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Connection Type: ADSL/ADSL2+

Proceed with caution!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2017

I have to agree with another reviewer who said 'they found it strange that this business had so many positive reviews!'

Having had a bad experience with Telstra, I made the decision that I would try an Australian company, I chose Mint Telecom.

My request was to have an ADSL connected to my apartment and that I didn't need a phone. All the checks were done, I was told it was possible and an initial fee of $70.80 was charged to my card. Correspondence from Mint confirmed my activation date. Two days after the activation date with no service and no contact from Mint, I called them only to be told that there was an issue with my connection. After they investigated further they informed me that Telstra needed to come out and connect the line with an expected cost from $70-$150. Since I'd only disconnected with Telstra several days earlier, I was perplexed as to why I needed to be charged again for a line that I knew was already connected? I delayed the connection by a day until I spoke to Telstra.

Telstra were uncertain as to why I was being charged, although Mint told me that the issue was with another part of Telstra so the area I rang wouldn't have known about the fault. So after consideration I decided to continue with the connection as I was informed by Mint that the costs would apply regardless of who I went with but at least it would eventuate in an active service.

Once again, I was given an activation date and still nothing so once more I contacted Mint only to be told that I couldn't have the service after all and that all the lines had been taken.

The consultant told me that I'd still be charged due to the fact that it wasn't their fault and that they were able to provide me with a telephone line (which I'd clearly stated that I didn't need), regardless of the fact that I had NOTHING to show for approximately $220. After a lengthy discussion I was informed that I could continue to stay with Mint, paying a monthly fee for the telephone line (that I didn't need) and wait for a line to become available for the ADSL or they would terminate my contract, HOWEVER, I'd still have to pay for the technician. I told them that I was unhappy with the result and I wanted the night to think it over, it was at this stage I was informed that they'd go halves with technicians fee ONLY and they were going to cancel my contract - end of story! I then proceeded to tell them that they could not deduct money from my account and that I wasn't authorizing them to do so - THEY DID IT ANYWAY! The bank informed me that they could block the company from accessing my account again however because they used a third party - Ezi Debit they couldn't block this business from debiting my account!

This forced me to directly contact the owner who had a less-than-amazing ability to dance around the issue. The excuses provided were, 'it's Telstra's fault', 'it's your fault' and then 'we're ONLY a small business and can't afford to pay this'.The rationale used in order for them to keep my money was truly astounding. I was then directed that I needed to send back the modem and ONLY then, would they reimburse me for the cost of postage. The result was that I was now approximately $140 poorer and with nothing to show for this, plus having to pay more to send the modem back. It was apparent that I wasn't going to be able to negotiate with this person therefore I had no choice but to employ the services of the Telecommunication Ombudsman.

End result:
Mint Telecom were instructed that no unauthorized funds were to be taken from my account.
The business had to provide a prepaid envelope for the return of their modem.
Mint had to return the $70.80 that they had 'IN ERROR' debited from my account.
The Telecommunications Ombudsman determined that Telstra had been largely at fault, therefore I made the decision to pay half of the technicians cost of $70.80.

This business doesn't have enough clout to offer what the larger telecommunication companies are being able to deliver nor does it have a strong customer focus (near enough is good enough philosophy) however what is more terrifying than anything else is that someone can determine how much they want to take from your account and 'IN ERROR' follow through!

I have since gone through Vividwireless and the experience has been amazing!!! EASY, no contracts and lovely consultants!!

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Mint Telecom Official

Hi Carrie, I can assure you the reviews on this site are from real customers and are unprompted. And yes, your experience was not the outcome either of us were looking for, we definitely agree.... read more »

Your summary: sounds plausible, although is not entirely accurate/truthful but thank you for taking the time to respond!

All the best for the future.

Questions & Answers

Why is it that mint.telecom can't offer 200Gb and 500Gb downloads when almost every other ISP can?

Scrivener asked on Sep 01, 2017

Answer this

Hi Scrivener, we do have a 200GB option available on FTTP and FW, just not available for all types of NBN. Otherwise, the price difference between the differing inclusions is negligible yet the legal requirements to provide additional plans is large (multiple differ plans requires a lot of setting up and managing). In fact, many ISP's only offer unlimited these days and don't bother with the range that Mint does.
So, very simply, we choose to keep things very simple and make sure what we do we do well.

Let me rephrase the question then... Why is it that Mint Telecom can't offer 20Gb and 500Gb to users on FttN? Other ISP do as far as I can tell. If not, why not? This will decide my continuing with Mint.

Hi, I live in Southport, Queensland, 4215 and I have been your costumer for 2 months , I got an unlimited broadband ADSL I have never been able to do a backup of my iPhone due to the slow speed. How can I ask support about that? thank you

Federica asked on Aug 30, 2017

Answer this

Hi Frederica,
Yes, you just need to contact us directly to advise what your specific problem is and we can see how we can help.
Note, adsl upload speeds are only a maximum of 1Mbps so is slow by design. Additionally, adsl download speeds are largely determined by distance from the exchange (further away the slower it gets) and quality of your copper.
Either way, please contact us directly (call or email us) and we can review for you.

I want to know if i switch from my old plan to mint do i keep my old phone number?

Ruby asked on Aug 29, 2017

Answer this

Hi Ruby,
Yes, if you move to Mint we can move your existing phone number across for you.

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