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Very efficient and careful removalists

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2018

2 bedroom apartment on the 2 level with narrow stairs. Moved about 10minutes drive away and they did it all within the 3hrs. Very efficient and careful with our stuff. Never complained even though the couches were massive! Would recommend.

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Man With A Van Official

Cheers Matt.

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Fantastic service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2018

They arrived on time to move my furniture from my 2 bedroom apartment. They were quick and professional. I have used this service in the past and i highly recommend them.

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Man With A Van Official

Appreciate the kind words, happy we could help out again.


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The guys kept the hustle from start to finish and delivered a good job

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2018

My move was a 2 bedroom apartment in an old flat with narrow stairs and walkways. I had enough stuff to furnish a 3 bedroom house, which is LOTS for a small apartment. The guys worked really hard and did not waste time. All key and critical items arrived in good condition. The key to success was to have everything packed and ready, and that we communicated how we wanted things done. The team was flexible and easy to communicate with. From an admin point of view the travel charges were a bit murky but I found a bit of comfort in that final amount was not too far from the quote I had received (except that I had moved 10sqm of items the day before). Service is great but you need to budget 20% more from what they quote to avoid discomfort.

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Man With A Van Official

Thanks for the feedback Bernie - we try to be as accurate as we can with our estimates. Glad it went well overall.


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Made the move a whole lot easier

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2017

We were moving a 1bedroom home. The homes were 2ks apart. Quote given by call center guy was 3 hours.
The boys came in on time, started moving stuff with no fuss. They finished the job 30 minutes faster than the quoted time too. The only negative I have is, there were instances when I was moving faster than them.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I'm moving from Parkville to West Brunswick in Oct. It's a double storey 3 bedroom townhouse into a Cal bungalow. Settlement in Oct - what is the ball park cost?

Gen asked on Jul 24, 2018

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Hi Gen,

The best option is to make a quick list of what you need moved, then give our office a call on 94173443.

We've found some people in a three-bedroom home have twice as much to move as others, so speaking to you to get a feel for it would be necessary.

Our rates are available at and include insurance, fully-trained staff, no surcharges and a carbon-offset truck.



Are these reviews for Sydney or just Melbourne?

Arna asked on May 23, 2018

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Hi Arna,

We're a Melbourne-based service.