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Connection Type: NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)

Disappointed NBN start!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 17, 2017

Applied for the 100 mps installation package with MINT in early March (when my area was ready for the new NBN layout). Was then told it'll be over a month of wait till 12th of April before NBN could spare the time to connect the inside of my home (even the house was already setup with the external facility).
Finally the day arrives. Was told I'll get an SMS or email from the installer a few days before hand stating the time. NADA on that. Enquiring with MINT gave me a time slot of 12 to 4 pm. So expectation was high as I waited at home all the way till 4pm with zero SMS or email contact from NBN.

Finally, the truck shows up at 4:50 pm! The guy comes in with mobile on the ear (was on the phone 2/3s of the time he was here). Tells me I cannot have the connection box close to my TV in the lounge room since the external connection was installed too far away!

Finally got internet up at around 7pm. Thinking this is going to be joy as I look forward to the 100 mps promised data download. First issue came as the "spinning wheel" continues on my internet download. Checking with several speed testing app reveals a speed of 8.5 mps download and 11 mps upload over Ethernet.

Checked with MINT and went through all possible confirmation points. But over the next few days, the highest I got from the modem was over 50 mps during one morning (4 am), which quickly dropping back below 20 mps at 6 am. A far cry so far from the 100 mps promised and paying for!

MINT tells me they've launched an CVC error request to NBN, but has no idea when they'll come around to checking (or fixing the situation).

It's probably not a fault of MINT, but surely doesn't give the consumer that's paying for the installation and highest monthly fee a very good feeling to the start of NBN era !

Got a reply from MINT before I went public with this review: I said "I am paying for the highest rate and getting the lowest rate" Reply from MINT: "at least you have service" !

Not good enough!

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Mint Telecom Official

Hi Wil, We definitely agree it's not a great start to NBN for you. As we have already advised we unfortunately have no control over the installation process including delivery, or not, of sms' fr... read more »

thank you Michael. I understand there are points which are out of control of MINT. But as a consumer, all I know is MINT is the provider I paid installation cost, monthly fee etc. Hence, you are th... read more »

The inconsistence continues with the NBN.. 100/40 mps package but I'm hardly getting more than 15 mps download speed!

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2015

Signed up with Mint Telecom because the salesman told me it was $99 plus delivery to set it all up which included the modem and running a new phone line from the box outside to the inside of the house, then I was told it would cost an extra $350 to run the phone line. I cancelled the service because if they can't even get it right from the beginning what will it be like when I'm signed into a contract.

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Mint Telecom Official

Hi David, we're sorry we didn't meet your expectations on this occasion. Unfortunately sales people in the field don't have full access to network infrastructure information - that is why we check... read more »

Questions & Answers

How can I get on this? Am on the Gold Coast. The provider I have was good but now its like dial up to get onto anything. Am 80. Mainly use for emails and facebook to keep in touch with family.

Pamsiwamsie asked on Nov 05, 2017

Answer this

Hi Pamsiwamsie,
Thanks for considering us. To sign up or if you want to discuss further, just give us a call on 1300586468.

Michael of Mint Telecom has given you their number 1300 586 468 which is at local call cost. They have email They answer calls promptly by staff who are very knowledgeable. I am an 81 year old very happy with their service. Hope it all goes well for you.


Hi, I’m currently with Telstra on NBN and I’m paying for the 100mb/s but am being ripped off and lucky to get up to 30mb/s the majority of times. I’m aware of peak and off peak and that the speeds are a lot better in off peak periods but that’s not very useful to the majority of the population as the bulk of the off peak period is well into the night. Sleep time. I doubt any ISP can gaurentee full speeds 100% of the time, however can you guys offer any guarantees of at least 50 to 75% of the advertised ‘up to 100mb/s’ for the majority of the time? No one wants to pay for something they’re not getting which I’m sure you can understand. I also have an unused landline that I no longer wish to keep. Do you guys do plans for NBN without the requirement for a landline?

Alex asked on Nov 03, 2017

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Hi Alex,
I'm not sure anyone can properly offer a guarantee on speeds based upon how NBN Co currently charges.
However, whilst we don't guarantee, we work very hard to deliver you the speed you pay for at the vast majority of the time - its in our interest to do so as we don't have long term contracts, just 6 months, and our cancellation fees are also low, just $99 per service.
So our interests are definitely aligned - its why we don't offer unlimited services as its very hard to deliver that much data AND the speed based upon the current NBN Co pricing construct.
Re landline, its optional on NBN. We have plans without, plans with a landline for no cost and you pay for calls or plans with included calls.

Why is it that mint.telecom can't offer 200Gb and 500Gb downloads when almost every other ISP can?

Scrivener asked on Sep 01, 2017

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Hi Scrivener, we do have a 200GB option available on FTTP and FW, just not available for all types of NBN. Otherwise, the price difference between the differing inclusions is negligible yet the legal requirements to provide additional plans is large (multiple differ plans requires a lot of setting up and managing). In fact, many ISP's only offer unlimited these days and don't bother with the range that Mint does.
So, very simply, we choose to keep things very simple and make sure what we do we do well.

Let me rephrase the question then... Why is it that Mint Telecom can't offer 20Gb and 500Gb to users on FttN? Other ISP do as far as I can tell. If not, why not? This will decide my continuing with Mint.

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