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Date Purchased: Jun 2017

Screws fall out, paint chips easy.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2017

I wanted to love this appliance. It's very expensive. A few days after purchase I noticed paint scratches on the red body. Emailed the company why it would chip so easy. But they were no help. I haven't knocked it or anything. Then not long after this. I noticed the screws were lose on the bottom and one fell off. While fixing/trying to catch this screw. It fell into the plug hole. I was so shocked it was lose in the first place. I have emailed the company but not had a reply back. For such an expensive appliance I think the build quality should be better. I seriously wish I had not purchased this appliance.

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Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A Official

Dear Carol, we are sorry to hear of your situation. Unfortunately we have not received your initial message. If you are able to resend this to sales@cambur.com.au or alternatively you can call our ... read more »

Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A Official

Dear Carol, we have not heard from you. Please do contact us on 1800 337 313 so we can better assist. All the best.

Magimix Cook Expert 7CO18900A Official

Dear Carol, we would love to help resolve your situation. Please do contact us at 1800 337 313.

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I am seriously considering getting the Magimix CE but it's such a huge investment I thought I'd head for the wisdom of the group before taking the plunge! I have a slow cooker as well as a pressure cooker. Would the CE add significantly more to me? Thank you in advance

Jan asked on Apr 21, 2018

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I understand your feeling, I went through the same... I use an auto pressure cooker for rice, risotto, pasta and the like...
it is a huge investment ... I bought it because it does everything ... no need for stand mixer, it juices too. I an preparing to downsize. I bought it on part payments and I don’t regret buying it. There have been hidden benefits buying it this way too.
It’s not essential, not much is!
if you feel you need it, take the plunge and consider part payment options. Good luck, I’ve been there, done that. It is not cheap but it will last longer than us!
I hope this helps you decide.

Thank you so much.

Magimix is definitely not a pressure cooker and probably not the best for slow cooking because you cannot set and forget, you will need to go back and restart every 2 hours. On the other hand it's brilliant, especially if you don't have a food processor, you do get an FP as part of the deal too. As for the cooker itself, I use it all the time, it saves me a lot of time and the results are consistent and yummy without (usually) needing me to do anything other than put the ingredients in and press the start button. Even when I need to follow some steps they are very simple and easy. Personally, I am very happy with CE and recommend it.

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Can you make stock for soups and casseroles in the Cook Expert? All the recipes in the book seem to use bought liquid stock or stock cubes and I like to make my own. I am also looking for some more main meals to make in the CE as we are tired of the ones in the recipe book supplied with the machine. Is there another recipe book? I am not confident enough yet to try other recipes that don't have the cooking times/temperatures for making in the CE. Dianne

LadyDi asked on Mar 28, 2018

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Yes I understand and concur with your sentiment. If I recall, there is a section in the recipe book containing recipes for stock. You can use the Expert or manual setting but that takes confidence. Personally I would recommend using an auto pressure cooker for making stock. I’m a vegetarian and thus I have worked out a simple method.
Have you downloaded the Magimix App?
it has loads of reciipes, I’m still learning too.
At the back of the book or in the manual you will find settings, times and ingredients using Expert or manual settings.
Good luck, be adventurous. It takes time mastering the technology and it will be worth preservering.

Thank you for that help. I don’t have a pressure cooker so will look further at the recipe book I must have missed that bit at the back of the book. At this stage Iam really having trouble with the instructions especially for the processor set up..

Hello LadyDi, We have several stock recipes in the Cook Expert App. The App can be found on Google Play or the App Store for Apple. The App is the best place to find new recipes as it is updated regularly. You can also see recipe videos on our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MagimixAus/playlists, click on the Cook Expert playlist to see the videos.

Hope this helps.

How do you brown meat in the Cook Expert? All the recipes say to brown in a pan but I don't wish to do that it is extra equipment to wash etc. Do you put oil in with the meat? I find the instructions and the diagrams lacking in detail. They just say the temperature, speed and time in the table labelled fry which I am guessing is the browning cycle.

LadyDi asked on Mar 19, 2018

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Hi LadyDi, It is best to brown meat in small batches at the highest heat - 140 degrees. Speed can be at 1A or 2A.

Leaving the cap off the lid will also help evaporate any liquid.

Be sure to monitor the ingredient to ensure it does not burn. You can always reduce the heat and bring it back up if necessary.

All the best

Do you put oil in with meat or poultry?
Thank you

You can brown meat, if/when the recipe suggests to do so. However, the amount that you can brown is limited and, in my opinion, it is best to do it in a frying pan where you have more space and control. As for the oil, you must use some. The browning process needs oil at very high temperature.

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