Hi Hydraflexx,

For our business clients, we recognise how important business continuity is, and have earned ourselves a reputation for being able to fix network wide issues before the other carriers even realise there's a problem. It's the benefit of having local techs. So yes we do have 4G backups for business customers, but will also get you back to full steam quicker too.

Please let us know if you'd like us to make contact for an on-site assessment, or just to save you. 5 days truly is a long time, but be aware that if it's actually a broken connection then we would hit the same issue, but we'd quickly deliver you a workaround. In many cases, the NBN is blamed, when it's not actually an NBN problem - although you're right in that FTTN Is less reliable.

Contact us on 1800 LAUNTEL if you'd like us to save you. :-)