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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2018

Have a plan B for completion date

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 11, 2018

4 month delay, complete lack of communication, multiple staff changes, an overworked site supervisor and now we're left to chase up issues on our own.On the plus side, JG King allowed us a mostly custom design- maybe the build side of the business wasn't adequately set up to deal with this.

Internally, the workmanship was pretty good. I'd advise not to pay the extra for additional coats of paint, though- it still doesn't come up as neat as I'd expect. Classic quote from the painter was "you expect a ferrari job but I'm getting paid for a commodore".
Externally, mismatched mortar, leaking sewer pipe under the slab, house water feed left on temporary pipe, external lights not installed- all stuff that we needed to chase up and organise for fix after handover. All defects were documented, the issue is that JG King won't chase up the fixes. There's still a bit outstanding, so we'll plug away, but the best scenario is to have all of this fixed before you moved in. Rookie mistake at my end selling my previous house with only a 2 month buffer, so took handover out of necessity.

JG King did pay liquidated damages for the delay in handover and there were no issues at all with this.

Another frustration was the use of a separate company for all electrical design and quoting- multiple requirements were either left out or mismanaged and it ended up turning in to a 'he said, she said' type situation when querying things left out. Luckily we had email proof of what we'd ordered (and paid for). Be careful in this area and get everything on email.

Serious improvements need to be made in the areas of communication and administration. Simple things like returning phone calls and updating build contact lists and any changes to this along the way would make a huge difference. JG King, someone needs to be accountable for the day to day build. I'm not sure that supervisors with 25+ builds on the go at any one time are either effective, nor supported enough, to be able to provide this service.

Handover date- add in a buffer and then some. Down the track, you'll have a really nice house, just make sure that you get everything that you pay for and that you try your best to hold JG King accountable to get it to this point.

I added 2 stars to my review as the design is great and JG King allowed the flexibility through the early design stages.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi DE05, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are sorry to hear that your experience with us has not been so positive. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly take this on b... read more »

Thanks JG King Homes. I do love my new home, thanks. Thanks also for your offer to assist- if you could have someone get in contact to help us get the last few jobs over the line, that'd be a huge ... read more »

JG King Homes Official

Hi DE05, This is great to hear. It is from our understanding that our Construction Manager has left a message with you and we will assess the outstanding items and work with you to have all matte... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

Poor customer service once the contract signed and following handover. Poor quality of work.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 09, 2017

I went with this builder because they had built another home for me 25 years ago, without major problems and with an excellent standard of work. Sadly, this was not the case this time. Things were fine up until the contract to build was actually signed - all downhill from there. Delayed building start, appalling customer service from site supervisor [name removed], which continued up until completion. Handover delayed because of poor finishing on the home - eventually a complaint to Consumer Affairs was needed to get anything finished to a reasonable standard. At the supposed final inspection, the shower rose in the bathroom did not fit the holder; the windows were not weather sealed (large gaps where the rubber had not been installed properly); the carpet in the main bedroom had to be replaced prior to completion due to a noticeable fault in the weave; and the whole house had to be repainted internally prior to handover due to poor workmanship. Additionally, the stone bench in the kitchen was chipped; there were no shelves in the kitchen wall cupboards; and there was no caulking outside the master bedroom. This was supposed to be a finished building! The supervisor tried to bully me into submission (to accept poor workmanship) during the 18 months it took to accept the keys, until eventually I refused to meet with him without another person present. The building manager sent to complete the three month inspection was also lacking in basic politeness let alone interpersonal skills, and although he accepted the need for remedial action on my three page list, refused to accept that a tile in the bathroom needed replacing. The tradesperson sent to complete the remedial works left paint splatters in several spots. The floor in the family room had to be taken up and relaid in one part due to a significant dip in the slab - which clearly should have been remedied prior to the floor being laid. The garage door then needed to have the sensors adjusted - however, when I called the installers I was informed that it was out of warranty despite having only been in the house since April. I eventually managed to get J G King Homes to reimburse me the cost of this service call, but only once I 'proved' the problem was not due to misuse. They used every delaying tactic they could to avoid reimbursement.
In summary, this was supposed to be my forever home, and the process was supposed to be exciting and the final product something I loved. Sadly this has not proved to be the case, and I feel no positive emotional attachment to the house, due entirely to the terrible experience I have had with this builder. I am not alone in this experience sadly - there is another house a few streets down (in a new development) with the same supervisor, where the same problems are occurring. Dealing with J G King Homes has been an extremely stressful process and I would not recommend them to anyone at all.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi psych1, Thank you for your review. We are very disappointed to hear this and apologise that this has not been the experience you had hoped for. Can you please provide your job number? We would... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018


2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2017

We have sign the contract and pay deposit since mid July and not thing happening yet till now, took us nearly 2 months waiting for a building contract. And now they changing our favorate brick colour to some thing else that we don't like, they said the brick is temporary unavailable, We so disappointed. It cost us 11,600 for the sitecost but we still have to pay more if there are any rock found, this figure is a lot but still not covering us for paying more.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Taloo, We are sorry to hear this. Unfortunately products do become unavailable at times or become discontinued. This decision comes directly from the supplier and therefore it is something we h... read more »

Appreciate for getting back to us, we are looking forward to accept your offer with a better deal, last time we been given no other option, we have to choose one out of two and they both are the br... read more »

Still lying to us, did not hear back from you at all !! , how can we trust you?

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Don't suffer at the hands of this builder!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 01, 2017

We paid our first $1500 to JG King Homes on the 31st January 2016 in order to commence planning our first home. While it was a moment of great excitement, it wore off very quickly. After a painstaking contracts period of five months for a standard house design with very few modifications, and dealing with a salesman struggling to understand our requests, we thought the worst of our troubles were over and that it would be smooth sailing from there... How wrong we were.

We were initially informed by our salesman that we would have our build completed by Christmas 2016. Our site scrape occurred on 1st July 2016 and with our slab completed by 20th July, the build well on track and life was good. Then nothing happened... for three whole weeks.

This kicked off a trend that you may have read in numerous posts on JG King's product review page. It started in November after we had paid our Fix Out Stage Payment (i.e. the builder is in possession of 90% of the cost of the build - which you're paying interest on). First it was a week where no work was completed. Then followed by a few weeks where nothing substantial was completed, after which we suffered through TEN WEEKS with little more than a coat of paint being applied to the house. We called a site meeting with the Site Supervisor. The promises were coming on strong, we doubted the commitment.

True to form, the promise of a handover date two weeks later was not even close to being achieved. By now it was late March. It was time to call in the big guns, so we made contact with the elusive Area Manager and requested that he visit us on site to explain JG King Homes shortcomings, and how he would rectify the situation. After suggesting that the Site Supervisor had not been up to standard and that the build period was more than excessive, he promised us handover within 7 weeks at absolute latest. Meeting the area manager allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that an end to the build was in sight. Little did we know at that stage that the relief would be short lived.

After suggesting the previous Site Supervisor (removed from our build by this stage) was not completing his duties to standard, we were surprised to note that the build slowed even further under the command of the Area Manager. 7 weeks later, instead of receiving handover of our house, we were emailing the directors of the company who very quickly palmed us off, back to the Area Manager. After failing to meet his seven week deadline, he was more than happy to make us someone else's problem - that being a new Site Supervisor.

It was now mid May and we had gone well and truly over our contract period. While Liquidated Damages had kicked in, the value of the compensation does not even come close to paying our rent let alone other costs. We decided that we had no option but to give the new Site Supervisor a chance to prove himself. As per usual, the promises were free flowing including our third handover date in the space of three months. This deadline was not met and we have not been contacted since.

That leads us to today. It is 12 months since JG King commenced our 5 month build and 8 months since our final stage payment with no new handover date given to us as yet. The last time we spoke to our site supervisor or any JG King representative was 4 weeks ago, not through lack of trying on our part.

On this note, we'd like our experience to act as a warning to those of you wishing to build in the near future with JG King. With extremely poor communication, constant lies and the complete lack of responsibility taken by this company, we recommend you take your business elsewhere. Don't let your family be the next to suffer at the hands of this incompetent builder.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Shopper1,

Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear this and would like the opportunity to investigate this matter and come to a solution.

Can you please provide your contact details and lot address?

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Our contract number is - 1601MLA225


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2016

Dissapointed with poor quality.

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2017

I am dealing with JG King Homes Traralgon office and have built a modified version of their Cirque home. I was waiting for all issues to be addressed before writing this review but I can’t wait forever so here it is. The build commenced in January 2016 and was handed over late July 2016 and we are still trying to have issues resolved. If you are looking for a quality finish I would go elsewhere. I was told that JG King have a rigorous quality system, however, when the house was handed over there were numerous easily seen issues. When you opened the kitchen cupboard doors there was no paint on the plaster above them, some tiles over the top of the window splash back were sagging, many internal doors had varying gaps between the frame and jambs when closed, the enamel paint work on the doors, trim & skirtings was poorly applied, there are many roller marks and the paint has a very rough textured finish.

Most windows have bulges where self drilling screws have been used. One of the sliding doors to the alfresco was jammed, there was damage to the floating floor, carpet in the main BR was poorly laid, and the phone run in was faulty so the cable jammed when Telstra came to install the phone, Etc., the list goes on. At handover the builders clean up was pretty average, floors were not cleaned, tiles still had grout haze, & in fact lumps of grout on them, inside some cupboards and the ducted heating return were still full of plaster dust, there were lumps of concrete in the yard, etc. How have JG King addressed these issues? It takes many phone calls & emails to get action. JG King use a handyman service to fix their defects. We waited 4 weeks to have the phone run in fixed.

The guy fixed the warped doors by moving the jambs to even up the gap, however, some doors now protrude from the frame when they are closed. The guy managed to chip a tile in the laundry while working in there. The tiles over the top of the window splash back no longer sag but were reinstalled crookedly and most of the grout fell out the next day. Paint was touched up but the touch-ups have not blended in so the quality of the repairs is not really much of an improvement over the original job. One item on our list was the kitchen sink which had been installed 6 mm out of alignment to the bench top, when I saw how the handyman did things I told him not to worry about fixing it as by then I had lost confidence and was concerned he would cause damage to the bench top while moving the sink. I would not recommend JG King.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2014

Left me dissapointed.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

The initial build with JG King Mildura went without major issues and progressed well. The problems started after handover. A number of items needed repairs at our 3 month maintenance period. This is completely understandable and expected. Unfortunately, some of the items took too long to repair and many, many attempts to repair the faults. I will say however that the site supervisor was good and made arrangements to repair most of the issues that I had. The remaining items I was told were within tolerances or simply ignored. An example of this is a leaking toilet. I have found though that wedging a deodorant stick in the cistern to stop the hose pulling on the valve has eliminated the leak. Movement has caused issues with cracking and gaps requiring a number of visits by tradies to fix up. I have lost count on the number of times I would need to leave work to let tradies into the house for repairs. The site supervisor was pretty good and sent painters out a number of times before telling me that enough was enough.

Unfortunately, in my opinion the quality of the repairs have been below an acceptable level. From handover, leaks were present in both showers took 2 years to resolve. This has caused water damage to walls and carpets. Walls have been patched up however this is unnoticeable. The carpet in the master bedroom that is on the other side of the leaking shower has turned black underneath and carpet tack strip has rotted. Following replacement of the underlay throughout the hose (incorrect underlay was installed) carpets are still loose and not secured down at a number of sections throughout the house. Two and half years after handover, we are still waiting on carpets to be properly repaired. The paintwork and patch ups throughout the house is below my expectations and I have found it frustrating that a number of times, tradies have attended to make a repair and instead caused further damage e.g small holes placed in ceiling while fixing a loose air con register. This was not a huge issue but took close to 12 months to patch and paint holes.

I’ve lost count of the number of times our cavity sliding doors had to be repainted due to screws in the cavity scratching the surface. A warning that to anyone that is getting awning windows, make sure you upgrade the window winders. These are of poor quality. The casing buckles if you wind the window too tight, making it very difficult to open or close the window. The suggestion by the installer was to “smash the casing straight again with a block of timber”. If you are wanting the 'Trent' facade, make sure you check if the render that is shown in the illustration is included in the price. We paid the upgrade price and were told later by our site supervisor that the piers are not rendered. All sales brochures show it as rendered so this is misleading. My overall feeling is that while JG King may have had good intentions, the workmanship of some of the tradies have let them down. The experience of building was not difficult but the inconvenience of everything that followed has made me rethink if I would ever build again.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2015

Bad after sales service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 17, 2016

We are fairly satisfied with the structure of our home, must say after our windows pulled away from the structure we had second thoughts, but after the repairs it seems like the problem has been solved. However, the inclusions are of a very low standard, we had everything included but after a month the toilet roll holder broke, the towel rail broke, the shelves sagged, the kitchen tap leaked around the bench, the bench had imperfections and had to be filled, kitchen cupboards are shocking, all different sizes and even though we bought the top of the range house a simple self closing mechanism for the drawers was left out. The shelves have been replaced twice but because the wrong thickness was used it is sagging once again! The passage in our house leading from the garage has no natural light and even in summer we have to have a permanent light on. The carpets were layed long before completion of the structure so it's been exposed to dust, paint, grouting, mud, you name it! Been cleaned before we took ownership but it remains old carpets! The toilet roll holders are still the same, broken cheap ones, still leaking around the tap, grouting is still missing in a few spots, cupboards are still odd sizes, still dark in the passage, benchtop still has an indent, roof tiles still dodgy looking on the 1 side, I can go on and on!
The sales and admin staff were extremely helpful and friendly, until we started noticing the little problems during the building process, they then became defensive and downright rude! Our emails are still being ignored!
Our views on JGKinghomes: stay away! Don't get burnt! #JGKinghomes
Our kitchen cupboards have now been replaced, but this was not through #JGKinghomes, it was our direct contact with #Claytonkitchens. They listened, had a look and replaced most of it. Happy with the kitchen now, still unhappy with the other JGKing inclusions.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Our JG King experience

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 29, 2016

I'm writing this review as our build progresses. Communication was great prior to contract signing but seem to slowed down after. Build started 12 July. Slab was in place and inspected by our building inspector by 8 August. Sadly, it's now the end of September and framing hasn't even started. Couldn't get a definite answer from my site supervisor which I hope he'll improve in communicating with clients. I was told the cause of the delay was lack of available tradesmen to do the steel framing. I was surprised to hear this since I thought that being a major builder that promotes steel framing, they'll have adequate number of people to do the job. And then, I was informed that rain was also factor for the delay. I found this frustrating since our neighboring block which started building almost the same time as ours already had their "timber" framing half way completed as of 20 September.

So far, 7 weeks of no progress with the build. Frustrated but still hopeful that things will look up. Will update this feed back after framing is done.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Tom, Thank you for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear about your experience, and would like to assure you that your concerns have been relayed to Management, as a matter of importance. We wi... read more »

UPDATE: Framing finally started 3 October. Got a call from new site supervisor informing me that previous supervisor left the company. As expected from steel framing, framing was almost complete as... read more »


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Verified Customer

Poor finishes, workmanship and JG King don't care!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2016

Our first home was a steel frame (own Builder) so we knew that steel was the way to go. We read reviews and thought, you always hear about the negative never the positives. Even though people had bad experiences, we thought JG King would be different for us! We met sales rep [name removed] in Geelong and he was fantastic! We then met [name removed] who took care of our colours, plans, etc. she was also fantastic!

Then comes the build. The reverse Build! We had/have a lot of issues, I' start with the bricks. Not only did the bricklayer not use bricks from different packs to mix colours, mortar gaps didn't meet regulation and looked terrible. The mortar colour at our front door was three different colours. The mortar was sandy and was falling out. No brick underneath fascia, so the bricky filled the gap with mortar. Some fell into the roof before handover. Our supervisor told us the bricklayer done it that way, because its too hard to brick when you have colourbond roof! Our roof is like a wind tunnel, our ceiling sounds like its going to come down sometimes and we can hear the venting move around in the ceiling! To cover up the bad workmanship JG king agreed to render the Front and back of the house, leaving only the garage wall and side of the house you don't see, exposed brick.

An apprentice cut out the return air in the wrong wall. The hole was badly patched up, uneven sanded painted wall. Air con ceiling vent in wrong spot, also badly patched in meals area (supervisor said its your wives fault she wanted it was in a certain spot on the plan for a reason!).

We haven't put blinds up because on handover, almost every window and door frame, cornice and skirting board fillers/paint has cracked (was fixed on three month maintenance, but after a month an a half has cracked again)! looks like a poorly renovated job! Less than 6months and the paint has started to turn an off cream almost orange. Carpet was frayed, joins noticeable on handover, also paint on carpet. Bad paint job throughout, doors windows not dusted before painted gloss (looks and feels like sand paper). Paint started coming off driveway within the first week!

Front door isn't sealed properly, it whistles that loud we hear it from our room at the back of the house, with the door closed! The heating is loud, we have to turn the TV up just hear it. Rooms don't stay warm and we feel cold breeze all the time!

We are very disappointed with the workmanship of JG Kings contractors and the supervisor for giving us empty promises! We thought we would be better off spending more money on what we thought was a quality builder, not a slap it together job!

If you choose to build with JG King, have an independent inspector throughout the entire build! Check site progress as often as possible and take photos of anything that looks dodgy! Speak up if you think somethings wrong and don't feel intimidated by the supervisor...You're paying them for a service, they work for you!

Have everything fixed before you handover final payment...Once they have your money, they don't care!

Coming up to a year and we still have items not fixed. We have emailed a number of times regarding outstanding maintenance issues, with no response!

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Tina, We're sorry to hear that your experience with JG King Homes has left you feeling this way. We would appreciate the opportunity to resolve your outstanding concerns, could you please send... read more »

JG King contacted us by phone two days after our review was published. On the Friday the area manager and our build supervisor came to inspect our house and agreed to fix most of the poor finishes... read more »


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Verified Customer

Beware of after sales promises

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2015

Built with Kings, using Bendigo office. Sales staff and building supervisor all good, but beware of false assurances in relation to 13 week inspection. We had following issues:
Shower fall to small, with water running out of shower. 8 months to rectify
Paint on most carpets. No action
Poorly finished paint. No action
Large crack in plaster ceiling. 8 months for first shoddy repair to occur, which cracked again overnight. Two months later repaired properly, but 4 months later no painting done.
Crack in waterfall ends of kitchen bench. No action. (excuse we don't use that supplier any more!!!)

Emails, text messages and phone calls all go unanswered. Please make sure that everything is 100% before you make final payment as after this is done they do not care about customer service.
Dream home certainly is nightmarish because of the company's attitude and lack of communication.

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2 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2012

House about 4.5 months late, no reason or notice given. We had to pull them up every step of the way over build quality issues, why? Site supervisors change every couple of months and some were shockers. We were lucky in that we got a good supervisor for the final couple of months otherwise things could have been very ugly indeed. He's since left the company. They get two stars as we love our house but it was very hard work when it shouldn't have to be, not when paying $200k+. I'd like to but cannot recommend these guys.

+ Steel frames, reasonable prices, not too pushy on the extras

- Poor (zero!) after sales service, no quality assurance, zero communication

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2012

In the end, we were very happy to have had those 3 months to think and to look around. We ended up building with JG Lewis Wodonga as they also build steal frame and they were lots cheaper (more than 50.000 AUD) in building similar house for us. We also believe the material used by JGLewis was of better standard. We lost our initial fee we paid at JGKing but got heaps more back by signing a contract with JGLewis.

+ Great plans and friendly staff BEFORE signing a contract

- Very slow in initial planning stage, took nearly 3 months to get plan going.

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, Vic

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2011

Where do I start?? I took a custom double story job to them and they drew it up. No probs there. The sales rep was all smiles and too polite (which always makes me suspicious). It only took 2 months for the first lot of drawings to come back (then we were given 3 days to review and return). I got it out to 7 days (yippee), then it took another 3 months for the second lot of final drawings to come back (and any further changes were 1K a pop even when THEY made so many mistakes).
The building process was ok in terms of being kept in the loop (every Friday I would get a call from the 1st site super). Half way through the build, the 1st super was transferred to the west and his brother replaced him. The job went on its merry way until hand over (it took about a year to build). The pine retaining wall was falling apart by the handover, cracks were appearing in the brick work and plaster. The contract had a wall thermostat for the HWS but no wiring had been put in place. Even now, 3 months after moving in, the retaining wall is coming apart, the thermostat has not been wired in, most of the windows upstairs are crooked (the guy installing the blinds and venetians had to take his asthma medication because he laughed so hard at the 'quality' of the window frames). I'm still waiting on a call back from the Maintenance manager (after calling him 3 times) to look at the retaining wall and the thermostat. In the end, I just said F it and am replacing the retaining wall myself and will get a sparky to wire the thermo into the HWS.

+ They will accept custom designs without giving me a lecture about copyright

- build quality, 3 different site supers to deal with (apparently the northern suburbs chews through supers like no other region)

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

J.G.King homes are apparently value for money, but the quality is highly questionable -- albeit we have only looked through their displays, but the finish quality is consistently below-par, their newest displays you expect to see the very best of their workmanship -- everything was crooked, loosely fitting (and fixture quality wasn't the best either).

+ some tasteful (if not original) designs

- appalling build quality

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

Read the fineprint with this mob, and DO NOT ACCEPT Provisional Sums, as they are ALWAYS MORE when they release your prelim drawings.
Heard worse stories, just needs to be some regulation sorted out on how the amount of time things should get done (prelim drawings & contract drawings).

These delays have cost me being in my house before Christmas. Am not aiming 4th Feb, but at the rate we are going, it looks we could a fraction after that :(

+ When being Priced extra's, they were very reasonably priced, compared with Metricon Homes. Steel Frame, good quality build SO FAR. Smooth & Easy Selection process.

- Time - Takes for ever for drawings to come thru, making x2 minor structual adjustments. Paid deposits 1 May 09, Started build late September 09.
Broken Promises - Supervisor says trades will be starting, they end up starting 1-2 weeks after he promises
Still awaiting on credit on painting & rendering in which the builder is now not doing, due a stacked stone addition (beyond mine & builders control - developer requested a last minute colour change).
Found out after doing my contract that this mob is charging me nearly $5k to do a small 1m high retaning wall. Worked it out, that I could get materials, and get a landscaper to do it for half the price!! Retaining wall is using timber posts, and asked to upgrade to Galv Steel H Sections due to presentation & strength, however my requests have been completely ignored!!
Wrote an email with numerous concerns, took them 3 weeks to get back to me, I threatened to hold up payment of an invoice, when I told them that, they contacted me within 2 days, and issues were slightly resolved, still not 100% happy thou. Didn't really want to hold up payment of invoice for too long incase of them delaying the house further!!

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Questions & Answers

Hi can anyone tell me the price difference from H1 TO H2 SLAB for 214 m2 home?

Lisa asked on May 22, 2018

Do they do knock down rebuild?

LukeCollins asked on May 09, 2018

Answer this

I am not sure about it but i think they do

Yes they sure do

Hello all, very concerned about the reviews. Can anyone give feedback on building with JG King in Ballarat? Really want to get some confidence of the group or maybe look for another builder? TIA

Geoff_B asked on May 01, 2018

Answer this

Like wise mate, wouldn't mind hearing from people that have built out of the ballarat office.

My build story JG King.
I written this post on over the course of my build with an intention of 5 star rating (I am sending it to forums. But will be posting it only 3 months after handover. It’s with JG King now to keep up the 5 star from here as we go into crucial stages of Build.

House: Sage (33.1 Sq) @ Wyndham Vale.
Job Number: 1704MLA586
Construction Start date: October 17
Base Stage: Dec 17
Frame stage: Feb 17
Lockup: Mar 17
Fix out: Apr 17

Given No Driveways, Downlights, flooring , cooling. So expecting a faster finish.

Generally takes a bit of time (I have noticed 3 houses built by JG king) but also depends on your luck (Rocks, Weather and of course tradies)
Quality of construction so far is good (too early to give a credit?) but I like it so far except for the below.
I don’t have much to say about the Carpenter looks like he’s working multiple jobs and working only few hours a day ; made lot of damage to plaster walls while fixing skirting which otherwise is a quality build until then.
In contrary to most feedbacks I will give credit to admin team so far on the responses; I always received a response within 24 hours.

PCI Date: Yet to hear back.
Apr 17 - Booked Deposit

Sales Consultant @ Groove, tarneit was helpful to get the right house of my liking.

I had an irregular block so the sales consultant suggested we can also fit a wide variety of houses and he sent me a list of 7+ designs that would fit on my block. We actually liked the
Sage fit on my block instead though i was thinking of Adelphi 1. Helped me choose the upgrade options carefully with in my budget.

May 17 Contract signing:
Was a good experience i had a list of 20+ items to be changed and the admin consulatnt helped me get all of that and advised few areas where she had concerns.
1. Though i wanted a double vanity she advised it will look congested (for few people) on a 33 sq house. But Mrs wanted a double vanity so gone by that.
2. Suggested to get a cavity door for 250$ to avoid visibility WIP as the design had a large open area living for Kitchen , Meals and living.

Signed up for Electricity and Gas with origin with an option i can change it at the end of build and was explained i need to pay for EB, Gas and water during the build.

June 17 Color appointment:
1. Pre-decided from website options and the color appointment was good though I felt a bit rushed but got what I wanted.
2. Changed multiple items with in my budget in during color appointment.

Feedback: Improve online selection tool. Increase color appointment timing. Provide a Visual tool possible for home buyers to see how it looks.

June 17 Further changes:
1. Requested for further changes in electrical and few other options and they were happy to do it as its not structural..
From June to September the fun starts for developer and council Approval. Developer returned the plan more than 5 times to change brick, Facade and Cladding to a point that made me think Who’s paying for the house? In the end I liked another facades and brick (Not an upgrade) so didnt end up in a fight which I was told to be an losing battle as developers guidelines has to be followed.
Developer approval took till September as the approving authority was on vacation. :(
Council approval started shortly after that.
October 17:
All excited for tradies to start which is short lived as we cannot locate the Fourth peg which according to the developer was buried under the fence. But supervisor was not interested taking their words (as mine is irregular block) and wanted the developer to locate the fourth boundary or mark it on the fence else do a re-establishment survey($800-$1000).
Developer was not initially helping saying once the land is settled its my problem and he cant help. But later after product review private compliance they helped but took their time.
My ADVICE TO ANY NEW LAND BUYER IS TO ENSURE YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED ALL 4 BOUNDARY PEGS and no Rocks or Dump on site before you settle your land. After settlement its your problem.

November 17:
Site Cut , Drainage Pipes, Piers and slab preparation.
Hit 20K worth or rocks and was not happy about it. I would strongly recommend JG King to provide a fixed rock prices in their site cost so new home builders are not worried. Its my view that the customer experience will greatly improve with locked in pricing.

December 17:
Slabs poured on Dec 20.
Frames delivered to site but no work happened till Feb 6th. The tradie that supposed complete framing before christmas did not show up and my supervisor has to find a different one after he came back from holidays.

January 18 :
No Work :(

February 18:

Frames Installed, Roof covering, Pipes run through frames.
March 18:
Brickie started laying but then work stopped for almost four weeks.
Rough in wrap around the house complete, heating ducts , solar panels for Hot water installed.
Noticed and reported to supervisor that sliding windows were not closing properly for which he advised he’s aware of and will be fixed when carpenter comes in for doors.

April 16, 2018:
Supervisor and Accounts team advised that they want reverse lockup which is installing the plaster walls prior to external wall cladding is complete. I was initially reluctant but had no choice as the contract had a special clause condition for reverse lockup.
Insulation and Plaster walls are complete the first week of April. And another brickey started from second week of april and almost close to finishing external brick cladding. (as of 16/04/2018)
Cornices complete and carpenter started cutting for doors and cavity sliding doors, electrical wirings were completed
Waiting for the sliding windows to be fixed.
The quality of construction so far seems good.
My supervisor advised that the house should be completed by End of May if tradies show up as expected or can be delayed for a couple of more weeks. Exciting times. Cant wait for handover.

Apr 20 Update:
Batten light points and switch points were cutout for walls and roof. Getting ready for Painting i assume.

As per SS Kitchen and cabinets should have been in by Apr 18 but still not in.
Tiles for wet areas was scheduled for yesterday. Will drop by today to have a look.

Apr 30th Update:
Got the invoice for fix out ; but still skirting and architraves were not done. After I reported the invoice was void and got a new one on May 2nd.

May 5th update:
Carpenter didnot do a good job in my view lot of gaps in windows and made 50+ dings on the plaster wall while moving the skirting. Now poor supervisor has marked all of them (Painful process i believe for the pre-painting guy to address them).
No other work has been done other than skirtings :(.

Will update how it goes.
May 1st and 2nd week:
Not much going on except stonebenchtop ; was advised pre-plastering work will be completed this week. But no signs of tradies @ site until last evening.
BTW SS on leave from 8th to 31st 
Paid fixout with a trust that build will be completed; with only 20K to pay and # of reviews suggesting delays i'm concerned too.

Pending items to my knowledge to get to PCI; Have low confidence it will be done by End of May.
1. Downpipes for Gutters
2. Alfresco, Portico and Verandah ceiling.
3. Garage door to house internal door not fixed, Ensuite toilet door not fixed.
4. Skirtings not fully finished yet( garage and other small areas)
5. Window architraves for one of the windows need to be adjusted.
6. Tilings not started.
7. Concrete slab for Alfresco, Portico , Verandah
8. Door Handles
9. Sliding doors
10. Painting
11. Facade cladding and rendering.
12. Batten lights for kitchen.

am noticing three houses (Mine, My neighbour and other opposite to my rental current house) and all of them follow a similar pattern. Hope this helps in making a decision.

BTW, My neighbour house finish was good...

Look for another builder,beleive these reviews poor workmanship,dishonest and very stressful . biggest mistake i have ever made

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