After having my old LG split system die after only 10 years I have come to learn 2 things. First they don't really and can't really be serviced, secondly you, yourself, must, must, must, clean the filters regularly on the inside unit. You do this by opening the front flap and sliding out the 2 net like filters and cleaning them. The instructions are in the manual. If you don't clean the filters about every 2 weeks (heavy use) or 4 weeks (lighter use), your inside unit will block up, start to leak and drip water and won't run efficiently. I never cleaned the filters on my old one cos I didn't know how important it is and it died. If you can't or don't want to do this yourself you will need to pay someone to do it or have a helpful friend do it. I clean my new Mitsubishi regularly now and keep it running efficiently and expect that it will live much longer than the LG. All the best.