Bought the MY18 LS - T dual cab two months ago. Up until 1000 km it was fantastic. It felt as though you were floating on a cloud as you drove down the road. But exactly at 1000 km the ride became terrible. It felt like you were driving down a corrugated dirt road on smooth highways. The vibration was felt through the steering and brake pedal as well as the cabin as a whole. When you spoke it sounded full of vibration. Isuzu service centre looked at the vehicle and blamed the Ironman bull bar fitted at delivery without fitting the heavy duty suspension. Isuzu said i had to wait one month for them to look at it and so I booked it in. They did the 3,000 km service but didn't fix any of the warranty defects. I had to book it in for them to order parts and fit them; this will take another month's wait as they are far too busy. So I'm left with a vehicle that is not pleasant to drive because of the vibration, body rolls around corners and under brakes. It's also causing me knee problems on long drives because of the vibration. Toyota service are never too busy to attend to your vehicle up here in Cairns but Isuzu are just too busy. I bought this DMax because it got great reviews and reviewer said they had great customer service; but I now know you can't believe all the reviews. In hindsight I should have got a Hilux.
I'm getting an independent assessment of the bullbar and suspension and will up date this review if it improves the performance of the vehicle. But for now I would not recommend the MY18 Dmax.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS X-Runner Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Apr 2017 Drive: 4WD

Worst car I have ever owned

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2018

Been back close to 20 times for various faults and most of them
Still have not been fixed . Worst choice of car I have ever made . Almost 70000 on it and have had nothing but issues with Isuzu . Every time I take my car for a service it comes back with damage to it . At what point can you get your money back for a lemon car ? A car worth $56k to buy is apparently worth under 30k 18 months later and made to be my problem and loss . Please don’t make the same mistake as I did people . Fuel economy is false in there stats also . Buy a ranger or lux

Purchased at: Isuzu Dealers

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2011

A great ute

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 18, 2018

WE love our d-max that we have now had for seven years. It is totally reliable and is just great and does every thing that we ask of it. The only replacement parts have been front shocks beside replacement tyres and normal servicing. We tow a tractor on a two ton trailer and it handles the job with ease.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Ute Cab: Space Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Mar 2018 Drive: 4WD

Good quality build but seriously uncomfortable

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 31, 2018

I purchased my 2017 LSU as a demo model in March this year. It had been sold to someone else who traded it in on a Toyota after 6 days of ownership because of his back problem. I have now covered 22,000kms. The ute is well built and reliable. It drives well. That said, the poor quality blue tooth is a problem with people that I call telling me that they can barely hear me. If I press my nose against the windscreen when driving, I can just carry on a telephone conversation. The worst feature is the lack of comfort on the seats. People who tell you they are very comfortable are just exaggerating. I have owned four other utes and the Izuzu is by far the worst comfortwise. After a 300km journey you are like a cripple with back pain and a sore backside. I do a lot of kms each year and this has become a real problem. I actually wrote to Isuzu, received a nice but totally unhelpful reply. I recently spoke to my mechanic who does my servicing. His words were "Isuzu are a well built and reliable vehicle but they lack the refinements of other 4wds in the market. They are not quite there yet. " I can only agree with this view. Will I buy another Isuzu? Well, the jury is out on that one. Regards Bob

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Gregory Hills

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: SX Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jun 2018 Drive: 4WD

Strong reliable Ute And easy to put fun 4x4 Accesorys and and go explore.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2018

There is a lot a like about this UTE i considered buying a used UTE for carting some heavy loads out to the property , my original thought was just a basic Ute , however i did a full shocks and suspension upgrade and found its actually very capable 4wd as well.
Compared to the other Utes even the current LSU version it has not much tech i think only traction control. but it no less capable on hill descent jut using i1gear (sports mode).
It tows well, I have had it loaded to 1tonne payload plus 750FG trailer in tow , it gets a bit heavy on the juice but its to be expected. However Car does not miss a beat with all that load no creaks and no uncomfortable feelings when going around bumpy bends.
Its just a champion Ute.
I plan to do a bit of offroad stuff soon and update this review than.

Purchased at: Private Shoppr

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Gold Coast

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-U Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Oct 2014 Drive: 4WD

When everything fails you, your D-Max won't

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2018

I bought my D-Max in October 2014 and it never failed me. With 86,000 kms on the odo, I embarked on a risky journey across Australia, moving from Adelaide to Gold Coast for work. I towed 2.5 tonnes over the 2000 kms and the D-Max did it all no fuss. Along the way, I hit three kangaroos without bullbar, however, there is barely any damage on the truck. I also picked up contaminated fuel in Cobar, but the D-Max powered through without any issues. You cannot get a more reliable vehicle.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-M Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jun 2015 Drive: 4WD

No fuss ute

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2018

Bought my 2015 Dmax second hand. Still had 3 years warranty on it (2020). I have travelled all of the state of NSW and Victoria without an issue. I've driven it on sand and through the Vic High Country. Thes are mechanically sound vehicles. The 5 speed automatic isn't bad but it could use the extra cog (2017 onwards has a 6 speed). In saying that it cruises under 2000rpm at 100 and has excellent fuel economy. The car can feel a little under powered at times but this may be fixed with the extra 50NM from 2017 onwards.

All these people are complaining about little things. You knew the car had those seats, didn't have a rest for your right arm etc. That's why you test drive a car. These are no surprises. That's what you get with a Dmax, it's mostly basic but it is unlikely to surprise you with any major issues unlike the Ranger I had.

Yes the seats are a little uncomfortable but for me they are just hard and I don't have any issues with my back. The interior is hard plastic, like every other ute bar the Amarok. I agree that the Bluetooth is rubbish.

If you want to buy a personal ute that you plan on keeping for ten years and putting 250k on the clock, then buy one of these or a Hilux. If you are buying a brand new company car that you will trade in after three years, buy a Ranger. The Ranger is more comfortable, drives better and has more power. However, I trust my Dmax more than my Ranger and I know it will still be running after those ten years.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Jan 2014

Warranty ambiguous and misleading

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2018

2014 4x4 60000kms and the diff-axle housing exploded 700km east of Alice Springs what a nightmare sitting in remote Australia on three wheels Had to activate recovery and pay for it as sat company had not activated our renewal even though we had paid for it,so couldn’t contact isuzu assist
Eventually got back to Alice Springs and discovered that Isuzu would not warranty the claim even though the dealer had suggested to upgrade the GVM to legally carry the weight,Isuzu denied the claim because the suspension had been altered
It was fitted by ARB ,engineer certified and approved by Vic roads who issued a new rego certificate and compliance plate
The dealer in Alice Springs wanted $7000 to affect the repair and failed to give a written quote ,or repair warranty and remarked that nobody would tow it away because it was on three wheels
Isuzu Ute assist helped us with costs to get it back to Melbourne
I have [name removed] booked to do the repair for $4300 ,somewhat different than Centralian motors in Alice Springs Furthermore it was offered that if I could procure second hand parts ie the housing that it would be alright
With our contribution to towing and supply of parts it is going to cost $4500 using some second hand parts
Buyers beware apparently I’m not the only one who has had diff related axle problems with no support from isuzu
I do not tow anything and am a very experienced and qualified 4x4 driver with over 100,000km experience on outback roads
Ironically I was about to order a new isuzu and was again told by the dealer that they would organise the GVM upgrade and that it would be covered by isuzu warranty
What a disappointment so much for we have been building trucks for a hundred years so a utility is easy

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: LS-M Body: Ute Cab: Dual Cab Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Dec 2014 Drive: 4WD

Really good ute let down by very average dealers

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2018

I've owned my D-Max for nearly four years and have found it to be a very good ute that does everything asked of it without a fuss. It has done a lot of trips from southern NSW to far north Queensland and back on highways, dirt tracks and everything in between and has never missed a beat on these long runs, while being comfortable and easy to drive. It's quite capable on 4wd tracks too, though I've never really had a need to bother with low range 4wd.

Seat comfort is an individual thing, but I've done 10 and 12 hour days in the driver's seat - over multiple days - and been very happy with the comfort. Fuel economy is good, about 7.5 to 8.5 l/100 km on average with premium diesel. An aftermarket steel bullbar and decent lightbar tidied up the front end and gave a bit more defence against the suicidal western plains kangaroos, though they knocked about 0.4 l/100 km off the fuel economy at highway speeds. Aftermarket side steps were much cheaper and tougher than the Isuzu variety, stopped the stones on dirt roads chipping the sills, and fitted on within about half an hour.

The manual gearbox had an early issue with jumping out of 2nd/3rd gear on long downhill runs, fixed under warranty after about a month total for diagnosis (it was related to the synchromesh mechanism) and repairs. Dealership took a bit of convincing to fix it, they (a) tried to tell me nothing was wrong with it (b) clutch adjustment would fix it (c) problem would be fixed at next service, before finally conceding that (d) the box would need to be pulled out and substantially rebuilt with new parts by a specialist gearbox workshop (which took a week). No problems in the three years since, but after one further service where the bash plate under the sump was left barely attached (three bolts missing and the fourth only finger tight), following a non-oil change service, I've given up on the dealership, so it's being better maintained as well.

Engine is strong, a bit noisy, definitely more like a commercial small truck unit, but under-stressed and happily runs all day with no load, half a load, or close to GCM when towing. Handles pretty well for a dual cab ute, suspension is a bit jiggly when empty, but that's expected with a live axle.

Interior is no great shakes, lots of hard plastics, bluetooth for the phone needs a bit of work with the mic gain and still isn't great, and I fitted an aftermarket reversing camera to make life a bit easier. Plenty of room, though, lots of places to put small items and mostly pretty comfortable.

All in all, I'm still very happy with my D-Max, coming up on 80,000 kms. If not for the gearbox issue (which, to be fair, never stopped it) and the very average service from the dealership, it would have been five stars. Very likely to buy another D-Max, but next time I'll buy an auto and take it to a decent mechanic from the very start!

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: SX High Ride Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Space Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Expected a basic level

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2018

Bottom of the range ute, Space Cab 4x2 ---- 2017 model

First thoughts, being the bottom of the range work ute, one cannot expect too much.
Was driving it around for about a month as its my workplace/office, virtually my home away from home.

The interior itself is severely lacking, no real comfortable place to rest your right arm. The blind spots through the A-pillar's are embarrassing. Have to be extra wary at pedestrian crossings and even cyclists/motorcycles are easily obscured.
Talking on the phone using Bluetooth is beyond a joke, voice sounds robotic, even peaky, with the system picking up more road noise than your actual voice. Bluetooth has gone backwards considerably, a car 10 years old has a much better system.

Lastly the seats. Completely lacking any support whatsoever, going around a corner, you'll move around considerably in your seat.
Whoever designed these seats completely forgot about ergonomics as the lower back support is non-existent. Its a really soft lower back cushion region that sinks in considerably. You do however get a fantastic metal bar that extends across the lower back that digs into you considerably.
If you have one of these cars, sitting on a towel or having one rolled up behind your lower back will help. Other blokes at work are starting to have the similar issues (back pain).

With aftermarket seats costing thousands and Police cracking down on mobile phone use. You would be better off looking around for something more suitable unless you want a bad back or a non existent licence.
The top of the range utes have the better adjustable seats, can only assume they would be more ergonomically designed.

Mechanically speaking it doesn't seem like a bad car, you won't be outrunning any coppers but it does have enough grunt to get you through the day.

Save your money, and look around for something that will meet your needs. If you're spending a lot of time in the vehicle seriously look at the top of the range DMAX, as it has electrically adjustable seats or be prepared to spend 5K on Recaro/Stratos replacement seats.

As I thought for a bottom of the range vehicle, one doesn't get too much so there would be a few small issues here and there. But definitely not to the extent as what I've had to deal with.
Now its spending many hours stretching trying to rid myself of this back pain hopefully it goes away sooner rather than later

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: SX Body: Cab Chassis Cab: Crew Cab Transmission: Automatic Date Purchased: Feb 2018 Drive: 4WD

Piece of junk

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

I’ve owned 11 vehicle’s in the past and this is by far the worst.
3k service both outer cv boots were buggered
Done 14k and suspension is shot.
Cannot drive for more than 30 min without getting severe back pain due to rubbish seats.
Back doors don’t close properly.
Auto gearbox is crap, changes gears randomly.
Radio screen doesn’t turn off, terrible for night driving.
Seat belt alarm for passenger gets set off if you have more than 3kg on seat.
No LSD, traction control is rubbish.
Bluetooth hands free doesn’t work properly.
Interior is cheap plastic that scratched easily.
Sold my 2004 hilux for this and regretted it since day 1.
Will buy a Great Wall Ute next time, will be equally disappointing but only cost half as much.

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Generation: RC (2012-2019) Badge: EX Farm Mate Body: Ute Cab: Space Cab Transmission: Manual Date Purchased: Apr 2018

no customers service

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 30, 2018

Paid for Ute and still waiting for delivery been 6weeks and I have had to do all the contacting and still can't get the Ute.
Worst company ever to deal with do not use Black locks Albury. Very poor service and no customers relation. Imagine if the Ute has problems it will be impossible to get anything done.

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RC (2012-Present)

I have a 2017 Dmax which is being serviced every 10,000km but have notice the oil level is down half way between services. Dealer says check it after you have been parked for 10 minutes. Anyone else having this issue?

Frustated asked on Jan 17, 2019

RC (2012-Present)

I have a 2017 SX dual cab and want to fit a bulbar. My question is has anyone fitted a bar without upgrading front springs/shocks and if so which bar? Does the OEM Isuzu bar require an upgrade? Thanks

Tony G asked on Jan 06, 2019

Answer this

The genuine bar is alloy and pretty light but also not winch compatible and shouldn't require any suspension upgrade , if you are looking at a winch in the future look at the ARB Sahara bar , it's winch compatible and steel construction but might need a heavy spring upgrade .

Thanks for the info

RC (2012-Present)

I have a 2016 auto d-max. Had ESC and check 4wd light come on while highway driving. Cleared after turning ignition turned off and restarted again. Has anyone had this happen before? Cheers.

Darryl asked on Dec 31, 2018

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