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Car: 2010 VE Commodore

Khumo KU27

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 25, 2017

I fitted these to a VE Commodore, 245/45/18. I do roughly 100000kms a year so go through some tyres. I rate the KU27 better than a lot of high end tyres I have used before. Durable, incredibly quiet and comfortable good for more than 100000kms. They are the best passenger car tyre I have used. I paid $140 a tyre on sale compared to a $250 Bridgestone, lasted twice as long and I could not believe how much quieter. I would highly recommend them on any passenger car. I'm not generally a review writer but really did rate these tyres.

Purchased at: eBay

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225/60R16 KU27

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2014

Fitted a set of these to my 1995 Lexus LS400 and did a wheel alignment only at the time of fitting. Had them on for around 40,000kms with about 60% left. ended up fitting bigger wheels so I put them on my wifes car to continue using them. No wheel alignment and an Elgrand (2000 V6 RWD)where we completed around another 20,000kms. Took them off as the edges were starting to wear but still had around 3mm tread remaining. If I had done a wheel alignment on that car too, I would have been confident to get around 90,000 to 100,000kms out of a set. Never had tyres last that long, I am usually happy with once a year or 2.

+ Life/kms, silent

- Price, bit on the high side but not overly expensive, (2 no name tyres which might last 50,000kms for price of one Kumho).

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Simply a brilliant tyre

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2014

I have just replaced a set of 225-50x18's on my Toyota Aurion that have done 50,000k and there was probably a few more k's left in them. They have been the best tyre I have ever run on any car I have owned.
They are quiet, comfortable, long wearing and handle extremely well on front wheel drive vehicles.
I cannont rate them high just need a set.

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Unfortunately they do not make their this tyre in my size anymore so I tried a set of Nitto 860's and I think they are probably a better tyre than the Khumho especially in the wet.
Tyre life remains to be seen.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2012

brilliant tyre.
I put two on the front of a 2003 camry in early 2010 (replaced the dunlop sp300), and immediately noticed the difference. Quieter, more stable, beautiful to drive on wet or dry. I have been told to expect a life of around 50-60'000kms!

The Dunlops were terrible by comparison.

I have Pirelli P6's on the rear. The Pirelli's have better grip than both the Dunlops & Kumho's, but use a softer compound to achieve this - hence a shorter life.
When they wear, i'll be replacing them with Kumho ku27's!

+ Very quiet, stable on road, excellent all round performance in wet & dry, very reasonable price

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Great tyre, amazing price!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 24, 2012

Needed to replace the two front tyres (OEM Dunlop SP Sport Maxx) on my '09 Lexus IS250. Rears are a different size and still have a bit of tread on them. Didn't want to spend more than $380.00 per tyre but if the tyre was good enough I could push that. Australian pricing is simply absurd compared to what you can get overseas. Don't get it.

My priorities were tread life, noise, comfort/performance. I drive a lot of highway kms per year and wanted something that would last, quiet, and would perform when I needed it to.

After two weeks worth of research, it is very hard finding a well rounded performance tyre. My choices were the OEM Dunlop Sport Maxx, Continental Sport Contact 3, Kumho KU31 and the Michelin Super Sport.

The Dunlop is a 240 tread but research didn't really have many good things to say about this tyre plus they are noise. Continental SC3 was nice but tread wear was reviewed as being lower than the rated 280. Word is that it's a good tyre but not worth the asking price. Kumho KU31 was great, price quiet and good tread life (320), Ultra High Performance Tyre and surprisingly good reviews. Short listed. Michelin Super Sport won as the best all around tyre and best in class on so I went to a couple shops to purchase. Everybody I talked to raved about this tyre. Everything I wanted but super expensive! Sorry must pass.

Passed on the Michelins because the price was just stupid and went to purchase the Kumho KU31. Tyrepower down the street quoted me the KU31's as $215.00 installed. They couldn't get me the KU31 but would I consider the KU27? Let me research it.

After researching it I was sure this was the one. Amazing tread life (600!) extremely quiet, great performance and comfortable. Had them put on and am extremely happy. Super quiet, everything I asked for. I'm glad they recommended them. The road noise was cut in half and although I still have the rear Dunlops on making noise, I will be changing them sooner than they need to.

They are only new and I will review them after a few thousand kilometres.

+ Super long tread life, 600 Tread Rating, very quiet, handle very well.

- Rim protector lip is a bit small and doesn't look up to the task.

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Do you still have KU27? How good are they in Wet/Dry, I'm assuming will be close or same as KU31.

Kumho KU 27, aN Excellent tyre good performance for tyhe money. Stable, good at cornering and excellent at high speed. 600 tread depth means you get mega miles for your money. Just coming up to 80,... read more »

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