Arrogant & rude owner

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 29, 2017

Unfortunately we have had to deal with JLB fencing in regards to getting payment for a fence we completed ourselves before our next door neighbours moved in. They were contracted by the builder of the other property but we moved in 12 months prior. We didn't want to leave our property unsecured.
I have made numerous phone calls & emails. One conversation, the owner Andrew, tried to tell me that we were 'ripped off' by the company we chose to do the job. We had three separate quotes all in the price range. It's bewildering that he would say that. They have on;y paid us 1/3 of the amount we are owed as he deems it to be fair. We are now being punished & out of pocket nearly $500.00. Everyone else on our property line has paid in full.
It has been 12 months and still nothing...DO NOT HIRE THEM!!

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Time waster

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2016

Such a bad company I have ever meet. I did waste my two months for my fence with them and finally no contact. I have requested them to do my fence ASAP. Probably that's why they waste my time like this.
Now I have done my fence within a week. And such a great job by A-Comfence.
Thanks JLB to waste my time and leave my kids and family in a unsecured situation at all time last two months.

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Amazing Amazing Amazing

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2015

I recently had a fence built by JLB fencing after reading these reviews I find them hard to believe. They were swift and punctual, I was blown away with how straight my fence is. James who I believe is the owner called me asking if i was happy with the fence before i even payed for it. I will be referring them to my friends and family. thank you JLB fencing

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Rough as guts

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2015

Had a fence built by JLB about 6 months ago and it is the roughest job I have had the misfortune of paying for. We had them back to replace some buckled palings, sub-standard joins and other poor workmanship, I suspect they showed up only because we still hadn't paid them. The palings are continuing to buckle, there are huge gaps between the bottom of the palings and the plinth and looking along the length of the fence it is crooked and uneven. We had another fence done by DV fencing and they did a great job.

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Unprofessional, rude and arrogant owner

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2015

I booked my fencing job well in advance and a week and a half before due commencement date I called the main cc number. Left messages galore and no response until 3 days before scheduled job. Was told " Oh I've actually been overseas for a wedding so I couldn't get back to you. Who runs a business like this??? Then when they did turn up and at the end of the first day they left empty coffee cups and cigarette butts in the backyard. any phone conversations I found rude and abrupt once money collected. Very unpleasant!

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The only effecient thing they did was take the payment - one of the many "cowboys" in the fencing tr

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2015

after getting a quote from [name removed] on a monday and explaining that the fence was required to be done by end of business the following friday (10 days) they accepted the job. I asked thmm to take full payment (not the 50% deposit as they required) to make it easier for them to book it in. It took 4 days to make any contact with them after the deposit was taken, then there was three days delay in starting the job and then 2 days delay because of a "broken compressor" and staff being sick/away.

Whilst I understand that some things cannot be helped - I would have at least been professional to recieve phone calls to explain why the delays were taking place, rather than me having to try and chase them up. My last conversation was with [name removed] who threatened to remove the work they had done part way through the job as he thought i was hassling him to get answers and a completed job

Quite smnply do not use.

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Frustrating and disappointed

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2015

JLB made contact with me regarding fencing to my land as they had the contract to do several homes in our street through Metricon. I agreed to them doing both sides of my land, but they only completed one. I have been trying to get on to them ever since via email, phone and have had no response. I wanted to use the same contractor so that the fences looked the same on both sides. After reading the reviews and similar stories, I will be seeking another company to finish the job. It seems that once they have got what they want they leave anyone that needed clarification or help hanging. My neighbour has a dog and needed that side done. Very disappointed and frustrated. I will certainly be going elsewhere and would advise anyone looking for a fencer to do the same!!

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Poor Customer Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2013

Once contract signed it was impossible to make contact with the company to seek answers to my questions in spite of phone calls, emails, texts. Only once did they say they would return my call later but of course did not. Finally got my answers via the sub contractor who apologised for the delay and stress caused.

- Dismissive, disrespectful to client

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