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Fine removalists but free plastic boxes will scratch floors

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2016

The removalists are reasonable but you should know that plastic boxes provided can very easily scratch floorboards. We'd just had our floorboards redone before the move and as a result of using their boxes I keep finding small scratches around our place. If you have floorboards you don't want scratched I'd recommend getting cardboard boxes and using someone else.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2016

I booked our move from our 1 bedroom apartment into storage online. Despite receiving an e-mail confirmation the movers didn't arrive. The problem was quickly resolved (with profuse apologies due to a computer error) and rectified and the move itself was completed that morning. I also agreed to paying 6 months upfront for storage (at a discounted rate), however, I was billed for monthly installments, when the invoice was sent through.
Men that move also recently moved our belongings to Dubbo, which went without any problems. The movers arrived on time and unpacked our belongings safely and efficiently.

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Could have been better. Disappointing experience

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2015

Unfortunately 1 out of the 3 removalists who came made this a disappointing experience for us. They turned up on time and were quite fast and efficient for the most part, however, they damaged a piece of furniture and left deliberately without saying a word. It was obvious that the mover knew that the furniture had been damaged (part of wood snapped) as he had tried to put it back in place and left it in the living room to make it look as if it had not been damaged. The disappointing part of this is that if he had told us at the time, we would have understood - furniture can get damaged inadvertently during a move, but for him to have known about it and deliberately not said a word was dishonest.
When we discovered this and called them about this (the owner was part of the team who moved us), he said that he would look into it but I never got a response back.
In short, we wouldn't use them again.

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It was OK, not good as the rating

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2015

Move a 3 Brdroom unit to a house - short distance.

- Very polite, friendly, on time, the green boxes are fantastic, hard working

- Two items were damaged, one seriously.

All positives great, however what matters at the end is the delivery of the items safely. Without that, others matter less!

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After a long process, their insurance came handy and replaced the main item. Of course, It took nearly 9 months due to the shipping from Italy.

I should give them the credit for that.

Sydney, Australia

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Late arrival but were on time at the estimated time re-scheduled

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 11, 2014

Booking made for 12:30pm with the expectation that they would arrive between 12 and 2pm. Driver called at 12 to tell me that they were still on their first job. Estimated arrival at 3:30pm. The truck was therefore 1.5 hours late, which made my move very difficult considering the travel time in peak hour traffic.
Both the removalists were very polite, young men- however I did have concerns with their choices as they were drinking Pure Blonde beers when they arrived for the move.

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Questions & Answers

Wanting a quote pls to move 4kms. Muscles & transport needed. Cheers Tania Elliott [number removed]

Tania H asked on Sep 03, 2018

Are you free some time this week? If you are please send me more detail and your rate. We have 1 upright piano as well. Eddy [contact detail removed]

Eddy asked on May 15, 2018

I would like to move from a one bedroom apartment in Wentworth Point to another apartment two blocks away on may 28th. can I please have a quote? My largest piece of furniture is a four draw lounge room cabinet that splits into two pieces.

Elizabeth2 asked on Apr 23, 2018

Answer this

Thank you for your enquiring with Men that Move, we would be happy to help with your move.
Our aim at Men that Move is to try and make moving simple and easy and we pride ourselves on offering a professional service with competitive pricing and no hidden costs.
We offer a range of different size trucks and services to best suit your moving needs.

These are as follows:

2 men with a 30m3 truck - this is charged at $125/HR including GST - designed for 1 – 2 (small) bedroom residences with a 2 Hour minimum charge applied.

3 men with a 30m3 truck - this is charged at $175/HR including GST - designed for 1 – 2 (large) bedroom residences with a 4 Hour minimum charge applied.

3 men with a 50m3 truck - this is charged at $195/HR including GST - designed for 3 – 4 (small) bedroom residences with a 6 Hour minimum charge applied.

4 men with a 60m3 truck - this is charged at $245/HR including GST - designed for 4 – 5(small) bedroom residences with a 8 Hour minimum charge applied.

5 men with a 80m3 truck - this is charged at $315/HR including GST - designed for large 5 bedroom properties (and above) with a 8 Hour minimum charge applied.

Additional Information about Men that Move and our services
Men that Move are a medium sized logistics company operating our services both locally and interstate. We own all trucks within our fleet, all our staff are employed, experienced and have a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude towards your move - with the aim of making the entire experience as quick, easy and as stress free as possible.
All our trucks come fully equipped with moving blankets, straps/ties, tools, trollies and moving dollies. As part of our services, each of our teams can dismantle beds and smaller furniture for you (if required) as well as handle the plumbing of domestic washing machines and dryers.
We do not use sub contactors for any of our services.
As part of our services we are proud to be able to offer both short term and long-term storage to our customers. We offer storage units that are 15m3 in volume, these are charged at $195 per unit, per month.
Our customers are not restricted in the number of units they may use at any one time. Access to your storage units can be arranged by appointment only.
PLEASE NOTE – for bookings that involve the customers items being placed into our storage units, the journey time back to our depot and the unloading time into the storage units (will be charged for by the hour as part of the overall booking). The first month’s storage fee will also be charged upfront.
We would require 7 days’ notice (minimum) for redelivery of your items. This will be charged for at the same rate as the initial move into storage. – inclusive of the loading time and travel required to the new delivery destination.
As part of our services we are proud to provide 14 days’ free rental of our plastic ECO moving boxes, with free delivery and collection also included (conditions apply). You are not restricted in terms of quantity and our team will be happy to offer you any advice required regarding the packing of your items. We can also supply a range of packaging materials for use in your move at reasonable and competitive prices.
Additional information can be found at the following link: www.menthatmove.com/freeboxoffer

We are proud to offer insurance as part of our services. This includes:
• public liability insurance
• property insurance
• transit insurance
These insurances are included without charge with all our services. Please visit the following link for further details about these policies - https://menthatmove.com/insurance/
Men that Move recommend that all customers supply their own insurance also for their move, to ensure the level of coverage meets expectations. Men that Move are unable to provide additional insurance or insurances related to goods left in storage.
Specialist Items
Men that Move are happy to help and assist in all aspects of your move however, there are some instances where certain items require specific attention and specialist knowledge, in order to be able to remove them safely and appropriately. Depending on the item in question, this may or may not incur additional charges.

These items include but are not limited to:

• Piano’s and Pool Tables
• Large Glass Pieces
• Large Marble/Concrete table tops
• Jukebox’s and Fish Tank’s
• Arcade machines
• Safes

If you have any of the above items, or an item that you feel may require specialist attention, please supply us the exact details of the item via email and we will refer this to our specialist removals team for advice.

Any item that weighs more than 75kg is considered a specialist item. Please ensure you supply details on any item over 75kg involved in your move.

Making a Booking
Our aim is to make everything involved with your move from start to finish as easy and convenient as possible. It is with this in mind that we simply ask you to make you booking online, using our simple to use online booking system, from the comfort of your own home. Please visit the following link to book your move now: https://menthatmove.com/location/

Here you will also be able to select the service you require and check the dates we are available, whilst you are organizing your move. Our systems are “live” 24hrs a day and so provide up to date and accurate information to help assist you in the best way possible.

You will be required to place a deposit to secure your booking, once the details have been processed online.

Terms and Conditions of booking
We are proud of the services we are offer including our high levels of customer service and care. So that you are fully informed, please visit the following link to view the Terms and Conditions relevant to these services and bookings - https://menthatmove.com/terms-local-moves/

And finally…
Please visit our website www.menthatmove.com for further information about our company and the services we are pleased to offer.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via email if you wish to discuss any of the above points further, have any further questions or if you would like to make a booking.
Our team will be happy to assist you any way that they can.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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