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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2014

Ongoing nightmare

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2018

We moved into our house built by JG King four years ago. Today, we are still trying to get a water leak in our main bathroom repaired which was identified at the time of the three month maintenance. They have replaced the vanity which was damaged as it was completely full of water behind the kickboard. They have resealed the shower several times. They have replaced the door frame, skirting boards in the hallway and spare room due to water damage. All of this is "patch up" work, without actually repairing the water leak itself. So now we have rotting door frame and skirting boards and I suspect water under the vanity again. There is a damp odour as you walk down the hallway. It is ugly and embarrassing having visitors seeing rotting boards in our new home. We have been in constant contact with JG King over the four years, endured several changes of area managers and had to start the process again with each manager. We have listened to so many empty promises of having the repairs done and it has taken a huge emotional toll on our family when we should be enjoying our home. I have emailed the complaints department and attached photos. Job no: 1211WOA217

I would not recommend JG King to anyone and regret recommending JG King to a couple of friends while we were still building as they have had issues as well.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Mel, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our complaints department has received your complaint and your regional office is aware of it. They will contact you directly to resolve all issues. Thank you.

Kind regards,
JG King Homes


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Quick to take your money, but slow in everything else!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2018

Started August 2017 and after a 6 week delay from site cut to slab pour, with pathetic excuses as 'it's too windy to lay a slab' and after 2 site supervisor in 2 months, the third SS got the ball rolling in October 2017 with the slab, frame, bricks and lock up done... but then that ball quickly slowed down and almost started going backwards.
After being told we would be in by the end of January 2018, that then changed to early March 2018.. then 100% we will be in by Easter 2018.. you guessed it.. we weren't! Told end of April it'll be ready for handover. The week of May 1st 2018, after extending our rental also and them going over our 8 month contract completion date, enough was enough. Our house was literally sitting here and nothing being done. It needed small things, like getting a driveway took 6 weeks to complete. We demanded handover for 11th May, as we had to hand our rental back over on the 15th May.
We agreed on the last few items to be completed within 14 days after handover (it is all in writing), almost 6 weeks later, trying to get ANYTHING done, is like getting blood out of stone. Nothing has been completed, our site hasn't even been cleaned! Trying to get answers from the site supervisor, you get told they will call you tomorrow and never do. Try calling head office and they just ring the site supervisor and say he will call you.. but doesn't. It's pathetic.
We are missing door handles on doors, insulation in the roof hasn't been done correctly, gaps between plaster and brick not filled, gaps between tiles and wall not sealed. Gaps around windows not filled. Toilet doors won't close... the list continues.

Something that was meant to be an exciting time for first home builders/owners, it has been nothing but stress, stress and stress.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi A_P, we are very sorry that you had to experience this. We would like to help you rectify all outstanding items. Could you please email complaints@jgking.com.au with all the details. Thank you.
Kind regards,
JG King Homes

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018

Slowest build no answer & nothing moving on last 2 month

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2018

My home ongoing built by JG King and it was a great experience. This time, only one word to describe "disaster". Salesperson is great and ensuring that we have great experience even until after contract signing. But poor after sales person by the headoffice has been a nightmare
We signed the contract in early November 2017, and did our colour selection. There are a few hiccups during colour selection (with our selection not properly reflected, which we picked up the error before signing the paperwork). We understand there is always a human error.
Everything went well, when we anticipate our settlement to be. We drove past the house and saw that all is ready, however we were not told when is the walk through etc.
A delay was claimed by JG King as a result of this. Around early June, we would like to know what is the status. So we attempted to contact the head office as we could not get through to even on his mobile no
After that nothing happens, and we emailed four people including the site supervisor on the status. No one responded, the following days & one month from may to June nothing moved at side supervisor not answering the phone call last 1 month.
So we end up not handing over the property, which means another delay and no date in sight. This is ridiculous.
We paid so much money only to be left with feeling this way.
Others' experience may not be the same to ours.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Manish, we are very sorry that you hadn't received a proper response from our office. We would like the opportunity to investigate this further. Could you please email your contact details to co... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2011

Been living a nightmare for 5 years

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

(Please refer to my instagram for photos) Username: heart_broken_jgking_client

JG King
Despite me having made every effort to amicably solve and finalise this matter over the past 5 years with JG King, it saddens me that I still find myself in a position of owning a home that I am ashamed of and causes me much anxiety and embarrassment, in particular when I have guests.   The structural damage to my home is extensive where it is impossible for me to hide and/or for people to not notice.   It is very tiresome having to continually explain to guests why the damage has occurred and my frustration with JG King.  Many have suggested that I have simply been "too nice" in my dealings with JG King and because they are a corporation and I, just an individual, they are attempting to wear me down so hopefully, in pure desperation, I simply agree to their offer of partial rectification of their very substandard work.

At a very young age, I made the conscious decision to be the best person I could.  I did and do, work extremely hard and long hours which assisted me in achieving what I thought was going to be my dream, of building a new home.  At the very young age of 20, in good faith, I entered into a contract with JG King to build my home.  Sadly, within 2 years of my dream home being built, it was very evident that the structural integrity of the building had been comprised with large opened cracks appearing on walls, windows and doors being out of level causing them not to open/close properly, cornices cracked, open cracks in brick work (up to approx. 20mm) etc.   As a result of my personal investigations in engaging a building specialist and through those of JG King, it has unequivocally been determined that the structural integrity of my home has been comprised.
Unfortunately I am left with no choice but to publicly express my heartache and despair from what has now been a 3 year saga to get my house to a standard that I can be proud of.
I built with you guys at the age of 21 and within 2 years it was clear that there was something wrong with my house. Cracks started to appear everywhere and before I knew it I had doors and windows that wouldn’t close properly. THIS IS A SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE. Nearly everyone that walked into my house would question the damage - to a point where I would dread having people over.
It has been over 4 years since this was brought to the attention of JG King and we still can’t come to an agreement on the rectification of my home. I have plumbing reports stating there are still issues with the underground storm water and yet because there is a driveway or decking above, JG King won’t take responsibility.
I have windows and doors that won’t close properly and are no longer square yet JG King are only willing to patch walls and cut then replace parts of the cornices. I’m being short-changed on a home that should have been up to standard in the first place and that I could be proud of.
I’ve had to take time off work, lost sleep and changed my plans for inspectors, engineers and contractors to come to my house and yet still nothing is properly fixed! Now I’m expected to live in my house while contractors turn my house into a building site and I’m only getting half the rectification work that should be carried out. I don’t see how this is fair, emotionally I am so drained and tired. I signed a contract with JG King expecting to get a home that wouldn’t start falling apart within 2 years. To add salt to the wound not once have I received an apology for what has been a burden on life for nearly 5 years now.
I don’t see how a company can put someone through all this and still not take responsibility for their sub-standard work!

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Kris/Maree, We are really sorry that you had to experience this. We would like to look into this situation further, could you please email complaints@jgk.com.au along with your job number and co... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018

Slowest build

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2018

Job no : 1704MLA576
Started last year April for estimate and then sailing along till now. All neighbors have moved in who started with us. Frequent supervisor changes without information. [name removed] (SS) took over in Feb and I was happy at last someone understands me but it didn't last long after he left. Hope to hear if someone knows what's happening with my site and why it has taken a year for single story 21sq home.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Shujaat, We are very sorry to see that you are unhappy with the progress of your home. Firstly, thank you for providing your job reference number, as this is very helpful when reviewing your hi... read more »

JG King Homes Official

Dear Shujaat, We are very sorry to see that you are unhappy with the progress of your home. Firstly, thank you for providing your job reference number, as this is very helpful when reviewing your... read more »

Still waiting for progress on the build. First finish house's already under construction then take new projects.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018

Big let down for us.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2018

My home was built by JG King and it was a great experience. This time, only one word to describe "disaster". Salesperson is great and ensuring that we have great experience even until after contract signing. But poor after sales person by the headoffice has been a nightmare
We signed the contract in early April 2017, and did our colour selection. There are a few hiccups during colour selection (with our selection not properly reflected, which we picked up the error before signing the paperwork). We understand there is always a human error.
Everything went well, we paid our progress fees up until February 2018/March 2018, when we anticipate our settlement to be. We drove past the house and saw that all is ready, however we were not told when is the walk through etc.
Around April 2018, we started being anxious and enquire the head office, as the site supervisor ([name removed]) mentioned that he has passed on the property to a new site supervisor ([name removed]). There was no communication to us about this, not an email, mail or even a phone call. [name removed] also never returned our phone calls or emails.
Only then we were given an Origin gas form (early April 2018), which we have already signed back in April 2017 (last year) during the contract signing of which we were given the scanned copy as well.
A delay was claimed by JG King as a result of this. Around early May, we would like to know what is the status. So we attempted to contact the head office as we could not get through to [name removed] (even on his mobile), then we learnt that he is no longer with JGKing and a new site supervisor ([name removed]) is to be contacted. [name removed] said everything is good and on track with couple of fixing and should not be too far away from walkthrough and handover, which is a good news for us.
After that nothing happens, and we emailed four people including the site supervisor on the status. No one responded, the following days, we received an email requesting for final progess payment to be made, which is infuriating as we have to learn that the house is ready via an invoice (totally unexpected and a shock with limited time to liaise with financier).
We then decide to do a walkthrough after the invoice is raised and agreed on a settlement date of two weeks later (which is today).
Today, we rocked up on settlement and organise for our tradies for blinds, concrete and alarm/TV antenna for the same day. Was told that the main key was not included in the pack, and that they would provide us with the main key the following weeks!
I have a big concern, as JG King would have the master key which would allow them to enter the property. So, I said I am not handing over the cheque. The site supervisor ([name removed]) tried to assist us with getting locksmith but all the locksmith cannot make it that day resulting us in having to cancel our tradies appointment (Big let down), and we have to pay cancellation fees, which I will pass on the JG King.
We then would like to submit a formal complain as we would like to take over the house ASAP.
[name removed] referred us to [name removed] from the head office, [name removed] referred us back to [name removed]. This is going in a vicious circle.
So we end up not handing over the property, which means another delay and no date in sight. This is ridiculous.
We paid so much money only to be left with feeling this way.
Imagine if we are living interstate and coming over to Melbourne to do a handover! Luckily we are not!!

Others' experience may not be the same to ours, but at least this is how I felt during our second built with JG King. JG King has just lost the plot, and we will never build with JG King ever again. We recommend you discuss with JG King as for the processes before actually signing your contract!

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Kardina, We appreciate your feedback and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We like to investigate this further. Could you please email your job number and contact details to complaint... read more »

Would that change Anything? No-one has responded to my appliance installation request yet too. So any complains submitted I guess won't be responded too.


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Please avoid this builder ....

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2018

JOB NO - 1703MLA466

Hopefully my review will help someone to make better decision

Did three months of research when finding a builder for our 1st dream home and was very excited when we found the builder building with steel frame offering 50 years of structure warranty.
Read reviews on product review with lot of negative reviews but my wife really liked the double storey floor plan they offering and we thought we wouldn't be one of them (disappointed customers) there would be many satisfied customers as well who didn't bother to review them and we choose them to build our home and guess what they proved as wrong. So here's what happened

Land titled in March
Deposit paid with sales consultant 15 March 2017
after they put our house on fast track
Colour and tender appointment 11th May 2017
Not sure if its a normal process how long would it take
no separate electrical appointment as you need to do this when signing with sales agent when you pay deposit and if you need one there is extra charge.
Finally contract signing 2 June 2017
After chasing up to get start date they have given 4th Aug 2017
Then that's where the delays started.
Pre pour 13 Sep 2017
and then 4 weeks of delay for getting frame delivered on site
Frame delivered 20 Oct 2017
Wrote a big complain to JG king official channel and hoping to someone would call me and apologised for all delays happening and work will start soon and guess what happened no on even bother to call me that's truly show how jg king value their customers really got shock when site manager told me there is no complain that he is been forwarded shows how bad the internal communications are.

Then another 6 weeks of delay for getting framer to put they frames up because they couldn't have enough tradies to get the frame up.

1st site supervisor changed and new supervisor called me to introduce and i was hoping might this supervisor will move quickly.

And finally when they came to put the frame up the site supervisor realises the slab they pour is not poured properly and sides on slabs are not even then another delay for getting that fixed so finally the frame got up on
21 Dec 2017.

Then next challenge is to get the bricks which was delivered on 12 Jan 2018
and then actual delays started they couldn't find any bricky because as per construction manager their are not many tradies who can work with steel frame double storey house realises me choosing steel frame was my biggest mistake.

No communications from site supervisor i have to chase it up every week to see if they have progressed anything last 4 weeks no work is been done and getting invoice for lock up stage. I cant expressed how painful the process was which hasn't finished yet.
My completion handover date was 5th of May 2018 which they are no way near only 65% work has been done and today called my site supervisor to check whats going on he advised he couldn't get any tradies to get scaffolding remove and due to lack of tradies and angry customers he is leaving Jg king and there will be new 3rd supervisor appointed for my house. The only thing they do on time or even before is sending invoices.
The receptionist was very rude they wouldn't even direct your call and tell you they will contact you when they will be back and you never heard from them. The liquidation damage they suppose to pay you when your house go beyond the deadline which will help you to pay your installments and rent at same time will be credited after they finish the house. My question is why i cant get that money now into my account when i needed the most. How i will manage to financial support me and my family
Everytime i go to the site i see all those houses started way after my house has already finished and people moved in really upsets and depressed me and realised i made a biggest mistake of my life by choosing JG king. They made our dream house a biggest nightmare.

PS Beware of all those 5 star rating comments on product review.com
their site hasn't even started and completion date is next year they haven't actual gone through real pain.
I wouldn't be surprised if JG king would give them extra discount for writing those comments or they are in bit hurry.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Raj, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are very sorry to hear that your experience with us has been unpleasant. We understand that you have been communicating with our Constru... read more »

Looks like jg king doesn’t really care about their customers anymore I wrote a complaint in nov 2017 about all those issues not a single person contacted me to find what’s happening , things have b... read more »

Geelong, VIC

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2017

Absolute disappointment.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2018

What can one say about the builder being behind the project completion deadline by 6 months and displaying no sense of urgency in their approach to work? Perhaps because there is no pride in the build they provide.
JG King Geelong, belongs to the Master Builder Association, however from their unprofessional approach to management, to the inferior work provided by contractors and supervisors alike, it would be appropriate for Master Builder Association to audit this branch. Lies and excuses will not suffice, we’ve heard them all, and they have no place on a professional work site.
We have made a combined total of six official complaints to the management of the Geelong office and their Head Office, however the lack of response suggests that they were beyond any ability and willingness to remedy the points mentioned in them.
Since our build began on the 1st of February 2017, we have had to deal with 4 different building supervisors and 2 different regional managers at the Geelong branch. Each supervisor does not take ownership for the mistakes of the past supervisors and the problems remain unaddressed by the time the next supervisor takes over our build.
We find ourselves in a situation in which the current supervisor is requesting meetings during which we are required to point out each single fault inside and outside the house. There are plenty, too many, of those! What is the role of internal quality control? Do they have any? It appears not.
It was not the contractors, neither the management, nor the first builder’s supervisor, who noticed major faults in the construction. That was pointed to them by us - the owners. JG King even forgot the eaves! As other aspects of the build, i.e. incorrectly installed skylights, crooked windowsill, etc, - a full list of faults has been noted by the owners, and the Independent Building Inspector has been requested to provide final report upon completion of the house. The Independent Building Inspector has already provided a "Lock up Stage" inspection report in September 2017. The builder has not taken any action to rectify faults identified in report since then.
No compromises will be taken on our part in regards to the build.
On top of everything, there was a roof tile missing for over 10 months! Think about how much rain water has fallen through on to plaster ceiling during that time!
Avoid this company, take reviews into serious consideration, do not make the same mistake we did, there are many others which have respect for their clients. Do not think that through building a big property you might have a better experience - our house is one of the largest JG King has available.
During one of our most recent meetings with the building supervisor we were advised that the house completion date will be at the end of the year – not financial year, calendar year!
Job number 1507GEA003.
We will post an updated review once a progress has been made.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Vic1, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are very disappointed to hear that we have let you down. We understand that you have been in communication with our Construction Manage... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Bad builder

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 01, 2018

We had very bad experience with our home we got our home started last year in August in shepparton but still we have not received key yet for our home and on Friday we have to vacant house were we leave and we ask for white mortar in brick they charge us $1000 extra but they haven't provided white mortar, when we ask they can't get white sand in shepparton but they not inform us. We are so upset at the moment. I don't know where we take our kids and luggage and furniture. Bad bad bad experience nobody take 10 months or more to build single storey home. We told our supervisor about we have to vacant house on 8 of April he told to extend till 29th of April then we extend till 4th of May but still don't when we ask can we put our furniture in car garage and we stay in motel even they don't let us to do that if we paid so lot of money for the house then what they think we will not pay last invoice or they don't trust their own work. Now we don't have anywhere to go supervisor did everything wrong not booked for occupancy permit before hand last Friday he did that now bank need time but what about us supervisor are wrong and we have to suffer for that.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Palvinder kaur, Thank you for your review. We are very disappointed to hear this and are very sorry for the situation you have been put in. Can you please provide us with your job number? We w... read more »

Hi sorry for late reply but we were busy because we received key for new home but i am still disappointed with mortar in brick because we paid for white mortar $1000 extra but they haven't inform ... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2016

21 months after completion and still not happy with a few things

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 01, 2018

The workmanship is shocking. Sewage smell in main bathroom on some days. Floor boards needed to be replaced.. this took 8 months to replace and are still blotchy with nail holes in beading filled with silicon instead of putty. Gas stove burner still not adjusted. Hot water service problems from day one, one way valve was fitted wrong so no input from solar panels for 18 months. Rear power point kept tripping when leads were unplugged... after visiting family overnight we lost a chest freezer of Xmas food due to it tripping when our Granddaughter unplugged her iPod and we did not notice, we asked for reimbursement because this was the third time the power point was replaced. No offer to replace lost food. Water from the driveway in front of the house is directed to the backyard and floods, even the plumber finds this strange. A tile was broken in main bathroom so a bigger washer was put on tap to hide it. Half of the roof was replaced because of incorrect fitting, problem was noticed after water ran behind gutters and eaves. Wrong pressurised downpipes used for storm water, plumbers used silicone instead of using correct pipe. Kitchen sink had to be replaced because it had deep scratches after being used as a work bench by tradies (have photos) Contract stated coloured concrete driveway, when I questioned why it was a standard concrete colour I was told it would be painted. I have not seen a painted JG king driveway yet. A dozen screws were sticking an inch out of roof, that took 3 months to fix. There was constant cracking in the walls inside, plasterers should have been paying rent they were here that often.. the building supervisor said there had been a lot of movement because of such a wet winter. No drainage was in place to take water away from the house during construction. I paid for tv aerial to be connected before handover, this was done two weeks after moving in.
I have been more than patient and it seems my patience is now being used against me. I contacted JG king homes 2 months ago to tell them that we are still getting smells from the main bathroom, that we have had to repair the hot water system ourselves ( because jk king and chromagen pass the buck) and that we would like reimbursement. The hallway floor boards have not blended in with the the ones that we’re replaced, I was told these will be unnoticeable in a few months. The nail holes in beading on the hallway flooring have not been puttied, I asked for touch up paint because what was left for us in used drink bottles had set in the first two months of handover, i only wanted it to touch up the mistakes they made. A plumber was sent around who said there was no smell and was unsure of the flooding in the back yard, he said he will report back to Jg king and will get them to contact me. After not hearing back from them after 2 months I rang again last week. The receptionist got [Name Removed] to call me back and that did not go very well. I mentioned each problem and received the exact same reply for each one, that too much time had passed and they would not do anything to rectify these issues. I mentioned that every one of these problems were raised in the first 3 months of handover and I have the photos and texts between the building supervisor and myself that show this is so. Well he was not interested and the conversation went sour quickly. He was rude and unprofessional to say the least. This house should have been a great thing but getting there has been a struggle. I gave JG king another opportunity to address these issues before publishing this review, 10 days have passed and no one has been around to look at the house. Go elsewhere. its not worth the headaches.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Fred, Thank you for your review. This is very disappointing to read and we are very sorry that the level of customer service delivered was not to standard. It is from our understanding that y... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2018

Untrustworthy Builder in Every Aspect

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 28, 2018

I was fed up with this builder when my house was just up to the construction document preparation stage, because of variations of plan, cost, and dropping promotional items of the contract. I signed up with this builder Nov 2016 for my first house at the display centre at Atherstone, Melton South. Land title was about 8 months away at that time. I signed up early with the builder because of their promotions like fixed house price promotion which was due to be end in few days. During sign up, sales rep offered fixed site cost, fixed house price for a period which was enough to cover expected title date with verbal assurance to extend the site start date in case of delaying land title few months.

Dilemma stated after land got titled. Builder couldn’t execute the initial plan on the contract mainly due to incorrect position of the house within the land. With the plan in the contract, house was against easement without enough clearance that the builder needs for sewerage pipe connection. They proposed about 3 variations to give me a plan close to the features in the contract plan. With these modifications, I was not informed any cost increment involved. After they got my approval for modification work, they kept issuing me invoice after invoice. Once construction plan was finalised to send to construction team, I received another big invoice with $ 8860 house price increment. The reason was fixed house price promotion was invalid due to delay in land title more than 6 months, therefore dropping the promotional item from the contract, which was totally contradicted to what sales rep agreed during signing up. The builder should have advised me about these changes (and revised the contract) before begin any work after land title.

Signing up early with them with uncertain land title date was a utter mistake and promotion was just a trap. I felt like contract was one sided. They charged me $2000 for single custom change of plan where as the builder changes, downgrades plans as they wish and drops contract items with make up reasons. Therefore, this builder has been very stressful for me. Beware of this builder if you have no experience in building, don’t get trapped with promotions because your dream home will be just a dream with this untrustworthy builder.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi S A,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are disappointed to read that we have let you down.

Can you please provide us with your job number? We would like the opportunity to investigate this further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes


Job number is 1610MLA128. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

JG King Homes Official

Hi S A, Thank you for providing your job number. We are very sorry to hear that your experience has not been positive. Please understand that any delays incurred to your land are at the fault of y... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2018

Good home prices but extremely bad customer service. Never ending wait . Don’t finish houses on time

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2018

We are building our home in wodonga. We started with good staff like [name removed] and [name removed]. But they left the company and it is a nightmare since then. We go to property eveyday two times. Work is done only one day or half day in a week. Sometimes no one goes there for weeks. According to the contract, the number of non working days (except public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) is 0. But if i count all these days together, when work was not done on our property, will be more than 4 months altogether. i have a child, i am studying and working as well. My husband also works fulltime. Whenever we asked the staff they are saying that our house will be finished in 6 six weeks. We are hearing this since January 2018 and it is already nearly 4 months. My husband’s holidays has been cancelled as we don’t have date. Who will move my house and they are still saying 3 more weeks. Our lease has finished and and new tenants are moving within next 2 weeks. Jg king should be honest about the date so we didn’t have to arrange everything again and again. Don’t give us false dates. If workers are not sent to the property it won’t be finished till eternity. We have no excitement now. We are really frustrated and we have already advised our friends not to go through JG king if you want your house on time. The price for our dream home was good they actually beat the prices of other builders but at the end it is same as we are paying mortage and rent, double electricity and water bills. And its been nearly 9 months. So at the end of the day we saved nothing. Plus we are gifted with this false promises of 6 weeks or 3 weeks moving period. Anyone who still wants to build with jg king, i will suggest you that you make sure you get your date in writing. I mean actual date not the number of days and ask them before hand whether the work will be done 5 days a week or one (except weather conditions).

Very very disappointed with JG king. Won’t make this mistake when we will build second house in future.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Jasneet Kaur, We are very sorry to read this and we are disappointed that you feel we have let you down. Can you please provide us with your job number? We would like the opportunity to invest... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018

So distraught

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

Another night of crying that's all I do since this shell of a house was started. You would think we are building a mansion its taking that long. Started 17th October 2017 bricky worked through xmas and did an amazing job ...untill the sight clean and the bobcat hit the water meter and also the the corner of the house cracking the mortar and a brick in 1/2 and pushing a brick through the other side .. ok not JG Kings fault but the wall needs to come down and is still not fixed. We have plaster hung and a week on and nothing its a shell. We have been told they cannot have tradies on sight every day yet every other house around us have numerous amounts of tradies every day hence why our neighbors are at move in stage. Apparently JG King are short on tradies. Well you need to get your act together and finish our home as we are over it. You have given us a provisional finish date for June and its looking like thats when it will be (8 months to build a house!!!!). I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken but most of all embarrassed that we are building with this company as they are slow and their houses just sit there for months, you see it in every estate. I will never recommend you and will be making sure our friends and family boycott you as this company and build has not been pleasant in any way. We also now have our landlord who wants to move into our rental property and now have to find somewhere to live for 2 to 3 months just to add to our stress. Thank you for the heartbreak, disappointment and stress ....just what we both need in our lives JGKing.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Candy, Thank you for your message. We are very sorry to hear that your building experience has been so stressful. We understand that your build experienced a few hiccups at the beginning, howev... read more »

Ok JG king you posted this on the 16th of Feb it is now the 5th March 18 no painters no kitchenand still no brick wall why I am I not surprised. Get your act together Im over and you will see me in your offices if I dont hear from you.

No reply... Why am I not surprised.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Five months gone by and nothing has happened.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 24, 2018

The workmanship is below average and needless to say that they can't read their plans right. We had upgraded electricals but the site supervisor did not have the proper plan and to their defense it was theft. Still can't get my head around such excuse while he is holding the generic electrical plan for my house. It has been 4 months since I last saw the site supervisor and pointed out some defects no progress have been made and now I am aware that there is no one in particular that I can call as my site supervisor. The build started on the first week of November and we are still stuck at Frame stage. I have made multiple phone calls and sent multiple emails but no one bothers to follow up or tell me the truth.

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I wrote the review back in September 2017 and kept it private since the build was still not completed and the builder promised to follow up on it. It is January 2018 and its pretty much the same th... read more »

JG King Homes Official

Hi Gaza, Thank you for your review. We apologise for the delay and we ensure you that our team are doing everything they can to deliver you a quality home. Since September there has been far more... read more »

Load of rubbish. The house is still being "worked on". My 4th site supervisor left the business and now your area manager is "looking after" my property. You guys are 10 months behind the schedule ... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2018

Bad service - no response from site supervisor

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 06, 2017

Building still in progress - but I would not use this builder ever in my life again and will not recommend anyone to them ever again - YES they built with steel but there are other builders out there that does the same thing STEEL FRAMES - they supply their own steel - yet there was a delay - they sent me letters to say that it is due to supplier delays - but they are their own supplier - hence 5 - 6 weeks delay which I think is not acceptable.
They then inform you about the brick colour that you chose is discontinued - they only offer you 2 other bricks to choose from - which does not even match your other roof colour - what do you do - if you want something else - you have to pay the difference. So you are force to choose a different colour brick that does not match your other colours. And then your site supervisor changes for no apparent reason and you were then allocated someone that is not even interested in your job - he rang initially and promised to keep in contact with you weekly as per their company's policy but have not heard from him at all - sent him a text - no reply at all - no phone call - rang the supervisor and he even switched off his phone after a few rings - so paying $250,000 for a house and getting a service that is not even worth $25.00 - as the supervisor does not even have a minute to speak to you - biggest mistake - Do not use them - unless you want more stresses in your life and you have nothing better to do. Cavity slider for pantry put on the wrong side as well. Brick layer was laying bricks but then had to attend to other jobs - so once again further delays. Even my neighbor that started 4 - 6 weeks after my site started - is about to catch up in terms of progress. What do you do? Can't pull out - just not a good experience with JG King Homes - spread the word.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Joshua, Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear that your experience has not been positive. We would like the opportunity to investigate this further. Can you please provide your job ... read more »

1702MLA383 is my job number ...


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Take Note Of Reviews

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2017

Review from May 2017 (no response from JG King) -We began working with our salesman late 2015, who was very helpful. We wanted a few adjustments and we're promised they could all be done.
We then spent the majority of 2016 trying to have these adjustments added to our plans as all of a sudden, our salesman advised these couldn't be done despite what he had told us previously. After what was months just trying to fix our contract and adjustments, about to sign a final contract late 2016, the base price of home has been increased apparently in March of 2016 but we had not been advised or had any new paperwork noting this. We were then given a story to try justify this massive adjustment that gave us no extra value for our home.
Finally, after being told our slab would be poured mid Jan, it was poured early February.
The next day, an email was sent to us with the invoice, and a letter also followed in the mail that it was due with 7 days strictly.
And that has been it.
Our site supervisor then organised delay notifications on our build due to no electricity on site and that there was a delay on the frame (which I found another reviewer received the exact same letters), even though we organised electricity for the site. 
Our initial site supervisor was difficult to contact and would rarely call back, making out that the delays were due to our fault and lack of electricity.
We then got another site supervisor who advised us there was a massive delay in frames due to "no one wants to work. Haven't you seen the news?". We were told the frame would be delivered on the 17th of March. This day came and went, and had we not called the site supervisor, we would not have been advised that delivery would now be the 13th of April.
Once again, this date came and went and we're then told 100%, the frame would be delivered in 2 weeks, either the 3rd, 4th or 5th of May, but this would be confirmed the Wednesday before at his office day. We phoned him 5 times, had our administrator email him on the Wednesday, and no reply.
We have now received a call from our 3rd site supervisor who had advised that he will be helping to rectify this absolutely ridiculous delay and situation, however I'm sure people can appreciate after what has been happening the past year onwards, we are yet to put our faith until we can see something actually happen or be in concrete.
On top of the delays, our engineered plans had our slab noted with 29 concrete piers. Luckily, we live close to our build and found that there was only 6 piers dug our and poured. We brought this up with the site supervisor who said he had no idea and to talk to the office. We contacted the office who said we would need confirmation from the builder to make the variation. Contacted our supervisor again who said he had no idea pretty much.
Once we got the 2nd site supervisor, he told us this variation would need to be written up via email, and cc him in. This was done. We are yet to receive any confirmation about our variation, what compensation we will be receiving and when the amount will be deducted.

What was supposed to be such an exciting experience has become an absolutely nightmare, leaving us completely in limbo. Despite how many times we have asked prior to our current supervisor, to speak to an area manager, we have been completely avoided by our previous site supervisors. Our fingers are crossed our latest supervisor can follow through with his promises.

We would not recommend JG King this far with our experience, especially when we have had friends slabs poured at the same time are close to finishing their houses with other builders.

CURRENT STATUS - Not finished, surprise suprise! And we also had staff from JG King try to tell us that our CONTRACT had the incorrect engineered drawings, but the pricing was right for only 6 piers, and we are not entitled to a variation. I had to provide evidence and FORCE them to have the estimators look at it again after admin being rude and demeaning as though they know better. Came back after 2 weeks with a variation but no apology or explanation.

We are also not onto our 4TH SITE SUPERVISOR. House has been sitting with nothing done for over a month.

MY King are on top of their invoices though! Section of our wall upstairs that needed the boards to be rendered hadn't been installed, but we still received an invoice for lock up stage. Advise accounts of This via the phone, told us that our supervisor agreed house was not at lock up. That weekend someone came out to do it. Accounts then kindly sent us photos to advise the house WAS at lock up stage and our 7 day terms still applied and advised of the interest charged despite knowing at time of invoicing the house wasn't. They then claimed we were lying and made out as if we weren't going to pay which we did promptly every other time.

Then with Fix up stage, sent out the invoice, stupidly we paid, but wait! The house isn't actually completely the fix up stage!

Please to those reading, you do not get these reviews regarding the running of companies on other builders. Sure a bad trade might screw up your paint, scratch something, but it's fixable.

The management and running of this builder is appaling. We get the run around constantly, it seems so many others have the same, their customer service is disgusting and disappointing to have your husband call your supervisor 2 to 3 times a day for over a week, then I call from my number he wouldn't have an answers within 2 rings?

For your own peace of mind, take into consideration the reviews. I wish I had bothered to look prior to signing up.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your review. We are very sorry and disappointed to hear this. Can you please provide your job number? We would like the opportunity to investigate this further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Sure, it's 1509MLA115. Please don't use any excuses the "supervisors" continue to feed us. Waiting on your call.

JG King Homes Official

Hi Christine, Thank you for providing further information. We understand you have been in contact with our Construction Manager and all concerns have been addressed. Again, we apologise for the ... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2015

Poor customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2017

We have 3 issues which I believe to be fixed under warranty.
1 - Solar Panels on roof are leaking - existing valve which was faulty.- cost $404.35 to fix.
2. Ensuite shower - still leaking - rotted skirting. Trade Supplier mentioned this is building issue. - PM should contact with JG king but this is issue from 3rd July (Now it's 5th Sep.)
3. PM reported that the bedroom door was mean to be fixed by builder (June 2017) - now totally useless and off hings - Since no reply from JG King by Aug, I asked PM to arrange to fix. It costs $330.

It looks like our PM struggle to contact with JG KING and all maintenance request come to us.
I'm not sure this is PM issue or JG KING issue. I will update this issue.

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Regarding 2, shower leaking, JG KING came and fixed but again it has started leaking. Due to this our tenant is moving again. Our property manager tried to contact with JG KING from the online maintenance request.- no one replied.

JG King Homes Official

Hi Mami, Thank you for your review. We understand that your concerns have been addressed and you have been in communication with our construction team. Following on from your previous messages, t... read more »

Now previous tenant lodged a counter-claim for compensation at VCAT due to this shower leak. I’ve sent a mail to JG KING to send us details how / when fix this issue. Much appreciated for the quick response.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2017

Unprofessional, disgraceful service. Considering legal advice it's that bad.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2017

Please take notice of the reviews. It was too late for us as we signed up and didn't read the reviews until our problems started.

We signed up with jgking back in October 2016. The very misleading sales rep. Found our land and contacted the real estate agent to tell them she was sending us over to purchase the land. She sold us the dream. We were so excited and grateful for all her help that after we signed up we returned with champagne and chocolates to say thank you.

When doing our colour selection and tender documents we discovered most of the dream we were sold was far from accurate. The colours lady was less than efficient and far from knowledgable. Much of what she finally typed up was incorrect. I went to Reece to look at the taps and sink I was getting. Reece were great. Advised me the colour consultant had advised us to choose a mixer that would not fit the basin!! Chatting away and she tells me the kitchen sink is not designed to be an inset. Silly me says yes it is, look she write it here. The Reece lady actually called the manufacturer so that I could hear how very wrong this was. If I explained all the errors and dramas with the colours lady I'd be here for days. The tender lady was arrogant and rude and refused to go through the tender with my partner telling him it was all standard and just to take it home and sign it. Very unprofessional.
Now we move on to dealing with the build supervisor. He refused to reply to any of my partners emails but I could write the exact message and get a reply. The communication soon stopped. We would ask what the hold up was as the build was not starting. No response. No returned phone calls. It's a cash build so no issue with payments from us either. Then last Friday night I get an email from the general manager at 5 to 5 to say they under quoted and are cancelling the contract. Not even the professional courtesy of a phone call. Just an impersonal email at 4.55pm on a Friday night How disgusting is that!! We still don't have answers. No replies to our questions as to why or what went wrong. It's nearly 12 months since signing up with them. Still waiting on a refund of our deposit monies. We were advised by another builder to seek compensation. We thought we would wait and find out what the issues were but when they can't even do that you think maybe you should make time to see a lawyer. Don't ignore the reviews.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Disappointed,

We too are very disappointed to hear this. Can you please provide your contact details or lot address. We would like to investigate this matter further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Thank you for your very standard and impersonal response. We did not expect anything more. I don't think it's appropriate to provide addresses or contact details here. I'm sure if you gave tha... read more »

JG King Homes Official

Hi Disappointed, Please forward your details to complaints@jgking.com.au. We have multiple managers across the state and cannot determine who is managing your specific build if further details are... read more »

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

DO NOT BUILD WITH JG KING Geelong - your nightmare starts here!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2017

Terrible workmanship and even worse customer service from all involved with JG KING Geelong. We are now over our contractual completion date, defects list not being competed after 3 re inspections, house quality is extremely poor and no one cares.

Save yourself the heartache and stay away from JG KING.

In attempts to seek help in this situation I have contacted the Victorian Building Manager and Director
of JG KING who have not cared enough to get in contact with a disappointed client. Speaks volumes about their customer service.

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JG King Homes Official

Hi Bee,

Thank you for your review. Can you please provide your contact details or lot address so we can look into this further?

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Email: Beebee352@gmail.com

I am still awaiting any sort of response from JG King.

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Private message

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2017

Disappointment and frustration from all angles

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2017

Attention: JGKing Homes

Please find the following Comments in regards to our home that is not completed
Starting date was around 29th of September 2016.

We the Family customer are greatly disappointed with the build and quality that has been put forward with our new home that is now overdue to be handed over as of the 16th of June 2017.
The house has seen nothing but poor management and tradesman that just don’t care about the finished result in our eyes. With the constant lack of communication from our first site manager this was only the start of the triggering down turn in the experience we have now had.
Your company gave us an office contact to deal with for the first few weeks but after that when she left the company another was never given. We are still yet to see a starting date letter and a set finish date in writing but had it confirmed via a manager over the phone in April. It got to the point where I was not getting any updates from the site supervisor at one point and only because I was heading to work late and drove past I seen him there he had to talk to me about the house.

It would have also seemed that the supervisor would like to invoice a stage as completed when the job was not and then agree that we didn’t have to pay yet but then not pass on that to your accounts area.
After talking to the Accounts manager of the area he also agreed on a poor performance from their end and assured me that the house would be done within 4 weeks after sharing what is this disappointing history. But this was not to be true as the job is now 8 to 9 weeks from that talk with no end set.

Currently we have had a reduce in contact from our current site supervisor and this might be due to when we have had site visits with him all I seem to do is point out the poor work within each area of this house. With the poor tradesman that have been to our job it is clear that JGKing do not pride themselves of quality work like is displayed when shown through display homes that lead to sign on and expect the best also.
I could go on for pages about how I feel about having to even write this but I won’t, below is the list of problems that we have seen from start to currently waiting.

We had been told that the home would be finished and given a confirmation from the site supervisor who booked all trades at the time to complete that we would be in by the end of June. Now we are into July and I have had to move out of the rental property and fit a family of 5 into 2 bedroom at a family home.
Also we have needed to encounter further costs to store furniture as we do not have enough room at the place we had to quickly shift to. This has caused us a young family much problems and will affect our day to day living with limited clothing now on hand.

We are deeply disappointed now more than ever that we have chosen to build with your company and cannot wait for this pain staking experience to end.

Issues noted from site inspections with ‘[name removed]’ Supervisor 1/7/2017 @ 9.00am
‘Past and present problems’

1. Laundry tile above sink are 400mm high not 200mm as per contract.
2. Sliding doors do not hold the Australia standard stamp with thickness provided to me regulations
3. 15amp external junction box not finished to see power to septic area
4. Start commencement letter never received when requested as per contract
5. Alarm System has not been installed
6. Plaster boards found to be water damaged due to no bricks or doors fitted in the garage area. Plasters came back to patch these damaged walls and still didn’t replace both walls.
7. No rear garage door fitted as per 1/7/2017 weather is still making its way onto walls
8. Front doors had been fitted with no sealant/painted to waterproof them from frame stage. Also damaged and needing to be replaced – contract states temp doors must be fitted. They were not.
9. Man whole covered by roller door runner – unable to safely get into the roof or open the door as it is blocked.
10. Bricks have not been cleaned on the inside wall of the garage area.
11. Due to an incorrect slab the roller door has a 30-40mm gap under it because the door cannot close lower from sides having a step in concrete.
12. Missing Kitchen cabinets – we had been told from the date the kitchen went in they were damaged on deliver, wrong colour, here next week and then confirmed they had been missed due to not on the plans. So all the answers we were given were just lies.
13. Gutter socks never fitted and water has been seen to be getting in past the waterproof external wrap before bricks had been fitted. Also this has then meant that the water has been dropping next to the slab during the whole build
14. Veranda frame fitted 130mm to low with not enough upright post’s – 4 missing from front of the house as per the contract.
15. Plaster work reflect the quality of the fitters with 75% of the house seen to have issues that can been seen from the standard distance to meet standards.
16. Bathroom light switch installed in towel rack area not on correct wall
17. Meter box not painted the same colour as roof as per contract.
18. Crack in cement under meter box within a 5 weeks of wall being bricked
19. Rear garage door painted white – incorrect colour Ref contract
20. Septic line damaged due to truck driving over it when kitchen was installed – replaced at cost to owner
21. Power was not put run into slab when boxed up for concreters to do job the night before. Found by owner who then contact the site supervisor to inform him and told it is out of my hands and the slab is booked. If you want it in you will have to do it. Owner had to get a machine to dig the power back in then run into the slab area. Was owners job to run to house area only and JGKing to see it installed (4 hours labour never settled)
22. Water was not trenched away from the house area – water would sit against slab and site supervisor due to not contacting did not see this correct – owner had to drain away after endless times trying to inform problem
23. 50mm of flex found in the double show due to 5mm think glass installed over a room span that is clearly making it unsafe in an environment that will see children use the shower. This is unsafe and must be changed. Shower door also not fitted to open to correct side as per contract.
24. Rivets found not installed correctly in shower screen.
25. Door found to be not closing straight and un-even gaps on single/double doors
26. Skirting boards still not fitted to walls
27. Cooling system installed but not working to view on inspection
28. Bye folding door runner broken due to low bolt in runner
29. Windows found to leak water when heavy rain hits from angle.
30. Window found to have 20mm hole between brick and window frame that was not filled when bricked or corked.
31. Feature wall found to be not straight and clearly visible to the eye now that floors are fitted
32. Veranda not completed and holding up the plumber and electrical work to be completed. This should have been done months ago and not before the final walk through that has still not happened.
33. Driveway and Veranda area not concreted at front of the house.
34. Internal plumbing not completed.
35. Septic vent pipe was left in wall around 1200mm high and not run out the roof until June after we pointed it out to the supervisor that there was a pipe in the wall that was now plastered in and bricked from outside.
36. Left over frame and screws left in grass and not cleaned up – Owner cleaned area due to fire danger of long grass. A bucket of roofing screws left in grass with steel.
37. First site clean of the area was done at the fix stage
38. Lights left on in the house by trades

These are my visual and some past issue to give an idea of the pain this build has taken on use the customer. As a customer I should not be the one to point out such issues with the way JGKing operates to see homes completed within the set time frame or to a standard that is set within the building codes of each trade.
To be told that tradesman do not want to attend our home because of where it is has also be an excuse pasted on to us the customer. JGKing seem to limit the trade’s people to the point where they must be unable to uphold quality work at the finish product. I would make one suggestion and look local for home as this would surely help to see them done faster and on time.

I expect to hear a real answers on the above and more as this is the home that was meant to be completed for a family to live in not look at from a distance.

Many thanks to

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Questions & Answers

Hi can anyone tell me the price difference from H1 TO H2 SLAB for 214 m2 home?

Lisa asked on May 22, 2018

Do they do knock down rebuild?

LukeCollins asked on May 09, 2018

Answer this

I am not sure about it but i think they do

Yes they sure do

Hello all, very concerned about the reviews. Can anyone give feedback on building with JG King in Ballarat? Really want to get some confidence of the group or maybe look for another builder? TIA

Geoff_B asked on May 01, 2018

Answer this

Like wise mate, wouldn't mind hearing from people that have built out of the ballarat office.

My build story JG King.
I written this post on over the course of my build with an intention of 5 star rating (I am sending it to forums. But will be posting it only 3 months after handover. It’s with JG King now to keep up the 5 star from here as we go into crucial stages of Build.

House: Sage (33.1 Sq) @ Wyndham Vale.
Job Number: 1704MLA586
Construction Start date: October 17
Base Stage: Dec 17
Frame stage: Feb 17
Lockup: Mar 17
Fix out: Apr 17

Given No Driveways, Downlights, flooring , cooling. So expecting a faster finish.

Generally takes a bit of time (I have noticed 3 houses built by JG king) but also depends on your luck (Rocks, Weather and of course tradies)
Quality of construction so far is good (too early to give a credit?) but I like it so far except for the below.
I don’t have much to say about the Carpenter looks like he’s working multiple jobs and working only few hours a day ; made lot of damage to plaster walls while fixing skirting which otherwise is a quality build until then.
In contrary to most feedbacks I will give credit to admin team so far on the responses; I always received a response within 24 hours.

PCI Date: Yet to hear back.
Apr 17 - Booked Deposit

Sales Consultant @ Groove, tarneit was helpful to get the right house of my liking.

I had an irregular block so the sales consultant suggested we can also fit a wide variety of houses and he sent me a list of 7+ designs that would fit on my block. We actually liked the
Sage fit on my block instead though i was thinking of Adelphi 1. Helped me choose the upgrade options carefully with in my budget.

May 17 Contract signing:
Was a good experience i had a list of 20+ items to be changed and the admin consulatnt helped me get all of that and advised few areas where she had concerns.
1. Though i wanted a double vanity she advised it will look congested (for few people) on a 33 sq house. But Mrs wanted a double vanity so gone by that.
2. Suggested to get a cavity door for 250$ to avoid visibility WIP as the design had a large open area living for Kitchen , Meals and living.

Signed up for Electricity and Gas with origin with an option i can change it at the end of build and was explained i need to pay for EB, Gas and water during the build.

June 17 Color appointment:
1. Pre-decided from website options and the color appointment was good though I felt a bit rushed but got what I wanted.
2. Changed multiple items with in my budget in during color appointment.

Feedback: Improve online selection tool. Increase color appointment timing. Provide a Visual tool possible for home buyers to see how it looks.

June 17 Further changes:
1. Requested for further changes in electrical and few other options and they were happy to do it as its not structural..
From June to September the fun starts for developer and council Approval. Developer returned the plan more than 5 times to change brick, Facade and Cladding to a point that made me think Who’s paying for the house? In the end I liked another facades and brick (Not an upgrade) so didnt end up in a fight which I was told to be an losing battle as developers guidelines has to be followed.
Developer approval took till September as the approving authority was on vacation. :(
Council approval started shortly after that.
October 17:
All excited for tradies to start which is short lived as we cannot locate the Fourth peg which according to the developer was buried under the fence. But supervisor was not interested taking their words (as mine is irregular block) and wanted the developer to locate the fourth boundary or mark it on the fence else do a re-establishment survey($800-$1000).
Developer was not initially helping saying once the land is settled its my problem and he cant help. But later after product review private compliance they helped but took their time.
My ADVICE TO ANY NEW LAND BUYER IS TO ENSURE YOU HAVE IDENTIFIED ALL 4 BOUNDARY PEGS and no Rocks or Dump on site before you settle your land. After settlement its your problem.

November 17:
Site Cut , Drainage Pipes, Piers and slab preparation.
Hit 20K worth or rocks and was not happy about it. I would strongly recommend JG King to provide a fixed rock prices in their site cost so new home builders are not worried. Its my view that the customer experience will greatly improve with locked in pricing.

December 17:
Slabs poured on Dec 20.
Frames delivered to site but no work happened till Feb 6th. The tradie that supposed complete framing before christmas did not show up and my supervisor has to find a different one after he came back from holidays.

January 18 :
No Work :(

February 18:

Frames Installed, Roof covering, Pipes run through frames.
March 18:
Brickie started laying but then work stopped for almost four weeks.
Rough in wrap around the house complete, heating ducts , solar panels for Hot water installed.
Noticed and reported to supervisor that sliding windows were not closing properly for which he advised he’s aware of and will be fixed when carpenter comes in for doors.

April 16, 2018:
Supervisor and Accounts team advised that they want reverse lockup which is installing the plaster walls prior to external wall cladding is complete. I was initially reluctant but had no choice as the contract had a special clause condition for reverse lockup.
Insulation and Plaster walls are complete the first week of April. And another brickey started from second week of april and almost close to finishing external brick cladding. (as of 16/04/2018)
Cornices complete and carpenter started cutting for doors and cavity sliding doors, electrical wirings were completed
Waiting for the sliding windows to be fixed.
The quality of construction so far seems good.
My supervisor advised that the house should be completed by End of May if tradies show up as expected or can be delayed for a couple of more weeks. Exciting times. Cant wait for handover.

Apr 20 Update:
Batten light points and switch points were cutout for walls and roof. Getting ready for Painting i assume.

As per SS Kitchen and cabinets should have been in by Apr 18 but still not in.
Tiles for wet areas was scheduled for yesterday. Will drop by today to have a look.

Apr 30th Update:
Got the invoice for fix out ; but still skirting and architraves were not done. After I reported the invoice was void and got a new one on May 2nd.

May 5th update:
Carpenter didnot do a good job in my view lot of gaps in windows and made 50+ dings on the plaster wall while moving the skirting. Now poor supervisor has marked all of them (Painful process i believe for the pre-painting guy to address them).
No other work has been done other than skirtings :(.

Will update how it goes.
May 1st and 2nd week:
Not much going on except stonebenchtop ; was advised pre-plastering work will be completed this week. But no signs of tradies @ site until last evening.
BTW SS on leave from 8th to 31st 
Paid fixout with a trust that build will be completed; with only 20K to pay and # of reviews suggesting delays i'm concerned too.

Pending items to my knowledge to get to PCI; Have low confidence it will be done by End of May.
1. Downpipes for Gutters
2. Alfresco, Portico and Verandah ceiling.
3. Garage door to house internal door not fixed, Ensuite toilet door not fixed.
4. Skirtings not fully finished yet( garage and other small areas)
5. Window architraves for one of the windows need to be adjusted.
6. Tilings not started.
7. Concrete slab for Alfresco, Portico , Verandah
8. Door Handles
9. Sliding doors
10. Painting
11. Facade cladding and rendering.
12. Batten lights for kitchen.

am noticing three houses (Mine, My neighbour and other opposite to my rental current house) and all of them follow a similar pattern. Hope this helps in making a decision.

BTW, My neighbour house finish was good...

Look for another builder,beleive these reviews poor workmanship,dishonest and very stressful . biggest mistake i have ever made

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