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DISASTER !! in every aspect!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 26, 2018

Do not use this company no matter how cheap !! !!! Husband and I had been using KUB and design for many years as a handyman builder but not any more! Company has gone downhill ! WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE USING ON UPCOMING PROJECTS !!!! last project was a disaster and utter disgrace!!!

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Allan, sorry to read your review. Would you be able to provide me with your contract number so that I can investigate this matter further.
Thank you
kitchens U Build

Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Alan, we have investigated this matter internally and we have been unable to find any record of you being one of our customers. Nor have we had a customer with any issues similar to what you hav... read more »

Absolutely Disgraceful

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 22, 2018

WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND this company to ANYONE! PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE!!! Original installation was on 21st November as agreed but due to errors in design and manufacture as of 21st December we will not be getting a completed kitchen until sometime in the new year???? Installation management abysmal, multiple wrongly sized cupboards needing to be re-manufactured (and still waiting!), constant manufacturing delays, lack of communication and returning of calls, etc! We signed the contract in good faith, we needed to pay the full price before delivery and they TOTALLY FAILED to deliver what they promised. After a call to Consumer Affairs Victoria we found that the contract breaches Consumer Law. The stress and disappointment has been significant and has put a total damper on our Christmas!!

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Disaster in installation and project management

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2018

Delivery late and then piecemeal.
Installation nightmare.
Stone nor secured from supplier only found out a week prior to delivery.
Wrong cupboards installed.

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Kitchens U Build Official

Sorry to hear of you experience with us. Can I please get your contract number so I can investigate this matter further
Thank you.

Kitchens U Build Official

Hi, If you would be able to provide me the Showroom you visited and the contract number that was issued. I have contacted several showrooms to see if they have a order to what you described and ... read more »


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2 Day Job Turns Into 10 Week NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2017

I don’t often call out a company on social media, but we want everyone to know about the horrible experience we have had renovating our kitchen, with a company called Kitchens U Build. We went through the Bayswater store however they operate from several locations – which we thought was a good sign. Surely a company with that many stores is doing something right.

They were great throughout the design and ordering process but unfortunately require payment in full before they will deliver and install your order. Once paid, all customer service and care goes out the window.

This two day job, turned into 10 weeks of inconvenience – not being able to use the kitchen for at least half of that time as no appliances were connected up. Having to take time from work, work from home or reschedule things to ensure someone was at home on the SEVEN occasions that they attended. Not only inconveniencing us but also inconveniencing a wide range of people from our electrician, carpenter, plasterer and plumber as we were constantly having to rearrange things with them.

As you will see, the company resisted our requests for compensation. We aren’t all about money, but we did think it was fair that they provide us with some sort of compensation due to the fact a 2 day job turned into a 58 day job. It was clear that this was never going to happen and so we gave in and had the company design and quote our laundry. When queried, they had offered a 15% discount which they called generous (amounted to $780 on kitchen that cost us $12K for cabinetry)

Please please please – if you are consider renovating your kitchen or have friends or family who are thinking of doing so – please let them know of this experience. I would hate to see other people be inconvenienced and treated in the same manner.

22nd May - 1st visit
Kitchen works begin – scheduled to be completed in two days.

23rd May - 2nd visit
Met with installer. Discussed fact that bench 1 had not been cut to size and bench 2 should be replaced due to unacceptable modification and install, along with multiple other issues. Followed this up with an email and photos to the office.

24th May & 25th May
Contacted KUB to find out what was happening as no one had contacted us. Attitude was blasé and disinterested. They advised that benchtops had been reordered and would take 10 days to be remade. I requested a response to our email of 23rd May. KUB responded and advised that they would definitely keep us informed about the status of the job and would contact us to discuss the logistics and arrange delivery, install etc.

3rd June
Emailed KUB for a status update and requested a discussion regarding compensation in form of a partial refund – ie installation price. KUB advised that the installer was booked in to attend on Tuesday 6th June. No one had bothered to contact us to discuss this, we were just expected to be available obviously.

6th June - 3rd visit
Installer onsite to refit benches and finish outstanding works. Was unable to complete as he had not been provided the right materials for the drawers and was short several handles. Advised he would return 10th June.

10th June - 4th visit
Installed arrived without our handles as they weren’t in stock (even though we had ordered them?) but provided an alternate option which we accepted to avoid further delays. Further advised by installed that he did not have the correct drawer runners.

Attempted to contact the office several times who eventually answered the phone and advised that they no longer stock these and would need to be ordered in (again – even though we had ordered them.)

At this point we escalated the issue. I contacted the Moorabbin store for contact details of the owner, who refused to provide me with these. Eventually another franchise provided them and I emailed the relevant contact. Advised that we were planning on renovating our laundry dependant on how the kitchen reno went & that we would now look elsewhere as we had lost faith in their services & that per our email to the office, we would like to discuss a partial refund and enquired as to what they thought would be appropriate. We received a response quite quickly with the promise that this would be looked into next business day.

13th June
Received email from owner, advising warranty manager would contact us to arrange a time. I asked owner what compensation in form of a partial refund she believed appropriate & confirmed we would be open to coming to an arrangement regarding the laundry. Advised she wanted to gather all the information so she would be in a better position to look at options.

13th June
Received a phone call from the warranty manager to book in time on 17th June.

14th June
Received email in error from owner to Operation Manager discussing situation and querieid whether the warranty manager should be provided with materials to rectify defects “to get us to stop complaining” or “hope the original installer could get around to getting it fixed.”

17th June
5th visit
Warranty manager onsite – agreed that the quality and standard of the installation was “rubbish” and that the installers rush the jobs. He advised he would order materials for those items that needed to be fixed.

20th June
Email from owner advising parts ordered and that she understood we wanted our laundry done. Advised that on next visit, they would measure up the laundry and design and quote providing a “generous” discount.

21st June
We replied to this email requesting, for the avoidance of doubt that a list be emailed through outlining the outstanding works so that we were all on the same page. I was emailed an incomplete list which missed four key items and responded accordingly – no response.

30th June
Emailed KUB and requested an update as we had heard nothing. KUB responded and advised that we were booked in for 8th July.

8th July - 6th visit
Warranty manager onsite – drawers still incomplete. Advised that he would order the relevant materials as the company who made these were across the road from the office, and he should be able to come back in a couple of days to finish.

9th July
Contacted Warranty Manager and advised that the wrong door had been replaced on the pantry. They replaced the perfectly fine one and left the damaged one.

18th July
Contacted office. Advised that this was unacceptable. KUB advised that the order had come in. Advised that if the job was not complete by COB 22nd July that we would contact our financial institution regarding product warranty and retract the payment – was laughed at in response.

Emailed owner and advised that the delays were unacceptable & that this had been ongoing for 10 weeks.

19th July - 7th visit
Warranty Manager onsite to finalise job.

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your review. We have attended to all your concerns after the installation and have rectified any concerns you have had. As we only want good outcomes with happy customers, w... read more »


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Pay a little more and get someone else to do your kitchen, dont take a chance on Kitchens UBuild

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 26, 2017

Was rung up and asked to pay on a Saturday almost a week before it was even delivered. Then some of the doors had to be remade twice due to shoddy workmanship. It was also supposed to cover existing flooring when measured up this was agreed to, but when fitted was not even close and not even an apology! Pay a little bit more and get your kitchen somewhere else.

May 1st, 2017 Update: Don't believe they are reviewing it, don't waste your money with kitchens ubuild

I was contacted after my initial review for details 3 months ago and nothing since, still have to fix our kitchen with new floor coverings, no feedback since they asked for details, a big waste of time and money we have learnt our lesson.

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Disappointed, I am very sorry hear about your experience with Kitchens U Build. If you would be able to provide a few more details in regarding your experience I will be sure to investigate th... read more »


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Don't put yourself through it go somewhere else, there is a reason they make you pay up front.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2016

Bought kitchen for my 80 year old mum and paid for installation from campbellfield (which is by a subcontractor who has a flooring business who was only interested in trying to sell my mum new floors) we had to keep ringing him and asking him to come back and finish and he had excuse after excuse but did finally come back. Then they gave my mum a bench with industrial glue stuck on the surface and told me it wasn't there fault and it must of been the installer (of course I had to ring him but as expected he wasn't taking the blame. I then paid for a new bench and was told they wouldn't be able to install with the warranty department so I would have to organise for the install with there subcontractor which I passed on and decided that I would just do myself, well I waited all day for the bench delivery on the day they advised and told me I must be home to help unload but suprise suprise they didn't even bother coming. There is a reason these guys insist on payment up front and it's because your only option for justice is vcat and they bank on you not doing that.

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Gary, Sorry to read about the experience you had with Kitchens U Build. I have private messaged you so that i can obtain a few details so that I can investigate this matter further.
Carol-Lynne Mitchell

Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Gary, I have spoken with the Campbellfield showroom who have provided me with emails from yourself, admitting that the bench top was not damaged by Kitchens U Build. In a gesture of good will a ... read more »

Wow I think your responses to people's feedback says it all, if they say positive things you thank them for their honesty but if they dare tell the truth about how it was a terrible experience some... read more »

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2016

Would use these guys ago... The salesman has an ego bigger than Ben Hurr.... Delivered a dodgy kitchen... Didn't listen.
Nothing is right

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Nicole, so sorry to read about your experience with Kitchens U Build. I have private messaged you in order to obtain a few more details relating to your experience.



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Verified Customer

Worst Experience Ever. Do Not Use KUB, Moorabbin

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2016

I thought I would be "smart" and get the company that provided the "custom" kitchen to also install the kitchen to make sure there was less hassle. It couldn't of been further from the truth. After spending almost $10k and 6 months they were the worst decision I have made in my entire life. The installer came over and measured for 5 mins our entire kitchen which is when we should of been worried. He then passed on the measurements at which point all broke down. The kitchen didn't have the right parts, apparently my kitchen isn't a perfect rectangle and instead of measuring it to make a "custom" kitchen which they profess we had to wait 6-8 week for parts every time they stuff it up which covered 6 months! The kitchen bench top wasn't long enough due to the wall being skew. Every single tradie we brought in immediately noticed this while "our" installer didn't and didn't proceed to help amend the measurements to make sure the kitchen fitted. He made sure to do a dodgy job miss aligning cupboards, drawers and everything they could. He used dirty stickers over all the holes he stuffed up. He didn't bother a quick sweep before securing the skirting board. They also didn't finish the install correctly so electricians had to come back time again as parts where missing meaning a week of eat out since we couldn't use an oven. They are the worst! Maybe if you buy and install yourself but don't trust them our kitchen was a nightmare. The installer only cared about Kitchens U Build as he was a contractor and not about us the customers. Avoid at all costs otherwise it will cost you more!!

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Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Paul, Sorry to hear about your experience with Kitchens U Build didn't go as smoothly as we both would like. I am investigating this matter with the installer to see what areas can be improved.
Thank you for your feedback.

Hi Carol-Lynne,
We still have a dishwasher that wasn't installed correctly including the kicker. If you want to fix that happy for you to send someone over. Wasn't expecting a reply after posting this 13 months ago.
Cheers, Paul

Kitchens U Build Official

Hi Paul, we have only recently joined Product Review, so even though your comments were posted a while ago, I am touching base with all customers who have posted comments.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone installed their kitchen themselves and found lots of manufacturing mistakes?

Julia Cherie asked on Oct 21, 2018

Answer this

Hi Julia, I hope a DIY customer provides you with feedback on your question. Even if you do DIY, we have installers that you can talk to if you find yourself in difficulty. We also provide a manual that gives your step by step instructions. We are more than happy to assist you along the way.

Kitchens U Build

Has anyone had their kitchen from U build for a couple of years and could comment on wear and tear? Is your white turning yellow etc?

Julia asked on Jun 24, 2018

Answer this

Hi Julia, Thank you for asking the question. Our doors are Australian made and UV protected, which means they wont turn yellow even if in direct sunlight. There is a 7 year warranty on the doors. Our drawer runners and door hinges (all soft close) are Hettich and come with a lifetime warranty. Our carcasses have 16mm backs, which makes them very sturdy. Doors from Overseas or 2 Pac are not UV protected and will go yellow over time. Hopefully one of our customers will also provide some feedback for you.
Please feel free to drop by any of our showrooms to see the quality of our products.
Thanks Kitchens U Build

Hi Julia, I have had my kitchen for approx 7 years. I have white vinyl wrap draws (under bench), and there is no sign at all of yellowing. My overhead cupboards are a black stripe vinyl wrap. Very glossy finish. Everything wipes clean easily. I don't have kids, so can't comment there. It still looks like brand new, but I do take care of it. Everything is wearing well. KUB always gave me great service.
Julie :)