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Car: R32 gtr

Cost vs performance ku36 pretty good for my track days.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 13, 2017

Tyres last well and you can drive home....some people say 20000 klms and i dont think that is unreasonable , next step the FEDERAL RSR'S . After these a proper semi slick but cost will double.Kumho tyres where quiter than federals but not as good wet weather wise. These are great for starting your track days and learning your race craft. Have fun.

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Car: 2010 Ford Focus XR5

Glad I tried it, but won't buy again

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2016

Purchased in Oct'14 for around $265 ea: 225/40/18 for my XR5. Previous tyres were Michelin Pilot Sport 3.

The good:
Impressive performance in the dry, cannot fault them in this regard. They look good, if this is something that's important to you. Price was comparable to other tyres in this category. Got just under 20,000klm's out of them (odo was 60K when I put them on and just replaced them @ 79K) with daily driving / commuting.

The not so good:
Noise: noticed straight away when I drove out of the driveway of the tyre shop. The Kumho's were very noisy, bordering on extremely noisy I would say, when compared to my previous PS3's. Over time, the noise grew louder and particular speed ranges generated greater noise than others, for example 35-45 kph and 100-110 kph for me, strange. Not so bad when you're by yourself, but having a conversation with a passenger at these speeds was difficult.
Performance in the wet: not bad, but not great. Never aquaplaned with these tyres, but low-speed cornering on some surfaces was quite "exciting" with understeer. Definitely had to adjust my driving style in the wet, particularly during the last 5,000 klms or so. Not a show stopper, because the dry performance was so good, but if you get a lot of rain in your area, I'd seriously think twice before getting the KU36's.

Just replaced the KU36's and went back to the PS3's, for a cheaper price, which is what inspired me to write this review. There's a feeling of security with the PS3's, difficult to explain without sounding like a fanboy or nutcase. I can see why the PS3 gets such strong reviews.

So, whilst the KU36's aren't a bad tyre by any stretch, in my opinion there are better at a similar (or even cheaper) price.

Safe driving.

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Car: 1978 Xc falcon 351

Completely Useless On The Drag-strip

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 24, 2015

I have to give these tyres only one star, they work well enough on the road but offer NO GRIP on the drag-strip. Took my car to Motorplex in WA with my new 275 R17 KU36 tyres, $300+ each. First run car nearly hit the wall going sideways and ran a 17.4 second pass, second run backed right off ran a 15.4 second pass smoking the tyres and spinning most of the way, 3rd run ran a 15.2 second pass again spinning tyres.

I gave up on them after that and fitted a pair of nearly completely worn out borrowed Mickey Thompson ET 235 R15 street tyres, it was a conservative run as I was spooked from previous runs and the car still ran a 12.9 second pass. Tried a second more aggressive run on the ET street tyres but they were shot (as only had one run left in them) spun the tyres too much on launch but still ran a 13.4 second pass.

One of my mechanics customers had same experience at the drags, tried lowering tyre pressure but that only made things worse. When buying these tyres the description given is that they are designed for the street and track, but what they are good for is the street and circuit racing, not the drag-strip. This should be made clear in the product description.

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Car: 88' MR2, MK4 Golf R32

Excellent Track Day Tyre

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 25, 2015

Really good and cheap track day Tyre.

+ Grip dry, pretty good grip in the wet too, non directional so easy Tyre rotation to get more life from them, life (for a soft compound).

Note: React really well to Tyre pressure changes.

- Hardens noticeably from heat cycles so I don't recommend driving it on the street as it hardens the tire unnecessarily and grips drop off dramatically as it wears.

Purchased at: Bob Jane T-Marts

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Car: EVO 6 Tommi Makiben edition

Great tyre with great grip

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2015

Had a set put on my EVO 6 and they are a great tyre. A lot of dry grip and progressive in the limit. They are soft but have lasted many punishing drives through the mountains. Good in the wet too.....I have not had any negative issues with them as far as noise goes, however my EVO is very loud with a 3inch exhaust. Due to being a high performance tyre I would not expect them to last too long.....but if you are putting this type of rubber on your car you are not really worried about wear rate anyway.

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Re: tyres

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2015

I just put on some Kumho ku36 tyres. all that road noise is gone! And it handes better and stops better too!!

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Great tyre.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2014

BMW E39 M5 really can test tyres and have taken these tyres to the limit. They hang on to a blanket...Can be a little noisy, but acceptable. Plenty of grip and lack of squirm in heavy cornering. Very good tyre! Will definitely buy them again. Congrats to Kumho.

+ Not expensive

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Perth WA

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U get what u pay for.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2014

Don't waste your money, put a bit more money and buy good brand tyres.
They are so noisy and don't expect a warranty, Tyre just burst while driving, emailed kumho and they said u have to send the tyre here to get it inspected and it probably would take 500 years to get you stranded like this until you give up and buy a new one.

+ Price wasn't too bad

- [censored word removed] quality.

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Great bang for your buck performance tyres

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2013

Had these on my FTO. Excellent grip, aggresive looking pattern and it offer more performance for its money than any other tyres. Grip surprsing well in the wet, despite the lack of deep water channels. Does not last as long, only have a wear is 180. Overall, it gives you a lot of confident.

+ Very high level of grip, not bad in the wet as well.

- Get noisy when used for while,

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Brilliant tyre for the money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2012

Read a lot of reviews on this tyre and wanted to see for myself. Had factory solus kh17 on before the change. Can't find the cornering limits on these tyres (too be honest don't really want to) .. I’m 51 and no boy street racer.

Grip is brilliant with no sign of understeer, very sharp turn in, crisp direction change and for those who know the mt nebo/mt glorious road, the 20 & 40 kph bends can be taken at the posted 80 kph speed limit, with ease (no squeal, no roll, no fuss)

The uneven surface of the road caused the solus to squirm and dart under braking into some corners causing the abs to kick in .. don't even realise there are bumps with the ku36. Just brake, turn in and drive through the corner.. amazing for a day to day tyre.

I'm no brand expert, but i've had mid-range goodyear, falken, yokohama, bridgestone michelin, pirelli and dunlop rubber on various cars over the years and i've never had anything that grips like the ku36 .. or gives you anything like the same sense of security and control.

One word of warning .. watch your speed, because you'll find you enter corners at twice the speed you did before. Yet you feel twice as safe and secure.

Highly recommend to anyone who loves to drive technically through winding roads.

+ Phenomenal dry weather grip

- Nothing as yet (no rain, so no idea on wet weather performance)

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Just out of curiosity what car do you drive?

bet it's an mx5 :-)

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 22, 2012

I got these tyres put on after having terrible tyres and it transformed the car, very difficult to get these to screech even when they are at the tread marks, once warm they stick like glue. Had a few scary moments when driving with these cold but once warm they are excellent, only got about 20k out of them and was defected for them being too low, probably could get another 10 out of them :P

Excellent tyre for the money! highly recommend apart from longevity.

+ Great wet and dry grip

- Dangerously bad when tyre is cold, Tyre wear, road noise

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Unbelievable grip. Highly recommend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 23, 2012

2003 Audi S3 (tuned) 225 45 17inch.
Had on the car for about 3k km. Incredible grip in all conditions I have come across. High speed cornering is excellent. Very stable. Have not used in really wet conditions yet but very good when roads are damp. Mainly spirited country road driving and these tyres are the best i have used. Better than the Michelins, Dunlops and Bridgestones I have had previously on the car. A little noisy when I first had them fitted but quieter now. With treadwear rating of 180 I can see they will wear quicker than others but well worth the money (they are at laest $50 a tyre cheaper than others i've had). I will buy these tyres again.

+ Grip in corners. Price.

- Nothing so far

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