The best sunglasses in the world

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2018

I own four pairs of Maui Jims having purchased my first pair in Maui back in 2006. They are without doubt the best glasses on the market. Better still, if it is possible, is the backup service. I have broken a lens in two different pairs of Maui Jims. Both were repaired at no cost and mailed back to me within a week of my first mailing of them. Just fantastic!

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Awesome Customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2018

My Hubby Johns glasses slipped off his head & frame broke he was devastated:(
Rang Maui Jim French’s Forest & they said send them up &we will take a look.

They arrived back by courier looks like new pair absolutely awesome company second to none.
Can’t thank you enough Maui Jim and he also lay buyed another pair at Echuca Optical with different coloured lens.
Lifetime customer now !

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Sunglasses repairs

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

Would not buy any other brand of glasses, took two pairs of glasses for repairs at Frenchs Forest centre & they replaced lens & frames in both & charged only for one lens replacement.
Best customer service I have had, Thanks to Karen


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Service is really awesome

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

I bought my sunglasses a year ago. Accidentally it’s got broke(frame got disordered) so I shipped them for repair I thought they will fix the frame and send it back. But I was shocked when I was opened the return packet. I was it my sunglasses are did they replaced. Because previously there are few scratches on my lens & frame, but nothing was on it now. I am really happy. Thanks to MAUI JIM.

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World Class Performance

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2017

As a more than satisfied owner of Maui Jim's World Cup Chocolate Stripe , I have had personal experience of their after care service its second to none , if a fault should appear they are freighted back to Maui Jim although there is a small freight cost . In most cases they will repair or renew any faulty lenses also damaged legs and return them to the store you purchased them from , keeping your receipt goes a long way in making sure your dealing with a bonfide Maui Jim Retailer. Neck cords can save you the inconvenience of dropped sunnies, Small investment Rich reward.

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Amazing service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2017

Fantastic service. Sent my very old glasses in that I dropped. This is my 4th pair of Maui Jim's and I would have no other.
The best part was no cost involved. They value their customers. Mind you they are the best glasses.

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Terrible and their retailer disgusting

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 08, 2017

Bought just a couple of days ago Maui Jim Peahi for $300.from BrightEyes Mt Gravatt
I had to return them as their was a fault with the polarization in the lens, turned objects pink distorted various objects. Retailer admitted there was a fault but refused to exchange.
This is after only a few days not even a week.
Retailer said they have to send to manufacturer to resolve - what rubbish.
Where is the helping a once happy customer besides making them now an very unhappy one.
It is the retailer responsibility to replace or refund faulty goods especially as they admitted they where faulty.
Maui Jim should be ashamed to be selling the high quality brand thru such a shocking retailer.
As they do avoid Maui Jim and BrightEyes Sunglasses. is all I can say.

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Faulty Sunglasses

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 18, 2017

I PURCHASED A PAIR OF MAUI JIM SUNGLASSES. However i didnt wear them as i was reluctant to put them on as they were very annoying. They seemed to be bent on one side so i rang the store a few times, as found it hard to return to the store because of work commitment. I explained to them that i have only worn the sunglasses 3 to 4 times as they felt uncomfortable and so therefore i wasnt wearing the sunglasses . I was so dissapointed with their responce as they were basicall calling me a liar and saying that they would not have left the store (the sunglasses) in that condition, as they throughly inspect them when you buy . The issue i have is that when buying from this store you are buying very expensive sunglasses that numerous other people have tried on and technically these are not brand new , they become demo models. Keep in minds when you have an issue for some unknown reason who ever you speak to when returing to the store, somehow they know exactly what happened and they were not even there - diffused responsibility i would say. when you pay for new sunglasses (that are just under $ 500) you expect to get sunglasses of high quality and sunglasses that you will be able to wear every day should you choose to.
I am very dissapointed with the customer service and appauled at their accusations, as you can visibly see that the sunglasses have hardly been out of the case . I was told by the sales person that this pair of sunglasses can bend very easy so she would offer to try and bend them back in shape. So why do you have numerous people trying them on, and then sell them on as new sunglasses?. I am bringing this to your attention because i think you really need to know. As a consumer we are putting all our trust in the sales person that makes the sale, hoping that she is on her game that day and not distracted, or very busy, to give us a product that is fit for the purpose it was sold.

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The most outstanding customer service of any company I know & a brilliant product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2017

Love my Kula MJ's which I purchased 4 years ago. Same as many other reviews I cracked the lens, sent them in for repair. A week later they were returned FOC. I can't fault this company in any way, the best lenses of any sunnies I have owned & a customer focused attitude which is very rare these days. I certainly would not hesitate to recommend this product or company to anyone in the market for quality sunglasses. Thanks MJ :)

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Cannot fault this company!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2017

I bought a pair of Maui Jims in Hawaii back in 2011. I dropped my glasses and cracked both lenses. I sent them off and they repaired them free of charge !! Amazing service! Although I have a second pair that I bought and they have cracked lenses too. Thanks Maui Jim

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Lens replacement

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 06, 2017

Purchased my Maui Jim sunglasses in January 2017 in Western Australia.. Accidentally dropped them onto the road and they cracked one of the lenses. I rang Maui Australia They advised me to forward then to NSW and they would look at then. I forwarded them by Toll Priority, within one working day they have advise they have repaired the glasses at no charge and they are on the way back to us in WA. Amazing service Friendly staff such a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Sam Thank you Maui

January 7th 2018 Update: Sun glasses

Hi Maui Jim
Purchased another pair of glasses Your service,reliability,quality is outstanding Will never purchase any other brand Frankie T

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Thank you for your amazing after sales service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 27, 2017

Best sunglasses I have ever bought, were out of warranty and I dropped them which snapped the hinge away from the arm. I was devasted and went out to buy the exact same model, expecting to have to put the broken ones in the bin. A sales person suggested I get in touch with Maui Jim and that they would repair them. They came back with a brand new frame and no charge!! Thanks so much! You have another customer for life!

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Best Customer Service Ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 24, 2017

I sent my husbands MJ's for repair as both lenses were cracked. I received an invoice for $0.00 even though the sunglasses are at least three years old. They even included a new case to avoid what they refer to as "temple run" to a avoid the arms damaging the lenses in the future. We both own a pair of MJ's and they are hands down the best sunglasses out there, and the customer service is outstanding.

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Maui Jim Waterman PC8G Sunglasses

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2017

Benefits; Large vents all around the frame allow Water out and mist to evaporate. The shape fits nicely over the contours of my face. Great for Fishing, watersports and driving. Brown tint is excellent in low light conditions. Unlike conventional glasses, these have a neoprene strap across the back of the head which is captive so the glasses will not fall off, instead of the conventional "wings" that hook over your ears, very comfortable. Would have to rate as one of the best Sunglasses I have owned.
Negative; After 23 months of everyday use, the wings broke. The support that runs through the centre of the "wing" is 2mm x 4mm and plastic. Far too light for this application, poor design. I treat all my possessions with care. The sunglasses are now useless. I have requested a new set of wings but so far (1 month) I have had to follow up the dealer with no joy and little action from Maui Jim. For a retail price of $280.00 I expect a better product than what I paid good money for.
Obviously very disapointed in the product and customer service.
After this experience I can't say I would recommend Maui Jim.

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Coburg, VIC

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2017

I have just bought a second pair of Maui Jim Hookipa sunglasses. Have had my first pair for over 10 years and they have been everywhere with me - travelled the world a couple of times, on the water, in the car and just walking around town. I fully expect to get the same great service from the second pair, while the first stay in the car. They have been brilliant. In fact the glasses are outlasting the case, would be good to get a new case (need to look into that).

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Amazing glasses and after purchase service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 31, 2016

I own 3 pairs and have busted 3 pairs at different times, kids, stepping on them etc. Every single time they fixed them free of charge. Would never buy another type now. Oh, and the lenses themselves are the best in the market. Love em to bits.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2016

I recently received my sunglasses back after sending them to Maui Jim for repair, and to my surprise, my invoice total was zero! Despite my sunglasses being years out of their warranty period, and the damage was 100% user error, and quite obvious that it was. I laid on them, super glued them back together, dropped them multiple times, the wind blew them across the concrete, i laid on them again. I was so hard on them, they were essentially garbage. A coworker told me to send them back to Maui Jim and told me about their outstanding service. It is refreshing to see a company stand behind its product in the way Maui Jim does. There is a lot of companies that could learn a thing or two from them. I have only ever encountered one other company in my life that seems to have similar company values (Arcteryx).

Even a company like Snap-On tools, that makes the “best of the best” tools, expensive, with lifetime warranty, in my experience has created a hassle when it come time to honour that warranty. When a company stands behind their product like Maui Jim does, it really reinforces the customers brand loyalty, and that person will pass that on to everyone they know. It seems Maui Jim is aware that a personal story like this from a friend, hits people harder than any advertisement ever could. Absolute home run. Keep up the good work MJ, people notice these things. My story alone in about one week has already converted about 3 more people to Maui Jims. Plus i went out and bought another pair.... yes, PEAHI. they are my new favorites

Oh, i forgot to mention, the product itself is absolutely fantastic. zero complaints.

customer for life.

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Maui Jim Peahi

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 01, 2016

Greatest sunglasses I have ever owned! After sales service is fantastic. I broke a lens and they replaced free of charge almost a year after having glasses. The quality is next level compared to all others. You have to get a pair!

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Very happy with after sales service service !!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2016

I had these great sunglasses for half a year when I unfortunately broke a lens, after they dropped on the floor. I sent them back to Maui Jim for repair and they replaced the lenses free of charge. This is how a company succesfully creates a sympathetic image and binds their customers to their brand. Thank you Maui Jim. Mahalo !

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 05, 2016

I can honestly say in my 62 years of living that I have never received such amazing after sale service.
Not once but twice have repaired my glasses.So appreciative I recommend this company to everyone family friends and even strangers in the street.

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