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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

Even after Building Commission Victoria provided inspection and report with recommendation to rectify defects builder ignored it. They are untouchables. I fight with them for last 2.5 years. anyone who wish to join me contact sergey36@digisurf.com.au and soon will be hearing with Building Board regarding of builder's conduct.

+ Steel frame homes

- Terrible management and quality. You can make these guy to rectify multiply defects after settlement.They do not even answer to you after lodgment an Defects List during Defect Liability Period. Manager told me honestly: You can complain wherever you want I do not care.I always would say tat you refused access to your house to rectify defects of just we could not communicate with you". Honestly and straight forward.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 18, 2010

Please do not build with this company!! If I had known about the consumer affairs report we wouldn’t have awarded them the privilege of building our house.
We have over 100 defects they don’t listen and don’t fix any problems when they arise. If you have a problem don’t wait for answers we will not get any, what you will get is nothing but lies and more lies… if you have been dealing with S.P. the passive aggressive you are done for, please make an application to Consumer affairs as soon as possible, and keep and ask for every thing in writing…..good luck.

Please lodge your concerns with consumer affairs

+ Cheaper per square meter, and build from your plans

- Doggy work, lies, still under construction after 12 months, 4 supervisors, with no resolution in sight

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

While our home was completed in the time frame, it was overall a headache dealing with this incompetent building firm. We moved in our property in Aug 07, the handover was a joke, we were horrified to see so many defects, we wanted to throw the keys back and run. For example our paintwork was so crap, half of our ceiling was sprayed on, the other half rolled on with what looked like a woolly sheepskin. There was a hole in our walk in robe ceiling, our front door did not have a top coat, there were black metal marks all over the floor tiles where the painters had moved their ladders around, the building supervisor could not even remove them with thinners. The windows were scratched, the toilet was leaking, the incorrect light was installed in the kitchen, the wrong sink, wrong vanity top, my feature glass tiles that I paid extra for were absent from over the bath, the tank was not on a concrete pad, but on crushed rock and all wonky, the wrong accessories were installed. Our floor tiling was appalling, uneven in places, for example, we could not push chairs under the kitchen table without lifting them up and over the faulty uneven tiles! There was paint dripped externally on window sills, and brickwork as well as windows. This was just the beginning of an absolute headache for us having to try and rectify all of this, pretty frustrating when the dodgy supervisor thought the dodgy work was perfectly o.k., and the fact that every signed variation we made was stuffed up, and we had to wait eight months after moving in to finally get everything 'fixed', and by then we had 'stumbled' across even more stuff ups but we were so over it. I got legal advice from consumer affairs and was starting to proceed with the lodging of a complaint, which JG were aware of, so I think this made them act more quickly to fix things. If you like dealing with tradesman who communicate like cave men, and a supervisor who obviously is not on the pulse (or supervising the work) then I this is the mob to build with LOL.

+ Price and Plan were good, and we got a 'free alfresco'

- Totally incompetent, poor build quality, dodgy tradesman and supervisor was a yobbo

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Regret........Regret..............and more Regret

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2012

Not enough space, impossible to list all the problems and faults.

First meeting with the company was in February 2009, construction started January 2010 and 18 months later with major problems and defects still pending we were forced to concede after threats from their solicitors, they also unjustly added a significant amount of money to a 'second' final invoice, further threats were received from their solicitor if this additional amount wasnt paid (extortion money), we are still waiting for justification of this extra charge.

From day 1 of the build it was a nightmare and continued to the end. They believe their shoddy repairs, paint work and overall pathetic quality was up to a high standard, drawings are even riddled with mistakes.

Once your locked in their attitude is 'A customer is never right'.

+ Pros have long disappeared

- Filthy two faced money hungry low classed builders providing a poor quality home using useless tradesmen. Their staff especially Supervisors are totally arrogant with little or no knowledge and dont know what 'supervision' means. The staff all need to take lessons on how to treat a customer and stop making up stories in their favour.

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Wish you happy customers luck

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 14, 2012

Those of you who have your dream home it may not be. After 3 years in our home water started flowing from under our island bench. It is 8 square metres in size. We had to use a jigsaw to see under the cupboard and found 15 mm of water. After smashing out brickwork the leak was found.

JG King use polypipe plumbing and the plumber had attached it inside a steel purlin. The bricklayer in placing a support drilled through it, and once the screw rusted it has been leaking for a very long time. Finding its way to the outside (damp brickwork) under the slab through the piping to under the kitchen bench..

You may still be in for surprises as the inspector, brickie,plumber,plasterer,insulation installer, someone should have seen this.

Another of many nightmares... Hopefully you are not awoken by floating furniture.

+ Are you joking?

- There will never be enough room to write

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2 out of 5, reviewed on May 23, 2012

House about 4.5 months late, no reason or notice given. We had to pull them up every step of the way over build quality issues, why? Site supervisors change every couple of months and some were shockers. We were lucky in that we got a good supervisor for the final couple of months otherwise things could have been very ugly indeed. He's since left the company. They get two stars as we love our house but it was very hard work when it shouldn't have to be, not when paying $200k+. I'd like to but cannot recommend these guys.

+ Steel frames, reasonable prices, not too pushy on the extras

- Poor (zero!) after sales service, no quality assurance, zero communication

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2011

Please do not build with this company more problems one after another.... I wish they go bankrupt and never build another home again coz these people dont knoe ow to build houses the people that work for them (contractor)dont know how to speek English so how are they going to read the plan????

+ Nothing nothing nothing
There are no pros all i have had are cons

- Well where do i start!!!!! we brought a house and land package 18months ago and we are still not in our house.... I was unhappy with our brick work so i got a building inspector out on my own behalf.... and what do you know... they had built the whole construction of the house on an unlevel slab.... our frame, doors, walls, tiles, brick nothing in my house is level... i am so pissed off i have brought a home with this company, they have spoilt the excitment you have when you move in to a new home. people pay good money and all you get is rubbish.... Oh another con the trades men have been using my toilet and yes i found a sh*t in my toilet.. I hope no one buys off these guys really bad company...their motto is "life starts here" what a load of crap life does not start here.... And john king come out of hiding and face us unhappy client

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

They Lie, lie non stop. Get everything in writing, refuse to talk to them tell them to put it in writing for you....and please don’t pay them a red cent if you don’t see the relevant building approvals from the surveyor. They send out the invoice for the stage payments early and without approval from surveyor. We have been in the dispute for 2 years, with no end in sight!! Please lodge your claim with consumer affairs, this builder must be stoped. They have appeared and have been investigated by the Builders Practitioners Board on many occasions. They will also change you site supervisor minimum of 2 to 3 times and apply for time extensions for no good reasons. All actions of this builder are very under handed. The contract you will sign means nothing, you are not protected and they will change and use substituted materials without your approval. We have over 100 defects and counting………please the more complaints that consumer affairs have the better all of us are, please they will not fix anything or they will fix one thing really badly and tell you that it is ok and try and convince you it ok. PLEASE DON’T BUILD WITH THIS BULIDER!!

- Everything!!!

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What can I say? This is since 2008.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2012

After conciliation started through Consumer Affairs Victoria, we are still battling to finish the rectifying process. Everyday, every week is a nightmare.

We understand that JG King Homes is extremely uncooperative and blames everything to other people. They ignore the facts that there were defects of sagging and crooked drainpipe and lack of quality work under their name, yet they still insist that the pluming is up to the regulation. They failed to acknowledge their defects that causes leaking and flooding.

I am going to report here again how things progress. I never recommend this company to anyone (only to JG King employees!). If the industry operates in this standard, it is horrifying.

- defects, poor quality of work

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2017

Absolute rubbish, terrible company

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2017

After signing with JG King in March 2016 we are still awaiting on handover and are now 10 weeks over contract.
The $250 they are paying in liquidated damages does not even come close to covering rent and the house has no end date in sight.
We are so stressed about this build, the workmanship is poor and no respect given to building of these homes that people put their hard earned dollars into.
I'm not sure what is worse, the workmanship or the communication on behalf of JG King. No weekly updates as promised, and even calling the head office every half an hour and speaking to area manager we are still up in the air.
Do not bother wasting your money on this company unless you are planning to move into your new home in 5 years time!

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Boak, Thank you for your feedback, we're sorry to hear about your situation. We'd like the opportunity to look into your concerns and address them. Could you please email your job number and ... read more »

I have already contacted them via the complaints and have not received a reply, this is beyond a joke.
Nothing is happening, no communication and no house!

JG King Homes Official

Hi Boak, Thank you for letting us know, we've followed up and can confirm that your complaint has been received, and that your Site Supervisor and our Building Manager have been in contact with yo... read more »

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2012

Started building with Kings after losing my farmhouse to a devastating fire... but the devastation wasn't over! The building started over twelve months ago and that's when the problems began. If you want continuing heartache, disapointment and frustration then this is the company to choose to build your dream home. It is a guarentee that you will end up with a result that is far less than your expectations and even further away from the expectation promised to you by the staff at JG King Homes, including site supervisors and management. Be prepared to deal with numerous managers and site supervisors over a twelve month period, no one taking accountability and on the rare occasion they may return your call, but don't sit waiting. Don't expect progress reports or expect to have a clue what is happening. Please spend your hard earned money with a builder that listens to you, uses trademen that care about their work and don't steal and one who cares about the end result not the bank balance. A child's sand castle would produce a better result than my house presently.
I have finally got beyond frustrated waiting for my concerns to be addressed and paid to have independants access the stuff up that was meant to be my future home. Consumer Affairs are now on board and still I haven't been told what is going to happen. No contact from the company for over 6 weeks. The stress of spending too many hours researching and trying to get my house built to the standard I was promised is exhausting.
Please take note of posting after posting of unfavourable reviews and choose your builder a lot smarter than I did. How this company is still is trading is beyond me. I would not let them build my dog kennel, I am sure they would not even be capable of achieving a result.

- Every stage of building has been of poor quality, faults have resulted from trademen without capabilites. Won't fix problems, patch up instead to try and get it over the line.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2012

Please do your research. If I new that Consumer Affairs Victoria have had issues J G King (Google it!) and highlighted that they do not deal with customers complaints appropriatlty I might not of bought this house. i was told that i would be in by Christmas 2006 and am still paying rent waiting for all the mistakes to be fixed. Please BE AWARE!!

- This company cuts corners and does not fix problems. Over 18 months and i am still not in my home.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2012

If you want my advice, before you build with JG, just think the indowment you will go through. it took 2 years until they complete with on and off court cases involving there bad craftsmen ship and rude and arrogant supervisors. CHeap quality and poor pricing, I am suprised they are still in the market. They are no good. PLEASE I AM WARNING EVERYONE< PLEASE DO NOT BUILD WITH JG KING. Send them to Africa to build homes, they would be good there.

+ Cheap and nasty, like the plan thats all...the price was good at the start and then lies came along

- THey offer all this crap about low prices...but then you want to build, you need thousands of dollars for carpets tiles, driveway, site costs were over $20,000. i COULDN'T BELIEVE, THEY TOLD US AFTER WE SIGN CONTRACT.. dODGY

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2011

Do not build with them go with a smaller builder as you will get better customer service.Better Quality too

+ The only thing we liked was that they use steal frame

- Gave deposit for house & land Nov. 2008. Did not get a contract til May 2009. Contract was all wrong. Drafts was all wrong. Did not get much of the paperwork fixed as they took to long and always got it wrong. Administrator sent me an accidental email from employee to employee saying that I would walk away with the profit if they draftman did not do what she asked. I had to get the land paperwork done first because the land settle in Feb. Then they got me on Provisional sum for the excavation and rock removals, charged me 8000 for 40 cubic metres. Now they are not workig on the house for 3 mths and it is due 2 April. They will not finish in time. They put my house on hold to do their display homes first.Paint work is the worst thing I have ever seen. Picture framing on walls. The house leaked a huge amount of water and they did not replace the plaster. I am disgusted. DO NOT BUILD WITH JG KING

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2012

My advice is not to deal with this company, they don`t want to be involved in anything other than their low cost package deals in new housing estates where mass production reduces their costs. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

+ range of homes & free upgrades appealed

- After 7 months of delays & being lied to by sales rep we gave up, lost our $1,000 deposit. Now 5 months after our cancellation they have finally returned gate key to our property (via head office as sales rep at Ballarat continued to ignore us). We also asked for a copy of the soil report which we had paid for with the $1,000 but that has not come. Reading a previous entry on this site was like reading our own story. 7 months to receive our preliminary plans which had a number of mistakes. I corrected these & sent them back to be told I had to sign off on the plans regardless. I informed the rep we would not be signing anything we were not happy with & he reverts to "builder speak" of going back to tender. The final straw was being told we had to submit an amendment to our planning permit (for verandah) when the council had already said we did not require one.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2012

I would not recommend JG Kings to anyone .. I had numerous problems building with them, my house was comleted 6 months after the set date and no compensation was given .. The staff were unhelpful and I was very disappointed

+ The style of house was innovative however this was dampened by the service I was provided

- too many to mention

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2012

A very bad experience

Note: I was also unable to a copy of the Soil and Survey test, even though we paid for it. Consumer Affairs are investigating it.

+ hmmmm

- Very poor service by everyone at JG King

From the beginning it was bad. The Sale Rep was new to JG and was not sure on much (cost of items etc). Gave him the benefit of the doubt. We had to ask repetitively to try and get the correct answers on extract cost on things.

We started to record our conversations with JG King as we were getting different answers every time.

We got to the Preliminary Plans stage and final copy of the New Home Oder and advised the sales rep and head office that we could not sign as they were completely wrong. (Double charging for items on the New Home Order). Head Office tried to pressure us into singing.

It took over 6 weeks for JG king to get back to with an updated version, In the end we had to deal with Head Office as Sales Rep had no clue.

It has taken a year to get to this stage, Land was Titled and ready to go 10 months ago.

We had a lot more problems happen. In the end we have not gone with JG, have logged a complaint Consumer Affairs and handed all documentation and recorded conversations over to them.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 02, 2012

So Much Stress.

Very disappointed. Buyer Beware. Do your Research before you sign. Not sure when/if i will start building

+ Nothing yet

- Not sure where to start......

The drama has dragged on now for 10 months. Still on going.
Every week it's another drama.

No one knows the answers, the answer is "we'll get back to you." In the very rare case that someone got back to me, it was also me chasing them.

JG King had to raise my questions to Senior Management/ Senior Sales Manager. Which lead to a meeting with him, he was short, rude and speaks down to you. They questions were not hard, Soil and Survey etc, just to clarify a few little things.

No even close to building.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

Marketing lies: The property I bought is marketed as a 4th bedroom. Be careful, it can't be a 4th bedroom if they is no door or door size opening to hang a door and no built-in wardrobe. Marketed as a 7 star home, it ended up being a 6 star home. Sales agent lies: After delays in commencement of home he said "they put these homes up in 4 months", what a lie, more like 12 months. In hind site I should've got it in writing. Construction supervisor lies: Giving false time frames for progress - they tell you what you want to hear. They over promise and under deliver. I've had 3 different supervisors. Extension of Time Claim lies: Their requests to extend the building period because "shortage of bricklayers" was unjust. I've been 10 years in the building industry and never have I heard such a pathetic reason. That is a risk they take on board - I wrote them a letter saying I dispute the Extension of Time claim. Area Manager lies: Claiming the Commencement Date was from the date they started on site. Lied to again, the Commencement Date is within 14 days issue of the building permit. This knowledge and a threat to go to VCAT made them change their minds and hence increase their penalties for late completion. Also during color selection I had a lady from the tiling place call me to come and select colors because JGKing homes are getting upset. Only for me to tell her "I have already picked my colors with the interior decorator at JGKing Homes". What dreadful communication amongst themselves. Don't believe anything they tell you and you'll be better prepared, get as much in writing as you can and be prepared for time over-runs. Better yet, don't use them, I wouldn't use them again. It's companies like this that make sure Builders will always have a bad reputation.

+ Workmanship seems ok. Fixed price contract covered 95% of outlay.

- Lies, lies, lies & costly delays

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2010

I lived in a brand new JG king home for a year and it was dreadful! There was a veranda that never got finished, an air conditioner that didn't work and peeling paint and paint cracks! the builder was rude and blamed us for peeling the paint off!
i would never recommend them, the reason it is so cheap is because you are paying for the quality, which there obviously isn't any! Tip to new home buyers, if you are buying a reasonably new home, ask who the builder was! Say no to JG King homes!

+ cheap and nice plans

- lack of quality

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Questions & Answers

Hi can anyone tell me the price difference from H1 TO H2 SLAB for 214 m2 home?

Lisa asked on May 22, 2018

Do they do knock down rebuild?

LukeCollins asked on May 09, 2018

Answer this

I am not sure about it but i think they do

Yes they sure do

Hello all, very concerned about the reviews. Can anyone give feedback on building with JG King in Ballarat? Really want to get some confidence of the group or maybe look for another builder? TIA

Geoff_B asked on May 01, 2018

Answer this

Like wise mate, wouldn't mind hearing from people that have built out of the ballarat office.

My build story JG King.
I written this post on over the course of my build with an intention of 5 star rating (I am sending it to forums. But will be posting it only 3 months after handover. It’s with JG King now to keep up the 5 star from here as we go into crucial stages of Build.

House: Sage (33.1 Sq) @ Wyndham Vale.
Job Number: 1704MLA586
Construction Start date: October 17
Base Stage: Dec 17
Frame stage: Feb 17
Lockup: Mar 17
Fix out: Apr 17

Given No Driveways, Downlights, flooring , cooling. So expecting a faster finish.

Generally takes a bit of time (I have noticed 3 houses built by JG king) but also depends on your luck (Rocks, Weather and of course tradies)
Quality of construction so far is good (too early to give a credit?) but I like it so far except for the below.
I don’t have much to say about the Carpenter looks like he’s working multiple jobs and working only few hours a day ; made lot of damage to plaster walls while fixing skirting which otherwise is a quality build until then.
In contrary to most feedbacks I will give credit to admin team so far on the responses; I always received a response within 24 hours.

PCI Date: Yet to hear back.
Apr 17 - Booked Deposit

Sales Consultant @ Groove, tarneit was helpful to get the right house of my liking.

I had an irregular block so the sales consultant suggested we can also fit a wide variety of houses and he sent me a list of 7+ designs that would fit on my block. We actually liked the
Sage fit on my block instead though i was thinking of Adelphi 1. Helped me choose the upgrade options carefully with in my budget.

May 17 Contract signing:
Was a good experience i had a list of 20+ items to be changed and the admin consulatnt helped me get all of that and advised few areas where she had concerns.
1. Though i wanted a double vanity she advised it will look congested (for few people) on a 33 sq house. But Mrs wanted a double vanity so gone by that.
2. Suggested to get a cavity door for 250$ to avoid visibility WIP as the design had a large open area living for Kitchen , Meals and living.

Signed up for Electricity and Gas with origin with an option i can change it at the end of build and was explained i need to pay for EB, Gas and water during the build.

June 17 Color appointment:
1. Pre-decided from website options and the color appointment was good though I felt a bit rushed but got what I wanted.
2. Changed multiple items with in my budget in during color appointment.

Feedback: Improve online selection tool. Increase color appointment timing. Provide a Visual tool possible for home buyers to see how it looks.

June 17 Further changes:
1. Requested for further changes in electrical and few other options and they were happy to do it as its not structural..
From June to September the fun starts for developer and council Approval. Developer returned the plan more than 5 times to change brick, Facade and Cladding to a point that made me think Who’s paying for the house? In the end I liked another facades and brick (Not an upgrade) so didnt end up in a fight which I was told to be an losing battle as developers guidelines has to be followed.
Developer approval took till September as the approving authority was on vacation. :(
Council approval started shortly after that.
October 17:
All excited for tradies to start which is short lived as we cannot locate the Fourth peg which according to the developer was buried under the fence. But supervisor was not interested taking their words (as mine is irregular block) and wanted the developer to locate the fourth boundary or mark it on the fence else do a re-establishment survey($800-$1000).
Developer was not initially helping saying once the land is settled its my problem and he cant help. But later after product review private compliance they helped but took their time.
My ADVICE TO ANY NEW LAND BUYER IS TO ENSURE YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED ALL 4 BOUNDARY PEGS and no Rocks or Dump on site before you settle your land. After settlement its your problem.

November 17:
Site Cut , Drainage Pipes, Piers and slab preparation.
Hit 20K worth or rocks and was not happy about it. I would strongly recommend JG King to provide a fixed rock prices in their site cost so new home builders are not worried. Its my view that the customer experience will greatly improve with locked in pricing.

December 17:
Slabs poured on Dec 20.
Frames delivered to site but no work happened till Feb 6th. The tradie that supposed complete framing before christmas did not show up and my supervisor has to find a different one after he came back from holidays.

January 18 :
No Work :(

February 18:

Frames Installed, Roof covering, Pipes run through frames.
March 18:
Brickie started laying but then work stopped for almost four weeks.
Rough in wrap around the house complete, heating ducts , solar panels for Hot water installed.
Noticed and reported to supervisor that sliding windows were not closing properly for which he advised he’s aware of and will be fixed when carpenter comes in for doors.

April 16, 2018:
Supervisor and Accounts team advised that they want reverse lockup which is installing the plaster walls prior to external wall cladding is complete. I was initially reluctant but had no choice as the contract had a special clause condition for reverse lockup.
Insulation and Plaster walls are complete the first week of April. And another brickey started from second week of april and almost close to finishing external brick cladding. (as of 16/04/2018)
Cornices complete and carpenter started cutting for doors and cavity sliding doors, electrical wirings were completed
Waiting for the sliding windows to be fixed.
The quality of construction so far seems good.
My supervisor advised that the house should be completed by End of May if tradies show up as expected or can be delayed for a couple of more weeks. Exciting times. Cant wait for handover.

Apr 20 Update:
Batten light points and switch points were cutout for walls and roof. Getting ready for Painting i assume.

As per SS Kitchen and cabinets should have been in by Apr 18 but still not in.
Tiles for wet areas was scheduled for yesterday. Will drop by today to have a look.

Apr 30th Update:
Got the invoice for fix out ; but still skirting and architraves were not done. After I reported the invoice was void and got a new one on May 2nd.

May 5th update:
Carpenter didnot do a good job in my view lot of gaps in windows and made 50+ dings on the plaster wall while moving the skirting. Now poor supervisor has marked all of them (Painful process i believe for the pre-painting guy to address them).
No other work has been done other than skirtings :(.

Will update how it goes.
May 1st and 2nd week:
Not much going on except stonebenchtop ; was advised pre-plastering work will be completed this week. But no signs of tradies @ site until last evening.
BTW SS on leave from 8th to 31st 
Paid fixout with a trust that build will be completed; with only 20K to pay and # of reviews suggesting delays i'm concerned too.

Pending items to my knowledge to get to PCI; Have low confidence it will be done by End of May.
1. Downpipes for Gutters
2. Alfresco, Portico and Verandah ceiling.
3. Garage door to house internal door not fixed, Ensuite toilet door not fixed.
4. Skirtings not fully finished yet( garage and other small areas)
5. Window architraves for one of the windows need to be adjusted.
6. Tilings not started.
7. Concrete slab for Alfresco, Portico , Verandah
8. Door Handles
9. Sliding doors
10. Painting
11. Facade cladding and rendering.
12. Batten lights for kitchen.

am noticing three houses (Mine, My neighbour and other opposite to my rental current house) and all of them follow a similar pattern. Hope this helps in making a decision.

BTW, My neighbour house finish was good...

Look for another builder,beleive these reviews poor workmanship,dishonest and very stressful . biggest mistake i have ever made

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