Brisbane (but house was built in Port Fairy Vic)

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2016

Great Service and help

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 23, 2016

The pre construction service was very efficient and easy for me. The only big issue early in construction was rectified at no cost to me with no dramas. This was a positive as I always expected something to go wrong but the unknown was how good their ability to fix things to my satisfaction was. I had a friend in the game inspect the steel frame and he was unable to fault it. As I was interstate he looked at the house several times and even he told me it was a good job. The other problems were my responsibility like water to site but [name removed] (site foreman) provided solid advice with solutions and organised contractors for me without charging extra even though under the contract he could have. I had heard of people having trouble with building but I went to a lot of display homes and had 99% of changes to plan made before construction began. All the changes were costed okay, like 2 metre longer garage, walk in pantry, double glazing, etc. [name removed] worked with my mate who represented me on site and that helped me greatly. I would recommend JG King to anyone.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2016

New house in Deniliquin, Shepparton team you are amazing

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 22, 2016

From he time we poured our slab in August until hand over on the 16th December, the experience was nothing short of amazing for our very first build. Our Supervisor [name removed] was just a delight to deal with. Always worked through any issues we had which were very minimal and always seemed to go out of his way to make sure everything was fine. We were under pressure to have finished as our old house had sold and [name removed] did everything he could to achieve that goal and we ended up having time to spare.

Thankyou JG King for an amazing experience and if we ever build another home again it will definitely be another JG King home.

Chris, Lisa & Cooper

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2016

Oh my head hurts

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2016

Time from signing to finish ... 10 months ... not the build, but start up date due to JG Kings incompetency. In hind sight should have bailed out at the start and gone elsewhere as it was really only a sign of things to come.

Hassled by their finance dept ... unsure why ... to my knowledge I never requested/authorised this ... perhaps a breach of privacy issues here.

Salesman was fine until we signed ... then didn't want to see us ... (no surprises really) headaches a plenty ... originally told we could have one facade in the area where we had the land ... came back with oh you need to appeal ... for the cost of $$$. We thought oh well can't have that go with another ... draftsmen struggled totally ... tried to advise it was a detailed job ... for goodness sake the facades would be in blocks in the autocad system should take no more than 30 mins... good try. Draftsman also stuffed up the amount of tiles needed ... so oh surprise a variation was incurred ... The word Novice comes to mind.

Then due to the draftspersons mistake ... two plans indicated one facade (which we wanted), and one which we did not ... guess which one we got ... yep the wrong one ... advised it was an upgrade and it is but when we were looking I can remember being told of the price and thought (thank goodness I don't like that one) ...
Flooring needed to be redone, shody job
Cupboard inserts - incorrect ones installed (this has been rectified).
Drain pipe going to the outside of the building near the light is too close to light ... like really must have been a man on this one no common sense ... does not allow a fitting of a protective shade over the light ...
It is like nobody was reading the plans or paying any attention to them ...

Color selection as always painful, could increase the options available. Small range of carpet ... believe it was unusual that you pick the cupboards, paint before the tiles/flooring ... I always thought that you started from the floor up (as most stylists) ... went into do this but no ... definitely their way.

Biggest tip (my mistake): remember the IXL tastics - these are not included ...

Go into the office to talk to draftspeople ... like no way ... human contact ... guess it is not a strong point. Office staff unhelpful, need a lesson in customer service ... advised we can only deal with the supervisor (who was either attending training ./ ill / annual leave). Communication is not a strong point..

Also, may be my humour, but must they draw male private parts on windows ... really not necessary ...

Do not refund for variations not taken up, so may pay to watch but mind you they are pretty quick to charge for variations, etc. no surprise though I am guessing this is standard with whoever you build with.

Then paid by personal cheque ... even though the head office is based in Ballarat, it is sent to Melbourne ... this in my mind was a deliberate act of maliciousness by the office staff to delay the cashing ... e.g. 8 days ... not the usual 3 days... so this would delay the handover. It only creates bad vibes ... I should have just paid in cash like I wanted to ... in hindsight all in $5.00 bills would have been the way to go ...

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2015

Bad after sales service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 17, 2016

We are fairly satisfied with the structure of our home, must say after our windows pulled away from the structure we had second thoughts, but after the repairs it seems like the problem has been solved. However, the inclusions are of a very low standard, we had everything included but after a month the toilet roll holder broke, the towel rail broke, the shelves sagged, the kitchen tap leaked around the bench, the bench had imperfections and had to be filled, kitchen cupboards are shocking, all different sizes and even though we bought the top of the range house a simple self closing mechanism for the drawers was left out. The shelves have been replaced twice but because the wrong thickness was used it is sagging once again! The passage in our house leading from the garage has no natural light and even in summer we have to have a permanent light on. The carpets were layed long before completion of the structure so it's been exposed to dust, paint, grouting, mud, you name it! Been cleaned before we took ownership but it remains old carpets! The toilet roll holders are still the same, broken cheap ones, still leaking around the tap, grouting is still missing in a few spots, cupboards are still odd sizes, still dark in the passage, benchtop still has an indent, roof tiles still dodgy looking on the 1 side, I can go on and on!
The sales and admin staff were extremely helpful and friendly, until we started noticing the little problems during the building process, they then became defensive and downright rude! Our emails are still being ignored!
Our views on JGKinghomes: stay away! Don't get burnt! #JGKinghomes
Our kitchen cupboards have now been replaced, but this was not through #JGKinghomes, it was our direct contact with #Claytonkitchens. They listened, had a look and replaced most of it. Happy with the kitchen now, still unhappy with the other JGKing inclusions.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jan 2015

Service build sales

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2016

I have built 5 homes with jgking and about to start 6. I have dealt exclusively with Lauren Dorney, l have found her and the admin staff highly professional,have an excellent capacity to help and assist with all matter relating to sales and build. The construction team are highly competent and deliver a first class home. I would highly recommend this company and their staff.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2017

New Home Build - NEERIM SOUTH

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 03, 2016

We commenced our build with JG King in August 2016 in Neerim South. We had been working with JG King for the past 12 months or so designing the home whilst waiting for our land to become available.
Our consultant , [name removed] was fantastic and went out of her way to get answers to all of our stupid questions. After many hours of redesigning the original plans and getting everything just how we wanted it, we were ready to sign our contracts and pay our deposits.
Everyone that we have dealt with throughout this process has been very professional and committed to ensuring we will be happy when our home is completed early next year.
The site supervisors [name removed]/[name removed] have done an amazing job of coordinating everything and ensuring the work has been completed to a very high standard. We have regular contact with the current supervisor [name removed] and he regularly updates us on the work being completed and makes himself available to show us through the house upon request.
We would have absolutely no hesitation in building again with JG King and can't wait for the keys to our new home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2016

Fantastic Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016

Right from the start of the consultation, JG King were fantastic. Horsham sales rep was honest, very quick at getting back to us and nothing we requested was too much for them. The build was quick, and job supervisor was excellent to deal with and again nothing was too much to ask.
Any issues we did have were very quickly rectified and we were kept informed all the time. Absolutely no regrets from us in choosing to build with JG King in Horsham, would definitely use them again and recommend to anyone who asked. The whole team were a pleasure to deal with and always very welcoming and helpful!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2015

First Home Builder

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2016

This is our first home and we have decided to build with JG king because of its known quality designs and themes. We had a very helpful and supportive sale person ([name removed] @ Melton Display) who helped us make the right choices on the designs. He was very encouraging and was always prominent with his job to guide us with building our new home. Also the selection process was very smooth, we had a very good interior designer from JG king who constantly helped us with the designs for our home. Our financial advisor (Victoria Finance) from JG King was excellent and had an outstanding service of making this process quick and easy.

Overall the management team was terrific but when it came to the building phase, we had many issues with the contractor on the quality of the house. Our major problem we had was that we selected the mortar colour to be pure white and when the contractors were up to this process in the building phase, they have put the grey mortar instead of the white mortar. I confronted the building supervisor about this issue and he said that it is supposed to be like that and the colour of the mortar would change when it dries. Unfortunately the colour has not changed at all. We arranged a private building inspector and he said that the colour would not change because as from the beginning itself the contractor did not put the right sand. We had asked them for a solution to this problem which was to render the front side of the house and they said that this could not be possible. We are devastated to hear this because we had chosen a very expensive and upgraded bricks and the overall finishing of the exterior of the house is very bad quality.

The box gutter near the façade is not professionally fixed and this issue also we mentioned to the maintenance team but we have not received any information, we are still waiting for these problems to be resolved.

Terence and Nissy

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2013

Excellent customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2016

My wife and I had been to many builders before freezing on JG King Homes (display homes located at Aurora estate, Epping VIC). And one of the important reasons for that is the salesman [name removed]. For us, he is the face of JG King Homes. He was quick to understand our limitations as first home buyers and guided us diligently. He was friendly, empathetic and took good care of us. Never tried to sell anything that we didn't need. We had discussed the house designs over a dozen sessions and he never made a fuss about it.

He was exceptionally patient and took in to consideration our aspirations for our new home. After we were satisfied with the cost, design and location we had applied for our bank loan pre-approval. [name removed] of Victoria Finance helped us with the whole process. He is an awesome mortgage broker, an amazing person. It was a delight to deal with these two people.

I personally believe, a company/organization is only as good as it's people you deal with. We did have a few hiccups dealing with some other people from JG King. They were more rigid and a bit insensitive. I guess they were not customer focused as they were backend people who deal with contracts/building construction supervision, etc. Having said that, in the larger scheme of things, it has been a good experience. After sales support from [name removed] and [name removed] has been great. They do keep in touch and enquire about the house/mortgage periodically. I would highly recommend JG King Homes if you are building a home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2014

Dream Builders for first home buyers especially

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 26, 2016

We had the privilege of building our first home from JG Kings. All credits to our highly talented salesman from Melton Atherton display([name removed]).Initially we were (me and my wife) bit apprehensive about building a home in terms of our budget as it always exceeded once the house is handed over.Well,our sales consultant was quite understanding when we expressed our concern and he quite professionally guided us in a way where we avoided extra expenses but took some of his advises in terms of upgrade,ensuring its the bare minimum and respected our budget.Not only this gentlemen,helped us in finalizing a land lot with pros and cons of other lots (supposedly not part of his job),but just being the first home buyers and understanding our nervousness,he also helped us with few designs as per our requisite and finances mainly which was again done quite professionally by name removed (Victoria Finance).We were quite impressed with our supervisor name removed as well, as his aim was to provide us with a perfect home,free of errors.
Two years have passed,one thing I can definitely witness with my own eyes is that I have not seen any cracks on the wall in my whole house,compared to my friends with wooden frames where the cracks started appearing,in a matter of 6 months time.So Steel frame does make a difference.
Even today,all my concerns with respect to maintenance are dealt quite professionally by administration team and response is provided in time.
Last but not the least,I do recommend name removed to all my friends,just because he understands the customer needs in terms of their budget and design requirement.Forgot to mention I did not get any surprises in terms of extra expenses and I was quite satisfied and happy with my home for the budget,I presented to JG kings.

Thanks once again to the entire team

Suban & Jossy

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Amazing!!! Service!!! Quality!!! And value for money!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

From the start [name removed] was amazing, she helped us achieve all our needs and ALL our wants for our new home. She made the process fast and easy. [name removed] was always available to talk even when my questions were silly. She didn't make me feel like they were!
JG King homes were our choice due to their structural guarantee as well as being steal framed homes, this was a big win in our books as well as their efficient and friendly service. We will most definitely be recommending their company.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Great team building my investment

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

I approached the JG King Gippsland office after seeing one of their homes built on an odd shaped block like mine. From my first encounter with the sales team all the way through till now I've had nothing but a great experience. Nothing is too hard and they've been flexible and patient whilst my development goes through council. Their sales consultants, admin team and management have always been there to give advice and point me in the right direction when I've needed it. Have recommended JG King to many and will continue to do so.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2015

The new rep at JG King Wodonga is awesome

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

We had a number of issues with our new home.
JG King were slow to act and it seemed they didn't care.
Until [name removed] came nothing was happening.
Now we have all our issues resolved and its so well appreciated by us.
Thanks [name removed] for your contact and follow ups in helping us to enjoy our new dream home.
If anyone else needs assistance give him a call.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Happy up to current Tender Satge

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

We have been going thru the initial stages of getting our dream home.
We have seen the design we want and liked the display home that we saw at Rockbank Vic.
Our Sales consultant Jennie Brook has been fantastic helping us with the many questions we have had about the house.
Also J G King have been good when we changed the block of land that we are building on which resulted in the house having to be flipped.
We have gone thru colour selection and now at the tender stage.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2012

Excellent - Sales, Build, Quality, Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

JGKing was excellent from sales to build to service. Couldn't complain anything, build quality is awesome. We start with [name removed] (our Sales guy from Aurora), we had so many custom requirements which non of the other major builders were ready to do or they were asking a lot for those changes. [name removed] helped us to achieve our dream design (a complete custom design) which we did from one of their design inverness. The process takes a bit of time back and forth as there was so many changes, but all approved with ease and he even went far to get us the possible best deals.

Our site supervisor "[name removed]" another excellent guy, i think the whole build took only 3 months, site start on end of March finish by end of June, we were in a tight schedule as we were expecting a baby on Aug, as per the contract the build was an August finish, but this guy [name removed] he made it happen in 3 months, so we were so relieved when we had our first borne. Its not just that, because its our fist build we don't know what to check before the handover, but [name removed] helped us find every little fault inside out and fix everything in a weeks time. We just had to sit and watch that he was putting red stickers all over as after the painting somehome flyes came inside the house and stick on the pain, everything repainted again.

If you are dealing with [name removed] and [name removed] i can honestly say you are in safe hands

The house is a top notch build, not even a single crack after 4yrs, not even in the corners, except one issue the master ensuite shower got a leak. They came and replace the shower screen, resealed, but after sometime the leak came back again, did this two times but still leak after few months, so now they are replacing the tiles in the shower, but the tiles is out of production now, so we had to took a different design, we complained about having different tiles inside and out, so JGKing agreed to change the whole wall and floor tiles in the ensuite incl shower, toilet etc. Tiles been delivered and work is gonna start next month. Will report it back here once its done.

There are so many little great things to mentioned about the during the sales, build and after handover, if we haven't met these right people i am sure it would've been a nightmare.

So thanks to [name removed] (Sales), [name removed] (color) [name removed] (contract), [name removed] (construction) [name removed] (maintenance), [name removed], [name removed] (maintenance), they all are worth mentioning there names.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

First home builder.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

I'm currently in the process of building a house with JG King Gippsland. I was initially planning on building with someone else but decided against it when the builder made me feel like every request I made was an inconvenience to them and had no desire to work with me and what I wanted and even tried to force me to sign a building contract when the land I was building on wasn't yet titled.
After starting back at square one, I went through a couple of the JG King UP collection displays and despite having looked at the plans and dismissed them as small and not what I was after, I was pleasantly surprised! The house I chose, the H8, has generous sized bedrooms and a large kitchen/dining/living area. The house has a good sized entry way and flows nicely into the living areas. It also has a big laundry which I really wanted too.
Another reason for choosing to build with JG King, was the price of the house, with all of the inclusions and their transparency with added extras. I knew exactly what my house was going to cost with everything I wanted added in. Which came in much much lower than other builders in the area, especially ones that add on a surcharge for building in Gippsland!
Once I had been through the display, I spoke to staff at the Gippsland office who were helpful and put up with all of my questions and requests. Nothing has been too difficult for them or have I felt as though I was being a hassle.
The whole process from paying my deposit, to signing contracts and picking colours has been really easy and the staff were really good to deal with.
I'm currently at slab stage of the build and everything has gone to plan so far and I'm really happy with how things are progressing.
I will update my review as the build progresses and once completed.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Expeditious Progress

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

We have a large family with 5 children and decided to get all the things we want in a home we would have to build; as our "dream home" just didn't exist in the market!

After tirelessly researching floor plans we found JG King had the best layout for us. I made an appointment and met with the consultant who was unbelievably efficient assisting with putting in walls, doors, wardrobes to convert the home into the functional 6 bedroom home we were looking for. The consultant was able to give me a reliable quote right there and then as to the potential cost including changes and so we began the process.

Before we knew it we were choosing colours, tiles, carpet, handles and fittings and within a week contracts were signed! Such a fast process and we couldn't be happier with the efficiency of Admin staff.

We signed contracts in the last week of September and the block was cut a week later. Just under two months on, we are working towards lockup, we could not be more excited watching our dream become a reality! The kids love going to see it and walking around our future home arranging where all their furniture is going to go and I must confess, we do it too!

Thanks JG King Traralgon for all your hard-work and diligence, you've been sensational!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2016

Our beautiful new home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Construction was fantastic however the painting was below average.
Site supervisor was excellent and went out of his way to fix any minor issues that arose during and after construction
There were some minor issues with CS & S but overall these overwhelmed by the positive.
Working with the Sales was fantastic, [name removed] was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was very helpful in us getting more of out of our build than what we thinking of at the time. Changes were made to assist us in a getting home that we can live in for a very long time.

We are still having some maintenance issue being rectified and hope that this is completed soon.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2017

First Building with JG King

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

We originally went with another builder but changed to JG King as we wanted to building with steel. Excellent Customer Service by new Consultant [name removed]. Took over from another consultant and nothing has been an issue with changing plans etc. Colour selection next and then looking forward to starting our build mid 2017 and hopefully we will be in for 2017 Christmas.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2016

First time building on my own.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Signing with JG King Wodonga in August 2015 enabled me to receive an upgrade on kitchen, floor coverings and ceiling height. Land titled in May 2016. After a few initial bumps before construction started the whole process from then on has been very efficient and proceeded with very few issues. From the site cut in Mid August to final inspection late November, the management of my build has gone smoother than expected. The quality of work has been above standard and again very efficient and timely.

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Questions & Answers

Hi we are building with JGKing at the moment It's been a slow process so far My question is we are very disappointed with the Quilty of the workmanship in relation to the shirting boards and architraves ,they don't seem to line up to well and have slight gaps where they meet at the corners Are we with in our rights to ask that these be removed and redone to our expectations?

Seymore asked on Dec 24, 2017

Did JG King use a lower quality volume subsidiary JG King Direct to build NRAS units in Bendigo North as the carpet is very poor quality and lifting in my unit that is approx only 4 years old. Was the lower quality build clearly declared to buyers as I thought I was building a property under your trusted brand and quality that goes with it. I have tried to have the carpet corrected by your business and you will not help me. I thought I would ask the question before putting it on a review. Disappointed customer MARC

MarcMarc asked on Dec 21, 2017

Answer this

Dear Marc
Not sure I can answer your question as I am a victim of jgking’s incomoetence and poor quality workmanship too. I had Jgking as the builder of my new house and can say with all honesty that it was the most stressful time I have experienced in a long time. Currently, They are completely uninterested in correcting anything if it wasn’t noticed prior to handover, or was noticed after the 3 month check.

The overall quality of the build was appalling as well - their tradesmen are hopeless at their jobs and have no pride in their work. Perhaps it was all done by apprentices - certainly seems that way.
Good luck with it.

Thanks Trish for your response. I guess if we can’t make them fix or compensate their issues we need to highlight on these type of sites and hopefully others won’t be duped and their business will suffer

We are right on the edge of buying a new home from JG King in Ballarat. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a single good report on this company for builds in the Ballarat area. Are we missing something or is that just the way it is, there isn't any?

LordC asked on Dec 19, 2017

Answer this

No very slow started a SMALL 3 bedroom home

Hi LordC,
There are a couple of recent reviews specific to the Ballarat area posted on the 1st Sept 2017.
Check them out, they may help put your mind at ease.

We are currently building just out of Ballarat, it’s been a slow start, now the Xmas break, our frame was meant to be up this week, so far no progress so we will see.
Our slab was poured on time, and no issues yet. l have spoken to quite a few who have built in Ballarat and all have been happy, so really hoping we will be another happy customer.

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