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Not what I expected...

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 25, 2017

Positive: fair price, free packing boxes (promotion).
Negative: appeared later than the promised time window, weren't particularly careful, result - most of our furniture, including my Herman Miller chair ($1K+ RRP) got damaged in some way.
Beware of paying by card - they asked me to enter my card details manually in a web browser on their handheld device, which involved entering my CVV in a box that doesn't hide entered information, which means that all the card information could be easily compromised.

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Not happy.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 28, 2015

I used Men That Move after reading these positive reviews last month for moving a 2bedder unit to another 2bedder unit.

Not happy with the service. I booked an afternoon shift for 2 men. Apparently it was a big job in the morning and so the removalists were late - 1530.
Received a call from head office in the day who stated they would be late, and whether I was happy for "another 3-man team" to come, which I agreed.

What turned up was two removalists who were tired from their previous job (one looked quite inexperienced), and a third man who was first week in the job, here in Australia on a working holiday.

The fatigue did show on the removalists, and the third man didn't really significantly speed things up as he was quite inexperienced (2 inexperienced in a team of 3).

The quality of care for my business left much to be desired, with a top shelf broken during transit, when enquired about it (given they are insured), the man just said "oh, it's only ikea furniture, doesn't take much to replace" (or words to that effect). I didn't bother arguing anymore, it was very late in the day. Their attitude towards my furniture was a little more rough than I anticipated, and often careless with my mattress.

I didn't really expect a discount, and I didn't get one (though I would've appreciated one given the suboptimal conditions I was placed under).

The Green Boxes system, have to admit, is a pretty good system.

Overall -> Not happy, and I was surprised there are almost no negative reviews of Men That Move anywhere online, I'll be the first for this.

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Hi. Do you move a 4br home from Sydney to Albury on a Monday? Regards Libby

Leonie asked on Feb 07, 2018

I would like to move a fridge (average size) from Sydney (Maroubra) to Melbourne (Fitzroy North). It would be great if it could be picked up by next Tuesday (16th Jan). Delivery date could be more flexible if necessary. Could you please let me know if it is possible to send this item as part of another load, and what the cost would be? Thank you Pam Timms [number removed]

Pamela asked on Jan 10, 2018

Hello, I would like to have a quote on house hold goods of which have been already packed and dismantled, the goods altogether are 35cm from Canberra to Gold Coast. Thank you Paula - 04203 12880

Paula asked on Aug 29, 2017

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