Verified Purchase Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Feb 2016

Screen retains frequent images

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 28, 2017

When I purchased this Tv I loved the screen quality. The only problem is that, in normal usage the screen retains frequently shown tv logos, so along the bottom the screen will begin to show a hazy discolouration of a banner if you frequently watch Sunrise, along with the Sunrise logo, Channel 7 logo if you watch the news, etc. This discolouration will appear across all content you show on the Tv. LG had to replace 1 screen within 12 mths of normal usage and now after another 12 months the problem is occurring again. This is not screen burn, as the screen is not paused (and even if the screen was paused, there is screen saver) and the only images showing are those that show frequently on the screen, in normal every day use. Now that I’ve moved from the 12 month LG warranty to the Product Care warranty, Product Care team through Domayne are telling me this is classified as Screen Burn so is not covered. How can an under 2 years of age $5000 TV be unusable through normal everyday usage and not covered under any warranty? Particularly when I spent an additional $850 on Product Care warranty. I am lodging formal complaints through every industry body I can, however thought I should warn others. The LG OLED 4K UHD TVs are not fit for purpose. You will regret your purchase if you watch standard tv for long periods of time. Also beware of Product Care insurance. First time I have needed to claim but doesn’t appear to be worth the paper it is written upon.

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Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Jul 2017

If you want to see every last pore and wrinkle, this is the TV for you

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 23, 2017

Have recently purchased this ultra HD OLED TV and the picture quality is brilliant. You can see every last pore and wrinkle, grains of sand and individual raindrops, even when viewing standard digital TV. It's even more impressive when viewing HD. The colour quality is excellent with very crisp black and whites and exceptional colors. The sound quality is not half bad either as it is fitted with Harmon Kardon speakers. You can certainly get by without a sound bar. It comes standard with 3 HDMI slots, component connection, USB and digital optical audio in case you want to connect a separate sound system. It also came standard with 2 sets of 3D glasses.
There are lots of on screen menu including YouTube, Netflix, etc. so you don't have to try and add them to the on-screen menu yourself. In addition there are various power saving features available to reduce standby power use.
My only gripe is that I've had to hardwire the TV to the Internet as it became really annoying to logon with our wifi password each time we wanted to watch something on the Web. This is apparently a fault with many smart TVs and I have yet to find a working solution - have found lots of solutions but none of them work!
All in all a very impressive TV and if you hunt around you can certainly buy it at significantly less than the RRP.

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Tweed Heads

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Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Travel the world with vision perfect reality

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 27, 2017

Very satisfied with picture quality.
Built in speakers are good have enhanced them with a Samsung 130W sound Bar
Three HDMI ports more than enough
Operating system is. Very good on its own and also operates well Telstra TV app ,YouTube and with Chromecast via my IPhone using the YouTube app

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LG Oled technology far ahead of its competitors

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Verified Purchase Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Jul 2016

LG so far ahead with its OLED technology

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2017

When you look at the picture quality you will be amazed by the brightness and sharpness of the images especially prints with heaps of colours, fireworks look amazing and so does sport or any action movies
TV comes with usb and hdmi ports and also ethernet
TV has all your popular apps already on like Netflix and Stan
Highly recommend and good value for money
If you have issues with the picture quality make sure you turn off the power saving mode

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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Model: 65EF950T (65") Date Purchased: Jun 2016

Very clear and smart TV

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

I bought this TV on 6/6/16. I am very happy with this TV because the sound is very clear; picture is very sharp; and weight is very light. I thought I was in front of a movie theater. I can play it like a laptop or a PC. It's a multipurpose TV.
My whole family loves it.

Purchased at: The Good Guys

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Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Just awesome

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2017

Picture quality is sensational. Blacker blacks and vibrant colours. Actually the standard set up was too much and had to use my spears tuning disc to dial it back a bit.
I Can't speak to the audio, as I run a surround system but teamed up with the oppo 203 4K player, the output was amazing. 3D was a real surprise and was a serious step up over my Samsung BD TV.
Very impressed and heartily recommended..

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Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: May 2014

Keep it Simple I am not Stupid!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2017

This TV was bought by my daughter for me. Most TVs today are so complicated you almost need a degree in electronics to change channel. I do not want to talk to contestants on reality slimming show, nor watch six different sports games at once. I just need to find what's on and where to click! I also don't need to send for a technician every time we have a power failure. So far this model is manageable, good picture, clear sound and does what I need.

Purchased at: Dick Smith

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Model: 65EF950T (65") Date Purchased: Jan 2013

Worst customer service ever

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 17, 2017

Starts turning on and off, unstable internet and surround system. we got a dodgy one.
really bad customer service, you can't get through to anyone and they just ignore you and hope you will eventually give up on trying to find a resolution. Not buying LG ever again. After sales service is necessary.

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Model: 55EF950T (55") Date Purchased: Mar 2016

The perfect all round TV

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2016

Picture quality is sensational be it with SD, HD, or 4k content.
The sound is acceptable but we have ours running with a sub and sound bar.
Unit has enough ports for fox-tel, Blu-Ray Player, Games Console, and home theater setup.
The Operating system while not as good as a PC is perfectly adequate for YouTube, Netflix, and the occasional wiki search.. Get the occasional glitch but a restart always solves the problem.
Build quality is very good and a step up from budget and mid-priced offerings.
Limited HDR functionality doesn't worry me as content is in very limited supply anyway.
It's not as bright as some other TV's which can be an issue for some but not me as I watch in a dark room with little natural light.
3D content on this TV is superb and makes you wonder if others did it this well would it have gained a wider level of acceptance?
Overall, if you watch a lot of SD and HD content then this set is near enough to unbeatable. Things you have seen before come to life again in an entirely new way making you want to see movies and show all over again.
I would even suggest that the newer models may not be as good with up-scaling SD and HD content from what I have seen so far.
Highly recommended to anyone not chasing rainbows about HDR and other technology that may or may not become mainstream.

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Just an updat: After 11 months my LG 55EF950T has developed a panel fault and has a thin green vertical line left of centre. Very disappointed but not surprised given I worked in the repair indus... read more »

It's now nearly a month later and I still don't have a working TV


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Model: 65EF950T (65") Date Purchased: Jul 2016


1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 19, 2016

I purchased this tv based on the specifications on line and in store
I then found out that it could not stream netflix hdr
LG admitted this fault and have offered to fully refund my money
Disappointing to say the least
I now have to send it back and start over again
Samsung tv's are hdr compliant and so are Sony's

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Verified Purchase Model: 65EF950T (65")

Not worth playing panel roulette

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2016

After much research and debate (considering the price of these sets) I finally decided to purchase the 65” model. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. Unfortunately the perfect blacks promised were not available on my set, replaced by a washed out grey on the left side of the screen created by fairly obvious vertical bars the screen appears to be made up of.

I am not really a user of “Smart TV” features and have found the Web OS 2.0 menu system woeful for any other purpose, such as setting up the TV or using CEC control and way slower than the "quad core" advertising would imply. The (wand) remote does not even include transport controls which must instead be pressed using an onscreen remote and the wand. This is irrelevant however as CEC does not work correctly and must be turned off, also disabling ARC in the process.

If the TV was not disappointing enough, LGs customer service raised this to a new level. Speaking to people in Manila who obviously know nothing about the units and are trying to diagnose problems over the phone, suggesting workarounds rather than fixes or blaming things like the “backlight” that OLED TVs of course don’t have. It took 6 weeks and numerous visits to the retailer to even get someone out to look at the set, and even after the fault was recognised and I was told a replacement panel may not be any better, I appear to be stuck in another 6 week cycle trying to get a refund.

The first and last time an LG product will darken my door, they have moved along very little since the days of Goldstar.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Model: 55EF950T (55")

Excellent Display

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 19, 2016

I waited a very long time for a flat OLED TV to arrive and yes it was expensive but it is the best display you can get.
I also have to admit I nearly did not buy the TV based on the up scaling of SD that I saw in 2 different stores, it was woeful but in a third store it was better so I figured it must just be the settings so I went ahead and was not disappointed. At home with the right settings, the SD up scaling was just fine and yes even for Foxtel SD. On HD broadcasts it is great and with 4k content its magic but most content is not 4K so the other stuff is important and I am very happy.

The on board sound is OK, better that other TV's I've heard but you don't buy this TV and not connect it up to a surround sound.

The TV has all the Tech built in inc HDR then there is the Catchup Apps which are only as good as the networks provide so I wont comment further. I don't have Netflix but I assume it would work OK.The ability to adjust every detail of every input lets you set everything up just right but can be a little time consuming but well worth it . I wouldn't bother trying to use the inbuilt PVR function as it is way to fussy about what it records on and an external PVR has way more features than the inbuilt function.

Another annoying feature is the Wi Fi , I found that if I left a USB stick on a lead against the back of TV the WiFi stopped working. Moving the USB away from the TV fixed the WiFI.

All in all, I purchased this TV for it's display which is Excellent, it has many other features built in that others may find useful but I don't even use the inbuilt tuner, although it is set up and works fine.

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Model: 55EF950T (55")

The best 55 inch TV currently on the market

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2016

Was looking to replace my old Samsung 50" FHD LCD in our bedroom with something up to date to take advantage of the 4K content I've been getting online and looked at a few brands and models. The one that simply stood out head and shoulders for pure picture quality was LG's OLED range but their 4K models were only available at the time in a curved screen (which I hate) and 65" size (which was too big for the top of a bedroom dresser) but the salesman told me new models with flat screens were coming so I put it on hold. A few months later I came across the 55" 950t flat screen 4K OLED in JB HI-FI and again was very impressed by its sheer quality. I decided to go back with a USB stick of various types of content from SD all the way up to 4K to see how the screen handled real life content compared to the demo reels they are often running in store. Well the TV was just great with that so I took the plunge and after a bit of haggling settled on $3800 which while super expensive for a bedroom TV was a great deal at $700 off "street" price and over $1200 off retail. The TV was very easy to set up and connect and it was soon sitting in pride of place on top of our bedroom dresser. The TV has a fantastic remote with a on screen mouse that is very easy to use and excellent smart TV features with Netflix, YouTube, iView, etc. The TV has 4 usb inputs all that can handle 2TB portable HDD's and plays pretty much all formats with only 1 major problem for me in which 4K60p content is only supported in h.265 codec in a .mkv container and even then the TV's processor can't quite keep up and it does drop frames. Seeing as I am one of very few people that would have access to such content I don't see it as a big issue and I'm certain it will be fixed in a firmware update soon. The TV plays regular 4K 24/30p and FHD 50/60p content just fine and the screen itself could easily play the 4k60p content I fed it through a external source connected through HDMI 2.0 so it's just the playback chip so no big deal.
By far the single best thing about this TV is its sheer picture quality, whatever you feed it looks great as its internal up scaler is very good indeed. Even the visual horrors of SD Foxtel looks acceptable on this screen and that's a huge ask for any screen. When fed Foxtel HD, Blue Ray or FTA HD content this TV simply has the best picture I've even seen (and I've seen a few). Colours, motion, dynamic range and detail are simply superb. OLED is the only technology that can actually display true black (rather then a dark shade of grey) and it shows with amazing depth and contrast. Skin tones are rendered neutrally and natural and brightness levels are perfect and far removed from the artificially bright screens that populate the market. Quite frankly I have no hesitation in saying that this is the best TV (along with its 65" big brother) on the market in Australia. Yes it's hugely expensive as OLED is a new technology but It's so good I think it's worthwhile and fully expect OLED's to render LED screens obsolete within a few years just like what LED screens did to plasma. So much so I have plans to replace my big TV's in our family and rumpus rooms with 77" LG OLED's when they come out later this year. Quite simply the best 55" TV you can buy. Amazing!

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