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2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2015

Signed up with Mint Telecom because the salesman told me it was $99 plus delivery to set it all up which included the modem and running a new phone line from the box outside to the inside of the house, then I was told it would cost an extra $350 to run the phone line. I cancelled the service because if they can't even get it right from the beginning what will it be like when I'm signed into a contract.

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Mint Telecom Official

Hi David, we're sorry we didn't meet your expectations on this occasion. Unfortunately sales people in the field don't have full access to network infrastructure information - that is why we check... read more »

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I at villa 118 Edgewater Village Bli Bli. NBN is still not connected. Should have been on AM27/March, any idea why? Edgar.

Edgar. asked on Mar 29, 2018

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Hi Edgar,
NBN Co manage and perform installations for all providers.
If you were our customer we would already be reviewing and trying to find out why it was not completed, but we have no visibility when you are not a customer.
If you want us to help, then contact us via 1300586468 and once you have signed up as a customer we can commence the process to connect you.

Hi there, do you supply email addresses with your plans ?

0b1 asked on Mar 09, 2018

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No we don't.
The reason is that email addresses from an ISP are not transferable so we don't think they are a good idea.
Google (gmail) and Microsoft (Outlook) provide free services that are better than any ISP email service and accordingly that's what we recommend.
Or for a business there are plenty of specialised businesses that are set up for this, it's not really an ISP service any more.

Hi, I have recently discovered the unreliability of the FTTN NBN. I have 5 days with no internet. Shoddy NBN techs. So I am curious if you offer a 4G backup like Telstra? Thanks, hydraflexx

hydraflexx asked on Feb 10, 2018

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Hi Hydraflexx,
Sorry to hear about your problems. We don't offer any mobile backups, albeit you can set these items up yourself - it just depends on what the impact is if there is no internet. I.e. a business should have redundancy in place whereas a consumer may or may not require.
In general, once connected, the NBN network is quite reliable and outages to the extent you are advising are quite rare in our experience.
Cheers Michael

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