Birthday cake on order

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 08, 2018

Orders a birthday cake Dec 2017 , something went wrong in the cooking process , instead of throwing it away and starting again they tried to patch it up , absolutely disgustingly sweet and over moist , not a single guest took a second spoonful ,whole cake went to the bin.will never ever use them again, disappointing business practices

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False advertising and dishonest staff

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 28, 2017

I ordered the daily special as advertised on a chalk board at the entrance of the store (Ingleburn). Staff and franchise owner overcharged and denied there was a special. Upon highlighting their sighn, they refused to refund the difference without so much as an apology but omitted they overcharged and that it was not a big deal as they regularly overcharged. What? I had been going there for years and never checked my change until today. Unprofessional, dishonest and of low moral standing, I do hope this is the only store run and operated by crook's. I am very disappointed.

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One star because I can't give none or minus!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2017

Wrong cake, missed out the name completely on the plaque and still had to pay full price for the item!

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21st Birthday cake

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2017

Ordered a 21st birthday cake and was totally disappointed the writing wasn’t centred or straight and birthday was written as two words.
Customer service was terrible I was told I was too picky about the awful writing.

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Good store

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 24, 2017

Great store good customer service at caringbah lovely coffee. Would recommend I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Great place to viait

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Not good customer service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 21, 2017

The lady over the counter is rude. But there cakes are always yummy. They can improve the customer service. Improvements needed

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Disappointing service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2017

We stopped for morning tea at Michel's Patisserie this morning. Ordered coffee, tea and a wrap. Service was very slow - 30 minutes +. Wrap and coffee were fine when they finally arrived but tea was some strange blend rather than the English Breakfast ordered - undrinkabe. We had limited time available so no time for a replacement. Very disappointing experience.

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$65 cake dry and not spectacular!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 23, 2017

The pinata cake was supposed to be a fresh, fantastic sponge with lollies. it had lollies and while it looked very neat and big...the sponge was dry and too sweet. This was most unfortunate because the $10 cake from Coles was moist, fresh. I will not buy another pinata cake, NOR spend this much on a cake, no matter how special the occasion.

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Bad birthday cake

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2017

I ordered a spiderman birthday cake for my son's fourth birthday. The spiderman picture was pixelated, the piping didn't cover properly, specifically asked for red and dark blue (spiderman colour) and got pink and light/med blue. thought they would write happy birthday on the cake but instead they printed a white box, covering spiderman's foot with the happy birthday. But most of all, the picture quality was so bad, like how hard was it to find a high definition picture. There was millions of spiderman homecoming images online. The cake looked like whoever did it could not care less, had no taste or appreciation for beauty whatsoever and obviously do not take pride in their work. Never getting cake from Michel's again, it's not even a proper cake shop, all the cakes look cheap. It's good for coffee though so there's that. So my recommendation is to rather spend a little more money and buy a cake from a real cake shop. This is the Michel's in Bankstown shopping centre by the way.

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Black Forest Cake has changed with too much cream and no more cherries

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 15, 2017

Every birthday I always buy the family favourite Black Forest Cake. This year bought one from Michel's Patisserie Carnes Hill and it was NOT the normal recipe! It was replaced with a thick layer of cream. Disappointing!!!! Please change it back to the original recipe with the cherries in the middle and no cream.

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Absolute horror

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2017

Tiramisu cake ordered was dry and stale. The birthday message written was clumsy and they smudged out a mistake as there was icing wiped out. I was charged extra for the writing, I could have done better myself.

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stale cake

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2017

bought a marble mud cake from Westfield Parramatta this morning for our bosses birthday. Very disappointed with the cake as it was obviously stale. Cutting into it was the first indication it was stale as it just seemed to crumble and biting into it was dry and very unappetising. the cake was $41.90 and we have put it in the bin. For a Monday morning you would think the cakes would be fresh.

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First and Last Time

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 01, 2017

This is the first and last time I will ever buy anything from Michele's at MacArthur Square.
I'm sure I bought day old product or maybe even 2 day old product, very stale and falling apart. Young girl took a long time to give me my order and workout my change.

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Ordered cake not received twice!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 25, 2017

Ordered online a birthday cake last year for my wife's birthday and when i went to pickup the order the cake wasn't there.The store staff then blamed the online ordering system and told me to order the cake in store next time.This year i went to store and ordered the cake and apparently store phone and informed me that the cake didn't turn up.The girl on the phone told me that "the things that they order hasn't been turning up you know". Never again i will order cakes from Michel's Patisserie in North orange NSW.

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Don't use the toilet at Michele's Eastwood NSW

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2017

I asked to use the toilet at Michele's at Eastwood.From the moment I pushed the filthy door to go to the toilet I was truely shocked.Toilet was filthy never cleaned basket overflowing with wrapped up pieces of toilet paper . The basket by the basin was overflowing with paper.I had to ask for toilet paper and complained about the state of the toilet.There was no soap to wash my hands.In a filthy mirrored cupboard there was a disgusting piece of soap and a toothbrush..The back area where the toilet is was also filthy .

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Stale cake

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

If you order coffee and cake at Michel's Patisserie at The Glen, you are often given stale cake. I did complain and received my money back. Was not offered an alternative cake, which I would have liked.

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Birthday cake spoils celebration

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2017

Cake looked fine. Once cut, it looked unappealing due to an unnaturally brightly coloured jam layer. Far far too sickly sweet and the fresh cream had an unattractive artificial taste. Very disappointing, no one wanted to take the leftover home so we left it at the restaurant. Expected a more sophisticated offering but it was truly bargain basement quality. Never again.

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TERRIBLE Service-Michelle's Pastrie South Morang Westfield Shopping Centre

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2017

Ordered a Spider-Man cake for my boys and got a Batman cake. When I notify the owner [name removed] he told me to come back next day as he is about to close the shop. My twin boys were really upset on seeing Batman image as they were expecting Spider-Man. The birthday party was totally ruined.
When I went back next day, his answer was if I bring back the same cake he can make another Spider man cake in another 2 days. This is the only offer he had even though I showed him the receipt saying Spider-Man cake. He was really angry and rude to me.

Will never ever go back to this shop again.
If any one wants to order a cake with them think twice.
Even if it is totally his mistake he is not ready compensate it.
What a TERRIBLE service!!!

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Bike comp

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2017

I would like to know who won the bike at Wattle Grove plaza as it is still sitting there I'm ready to pick it up if it was me lol

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Cake a big stuff up

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 24, 2017

First the cake was not what we ordered only to then cut the cake and find the cake was 2 ex display cake that they put on top of each other, top cake was still on board so we had a board in the middle of the two cakes then cakes covered with compound chocolate. Unfortunately you have lost any future business for my family.

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