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Newlands Arm

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Date Purchased: Dec 2017

This is one fast bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 17, 2018

The first review is completely accurate and objective. I just got a new black one and I'm very impressed. The running in period teaches you a bit of self control and slow, speed limit riding. After run in these things are too powerful for anyone who is a maniac at heart. Even with the rider aids you could easily kill yourself.

They are well made and long term reliability is reportedly excellent. I'd say ride it for a few thousand kms before modifying anything or adding anything to it which changes performance or design. Maybe a radiator guard and heated hand grips in cooler areas.

There is a review on the net in which a tester bags the cornering. Ignore it, he is wrong.

Some tester christened these as a gentleman's sports bike. This is in reference to the more upright seating position and reduced power at the top end. The torque is fantastic, as is the gearing. You can sit on 60 kmh in 6th gear and still accelerate away. This low down torque capability is great riding the twisties.

The fuelling is smooth if you know how to control a throttle without jerking it.

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Date Purchased: May 2017

Perfect Bike If You only Have One

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2017

Purchased 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (green) a couple of months back, I have now completed the run in period and have done 1850 km and I'm very pleased with the bike at this early stage with no problems at all (I don't expect any problems as the bike looks to be very well built & with a great finish, but time will tell).
I find the bike to be very comfortable with a more upright riding position yet still sporty and with enough leg room, making it ideal fit as I'm 178cm and I'm in my early 50s.
My previous two bikes were Honda Blackbirds 2001 & 2007 both of which were purchased new as well and which were stunning bikes that suited sport touring riding.
The only issue I had on the Blackbirds in just the last few years was riding position getting uncomfortable on my lower back, neck and knees so this is why I decided on Ninja 1000.
I was really surprised a just how much low down torque and power the Ninja made, where you will just put it in higher gear like the Bird and just roll on and off the throttle through the twisties and when passing, although it doesn't quiet have the top end acceleration of the Blackbird, but still more than enough.
The things I love about the Ninja 1000 are engine power and torque, the best gear box I have ever used its like butter, good comfort and wind protect from the 3 way adjustable screen (I find middle position best for all conditions), ABS brakes which incorporates corning ABS as well, 2 power modes, 3 traction control modes, great looks & finish plus the ability to get hard luggage if required.
You won't be disappointed.
Update now had the bike a little over 6 months and completed 3000 km, not a problem to report other than a puncher, really enjoying the bike, very comfortable but still sporty, plenty of power and looking forward to doing more kilometres now that the better weather is arriving. A great all rounder.
Update I have had the bike just 12 months and completed just over 5000 km with no problems to report and bike still looks as new with a great finish & no paint chips, had the 12 month 6000 km service done $300.00, rear tyre showing ware probably get another 2000 -3000 km out of it.

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Questions & Answers

Thanks for the review. Just wondering if you considered any other bikes when you bought the Ninja. I just rode the V Strom 1000 which was excellent and the Ninja is also on my radar. Do you happen to know the cost of major services for the Ninja? Cheers, Charlie.

Charlie M asked on Jan 11, 2018

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Yes I narrowed it down to 2 bikes, The Triumph Tiger Sport 1050 and of course the Ninja 1000.
It was very difficult decision as Triumph was a very impressive bike and I’m sure if I had purchased It, I would have been happy.
In the end I preferred the power delivery and look of the ninja and went with my gut instinct and I couldn’t be more please with the bike.
As far as servicing I’ve only done 4000 km so haven’t had a major service as yet.
I’m sure if you contact a Kawasaki dealer they will give an estimate of cost

Thanks Brett. Hope the bike serves you well.

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