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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2016

Oh my head hurts

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2016

Time from signing to finish ... 10 months ... not the build, but start up date due to JG Kings incompetency. In hind sight should have bailed out at the start and gone elsewhere as it was really only a sign of things to come.

Hassled by their finance dept ... unsure why ... to my knowledge I never requested/authorised this ... perhaps a breach of privacy issues here.

Salesman was fine until we signed ... then didn't want to see us ... (no surprises really) headaches a plenty ... originally told we could have one facade in the area where we had the land ... came back with oh you need to appeal ... for the cost of $$$. We thought oh well can't have that go with another ... draftsmen struggled totally ... tried to advise it was a detailed job ... for goodness sake the facades would be in blocks in the autocad system should take no more than 30 mins... good try. Draftsman also stuffed up the amount of tiles needed ... so oh surprise a variation was incurred ... The word Novice comes to mind.

Then due to the draftspersons mistake ... two plans indicated one facade (which we wanted), and one which we did not ... guess which one we got ... yep the wrong one ... advised it was an upgrade and it is but when we were looking I can remember being told of the price and thought (thank goodness I don't like that one) ...
Flooring needed to be redone, shody job
Cupboard inserts - incorrect ones installed (this has been rectified).
Drain pipe going to the outside of the building near the light is too close to light ... like really must have been a man on this one no common sense ... does not allow a fitting of a protective shade over the light ...
It is like nobody was reading the plans or paying any attention to them ...

Color selection as always painful, could increase the options available. Small range of carpet ... believe it was unusual that you pick the cupboards, paint before the tiles/flooring ... I always thought that you started from the floor up (as most stylists) ... went into do this but no ... definitely their way.

Biggest tip (my mistake): remember the IXL tastics - these are not included ...

Go into the office to talk to draftspeople ... like no way ... human contact ... guess it is not a strong point. Office staff unhelpful, need a lesson in customer service ... advised we can only deal with the supervisor (who was either attending training ./ ill / annual leave). Communication is not a strong point..

Also, may be my humour, but must they draw male private parts on windows ... really not necessary ...

Do not refund for variations not taken up, so may pay to watch but mind you they are pretty quick to charge for variations, etc. no surprise though I am guessing this is standard with whoever you build with.

Then paid by personal cheque ... even though the head office is based in Ballarat, it is sent to Melbourne ... this in my mind was a deliberate act of maliciousness by the office staff to delay the cashing ... e.g. 8 days ... not the usual 3 days... so this would delay the handover. It only creates bad vibes ... I should have just paid in cash like I wanted to ... in hindsight all in $5.00 bills would have been the way to go ...

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2017

VERY slow start-but on the way now

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2016

We first signed with Kings in December 2015 and only this week (November 2016) our building will be started, but if not for [name removed] we would still be waiting in December 2019.
Let me tell you about it.
Our first contact was in Shepparton, where we expressed our initial interest, first plan too big for block, many plans and 3 supervisors later, still no closer to commencing.
Then along comes [name removed], our knight in shining armour and within about six weeks he has new plans, council approval, contracts organised and a building commenced, we can't speak highly enough about his professional and helpful approach, contacting us regularly on all progress, so now we look forward to the actual build.
John and Maureen Batson

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Verified Customer

House itself and products are good, however alot of workmenship issues and also communiction was poo

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2015

Customer service before final build was poor and excellent in different ways. On one hand we never got taken through the house at any stage, only for the completed inspection, never received progressive phone calls during build, in the whole time of the build the site supervisor called me once. All other times I had to call him to ask how it was going and other enquiries, only good service we had was at the head office when we completed colour selection, that was very enjoyable, professional, quick and easy, also the initial consultation at the display house. The gentlemen we dealt with was outstanding, he pretty much sold us into buying with JG King. Too bad our experience with the build wasn't as good.

Way too many workmanship issues, between 10-15. So many things were just simple small things but weren't acceptable which had to be fixed. Then there were 2-3 much bigger issues that in some way when brought to the attention at the inspection, were pretty much brushed off as problems to maybe in a way be avoided to not have to have them fixed. That made my partner and I very frustrated and angry. We paid very good money for this house and to have to pretty much fight to get things fixed to standard is just ridiculous. We paid for the house that we saw at the display house, we should be getting a house just as good as the display house.

The management of the build was good to an extent. Things were getting completed in reasonable time but biggest problem was we had a major screw up in our ensuite, which still is in the process of getting fixed (12 months later). We have been forced to use our second bathroom every day for the past 2 months which is located at the opposite end of the house (very inconvenient). Also I seem to be the one organizing the tradies to when they can come and complete work. There isn't a JG King representative who is behind the fix and is liaising with me, I'm doing all the work having to contact three different parties in the fix. The company that removed and need to reinstall the shower glass panels, the man who removed the tiles and has to waterproof the walls, and the plasterer who had to fix the wall damage from the tiles and mirror that got taken down.

Everything after the build regarding repairs and fixes that had to get rectified, had to be pushed by myself through phone calls and emails. If I never done either of them I would be surprised that they would of been fixed at all.

This review isn't to make JG King look bad at all. They do build beautiful quality homes, but there service needs to be much better than the experience my partner an I went through with our build. Firstly we should have had much more frequent communication and inspections throughout the build. It was pretty much non existent for us. Which left us in doubt and never gave us a chance to pick up on problems which could have been rectified at that stage of the build instead of waiting until the end and having to get 10-15 problems fixed. Seems like money was wasted having to bring in tradies after the build rather than during the build while it was getting completed. This process also caused us to have to be available so many times while living in the house for tradies to come in and do there fix or repair. Fixing these problems during build stage would have let my partner and I enjoy our time in the house rather than having to bring random people in so many times to fix things.

From what we gathered the site inspector seemed to be overloaded with multiple houses to manage which didn't allow him the sufficient time and effort for the best job to occur with our home. Investing money in this area would probably prevent so many errors in the build which only caused more costs for the business in terms of materials and paying people to do work that could have been right from the start. This seems like a no brainer, that's what I would be doing if it were my business.

To finish on a positive note, my partner and I are finally enjoying the home and do feel proud to show it off to our friends and family. We just cant wait for our ensuite to be back to normal but after that all work is complete (we hope). We just really wished it was a much smoother ride which is what we honestly believed we were going to get from the enthusiasm and professionalism from our consultant.

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so excited

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 11, 2014

I am building a double storey ATHENS I just finished all the paper work till now everything has gone smoothly. the customer service was good. I build in Melbourne west the construction will commence this month regarding the works man ship quality I will update once my house is complete.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 02, 2013

Can't say anything exactly at this stage becoz they are going to start building our house atlast next week after a long wait. So far our experience with them is fine apart from they took so much time to start. The base price of the house we have choosen is high, so we are expecting good quality in everything. Will update my reviews when they will start build.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2012

We are building in the Torquay area. Things went well but slowly at first. The build did not seem to follow any particular order. Plastering started before brickwork completed. Insulation installed before heating ducting. This resulted in some weather damage early on. Interior nearly finished now but exterior still incomplete as we had issues with the workmanship of the unsupervised apprentice on his first job. I assume they are looking for a replacement to complete the job but don't know for sure as we haven't heard from them for over three weeks and nothing much seems to be happening.
Issues raised earlier have been dealt with but the list of items needing attention is growing as the build
nears completion. With a bit of logistical planning and communication the build could have been much smoother but each contractor creates extra work for the next. Hopefully nothing major from here on in that can't be easily rectified.
We were contacted yesterday after this review was published and updated on planned progress.
We are meeting with the site supervisor on Wednesday next week to inspect the job so I'll update the progress after the meeting.

+ Good plans. Plan alterations accomodated. Allowed independent flooring contractor access during the build.

- Reverse build. Plastering up before exterior walls. Slack contractors who don't read plans.

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Update from the first post. Completed handover today. All sixteen issues outstanding were dealt with to our satisfaction. It was frustrating watching work being redone to get it right when, with a ... read more »

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2010

Reading some of these posts, most are negative, however my experience of rebuilding in the Kinglake Ranges, although impeded by bad winter weather, is an overall pleasant experience, mostly due to an excellent construction supervisor, [name censored].with support of his manager. Preliminaries were somewhat slow,and mostly caused by a "reactive" building commission changing the building code with legislation that constantly changed in the early days, delaying my contract. Once construction started, the supervisor went into full swing and soon I will be back into a home well earned. Well done to the team at JG King Homes for a diligent job, in very difficult circumstances.

+ Pricing, The Kinglake Construction Supervisor

- Wet Weather

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

Not much I can say really just dissappointed from start and should have went with another builder but it was too late, they cant even return calls or anything, must be on top of them all the time

+ kitchen looks great but it is the colours we choose, went with the caraway 175 but changed it to suit us,

- Time, the are really slow as it took 3months to get contracts, they dont understand dates the never stuck with a date that they gave us, went to be in this friday but looks like another week, very disappointed, will not be building with them again and suggest anyone else not to start

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2010

Just wondering if anyone on here has built with JG King Homes in Traralgon Victoria? My husband and I just gave them a deposit today and are happy so far but by reading your comments we are beginning to feel a little worried. I've heard bad reports about JG King in Melbourne...but how about Traralgon?
We have just lost thousands with New Dimension Homes and would NOT recommend them. Please any feedback would be appreciated. thanks.

+ Good deals...friendly staff

- not sure yet..hoping you can tell us.

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Questions & Answers

Hi can anyone tell me the price difference from H1 TO H2 SLAB for 214 m2 home?

Lisa asked on May 22, 2018

Do they do knock down rebuild?

LukeCollins asked on May 09, 2018

Answer this

I am not sure about it but i think they do

Yes they sure do

Hello all, very concerned about the reviews. Can anyone give feedback on building with JG King in Ballarat? Really want to get some confidence of the group or maybe look for another builder? TIA

Geoff_B asked on May 01, 2018

Answer this

Like wise mate, wouldn't mind hearing from people that have built out of the ballarat office.

My build story JG King.
I written this post on over the course of my build with an intention of 5 star rating (I am sending it to forums. But will be posting it only 3 months after handover. It’s with JG King now to keep up the 5 star from here as we go into crucial stages of Build.

House: Sage (33.1 Sq) @ Wyndham Vale.
Job Number: 1704MLA586
Construction Start date: October 17
Base Stage: Dec 17
Frame stage: Feb 17
Lockup: Mar 17
Fix out: Apr 17

Given No Driveways, Downlights, flooring , cooling. So expecting a faster finish.

Generally takes a bit of time (I have noticed 3 houses built by JG king) but also depends on your luck (Rocks, Weather and of course tradies)
Quality of construction so far is good (too early to give a credit?) but I like it so far except for the below.
I don’t have much to say about the Carpenter looks like he’s working multiple jobs and working only few hours a day ; made lot of damage to plaster walls while fixing skirting which otherwise is a quality build until then.
In contrary to most feedbacks I will give credit to admin team so far on the responses; I always received a response within 24 hours.

PCI Date: Yet to hear back.
Apr 17 - Booked Deposit

Sales Consultant @ Groove, tarneit was helpful to get the right house of my liking.

I had an irregular block so the sales consultant suggested we can also fit a wide variety of houses and he sent me a list of 7+ designs that would fit on my block. We actually liked the
Sage fit on my block instead though i was thinking of Adelphi 1. Helped me choose the upgrade options carefully with in my budget.

May 17 Contract signing:
Was a good experience i had a list of 20+ items to be changed and the admin consulatnt helped me get all of that and advised few areas where she had concerns.
1. Though i wanted a double vanity she advised it will look congested (for few people) on a 33 sq house. But Mrs wanted a double vanity so gone by that.
2. Suggested to get a cavity door for 250$ to avoid visibility WIP as the design had a large open area living for Kitchen , Meals and living.

Signed up for Electricity and Gas with origin with an option i can change it at the end of build and was explained i need to pay for EB, Gas and water during the build.

June 17 Color appointment:
1. Pre-decided from website options and the color appointment was good though I felt a bit rushed but got what I wanted.
2. Changed multiple items with in my budget in during color appointment.

Feedback: Improve online selection tool. Increase color appointment timing. Provide a Visual tool possible for home buyers to see how it looks.

June 17 Further changes:
1. Requested for further changes in electrical and few other options and they were happy to do it as its not structural..
From June to September the fun starts for developer and council Approval. Developer returned the plan more than 5 times to change brick, Facade and Cladding to a point that made me think Who’s paying for the house? In the end I liked another facades and brick (Not an upgrade) so didnt end up in a fight which I was told to be an losing battle as developers guidelines has to be followed.
Developer approval took till September as the approving authority was on vacation. :(
Council approval started shortly after that.
October 17:
All excited for tradies to start which is short lived as we cannot locate the Fourth peg which according to the developer was buried under the fence. But supervisor was not interested taking their words (as mine is irregular block) and wanted the developer to locate the fourth boundary or mark it on the fence else do a re-establishment survey($800-$1000).
Developer was not initially helping saying once the land is settled its my problem and he cant help. But later after product review private compliance they helped but took their time.
My ADVICE TO ANY NEW LAND BUYER IS TO ENSURE YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED ALL 4 BOUNDARY PEGS and no Rocks or Dump on site before you settle your land. After settlement its your problem.

November 17:
Site Cut , Drainage Pipes, Piers and slab preparation.
Hit 20K worth or rocks and was not happy about it. I would strongly recommend JG King to provide a fixed rock prices in their site cost so new home builders are not worried. Its my view that the customer experience will greatly improve with locked in pricing.

December 17:
Slabs poured on Dec 20.
Frames delivered to site but no work happened till Feb 6th. The tradie that supposed complete framing before christmas did not show up and my supervisor has to find a different one after he came back from holidays.

January 18 :
No Work :(

February 18:

Frames Installed, Roof covering, Pipes run through frames.
March 18:
Brickie started laying but then work stopped for almost four weeks.
Rough in wrap around the house complete, heating ducts , solar panels for Hot water installed.
Noticed and reported to supervisor that sliding windows were not closing properly for which he advised he’s aware of and will be fixed when carpenter comes in for doors.

April 16, 2018:
Supervisor and Accounts team advised that they want reverse lockup which is installing the plaster walls prior to external wall cladding is complete. I was initially reluctant but had no choice as the contract had a special clause condition for reverse lockup.
Insulation and Plaster walls are complete the first week of April. And another brickey started from second week of april and almost close to finishing external brick cladding. (as of 16/04/2018)
Cornices complete and carpenter started cutting for doors and cavity sliding doors, electrical wirings were completed
Waiting for the sliding windows to be fixed.
The quality of construction so far seems good.
My supervisor advised that the house should be completed by End of May if tradies show up as expected or can be delayed for a couple of more weeks. Exciting times. Cant wait for handover.

Apr 20 Update:
Batten light points and switch points were cutout for walls and roof. Getting ready for Painting i assume.

As per SS Kitchen and cabinets should have been in by Apr 18 but still not in.
Tiles for wet areas was scheduled for yesterday. Will drop by today to have a look.

Apr 30th Update:
Got the invoice for fix out ; but still skirting and architraves were not done. After I reported the invoice was void and got a new one on May 2nd.

May 5th update:
Carpenter didnot do a good job in my view lot of gaps in windows and made 50+ dings on the plaster wall while moving the skirting. Now poor supervisor has marked all of them (Painful process i believe for the pre-painting guy to address them).
No other work has been done other than skirtings :(.

Will update how it goes.
May 1st and 2nd week:
Not much going on except stonebenchtop ; was advised pre-plastering work will be completed this week. But no signs of tradies @ site until last evening.
BTW SS on leave from 8th to 31st 
Paid fixout with a trust that build will be completed; with only 20K to pay and # of reviews suggesting delays i'm concerned too.

Pending items to my knowledge to get to PCI; Have low confidence it will be done by End of May.
1. Downpipes for Gutters
2. Alfresco, Portico and Verandah ceiling.
3. Garage door to house internal door not fixed, Ensuite toilet door not fixed.
4. Skirtings not fully finished yet( garage and other small areas)
5. Window architraves for one of the windows need to be adjusted.
6. Tilings not started.
7. Concrete slab for Alfresco, Portico , Verandah
8. Door Handles
9. Sliding doors
10. Painting
11. Facade cladding and rendering.
12. Batten lights for kitchen.

am noticing three houses (Mine, My neighbour and other opposite to my rental current house) and all of them follow a similar pattern. Hope this helps in making a decision.

BTW, My neighbour house finish was good...

Look for another builder,beleive these reviews poor workmanship,dishonest and very stressful . biggest mistake i have ever made

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