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Make sure you ask if you are getting natural or synthetic latex!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2016

I wanted a 100% natural latex mattress for my son with dust mite allergies and other sensitivities. After some research, I found out that there are many types of latex, including natural latex and chemically-produced latex.
The bed base that comes with the mattress I was going to purchase from the Latex Bedding Company wasn't slatted, and this raised alarm bells, as a true 'natural' latex mattress requires a slatted base to breathe...

I contacted the supplier (Revor) in Belgium to confirm the type of latex that is used at the Latex Bedding Company, and they directed me to the Malaysian supplier. They then told me that the mattress I was about to purchase from Crows Nest, "the Euro" was actually synthetic latex.
I asked [name removed] why he didn't mention this from the start, and his reply was that "it confuses people".

After being quoted around double the price for their 'actual' 100% natural latex mattress, the "Perfect", I found the Natural Bedding company in Stanmore, which sells 100% natural latex mattresses made from the tree sap, and they have proof of their relationship with their rubber tree plantation suppliers in Sri Lanka. Their prices ended up being substantially cheaper, when comparing like with like.

Unfortunately, my wife and I purchased the "Madrid" mattress 4 years ago from the Latex Bedding Company, but I hadn't done the research that I did this time, and was not advised that the latex in our mattress was not actually 100% natural. Back then, I didn't know that a way to easily determine if your mattress is not 100% natural latex, is if it does not require a slatted base. This is true even if the mattress has ventilation holes (which they all do anyway).

I am not rating this business as 'bad' as [name removed] is a very friendly guy. However, I am disappointed that he left crucial information out when telling me about the mattress, and I would say that it's misleading not to advise potential customers that they may not be getting 100% natural latex.

In summary: Ensure that you are fully informed and that you ask the right questions!

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The Latex Bedding Company Official

Hi Michael, I am sorry to hear you are disappointed, I keep both 100% natural and a blend and have always explained the difference, the Euro is part natural part synthetic, also, I only keep slatte... read more »

The Latex Bedding Company Official

PS. the Euro and Madrid will now be available as 100% natural or a blend retaining all its natural properties, both have their advantages. Also we have the largest, oldest and most technically supe... read more »

Below is the email I received verbatim, on the 30th April 2016, in response to my question about the composition of the Euro mattress. However, upon further investigation, Revor Asia Pacific (yes, ... read more »

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Great product - not particularly happy about the service

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2015

I recently purchased a queen mattress package from the Latex Bedding Co. While I am very happy with the product - the mattress is very comfortable - I'm not particularly happy about the service we received. After being shown a mattress base in the Crows Nest store with neutral grey skirting (valance-style), the mattress base that was delivered was different (resembling the mattress itself, without a valance cover). At first I thought that the valance had been left out but was told that I had been sent a different 'more breathable' base. Cliff offered to change the base, but as we had shipped the base interstate it was too difficult to change. I was disappointed that after being shown one thing in the store, we were sent a different product without being consulted. I will need to purchase a valance to hide the base and had not factored this additional cost into my already substantial purchase. The service up until then had been great, so the final outcome is disappointing.

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The Latex Bedding Company Official

Hi Lea, I really apologise for this, we were updating our base fabrics to more modern materials and trialling a number of different fabrics and colours for customers opinions, the one you received ... read more »

Hi Cliff

Thanks for your response. We have shipped the base interstate, as I indicate above, so will you pick up and deliver to/from ACT?

The Latex Bedding Company Official

If you are not happy with the new fabric, then yes, I will exchange it for you, just give me a call.

Cliff Walter


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Great bed but not great after sales response

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2013

I purchased a madrid plush and base last year, which I love. But the cover is damaged, I was assured I would receive a replacement quite a few months ago. My emails of enquiry have not been responded to. I am interested in purchasing another but am reluctant to from this company due to this event. I will go elsewhere if I don't get any joy in the next few weeks. Great product but tardy after sales support. There was also a delay in receiving the outstanding bonus sheets which took a bit of chasing around from myself.

+ The mattress and base

- After sales support

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The Latex Bedding Company Official

Hi Cate, Pleased to hear you love your mattress. Disappointing we have messed up with the replacement cover. Only just seen your review. Thanks for taking the time. I can't find your name in our sy... read more »

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Love the bed, shame it turned up damaged!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2012

My husband & I bought a King Latex Bed in January 2012 from Castle Hill Latex Bedding Co., which promptly closed up the following week. We ended up dealing with Dubbo & Crows Nest branches which went smoothly but 1 of the 2 mattresses turned up dented, scuffed & torn (it wasn't packaged like the other & was obviously a reject/ or 2nds stock) No recompense was requested or offered and 9mths later & several calls & I'm still waiting for them to exchange the Queen sheets for King sheets!

+ Love the extra firm mattress but not 4 everyone's taste.

- Received damaged stock & no after sales services~ after 9mths where's my sheets? my she

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The Latex Bedding Company Official

Hi Tanya, My sincere apologies, I am not aware of your case but should be! Can you contact me with your details. I will send a set of King bamboo sheets to you immediately and discuss what we can d... read more »

Thanks for your response David. Id be pleased to send you photo's of the damaged base - can you provide a suitable email address. Unforunately, I've recently opened the pack of Queen sheets to use ... read more »

The Latex Bedding Company Official

Thanks for your understanding in accepting the extra sheet set in compensation for the damaged base. Great to hear you are sleeping well. Cheers, David

Questions & Answers

Hi, I'm wondering if you could give a brief description of the differences between the Euro, Madrid and Perfect mattresses. I want to buy one, but living in rural WA I need to choose carefully since delivery will take a while, plus shipping costs. I'm interested in the ultimate dream package because we will need the base and it's the option most within our price range, but I'm not sure if the Euro will be the right one for us, and if you're able to do a similar deal with other mattresses? I will be calling tomorrow to discuss this and other options, but incase I sleep in or forget at least I can have my question answered here :) - Lexi

Alexis H asked on Aug 19, 2017

Answer this

Hi Alex, as discussed yesterday on the phone I believe the Madrid would be best for you and your partner after listening to your requirements/preferences, regards Cliff

What is the delivery cost for a double latex topper to Mandurah W A 6210?

paul asked on Aug 14, 2017

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Hi Paul, thanks for the enquiry, because it is Western Australia, shipping will be $45, regards Cliff

I don't know. Contact the company via their web site.

just wondering if you have a Melbourne outlet for your mattress toppers? Thanks

Diana T asked on Aug 03, 2017

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There is only one outlet which is in Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW

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