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5KSB1586AAZ (Azure Blue) 5KSB1586ACA (Candy Apple Red) 5KSB1586AFP (Frosted Pearl) 5KSB1586AQG (Liquid Graphite) 5KSB1586ARI (Rasberry Ice)
Price (RRP) $299 $299 $299 $299 $299
Capacity 1.75L 1.75L 1.75L 1.75L 1.75L
Height 419mm 419mm 419mm 419mm 419mm
Power 550W 550W 550W 550W 550W
Width 229mm 229mm 229mm 229mm 229mm
Depth 216mm 216mm 216mm 216mm 216mm

The main difference between these models is colour