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2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 26, 2015

Signed up with Mint Telecom because the salesman told me it was $99 plus delivery to set it all up which included the modem and running a new phone line from the box outside to the inside of the house, then I was told it would cost an extra $350 to run the phone line. I cancelled the service because if they can't even get it right from the beginning what will it be like when I'm signed into a contract.

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Mint Telecom Official

Hi David, we're sorry we didn't meet your expectations on this occasion. Unfortunately sales people in the field don't have full access to network infrastructure information - that is why we check... read more »

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I need to change over from ADSL+ to NBN eventually, but after chatting to numerous ISP's, I just can't seem to get a straight answer regarding the major hidden fee regarding the $300 New Development Charge. It seems that whoever signs up first, at a given address, gets hit with this fee, and yet if I move out, and the next tenant moves in, they don't get hit with this fee. I should mention, my apartment block does have NBN. I'm only on an age pension [now], after transferring from a disability support pension after I turned 65 recently, and collectively, it all adds up to the point where as I just can't afford to have the internet [or even a phone] anymore. So I'll have to be without. Not really fair. Anyway, most ISP's have said it's the NBN and the NBN have said it's the ISP's that I have to pay the $300 to, and up front. So where does Mint stand regarding this issue, please? Sincerely, bobbysdad

bobbysdad asked on Dec 20, 2018

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Hi bobbysdad,
NBN are a wholesale only business so your interaction is with a Retail Service Provider (RSP) like Mint.
For the New Development Fee - the way it works is NBN Co charge the RSP and the RSP charges the customers.
So if that fee is applicable and you signed up with Mint you would pay us the fee (which would flow through from us to NBN Co).

As far as I'm aware it is the owner of a new building that pays the New Development Charge. If you are a tenant you don't pay it, the landlord does. You can contact the TIO (Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman) for clarification about this.

Well, Michael from Mint, why don't you mention ANYTHING about the New Development Fee ANYWHERE on your web site? I feel it is your responsibility to make potential customers aware of this. $300 is a lot of money to just spring onto someone after the horse has bolted. Very unfair....
Meanwhile, thanks Spud for your addition to the answer.

My daughter is in Dame Phyllis Frost prison in I would like to find out how I can get her cheaper rates to be able to ring myself and her three children

Christine asked on Sep 03, 2018

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Hi Christine,
You could maybe try getting her a calling card that she can use from the prison? Not something we can help with as we don't offer calling cards and outside of that the call charges are determined by the prison so can't see any easy options.

I at villa 118 Edgewater Village Bli Bli. NBN is still not connected. Should have been on AM27/March, any idea why? Edgar.

Edgar. asked on Mar 29, 2018

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Hi Edgar,
NBN Co manage and perform installations for all providers.
If you were our customer we would already be reviewing and trying to find out why it was not completed, but we have no visibility when you are not a customer.
If you want us to help, then contact us via 1300586468 and once you have signed up as a customer we can commence the process to connect you.

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