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Noisy, vibrates and clothes come out wrinkled from the beginning

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2015

We bought this machine 7 years ago with a companion dryer and plinths for both. From the start, it vibrated so much it would hit the adjoining bench. In addition the clothes come out so badly wrinkled everything needs ironing. We are a 2 person household and do washing twice a week on a delay start. The machine is on a concrete slab with a floating wooden floor on top. We had someone from Miele to come out to check the installation first before we went to the expense of a full service or even replace the underneath section of flooring. He said there was nothing wrong, no need for an expensive service call(shocks were ok) but to only use the spin cycle at a max of 600 which means the clothes come out wet and still wrinkled and use the 'Water Plus" function which defeats the water saving beneit of a frontloader. My sister has an LG front loader and daughter in law a new Miele frontloader - both love their machines, quiet and wrinklefree washes. Don't know what to do about mine.

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Excellent Machine

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2014

Have had our machine for 7 years, serviced once - continues to run perfectly with continual use from a family with teenage boys.

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Update on Miele

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2012

After 7 1/2 years it decided to play up. As it wasn't convenient to wait around for a miele tech to come out I decided to have a look. Instructions seem to be pretty consistant as they are all fairly similar in their construction. Found a problem with a worn out brush in the motor which took 5 minutes to replace. Couldn't believe it was so easy. $50 and a few hours. And now I have a pretty good idea of any other future issues if they arise.

Old Review:
We bought the Miele 6 years ago when the main bearing in our AEG washer was going to cost
more to fix than replace. Lucky we had an extended warranty and got the Miele instead. I was a bit worried as it only came with a 1 year warranty and you could not buy an extended warranty at that time - now its 2 years and you can add 3 more if you like. Either way we have never needed to use the warranty. It gets used several times a day and it is still as silent now as when we first got it. Everything comes out well washed but are clothes don't get worn out and most are almost as when we bought them. The Child-lock was handy when the kids were small, and being able to add clothes after the wash has started is brilliant as things will sometimes turn up. We usually only use 40degree washes but you can go as high as 95 and use soaking and extended wash cycles if needed. Its also easy to use and set-up as wehen we moved there were a couple of stabiliser bars which you insert through the back and twist to lock everything in place.

+ Logically constructed so it was easy to repair. Steel balast instead of concrete.

- Should get more than 7-8 years from a brush??

Purchased at: David Jones

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A great machine - still going strong.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2012

Oh so quiet, performing flawlessly for 5 years since our LG wobbled it's way back to Harvey Norman, who were great and let us trade up paying the difference even though we had the LG 18 months. It spins super fast and the clothes come out very dry. Woolen setting works perfectly. Takes a big load and hasn't missed a beat. Lots of settings and overall very happy.

Update 2016:
Hasn't put a foot wrong with heavy regular use apart from our objects, like hair pins and the odd coin, blocking the outlet tube which inhibits the spin cycle. Easy to unblock but have a towel and a large flat tray ready to catch the water.

+ Quiet and reliable.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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Sydney, NSW

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2012

+ This machine washes clothes very well; my clothes are definitely clean. I like the honeycomb care system of this washing machine. The system looks after the fabric of the clothes in a sense that it does not damage the fabric, the system is gentle on the clothes, yet cleanses very well. The machine is quiet too. It doesn't require much laundry detergent to wash a load which is very good because I save a lot when it comes to buying detergent powder. I love the different cycle depending on the type of clothes' fabric. This machine has the energy rating of 4 stars, thus I got a rebate from the government for purchasing this machine.

- I am not sure if this only happens to the unit that I bought or if this is common to this model... There were several instances when the machine just stopped working that I had to turn the machine off and on again to resume its function. My unit was repaired once by the agent. The electronic board was replaced. The problem became worse that it totally stopped working 3 months after the warranty expired.

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2012

Meile washing machine products are excellent providing they don’t break down. We bought a Meile front endloader model W2515. Our broke down after 3 years. Contacted the approved Meile repairer on 24/2/2010 it is now 27/03/2010 and still the repairs have not been done. Meile Australia are not very professional as they do not offer any postive assistance and have still not supplied the parts for this machine to be repaired. We have to do all the chasing up. Not only that, it will cost about half the washing machines cost to repair. Now that is not fair since Meile’s website boasts free 5 year warranty at this time.

+ Plenty of functions. Ease of use.

- If it breaks down repairs are lengthy and parts very expensive

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My Miele nightmare

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2012

I have had this machine for 5 years now and bought it brand new. Up until a year ago it worked like a dream, but now it randomly stops during a cycle without showing a fault. After stopping and beeping at me whilst the water drains out, it will not work for days before suddenly running through a full cycle as though there is nothing wrong - very frustrating!! We've checked everything and the Technician can find no problem. Seems to be very temperamental. Out of warranty, of course.

+ Love everything about it, when it works

- Miele are no help. No one can find what the fault is.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

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re. mele washing machine. I would suggest looking for a sticking carbon brush in the main drive motor first. Also on miele w/m there is a breather pipe from the drain pump to the soap drawer which... read more »

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Really Disappointed feel ripped off

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 31, 2012

We bought our machine four years ago. We are anal about looking after our possessions so the machine is like brand new. There is only myself and my husband so the usage of the machine is low. It broke down over a month ago. It has just been fixed and cost $1200 to fix. The meile repairer would not say it was caused by a power serge so we could not claim it on our fusion insurance. Miele said they would help but nothing has happened yet. While the machine was out of action I used a 21 year old Hoover that we had with all our three children then my daughter used it with her four children and it is still going. Thank godness for the Hoover! We would never buy Meile again they are not what they say they are. 4 years is a joke for such an expensive item. Unless we get some satifaction from Meile we will do our best to spread the word about Meile washing machines hoping to save others the same grief and exorbitant cost. Not happy at all!!

+ washed clothes well, good when it does work

- bad warranty service, had to wait over a month for the repair, cost half the price of a new machine for one part

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HI, I have been having on going issues with my Miele same model W2515 for the last 5 years. I have had the Computer board replaced 4 times and a washer replaced early on. Could you tell me what ... read more »

We have no response from Meile at all I have called and lodged my complaint three times and they say they will look into it and get back to me but never do. I am now in the process of writing a let... read more »

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Love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2011

My husband had a Hoover top loader and although I hated it, I never bothered to change for years as it worked okay. Then we got this 2nd hand Miele and during the first wash after we had it, my husband kept checking if it was working because it was so quiet. Our Hoover made so much noise, walked while it's working and scraped our wall in the process, and didn't clean clothes as well as should. Miele is really quiet, just a bit of noise during spin cycle, and it's so sturdy it still stands where we first put it. My husband loves the result of Mi ele. He's a chef and his worn uniforms always smell of kitchen with splashes of colorful sauce on. Hoover never could get rid of the smell after wash, and sometimes our hot water ran out during the wash. Miele uses cold water but the machine heats the water up which means the water remains at your desired temperature the whole cycle. His chef jackets come out clean, white, and with a smell of fabric softener rather than kitchen odor. My clothes also last longer. I love the delicate and hand-wash programs. I no longer hand-wash anything! And it saves me a few trips to dry cleaner too. (I didn't want to risk my clothes with Hoover, if the label says dry-cleanable i'd take them to dry cleaner :)

after reading a few reviews about how disappointing their service is, I'll probably be buying a new one if it breaks down. Although the previous owner didn't look after the machine - my husband and I had to clean the inside and the detergent drawer for hours before we could use, it still doesn't show a sign that it needs service. I always switch the machine off after it finishes each wash, it's just that I don't want to pull damp clothes from the machine when it has current - so the default setting of cotton 60 degrees doesn't bother me as it's expected anyway.

Overall, I really love my Miele and would buy a Miele again in future.

+ clothes come out clean. doesn't ruin the fabric. the buzzer to alert me when finishes (cuz it's so quiet I sometimes forget). timer - love the timer.

- bit pricey.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2011

When I purchased a W2888 this machine was given to my mother in law, who is in her early 60's and never had anything other than a Top loading machine. She immediately found it easy to use, and raves to everyone about how good her machine is.

Most of my family that have bought FL machines as part of the water crisis in QLD, complain constantly about the long cycle times and the inability to add clothes during the cycle. With the Miele, neither of these things are issues. A standard cycle for lightly soiled clothes takes 40 minutes, and the
door can be opened at any stage other than when spinning or if the temp is above 55degs.

In a household with two adults, I need to do only 5 loads per week, so dont be put off by a capacity which appears lower than the competition. Talk to the salesman about the drum volume rather than the rated capacity and I'm sure in most cases you'll find that the 5.5kg Miele is larger than even some 8kg machines.

The two main cycles I use are Cottons and Minimum Iron, I wash whites at 50-60degC and Coloureds at 30-40. Business shirts come out unwrinkled and easy to iron, and dirty white socks now stand no chance.

I highly reccomend this machine and beleive that the cost is worth the quality that it gets you.

+ This machine was my first front loader and is simplicity in design. A couple of button presses and you're guarenteed a perfect wash in 40 minutes with sparkling whites and unwrinkled well spun clothes that dry quickly on the line, even in winter.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2011

I usually do a prewash with mine so I can use napisan (have 2 boys). It all goes in the drawer and adds a little time but is still done in less than an hour.
I have had this machine for over 5 years and I still love it it (after having a Whirlpool that I hated)

+ Easy to use
Cleans clothes really well
Lots of functions
Does a normal load in 40 minutes and you can open the door until it's at the end of its wash cycle.

- Wish it was a bit bigger, but I think it holds more than the 5 kilos it says.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 21, 2011

I would definatly recommend this machine to everyone as it uses such a small amount of water makes you not feel so guilty about washing during the drought when you have a family. It washes as much as my previous 8.5kg top loader and separating clothes is not such a necessity as nothing gets fluff on it. It is great adding those extra things after you have started the machine if necessary. I love my Miele.

+ I purchased this machine, my first front loader 10 months ago and I think this is just fantastic, I love the timer especially with the busy lifestyle I have.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 21, 2011

+ My clothes have never been cleaner and we have saved a considerable amount of water as shown on our water bills (even with an extra baby in the family). Can take up to 12 bath towels at a time and needs only a tablespoon of powder per wash. No more hand washing as the delicate cycle is fantastic. A great range of cycles.

- Has had the occassion to lock into the cotton cycle once you have finished a wash and only way to resent is to turn machine off then on again. Top panel cracked at the edges, however was replaced by Miele as it was within warranty (something I did not expect for a machine of this price in the first year).

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I need to replace the carbon bruches in my Miele W2515. Does anyone have a technical guide or an instruction manual on how to do that? How to open the washer to get to the engine etc. Many thanks, Stef

Stef asked on Jul 24, 2017

After 7 yrs my W2515 washing machine has started to play up it will run through the cycle but when I come to take out the clothes they are very wet the display panel shows 0 but when I open the door it goes to 1hr 07 mins . I have called a technician out but have wait 7 days any ideas what the problem maybe?and if so will I be able to fix it myself ? I love my Miele

Romina asked on Jan 07, 2014

Answer this

Hi Romina,

Sorry to hear about your problem.

It's possible you have a blocked drain filter ....
Have a look in your manual and check out how to clean out a blocked drain filter in the problem solving guide section on p 37.

If you no longer have your manual go to and type in W2525 in the product code box to download one.

Feel free to ask more questions.


Thank you Andy 92 for your reply to my email the technician did come last week and unfortunately it was not a blocked drain filter, to repair my W2125 is far more expensive then expected $650 to replace the front panel plus $159.00 for call out . So disappointed in the life of my Miele I thought buying up marketing $2400 I expected the product to live up to at least 10yrs plus. So sorry to say I shall go back to the cheaper brands which I do expect to have faults at 7 yrs and I will still have change to buy another and still have change , I think Miele needs to take a look at the technology and price of products.
Regards Romina

My Miele W2515 washing machine overflowed with water today and flooded the laundry floor, due to a tradesman who removed the water pipe to measure for new benchtops.The error lights came on and I turned the buzzer off, however the machine won't work. Its been turned off, however the error lines appear whenever the machine is on. The machine has worked perfectly since I purchased it in late 2005. What can I do to fix the problem, without getting a technician? Thank you.

LM asked on Apr 25, 2013

Answer this

Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble.
Have you referred to page 34 of your manual? Possibly the water protection system has reacted?
cheers , Andy

It sounds like you have water in the base plate of the washing machine. I understand there is a float switch in there which has triggered the fault. You will need to drain the water away and you could try to tilt the machine forward to get the water out.

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Product Details

Height 850.0mm
Depth 580.0mm
Width 595.0mm
Capacity 5.5kg
Weight 93.0kg
Number of Spin Speeds 1,400.0