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Matri ----CON - Worst Builder in Australia

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 03, 2012

We built a house through Metricon for no other reason but the design. First of all they produced a piece of [censored word removed]. The site manager was one of the best person to talk to but not sure about his ability to handle the construction process. Ceiling Joints were visible in natural light and looked worst in the artificial light. Tiles are all over the place and they have already replaced close to 60 tiles but it is still the same and Metricon is trying to impose this on to me to accept it as it is. Paint work was shonky as well. We had more problems then anyone else. All my plea fell into deaf ears. Its only when I sent through my feedback to Metricon the things started moving. In my master bedroom we had water damange and I could see think joints and a hell lot of patches right throuh the house.
The biggest mistake I made was that I released the final payment and before that my decision to go with Metricon. They are not very professional and I am planning a protest againt them.

- The most horible experience. Don't go with them.

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Multiply the 1 star for the display homes, thats all they deserve

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2012

We are in our 2nd year building with metricon, theyre going to cause me to have a nervous breakdown. We should have been in our home last September. I have gone in circles since we signed our contract in Feb 2010.

Their displays are beautiful and we are lucky enough to have been able to select the Imperial, although the smaller version 47sq home. We're at for lock up stage excluding garage and we've had nothing but problems right from day one when we paid our initial $1,000 deposit.

We should have cancelled back then. We've told them millions of times that what we want is like the display and ask them what are the differences, and be told that our house is only about 50 - 70 cm narrower but infact there more than that.
I cant believe how much bad luck we've had with them. Do not sign the contract until you are 100% certain of what is in it and in particular the drawings, they supercede the contract.

Our facade is different to the display and theyre telling me, well youre not building the display and, you signed the drawings and contract. We just had downpipes erected and they look like the S bends of the toilet, never ever seen downpipes with curved ends, theyre display doesnt have them like this. Dont take for granted that what is in your drawings is correct, we have a garage door to the house 72cm. I'm only a small person, but to get through that door with shopping I'll have to turn sideways. We're not even getting wardrobes through them because they use standard made cainetry and if your wardrobe length is longer it becomes wasted space. The master robe was 50cm not deep enough, they told me I could have it 65cm then when it came to signing it off they said I cant.

I am absolutely over them. I reckon I have aged 10 years over the last 2. I am exhausted and so stressed I just dont know what to do anymore because it error after error after error. The bricklayers started laying brick on the facade of the master bedroom near the windows and that should be in timber, the our site manager tried to tell me it looks better, but I told him I want the same facade as the display.

They simply dont get it.

+ display homes and thats all

- they are con artists, they trick you to sign the contract and tell you you can raise variations, but forget to tell you they will cost you. shonky and untidy trades people, no communication for months, simply could not get a hold of our CSC

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I must admit at first we thought we'd get someone to project manage and check the drawings but I thought I had a good eye for detail, and to my credit I've done a pretty good job, but in hind sight... read more »

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Build Location: Metropolitan Melbourne

Horrible building experience

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

No progress for the last 3 months and suddenly rushing to finish the job to avoid penalty.

House presented before their QA go through all fo them. Dont like to go through house and find defects and promise that they will spend time and look into it.

Lots of promises under delivery.

Finnaly i gave up and do handover, but still lots of defects hasnt been fixed. And found it was leaking after 4 hours of hand over. Some door cant be opened due to wrong key issue.

+ Beautifully misleading display home.

- Over promised - Overcharged - underdelivery.

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Very slow and Careless - Builder

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 27, 2012

This is how I have faced it :

a) Most of the things/ building process been explained but None of the them have any turn around time in writing.

After paying my initial deposit and selecting my home design, I have found that Metricon takes :

b) Four weeks to draft the house on paper. This takes only two days in much less money anywhere in market.

c) In studio M they have 6-8 weeks of waiting time for selection appointment.

E) After Selection appointment Metricon takes another 8 weeks to produce the contract.

Hence it's min 5-6 months for actual site start with Metricon.8 week site start board on display is fake.

At display home sale consult is more interested to get the initial deposit from customers but once you pay that and sign on initial paper work they will not even pick your calls and answer e-mails.

Anyone can check these facts with Metricon sales staff at any display location.

+ Good display homes.

- Careless, Less staff in back end office, Sales people don't explain the facts, very very very slow.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

Man I beg all of you who want to buy a house through metricon. Don't be fool like me. Don't do it, cause you will suffer. You will pay in full and Metricon will deliver you a 3/4 House. The 1/4 is left for you to spend another $30k-$70k. Metricon should not exist as a company!!!! They are the biggest thieves out there.

+ None whatsoever. Don't get fooled by their customer service. It's all staged to get you in.

- This is a part I don't know where to start.- These suckers constructed the slab over 25 cm short in one end of the house. And the construction managers were just playing dumb until I accidentally happened to measure it. Unbelievable! How dumb can you be, not to be able to read a simple floor plan?-The sliding doors in the living room were all bent on the sides. When closed it looks like a massive gap. So unprofessional. They never replaced them.-Had plumbing problems. The water tank has been empty after all these heavy rains the water tank remains empty. These halfwits didn't level the gutters properly.-The entry door does not fit in the frame properly. Whenever it rains, the water gets in through the side ans bottom of the entry door. As a result all the timber flooring nearby has been damaged.-There are three rooms with longer door frames. e.g. when the door is closed you can see a gap of 10mm in one end and 15mm in another end.-One of the brick walls sits 20 - 30 mm outside the edge of the slab. As a result there is a 1.5 meter long diagonal crack in a mortar of the brick wall. This list is too long if I continue writing. The above problems have been going on since we moved in, and 2 years have passed now and these problems remain unfixed. Every time we call them they just LIE LIE and LIE. They never show up or send anyone to check anything. All they do is ignore you until you brake and give up. That's what most of my neighbors have done, GIVE UP. By the way they are so corrupt and connected that they will buy any building inspector send by the BUILDING COMMISSION. SO yeah don't count in the building commission.

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Be very careful.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2012

Just finish building with them and their quality is no better than a lot ofthe other cheap home builders. Also we did move a door from one wall to another. It is difficult to nter the room no. All they say is you signed the plan. Yes but we were reliant on you drafting department to know what wil lwork and what wont. All they had to do was move it 10cm and life would have been so much easier...and yes there was the 10cm to move it. Also their promotion of frameless shower screens...beware...they still have a frame on three sides. You do not get what is in the picture. When questioned they are very defensive and just don't care. All in all quality of workmanship is lacking and metricon just dont care. Even if raised through the building stage they still don't fix and it just goes on and on. Honestly, I would go without some of their extras that aren't that great anyway and build with a dearer builder and get the quality.

+ Love their house designs

- Expensive for what our final product was.

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, Victoria

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 09, 2012

We were totally shocked and disappointed to think that companies these days can bully the smaller person and get away with what they do.

I have spoken personally to many people who have built with this company hoping we were just one of the unlucky ones to have problems, but we were so wrong and it is like hearing your own horror story over and over again.

This would probably the worst company I have ever dealt with - we have been in our home now for 3.5 years, we have had issues since the day we took it over.

We have now just found out that the front of our house has been built not to plan and is no where near what it is supposed to be, how would we know unless we wanted to climb up and sit on top of our roof.

We have spent $4,ooo on inspectors to do reports to show them were they have gone wrong,only to be shot down and virtually treated like halfwits by their staff trying to avoid the obvious issues.

Then in comes the repair crew and when they leave , it usually looks like nothing has been done, we even had a painter who brought the wrong colour paint in to re paint a feature wall - try to get us to accept the different colour which was no where near the original - of course we did not accept and said the wall be painted in the same colour it was in.

How can you say replacing a lounge ceiling five times is acceptable?

What about the wooden shelves that could not go up because the wall was so bowed they wouldn't sit flush to attach ?

What about the tiles falling off the shower as their was a pipe leak in the wall?

What about the sink that fell out of the vanity unit when it was leant on?

What about the glass that fell onto my head from the over head cupboard ?

What about an alarm system that didn't work as it wasn't even wired up?

What about the broken garage door that was installed due to a truck backing into it and tried saying it was fine when we had pictures of it ?

What about all the days you have to take off work to be around to meet one of their repair men ?

You call their warranty office and every time we called 90% of the time it went straight to message bank with rarely a call back.

You call the main switch to ask to be put through to the warranty office and of course you are put on hold over and over again and then usually put through to message bank.

We were building our beautiful dream home and all we got was continuous stress and grief. Once repaired we are selling as we cannot even bear to walk into our front door of a night as all we see is heartache and grief.

+ The only pro is their designs , just a shame their builders do not know how to build these beautiful homes.

- The whole process from the display home sign up to the finished product - beware of the tens of thousands of $ in hidden costs that all of a sudden pop up, then us silly trusting clients say okay as why shouldn't your trust them ?

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Horrible, horrible, horrible!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

Absolutly aweful! The admin section prior to building our home took six months (not our councils fault as they approved the house in two weeks), all Metricon stuffing us around. We're building a simple, single story home, built straight off plan and we're still not in after six months building time. (It has been over a year since we coughed up our first cash to MEtricon.) So many faults with the building. Roof has a fault, paint work is shoddy. NOBODY EVER rings us back when we call. We've had two of our many consultants (you get a new person to deal with at every stage of the building) just up and leave and nobody informed us or introduced our new consultant.
If you want ANYTHING done, you have to speak to the highest manager you can get a hold of. At the end of the planning admin part of the project, nothing was happening, building wasn't started. I was given NUMEROUS excuses, then I spoke to a manger and threw an absolute fit and lo and behold building started the next week. Same issue with finishing the building aspect of the project. We've been waiting to have final walkthrough for 1 month, nothing been happening, once again I was given excuse after excuse. Until today when I called the highest manager I could find who informs me that once he gets on the case things will start happening. Why can't things just happen smoothly without me having to throw tantrums????

DO NOT BUILD WITH METRICON!!! We spent a huge amount of money thinking we were getting the best of the best, we clearly were mistaken!


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Having the right site supervisor, you are in heaven, but having an imcompetent one, you are in HELL!

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2012

We are also one of many people who built with Metricon because of their attractive designs. No difference to many of you who wrote here, we also have problems with them. To be fair, all major builders use sub-contractors and if you are unlucky, they rushed jobs and ends up becoming your nightmare. However, a lot of these problems can be resolved if you have a competent and responsible site supervisors with a positive attitude, they will ensure they checked your house progress regularly and ensure all defects are fixed before moving on to next stage, rather than leaving them to the very end for their QA department to pick them up. I believe the amount of defects would served as an indication of how well the supervisor performed. Unfortunately, our supervisor was lying to us everyday, with a negative attitude and have no intention of getting the work done until the very last minute and hence NEVER meet any deadlines that he committed to us. If you could find out who will be your site supervisor, MAKE SURE HIS NAME IS NOT ^J^, if it is, then I suggest you either withdraw the contract (if you can) or get Metricon to change superviosr. Otherwise, welcome to HELL!

+ Home Designs

- Having the most incompetent site supervisor and quality is average for the price

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Build Location: Metropolitan Melbourne

Great displays, terrible customer service and shocking build

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 22, 2012

Errors at every stage of the build has been the major issue. The amount of rework we have been required to fight for has created incredible stress. We are so worn out now that we are accepting things that we should insist get rectified. We just want to finish the house and sell it because it is not wHat we wanted the carpets tiles and bricks we chose all could not be supplied. In respect of the bricks we were given a choice of one, with no notice.

Walls are not square, the paint finish is terrible, mortor gaps are unbelievably inconsistent, doors open in different directions, the bricks are not a consistent color, water damaged doors have been stained and look terrible, cornices are not straight, insulation is not complete throughout the hues and walls, supporting girders habe been hacked and as a result the floors are not solid. I could go on for pages

Staff are impossible to get and then do little to address key issues

- See above. Dishonest and no quality control

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1 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2012

DO NOT BUILD WITH METRICON.............we had really bad experience with metricon as we signed the contract in august 2009, they started building in September 2009 and you do not believe that after one year they are still building and GOD knows when we will have our house ready.......don’t even ask about the quality of work.........everyone gets their new homes in 6-8 months and for us its been more than a year now and its really frustrating. So my suggestion to all of you is NEVER EVER GO WITH METRICON

- All you can think of

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 26, 2012

It is now 2 years and 9 months from the day we signed the first quote at the Metricon showroom in Mernda and we still have not achieved settlement. After signing two "final" contracts, we are now 5 weeks late on a 300 day build that we were promised would only take 260 days (i.e we are at day 335).

So far, Metricon have failed to make 4 settlement dates, and we are hoping to make the 5th date this week.

This is despite Metricon demonstrating - on other builds in the same suburb - that they are capable of fulfilling that 260 day promise. Other builds in the same suburb that started after ours finished months ago and their owners have moved in.

When things go well, Metricon are able to build a good house at a reasonable price in shorter than the contracted timeframe.

When things go wrong, however, Metricon are incapable of getting the process back on track.

If you do build with Metricon, my advice is to insist that the liquidated damages clause reflect the REAL cost of project overrun, because $250 per week will not even cover 1/4 of your expenses.

+ They do promise to fix the problems, and they don't argue when they are at fault.

- Appalling customer service.
They are so poorly co-ordinated that they are unable to back up their promises.
Disjointed organisaton - different departments do not communicate effectively with each other.
Don't bother calling the CEO's office, neither of them will respond to you.
With a couple of exceptions, their tradesmen have absolutley no pride in their workmanship, and jobs have to be redone several times because of this complete lack of care. As an example, the flashing contractor saw nothing wrong with ripping the roof tiles off and breaking them in the process. The site cleaning contractor did not take care to avoid damaging the stormwater drains. There are dozens of other examples.
Poor site supervision that leads to breaches of contract.
Poor adherence to building standards.
Theft from site.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 09, 2012

Having posted yesterday, I thought I'd share my most recent experience with Metricon. I got called by the NSW building manager regarding Metricon missing their delivery date. Which according to the site manager is due to lack of brick-layers from the government schools program, but Head office refuse to concede this. I suggested that according to clause 9 of their contract they needed to notify us within 10 days, according to them clause 47 supersedes this and they can claim whatever they like a delay even post delivery i.e.: adverse weather. When asked could they provide documentation of which days they couldn't work, the managers reply was, "we pull the meteorology report for the building period and work from that"...I kid you not! When asked what the mm benchmark was based on this truly bizarre 'suck my thumb' metho, he couldn't tell me....I suggested flipping a coin! And these are the "Professionals" we are dealing with who claim on their website to put the CustomerFirst!!

+ They do call you eventually when you get annoyed enough

- Their vague answers

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2012

Their customer service is appalling once they have a signed contract and you are at the point of no return their customer service is non existent - they do not answer calls, emails or give explanations. We are in the middle of a build which we still are not too sure about the quality and we have had to fight to get the variations we agreed too. Their invoicing is beyond belief even Metricon cant explain it. You have to watch them all the time we have picked them up on $1000's that they have over charged - which they do fix when it is brought to their attention - But if you are not on to it -how much do they get away with other people. We do know that we are being ripped off but there is nothing we can do about it except try and minimize it as much as we can. We were building our dream home but it is slowly turning into our nightmare thanks to Metricon. We are hoping we wont hate were we live when it finally gets finished.

+ Nice displays

- Dont know where to start

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2012

I agree with the post on August 20th. DONT DO IT!!! We also will never build with Metricon again let alone recommend them to build a cubby house. I wish i had of gone with my gut and listened to the reviews on this page.

We have had many issues with the build of our house from as soon as construction began.

The steel in the slab wasn't tied down and was told that it doesn't have to be which goes against all engineering requirements. I put the job on hold until it was rectified. They weren't happy.

Our Independent Inspector picked up 10 items at frame, none were attended too.

At pre-plaster the defects had extended to 28 items, they were going to plaster over the top of them until i threatened not to pay, until they were rectified. Once again they fixed a few things and i was told that they would fix the remaining before plaster and, nothing was done. Have arranged various meetings with SS and CM still nothing has come about it.

I caught plasterers screwing bottles and cans on the inside of the wall cavities and plastering over the top. I have been abused by their tradesmen and have been made to fix items myself, if i wanted them done. Plus many many more.

Best advice i can give you is that if you dont want stress and anxiety in your life dont build with Metricon. If you do decide not heed the warnings of this website and build make sure you have a Independent Inspector at every stage and know soemthing about construction. Plus have a good psychologist because you will need it.
If you dont believe me read my blog and view the pictures.

- Poor Workmanship, Disregard for building codes, Many many issues not willing to be rectified. Scheduling more important than quality.

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Build Location: Sydney Region

METRICON?......Don't Do It!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2012

Contrary to what others told us and what we read, we decided to go with Metricon as:
1. we believed they had designs that suited our tastes;
2. finishes seemed to be of higher quality;
3. I really didn't have the time with an expectant new born on the way to do it myself.

I mean, how bad could one of Australia's largest builders be??? Well we sure did find out (and still are)!

Unfortunately, this has been the worst experience of our lives! With a large number of defects and incomplete Works, they eventually sent me a Practical Completion letter stating that works had been completed 3 months earlier! I rejected it and sent them a breach of contract notice! Metricon are well over 20 weeks late with over 50 defects and incomplete works still to be completed.

I would recommend getting an experienced inspector at critical inspection points e.g. Footings/ Reinforcement/ Concrete, Waterproofing, timber framing and a defects inspection as the works near compeltion. Luckily, I am in the Construction industry and have picked up on many things that others would have likely missed.

What to watch out for:
1. Modified HIA contract. This contract is biased in favour of the builder to begin with, however Metricon have included special conditions clauses which remove any 'spirit of co-operation'.

What to request be changed:
a) Damages clause which limits Metricon's responsibility if they damage any existing elements on your property e.g. fencing;

b) Contract becoming 'current' - the length of the time before Metricon may be entitled to claim for increases in building costs; they (either deliberately) delay getting your completed docs through Council and then the PCA to receive your CC (or they don't have the resources necessary to complete the docs in a timely manner). Do not settle for the standard days in the contract, insist on at least 210 days and insist they provide you with a program, so they can't blame you for their negligence;

c) Liquidated damages - these are your only recoverable costs if they are delayed! The $$ value should be commensurate with the actual costs applicable to you.

2. Cost of Variations: This is a given, however for those who don't know, they charge like a 'wounded bull'! Retrospectively, for deduct variations (where the client has reduced the scope of Works), they only provide minimal and unreasonable compensation. They will argue the cost of labour!

3. Provisional Sums - they will attempt to use up all of your Provisional Sum allowance even if during the Works they have not incurred actual costs. Be sure to include/ modify the contract to state that they must notify you of any PS works and provide you with full costs within say 21 days;

4. Tile selection - be wary! In Sydney, Metricon only have one agent. If you choose anything different over standard, get ready to pay for additional laying & bedding costs, 'larger size tile cost, on top of what are already pricey $$ for similar tiles you could purchase elsewhere. As well as this, their supplier wants full payment in advance of the Works being completed; this is contrary to the Home Building Act. Wanna fight them? Then Metricon will charge you a 25% variation margin on top of their ridiculous prices.

5. Some examples of Incomplete Works at my residence:
# only one potable water tap installed;
# electrical cables weren't pinned to trusses as per Elec Wiring Rules;
# incomplete waterproofing covered over;
# one coat of finish paint to walls;
# unsafe handrail installed (missing newel post);
# missing storm water grated drain;

6. In Sydney, two of the three site managers which we have had have confirmed that they are looking after over 20 project homes at the same time. In other words, the site manager may visit your home once a week! Doesn't sound like they have the resources necessary to complete the contracted works!

7. (NSW) Workers Compensation Insurance - I am still waiting for a certificate of currency 12 months after having requested it!

8. Penalty on late payment - yep we have to charge you even though we sent it to the wrong address! Guess what? I don't think so!

My ratings:
# Value for Money - FAIL
# Customer Service - FAIL
# Experienced Staff - FAIL
# Attention to Detail - FAIL
# Communication - FAIL
# Co-operative Relations - FAIL

Don't believe the Marketing hype!

And... my little baby girl is 8 months old now. We should have been in our new house when she was 3 months old! THANKS Metricon! Not.

- Many and various things. Refer to my comments below.

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Always get a second opinion .... at every stage of your building phase

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 30, 2012

"Always get a second opinion" I wished I followed that advice every time I read it on a forum or heard someone who had recently gone through the "nightmare" of building. I thought "It should be ok, our builder has assured us they have an external quality checker" and besides we're building with a big reputable builder. Those bad experiences other people have are probably just one in a thousand. Just as long as we visit the site often and look out for any potential damages and defects and point them out to be rectified. Surely common sense is all that is needed right? Wrong.

If you are unlucky to get an unreasonable site manager who is quick to get defensive (who you're fooled into thinking is an ok guy at the start), you will put up with excuses and passing the buck at almost every turn. You'll hear "Its within building guidelines" and "We'll see if the external quality checker picks it up" meaning that if the QA guy happens to miss it, they're not going to fix it.

Meanwhile you'll be made to feel like you're being unreasonable and informed of your inexperience with building regulations and practices. He's right after all, you arent privy to the building rules and practices so even if you trip over your tiles on your bathroom because one is so uneven that there is a noticeable incline, you're still wrong... it doesnt need to be fixed. After all, if it was such an issue their QA guy would have picked it up.

Once you finally come to your senses and get an independent inspection (albeit a little late after you've paid your final progress payment but better late than never) you'll find a myriad of defects ... some minor and some not so minor ... some of the items that you, yourself with no building experience, pointed out previously but was rebuffed.

Even with the support of an independant evaluation backed up by someone with decades of experience within the building industry who outlines the specific rules and regulations they are breaching - they will try to dismiss as much as they possibly can and make it a hard fight as they possibly can.

I could go on and on but in hindsight, I should have hired an indepedant building inspector to come and review every stage of my building progress from the start.

Your independant building inspectors are there to do a job - not to be swayed by your tears and recriminations (whether founded or unfounded) or to have a cosy relationship with the builder because they've been hired to do hundreds of other "quality assurance" jobs for them - they're there to inspect a house and report on defects they see fit and provide you with support in ensuring that the defects are rectified.

Boy, do I wish I had hired them sooner ... then maybe I would have had someone who could provide me support and insight to what actually IS building guidelines and practices and what is absolute tosh from the site manager's mouth. Yes, it does cost a little bit more (and who has surplus money when they're building a new house) but better to spend $1000-$2000 for peace of mind on the biggest investment of your life.

I gave them two stars - one more than I wanted to only because the house design itself is beautiful (and the walls arent falling down ... so far). If you have doubts about your site manager - get a second opinion because he is ultimately the one that will make your life heaven or hell.

+ Beautiful display houses and very nice house designs

- Disorganised, difficult site manager

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 22, 2012

DONT DO IT - we will never build with Metricon again from the start of construction we have had issues which have only become worse. Our house was fully pastered internally before any bricks had been laid and of course it rained and our plaster walls become wet. Since getting wet Metricon flatly refused to repair the plaster insisting that it was still in good condition even though it has been water marked and stained and painted over (still seen). Now we have mould growing on our walls which Metricon have agreed to WIPE OFF, What the??? mould doens't just go away that easily and lets not concern ourselves with the health issue surrounding mould either and Metricon are quite happy for us to move into a home that has second hand plaster walls and is mouldy. People do yourself a huge favour and give Metricon a miss, just remember your paying for the end quality for the next 25-30 years. When we contacted the customer service manager or the customer first manager they were very rude, abrupt and could not care less about our concerns, so dont fool yourselves Metricon couldnt give a s**t about you or your home, they just care about sticking the house up as fast as possible to get the progress payments out of you faster and what you end up with is rubbish. and also dont be fooled that there is support for you out there either the local councils and fair trading couldnt care less how your treated by the builder it would seem that that are protected even when wrong and you just exist to keep paying trust me we have been to them all. If you want my advice for what its worth go with a small long established local builder that actually cares about the quality of the home you get as well as caring about there own reputation.

+ Freindly and helpful sales people

- Quality of end product and even worse tradesmanship

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Never recommend

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2012

Built a house with Metricon homes recently. Nice design no quality. Worst customer service not only the staff even upper management. charge extra $30,000/- without informing that they hit a rock. And invoice was sent in during the final settlement period.When questions raised operations manager threaten with interest if not paid by the due date. Trades they used were inexperience. Still trying to get some justice done but I am just a lot number to them. My advice do not get Metricon to love where you live if you do you going to hate where you live..

- No customer service / no quality

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Proceed with Caution!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 04, 2012

We started the building process with Metricon in September 2011. We loved the layout of their floorplans and were also very impressed with the sales experience.

Unfortunately, things started going downhill the second our job was handed over to the Customer Support department.

We tried to hang on as we have poured our heart, soul and money into the project for many months, however we finally decided to leave and lose our deposit in March 2012 as they were causing us too much grief.

Here are the main reasons that contributed to our departure:

- Floorplans were still not finalised after 7 months
- Every little change to the floorplans meant increased costs
- Our Customer Support Coordinator was always missing in action
- No one person driving the process and ensuring deadlines are met. Eg. our Coordinator said she has no control once she passes our file to another department for amends i.e. Drafting
- Continuous change of timelines
- Refusal to commit to an onsite date
- House inspections were only allowed at each Payment Milestone and we had to fight to get more frequent inspections
- They wanted to fine clients $11K if we went onsite (without supervision) over the weekends to check on the progress
- Amends that were meant to be made always came back with items getting missed out, which further delayed the process
- Response time for queries and costings took an average of 1.5 weeks (although our Coordinator boasted that she could get them immediately when we attended the Contract Signing)
- Wrong floorplans were sent to the tiling supplier twice, which again further delayed the process
- If we requested revisions, they would threaten to pull us out of the queue and we would be behind again
- The Customer Support Manager ignored our emails and phonecalls when we tried to lodge a complaint

+ Great sales manager

- Disappointing and incompetent customer support coordinator

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Hi . Would you be able provide AGL contact email address for Metricon built house. Is it ""? Thanks

Anuradha M asked on Jan 17, 2019

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Hi Anuradha, Thank you for your message, This is something you would need to ascertain from AGL. We suggest contacting them directly or checking their website:!7813!3!302871979863!e!!g!!agl&gclid=CjwKCAiAyfvhBRBsEiwAe2t_i66EevNLOsZhAfoFx_dnewCW0P2vZWxXurT9JIKzl9Tsm9mTPEmzixoCGfQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds#/
Warm regards, Metricon.

Hi Anuradha, I'm not sure what their email address is. I did contact AGL during the build and am still with them as they have a good rate but this was all over the phone with AGL.

Hi Metricon I just want to know I am building Glendale 45 sq house with render on top floor , so can you tell me how much quantity(unit) you put for bricks. Thanks

Sukh asked on Jan 10, 2019

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Hi Sukh, For us to assist you with more accurate information please contact your local Customer Support Coordinator who is in the best position to assist with this request.
Kind Regards,

My exposed concrete driveway is broken in 2parts. There is a huge crack of more than 2mm width crossing from side to side with a depth of at least 150mm. Your warranty agents keep saying that is an "establishment crack" and that I need to wait 12months to see if it grows. This is UNACCEPTABLE. When are you going to start the corrective works???

jcmedinaceli asked on Jan 09, 2019

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Hi jcmedinaceli, We are sorry to read of the crack in your driveway. Could you please email our Customer Care Team, so they can look into this matter further for you. Please email: - Please include the full address of the property, job number and include any photos that may help with the investigations. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards

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