Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Dec 2018

Fits our needs

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 26, 2018

Received bike 1week ago and it was together and on the road in under 1hr
My wife has a bad hip and I have 1 knee, bone on bone so the bike is excellent for getting us both exercising and when we get the next one we will be ready for trips in the car and exploring on the bikes
Thanks Learner for a great quality package
Regards Graham

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Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Dec 2018

Very pleased with the bike, delivery was prompt.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2018

All good so far, not had a chance to ride much but intending to get going over the holidays.
When the bike arrived it was missing the small caps that go on the tyres(pressure) when pumped up.
Otherwise, fairly easy assemble and looks to be of good quality. Thanks Leitner.

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Verified Purchase Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Love my Leitner electric bike.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2018

Have owned my Leitner folding electric bike for over a year now. I gave away my regular push bike as I never use it now that I have the Leitner. Easy to use, reliable and makes the hills much easier to ride up. I feel safer riding this bike compared to a regular push bike.

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Model: Super T Date Purchased: Sep 2018

A great electric bike at a great price level

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 06, 2018

I waited to write this review until i had spent quite a bit of time using the bike. I can say after 750km in the first three months it has been a great experience overall. I initially had an issue with the brakes assembly but Leitner helped me out in getting the part replaced by a local shop quite easily. Since then i have ridden it to work mainly around 8km each way. The bike has been great, i arrive work without being sweaty which is the main reason i wanted to go electric. It allows me to get some supplemental exercise, not be on public transport and arrive to work quicker! I usually recharge after about 50KM of riding in high mode, i pedal all the time and quite fast as i like to max out the speed on this thing. It's been great, very comfortable, brakes well, power is good on the motor and it tackles most hills with ease. Only suggestion i would have for the next model is that the gearing is too short, when using high power mode you either have to pedal SUPER fast or you peddling doesn't really add much push as it's reached the end of it's use by about 30km/h. Taller gearing would alleviate any issues i have with this bike. Would reccomend this to anyone as it's $500 cheaper than equivalent E-bikes on the market.

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Verified Purchase Model: Super T Date Purchased: Oct 2018

You little Ripper

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

Great bike, took it for my first ride today, easy to fold up for carrying in my car, also I have a medical condition and found it easy to ride with pedal assist or using the throttle, I am looking forward to many more rides as being a photographer I now can go to places that was not accessible before.

Purchased at: Leitner

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Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Oct 2018

I ordered the bike last Wednesday night and received it on Monday morning, I assembled it and off I.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2018

I am a very keen bike rider and recently, due to a medical condition, I have had difficulty riding my push bike. This "Leitner Tirol" model hybrid bike is everything that I need to enable me to keep riding a bike, enjoy life and keep fit. Thank you to the Leitner people for your great PRODUCT & for your great SERVICE!

Purchased at: Bicycles Online

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Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Oct 2018

Fun bike

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 15, 2018

I’ve had my bike for 5 days. Today a tube blew. That was disappointing. It was not a puncture. My husband found splits in the tube. He repaired both of them but then it went flat again without even riding it.
I will have to get used to riding it as even on low it takes off too fast for me on the pedal assist if I need to corner quickly or am in a very small area. However, I did a great ride to my daughter’s place - all uphill - the other day and it was a breeze. Rode home in the dark which was even more a breeze! I have enjoyed small rides around the area immensely.
It is not a fault of the bike because all the mechanisms work well, but just be informed that some may not find it easy to fold or lift - me being one. I am a 60 y.o female.

Purchased at: Leitner

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Verified Purchase Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Sep 2018

Solid & Smooth

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2018

Thank you for a great folding bike it arrived the day after I ordered it and was here for my wife’s birthday. Assembled easily under 1 hour and works as advertised. She loves the bike and I will join her when my Tirol, which is in order arrives in October.

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Verified Purchase Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jul 2018

Now I can ride a bike to work

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2018

I have been taking the bus and/or train to work for a long time. This adds up door to door to between 45 minutes and 1.25 hours+ depending on how reliable the public transport is at the time. Looking at the actual distance (7 km) I realised I could probably get to work quicker on a bike. The main thing that held me back was being afraid of the hills, and worrying about whether I'd actually stick to it given how much effort that would likely be.

I bought myself a Tirol so I could chuck it in the boot of my small car, and have been commuting back and forth to work on it for a few weeks now. Love it. If I'm feeling like giving my legs a bit of a workout, I turn the assistance down to low or medium, and if I'm feeling lazy I put it on high. When it's on high, you can put it in a low gear then just move your feet in a pedalling motion and it'll power you right up hills, and blast you up to the full 25km/h without any effort.

This has been a great purchase, and the other bike riders who I've shown the components to say that they're not top of the line, but they're not cheap either.

Oh, I'm also 135kg, so was worried about the stated 120kg weight limit. I got some metal pedals so I've got a bit more strength to push on, and so far so good, and I also put a heavy lock in a pannier bag on the back. I'll update this review if I have any equipment failures further on, but so far so great. I get to work in 25 minutes, and I even get some exercise on the way if I want. So glad I bought this.

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Verified Purchase Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jul 2018

Flattens hills!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 19, 2018

I purchased two Leitner bikes - a Berlin (26 inch wheel) and a Tirol (folding 20 inch wheel).

I believe that the motor is unchanged for both models - it hasn't been recalibrated for different sized wheels. As a result, it provides a lot more torque (ie. assistance) on the Tirol with the smaller wheels. The Tirol is also geared shorter - it is rare that I need a lower gear, but often I need a taller gear.

As a result, the Tirol provides a lot of assistance if one were unfit, say, or had a very hilly commute.

But there's no such thing as a free lunch, and I believe the extra torque will mean shorter range than the 26 inch wheeled bikes, so consider buying the bigger battery.

Also, the Tirol will fit a narrower range of body sizes (fine for me, a smaller than average male).

Leitner's service was great, sending me a replacement part no questions asked when one failed, probably due to it not being fitted tightly enough.

Purchased at: Leitner

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Verified Purchase Model: Super T Date Purchased: Aug 2018

Exhilarating Ride - cycling has never been this good!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2018

If you've never ridden an e-bike it's hard to describe the experience. It is soooo much better than riding a normal bike. I like turning the assist up to high then still pedalling fast just to see how fast I can go - it's so much fun and actually faster to ride into town rather than drive!
I opted for the Super T because it folds up and also has dual suspension. We have pretty bumpy pothole roads and I am quite happy with the suspension. Also because it is electric assist, you don't have to have the tires rock hard like you do in a normal bike - the motor makes up for the loss of efficiency with the lower pressure tires (they are recommended to be between 40 - 65 PSI. I have them around 45-50.
I'm yet to use the fold up feature - but I think it will still be handy. If you definitely do not need the ability to fold up, I'd go for the larger wheel size. 20in wheels are slightly more "agile" aka jittery than larger wheels. Compared to my 29in MTB which is a more stable ride. That said, I'm really glad I got the Super T - it's so much fun. I added a basket to the pack rack at the back for $27 from the local bike shop and now I ask my wife every day if she needs more shopping because I'm so happy to go for a cycle.
I still work up a sweat on this bike each time I ride because I push it hard, but I've also worn non exercise clothes and gently gone for a ride and haven't even really elevated my heart rate - the choice is yours, which is what I love about e-bikes.
Putting it together was really a breeze. The instructions were not as suited to the Super T as Leitners other bikes, often the pics are wrong - but it comes almost fully assembled so it really wasn't an issue. All that needed doing was adding the front mudguard, the front wheel and the seat post. So easy!
If you are thinking about getting one - just do it! You won't regret it :) I went for the 16amp version in blue :)

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Deception Bay

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Model: Super T Date Purchased: Aug 2018

Well worth the money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2018

Arrived today ( Leitner Super T )... Once assembled I took it for it's first run ... Everything went great. All controls function properly.
I am 63 and this bike is excellent to get back into cycling. Very smooth running, great features and a joy to ride.
Very good value for the asking price.... you won't go wrong with this little Gem.

Colin ... Deception Bay Qld.

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Model: Super T Date Purchased: Jul 2018

Fantastic! Great fun and gentle exercise

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2018

I purchased the Leitner Super T 2 days ago. I am 63 and only moderately fit. Last time I rode a bike was years ago and my knees ached after a short time. Not so with the Leitner Super T. Great value compared with E bikes in stores. I highly recommend it.

August 30th 2018 Update: Fantastic after sales service

I absolutely love my Super T folding bike. I did however have a problem when one pedal came off and the thread was ruined. As i assembled this component i must have cross threaded it.
I emailed Leitner about it on a Thursday, received a reply almost immediately and received free replacement pedal and crank arm in the mail on the Tuesday!!!! I'm back in the saddle happily riding again.

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Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jan 2018

Leitner Electric Bikes are awesome!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 24, 2018

My partner and I purchased two folding bikes in January 2018. (1 x Tirol & 1 x Libelle).
The bikes arrived quickly and were easy to assemble.
They are compact, easy to ride and very affordable.
We have been enjoying many long rides and haven't looked back!
We highly recommend these bikes.

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Verified Purchase Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Nov 2017

Love this solution for my commute

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 09, 2018

Ride the 5 Km each way a day to work, charge at my desk, get there faster than with car, no parking costs and save on petrol and wear and tear in the car (as a bonus I lost a few kg along the way and arrive fresh, stretched and not sweaty at all!). The Leitner was chosen after a thorough look at the market and has lived up to my expectations of an affordable reliable solution that could be folded into wife's car when it rains and I need a lift.

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Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Jan 2018

Broken after 2 rides

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2018

Broken after 2 rides, the quality is not so good ! Doesn't match with the description, and too heavy. The quality is just poor.

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Leitner Official

Hi Sam, thank you for your message and sorry to hear that you had an issue with your bike. We would like to assist you to have the issue resolved as soon as possible. We have sent you three private... read more »

Leitner Official

Hi Sam, we have tried to get in touch with you a number of times without success. We would like to assist you with your issue. Can you please kindly contact us on 1300 856 725 or via email at sales... read more »

Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Jun 2017

Highly recommended!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2018

5 out of 5, reviewed on, 2017
Well built bike. Good looking bike. Great service from staff...every inquiry answered (and I had lots of questions. Excellent delivery time. Easy and quick to assemble. Didn’t take long to adjust to working the gears, power assist mode or throttle. A joy to ride. Well worth the 5 star rating every one is giving it.

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Model: Libelle Date Purchased: Jun 2018

Great bike!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2018

I tried other brands of folding bikes and found them awkward to ride. The libelle is fantastic.
Excellent quality and easy to assemble
Have since bought a Tirol folding bike for my husband as well
Going to use them for caravan trips
Great customer service and advice on phone!
Well worth the money

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Happy Valley South Australia

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Model: Super T Date Purchased: Feb 2018

The Best

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 31, 2018

What a wonderful Company all round to deal with
Excellent Product
Excellent Service
I am very happy with my Super T and living in a hilly area my riding is now a lot easier
being over 70 and had not ridden a bike for 30 years but now has bought new life and excercise
As they say Just Do It
This Company deserves an Award all round for Quality and Service

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Model: Tirol Date Purchased: Apr 2018

Best car replacement

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 30, 2018

When the transmission in my car died, I took the opportunity to buy the Leitner Tirol to replace my car.

It's the best move I've ever made. I was previously driving 260km per week for work and training. I now happily make this trip on my Leitner Tirol in faster than it takes me to drive in traffic (given they're multiple 10km trips).

This has saved me over $250 a month in petrol, and not to mention it is an absolute pleasure to ride. Hills are not a problem and the throttle makes it very easy to cruise when I feel like it.

Folding it takes seconds, and storing it both under my desk at work, in the training hall and in the cupboard at home is a cinch.

I would highly recommend this bike and my wife is sold on it too, so we'll have 2 soon.

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Questions & Answers

Super T

Do you have after pay or similar payment options ? And can you deliver to Mount Gambier SA

Talbot Hill asked on Jan 17, 2019

Answer this

Hi, thanks for your message. You can choose to go through ZipMoney where you can apply to pay via installments that suits you. You can find more information on our website at . We do ship our products Australia wide. If you would like a quote for shipping, you can simply add your bike to cart and enter your postcode and suburb on our website. Otherwise, you can give us a call at 1300 856 725 to discuss further or email us at . Hope this helps. Thank you! Regards, Kitty , Leitner team

Is the max speed for the battery function or does it go faster if you pedal ie down hi..

Kongwak lady asked on Jan 10, 2019

Answer this

Hi thanks for your question. There are two options for using the motor, Pedal Assist is where the motor kicks in whilst pedalling and helps with the work. You can have this set on High, Medium, Low or Off. There is no speed limit when using this mode, only as fast as you can cycle. The bikes also have a throttle (no pedalling) which comes limited to 6km/h but can be easily unlocked to reach 25km/h for offroad use. Thanks, Tim@Leitner ebikes

hi, I bought a second hand leitner ebike and want to make sure if its battery is 16ah. where can I check its description. regards

Sadegh R asked on Jan 07, 2019

Answer this

Hi Sadegh,

Per our conversation over Facebook messenger, your 2nd hand Leitner eBike has a 16Ah battery.

This information was judged based on the photographs you provided on your items with technical information.

Thanks! Jennifer 1300 856 725

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