Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2015

First Home Builder

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2016

This is our first home and we have decided to build with JG king because of its known quality designs and themes. We had a very helpful and supportive sale person ([name removed] @ Melton Display) who helped us make the right choices on the designs. He was very encouraging and was always prominent with his job to guide us with building our new home. Also the selection process was very smooth, we had a very good interior designer from JG king who constantly helped us with the designs for our home. Our financial advisor (Victoria Finance) from JG King was excellent and had an outstanding service of making this process quick and easy.

Overall the management team was terrific but when it came to the building phase, we had many issues with the contractor on the quality of the house. Our major problem we had was that we selected the mortar colour to be pure white and when the contractors were up to this process in the building phase, they have put the grey mortar instead of the white mortar. I confronted the building supervisor about this issue and he said that it is supposed to be like that and the colour of the mortar would change when it dries. Unfortunately the colour has not changed at all. We arranged a private building inspector and he said that the colour would not change because as from the beginning itself the contractor did not put the right sand. We had asked them for a solution to this problem which was to render the front side of the house and they said that this could not be possible. We are devastated to hear this because we had chosen a very expensive and upgraded bricks and the overall finishing of the exterior of the house is very bad quality.

The box gutter near the façade is not professionally fixed and this issue also we mentioned to the maintenance team but we have not received any information, we are still waiting for these problems to be resolved.

Terence and Nissy

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2013

Excellent customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2016

My wife and I had been to many builders before freezing on JG King Homes (display homes located at Aurora estate, Epping VIC). And one of the important reasons for that is the salesman [name removed]. For us, he is the face of JG King Homes. He was quick to understand our limitations as first home buyers and guided us diligently. He was friendly, empathetic and took good care of us. Never tried to sell anything that we didn't need. We had discussed the house designs over a dozen sessions and he never made a fuss about it.

He was exceptionally patient and took in to consideration our aspirations for our new home. After we were satisfied with the cost, design and location we had applied for our bank loan pre-approval. [name removed] of Victoria Finance helped us with the whole process. He is an awesome mortgage broker, an amazing person. It was a delight to deal with these two people.

I personally believe, a company/organization is only as good as it's people you deal with. We did have a few hiccups dealing with some other people from JG King. They were more rigid and a bit insensitive. I guess they were not customer focused as they were backend people who deal with contracts/building construction supervision, etc. Having said that, in the larger scheme of things, it has been a good experience. After sales support from [name removed] and [name removed] has been great. They do keep in touch and enquire about the house/mortgage periodically. I would highly recommend JG King Homes if you are building a home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2014

Dream Builders for first home buyers especially

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 26, 2016

We had the privilege of building our first home from JG Kings. All credits to our highly talented salesman from Melton Atherton display([name removed]).Initially we were (me and my wife) bit apprehensive about building a home in terms of our budget as it always exceeded once the house is handed over.Well,our sales consultant was quite understanding when we expressed our concern and he quite professionally guided us in a way where we avoided extra expenses but took some of his advises in terms of upgrade,ensuring its the bare minimum and respected our budget.Not only this gentlemen,helped us in finalizing a land lot with pros and cons of other lots (supposedly not part of his job),but just being the first home buyers and understanding our nervousness,he also helped us with few designs as per our requisite and finances mainly which was again done quite professionally by name removed (Victoria Finance).We were quite impressed with our supervisor name removed as well, as his aim was to provide us with a perfect home,free of errors.
Two years have passed,one thing I can definitely witness with my own eyes is that I have not seen any cracks on the wall in my whole house,compared to my friends with wooden frames where the cracks started appearing,in a matter of 6 months time.So Steel frame does make a difference.
Even today,all my concerns with respect to maintenance are dealt quite professionally by administration team and response is provided in time.
Last but not the least,I do recommend name removed to all my friends,just because he understands the customer needs in terms of their budget and design requirement.Forgot to mention I did not get any surprises in terms of extra expenses and I was quite satisfied and happy with my home for the budget,I presented to JG kings.

Thanks once again to the entire team

Suban & Jossy

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Amazing!!! Service!!! Quality!!! And value for money!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

From the start [name removed] was amazing, she helped us achieve all our needs and ALL our wants for our new home. She made the process fast and easy. [name removed] was always available to talk even when my questions were silly. She didn't make me feel like they were!
JG King homes were our choice due to their structural guarantee as well as being steal framed homes, this was a big win in our books as well as their efficient and friendly service. We will most definitely be recommending their company.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Great team building my investment

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

I approached the JG King Gippsland office after seeing one of their homes built on an odd shaped block like mine. From my first encounter with the sales team all the way through till now I've had nothing but a great experience. Nothing is too hard and they've been flexible and patient whilst my development goes through council. Their sales consultants, admin team and management have always been there to give advice and point me in the right direction when I've needed it. Have recommended JG King to many and will continue to do so.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Happy up to current Tender Satge

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

We have been going thru the initial stages of getting our dream home.
We have seen the design we want and liked the display home that we saw at Rockbank Vic.
Our Sales consultant Jennie Brook has been fantastic helping us with the many questions we have had about the house.
Also J G King have been good when we changed the block of land that we are building on which resulted in the house having to be flipped.
We have gone thru colour selection and now at the tender stage.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2012

Excellent - Sales, Build, Quality, Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

JGKing was excellent from sales to build to service. Couldn't complain anything, build quality is awesome. We start with [name removed] (our Sales guy from Aurora), we had so many custom requirements which non of the other major builders were ready to do or they were asking a lot for those changes. [name removed] helped us to achieve our dream design (a complete custom design) which we did from one of their design inverness. The process takes a bit of time back and forth as there was so many changes, but all approved with ease and he even went far to get us the possible best deals.

Our site supervisor "[name removed]" another excellent guy, i think the whole build took only 3 months, site start on end of March finish by end of June, we were in a tight schedule as we were expecting a baby on Aug, as per the contract the build was an August finish, but this guy [name removed] he made it happen in 3 months, so we were so relieved when we had our first borne. Its not just that, because its our fist build we don't know what to check before the handover, but [name removed] helped us find every little fault inside out and fix everything in a weeks time. We just had to sit and watch that he was putting red stickers all over as after the painting somehome flyes came inside the house and stick on the pain, everything repainted again.

If you are dealing with [name removed] and [name removed] i can honestly say you are in safe hands

The house is a top notch build, not even a single crack after 4yrs, not even in the corners, except one issue the master ensuite shower got a leak. They came and replace the shower screen, resealed, but after sometime the leak came back again, did this two times but still leak after few months, so now they are replacing the tiles in the shower, but the tiles is out of production now, so we had to took a different design, we complained about having different tiles inside and out, so JGKing agreed to change the whole wall and floor tiles in the ensuite incl shower, toilet etc. Tiles been delivered and work is gonna start next month. Will report it back here once its done.

There are so many little great things to mentioned about the during the sales, build and after handover, if we haven't met these right people i am sure it would've been a nightmare.

So thanks to [name removed] (Sales), [name removed] (color) [name removed] (contract), [name removed] (construction) [name removed] (maintenance), [name removed], [name removed] (maintenance), they all are worth mentioning there names.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2017

First home builder.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

I'm currently in the process of building a house with JG King Gippsland. I was initially planning on building with someone else but decided against it when the builder made me feel like every request I made was an inconvenience to them and had no desire to work with me and what I wanted and even tried to force me to sign a building contract when the land I was building on wasn't yet titled.
After starting back at square one, I went through a couple of the JG King UP collection displays and despite having looked at the plans and dismissed them as small and not what I was after, I was pleasantly surprised! The house I chose, the H8, has generous sized bedrooms and a large kitchen/dining/living area. The house has a good sized entry way and flows nicely into the living areas. It also has a big laundry which I really wanted too.
Another reason for choosing to build with JG King, was the price of the house, with all of the inclusions and their transparency with added extras. I knew exactly what my house was going to cost with everything I wanted added in. Which came in much much lower than other builders in the area, especially ones that add on a surcharge for building in Gippsland!
Once I had been through the display, I spoke to staff at the Gippsland office who were helpful and put up with all of my questions and requests. Nothing has been too difficult for them or have I felt as though I was being a hassle.
The whole process from paying my deposit, to signing contracts and picking colours has been really easy and the staff were really good to deal with.
I'm currently at slab stage of the build and everything has gone to plan so far and I'm really happy with how things are progressing.
I will update my review as the build progresses and once completed.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Expeditious Progress

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

We have a large family with 5 children and decided to get all the things we want in a home we would have to build; as our "dream home" just didn't exist in the market!

After tirelessly researching floor plans we found JG King had the best layout for us. I made an appointment and met with the consultant who was unbelievably efficient assisting with putting in walls, doors, wardrobes to convert the home into the functional 6 bedroom home we were looking for. The consultant was able to give me a reliable quote right there and then as to the potential cost including changes and so we began the process.

Before we knew it we were choosing colours, tiles, carpet, handles and fittings and within a week contracts were signed! Such a fast process and we couldn't be happier with the efficiency of Admin staff.

We signed contracts in the last week of September and the block was cut a week later. Just under two months on, we are working towards lockup, we could not be more excited watching our dream become a reality! The kids love going to see it and walking around our future home arranging where all their furniture is going to go and I must confess, we do it too!

Thanks JG King Traralgon for all your hard-work and diligence, you've been sensational!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2016

Our beautiful new home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Construction was fantastic however the painting was below average.
Site supervisor was excellent and went out of his way to fix any minor issues that arose during and after construction
There were some minor issues with CS & S but overall these overwhelmed by the positive.
Working with the Sales was fantastic, [name removed] was very thorough and knowledgeable. He was very helpful in us getting more of out of our build than what we thinking of at the time. Changes were made to assist us in a getting home that we can live in for a very long time.

We are still having some maintenance issue being rectified and hope that this is completed soon.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2017

First Building with JG King

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

We originally went with another builder but changed to JG King as we wanted to building with steel. Excellent Customer Service by new Consultant [name removed]. Took over from another consultant and nothing has been an issue with changing plans etc. Colour selection next and then looking forward to starting our build mid 2017 and hopefully we will be in for 2017 Christmas.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2016

First time building on my own.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Signing with JG King Wodonga in August 2015 enabled me to receive an upgrade on kitchen, floor coverings and ceiling height. Land titled in May 2016. After a few initial bumps before construction started the whole process from then on has been very efficient and proceeded with very few issues. From the site cut in Mid August to final inspection late November, the management of my build has gone smoother than expected. The quality of work has been above standard and again very efficient and timely.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2016

Second Build with JG King - Would use this company again.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Very happy with the service from start to finish.

A few minor hiccups during the build, but they were rectified along the way. Really good trades, however the painter walked off the point toward the end of the job! Not any fault of JG Kings, but as fore-mentioned this was sorted quickly. Finished build way ahead of schedule.

The site supervisor was always more than obliging to answer questions, and fix any problems as they arose.
The soil conditions at Deniliquin are highly reactive clay. Screw piers were used and seem to be working well at this stage.

This is our sixth build in total, including owner builds, and the Second build with JG King. We would, and probably will build again with this company. A work colleague walked through the house and has now changed their plans to the same ours, as they were impressed with the layout of this design. 'copy cat!'

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2017

We're half way there!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

Being first time builders, we were understandably anxious about who to build with. Several choices and conflicting feedback we wondered if to build at all. However, since signing up with JG King we could not be happier. We have been extremely satisfied with the process so far from signing up (our sales representative was fantastic and helped guide us!), to the contract administrator who was/is always just a phone call away, to meeting our site manager once building commenced (finally, after one of the wettest winters on record!).

We have appreciated our site manager’s professional advice, understanding, attention to detail and patience (lots of!). All our queries/concerns, no matter how trivial, have all been answered efficiently and to our satisfaction. Our site manager is always welcoming us to visit the site during working and non-working hours for us to meet the tradies undertaking the build and to also ensure that the standard of work is to both ours and King’s high standard. It is greatly appreciated as it shows that there is nothing to hide with the build and our site manager is proud to show the quality of work.

We have also been lucky enough to have the area manager visit us at the site on a few occasions to discuss our build personally. Being aware of his demanding position we appreciated him taking the time to meet with us on site to step us through the works being undertaken on our site. This helped to clarify and confirm any questions/doubts what we had raised and ensured our appreciation for him and our site manager.

Only being half way through our build, we look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with JG King.

Very exciting times ahead!

August 15th 2017 Update: With JG King - this is home!

Having recently built with JG King Homes we could not be any happier. This is home! As with most first time builders, we had a lengthy list of needs and wants without real knowledge of making our dream come to fruition. That’s where JG King Homes and its wonderful team came in! They helped us realise our dream through their expert planning, knowledge, and workmanship. No request was too menial and our vision was always respected. Throughout the whole process of building our new home we were put at ease with frequent consultations and daily communication. The end result is our new home being even more beautiful than we had dreamed. We cannot express enough our gratitude to JG King Homes and would not hesitate to recommend (and have already!) to others looking at building their first or subsequent home. The whole process from start to finish with the keys to our new home being handed to us personally was an absolute pleasure and we would not hesitate to build with JG King Homes for future projects!

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Curlewis, Victoria

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2015

Excellent customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2016

We built a new J G King home through J G King Geelong. We have been in our home for 14 months. During the contract, build, handover and maintenance period, they were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. The new home consultant, office staff, site supervisor and even the trades used were always available to talk to, ask questions and answer any issues arising during this time. The quality of workmanship is excellent. This is our 5th home we have built, and I would recommend J G King to any one intending to build a new home. Their contract was the most informative even listing individual windows and their cost. Even though we were living 1 hours drive away, the site supervisor was always accessible by telephone. Office staff and the site supervisor would ring us at every stage of completion.The three month maintenance went excellent. All issues were resolved in a short time. Nearly 12 months after moving in, we had an issue with two of our taps, two weeks later after sending an e-mail, the taps were fixed.
I would have no hesitation in building a new home with them.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2016

An Experienced & Customer Focused Builder!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 20, 2016

At the outset, our build was always going to be challenging as the block of land where we proposed to build was considered to be in an environmentally sensitive zone. Adding to the complexity, we had couple of overlays on our plot – the big one being “vegetation protection overlay” which required protection measure for a 12 metre gum tree inconveniently located near the driveway into the land. To make matters worse the local council officials where the least helpful with unreasonable demands (including a ludicrous demand for a custom bridge in lieu of the driveway!!).

In this circumstance, we could not have succeeded in our home construction project without a capable and customer focused building company.

It is at this point that we engaged JG King and what a choice it turned out to be!!

First and foremost, the number of home design and inclusion available from JG King is extensive!! Hard to imagine a specification that cannot be catered to by JG King.

Second, the price – absolute value for money!!

Third – Who can refuse a steel frame house, especially when the house is going to be in a termite prone area.

If the above reasons are not sufficient … JG King have a fantastic team of capable, experienced and customer focused people!!

To elaborate, the kind of support and advise we had over the months in dealing with the council was superlative – A standout is [name removed]!!.

After much trials and tribulations, we were finally on site to start construction. At this point we were introduced to our building supervisor – [name removed]!

The block of land we were building on is in an established suburb, at the end of a cul-de-sac with a host of issues – lack of electrical and water connection, site access, tree protection, fencing issues, etc. An endless list of problems.

[name removed], clearly was equal to the task. I note the exceptional customer focus in understanding our concerns and addressing them promptly. I will also commend [name removed] for his tireless energy!!

The same came to fore when are handover we ran in to the expected defects when any home is built. The diligence and attention to detail demonstrated by JG King and [name removed] is particular is commendable.

Overall a challenging experience that came to a successful conclusion!!! This could only have been achieved with building company such as JG King!!

Well done, JG King Team and thank you.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Getting Ready to Build

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2016

We are currently in the process of signing our Contract and choosing our colour scheme for our home, the assistance we have received up to this stage with [name removed] far has been excellent, any questions we have she is only to happy to assist with and [name removed] has explained the process very clearly to us in this short time, therefore hoping the complete process will be as good as what we have received at present.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2016

Wonderful build!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2016

Working with the team from JG King was so easy! No question was too difficult and anything we asked was followed up so quickly if required. Organising the build was so quick and we made a lot of changes to our home but they were never too much effort for the staff. Everything was organised so when the building started, it all happened so quickly. Any issues, which was very very minimal, we discussed and solved in a flash. The build of the home itself was fast and we were able to complete a walk through when ever we requested. We moved in a lot earlier than predicted and haven't had any issues since.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2016

We would use JG King again

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2016

This was the second home we built in three years. The other was through another building group who we wont use again. The whole process from start to finish was excellent. We didn't have any issues that caused us stress at all. From walking into the sales office right from the start to walking into our new home at takeover was a dream. We were lucky to have [name removed] & [name removed] at the office to go through everything with us and our site supervisor [name removed] who gave us an update call every week and was very fussy and made sure everything was up to his and JG Kings standard. The tradesmen used were very good as well. We have been in the home for just over 4 months and we love it.

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We have been in our home for over 12 months now and not a single issue. No cracks or movement, everything is working as it should and we absolutely love our home.

JG King Homes Official

Hi Gavin, Thank you for your initial review and for your update! We are so pleased to hear that you are loving your new home and your second building experience has been so positive. We hope you ... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2012

Impressive Quality

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 17, 2016

Our experience with JG King Homes was impressive

The Striking feature of JG King projects is 50 year Structural guarantee from Blue scope steel

The planning process was made easy with [name removed] at the Epping - Aurora display office, who was friendly, honest and upfront, which was refreshing coming from talking to so many other building companies. Having to build, we were concerned about site costs, lot selection, slope etc but in this area [name removed] was knowledgeable and able to give us realistic costings (like site costs). This put us greatly at ease and made it easier to budget and decide on what home plan we were going to build . His helpful input and time and effort he put into working with us to make sure that we could achieve our dream home design was unfaultable, no matter how many queries or changes we made it was never a problem to him.

The house was handed over on time and hence my first home building experience wasn't fussy but a quite rewarding experience. I won't be hesitating to give them a call if I want to build another house in future.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I built a home 10 yrs ago with JG kings and now I am thinking to extend the house from single story to double. Is it possible?

Juliana A asked on Apr 07, 2018

Answer this

Hi Juliana,

Yes this is possible, however JG King Homes don't do this kind of work.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

I have a question I stated a jg king build when I stated I was told about a $500 variation fee for changes now I’m getting told that John g king him self has changed it to $1500 is this true also your staff have no idea simple question they are unable to answer or guess then I’m left to check have no confidence in any of you staff very one sided they can change what they like but you won’t to Chang something and it’s the end of the world and I should have checked but when they won’t to change something it’s have to because bla bla transliteration they didn’t do there job I’m at frame stage and I can see it’s a fight to the end now I’m getting independent building inspection and not accepting your poor workmanship dogie dogie work

Taylor asked on Apr 03, 2018

How can I search from Contruction mid or finished after today's date? All the postive reviews I can find are only from sales person with contruction end date like end of the year? That is like giving 5 star feedback on someone that has not finished solving an problem you have

Patrick asked on Mar 13, 2018

Answer this

Hi Patrick,

We have many 5 star reviews post construction. If you select 'excellent' under the review rating, you will find them all there.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.

Kind Regards,
JG King Homes

Yes but this only sorts by newest to oldest, which the newest have construction end dates of late 2018
Which is not a fair review when all that is done is the paperwork

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